Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

And I absolutely can't stand those "can't kill anything" movesets because they are always absurdly annoying, (except for the Blissey that does nothing but spam Aromatherapy and heal you XD,) the worst is Double Team Meganium. I've literally had to spend like 40 turns taking that Meganium out and it has no damaging attacks, directly or indirectly -.- Here it is: 387 | Meganium | Bold | Chesto Berry | GrassWhistle | Double Team | Substitute | Rest | HP/Def
I remember seeing someone get angry at that very set, but i don't know where, either the most annoying moments in battling, or here.

I'm currently Running through the BSub with this team:

Starmie @ Life Orb
Timid Nature/Natural Cure
Ice Beam

Haxorus @ Choice Scarf
Adamant Nature/Mold Breaker
Brick Break
Shadow Claw

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Sassy Nature/Iron Barbs
Leech Seed
Gyro Ball

I don't know what might threaten that specific team, but I'm gonna test it out.
I had a Brainfart with the Life Orb,Probably going to replace it with a Gem of some sorts.
Im using Stealth Rocks as a Filler move, to use when I have a spare turn,but I could replace it with another move. Suggestions?
I had a Brainfart with the Life Orb,Probably going to replace it with a Gem of some sorts.
Im using Stealth Rocks as a Filler move, to use when I have a spare turn,but I could replace it with another move. Suggestions?
Between Explosion, EQ, and Stone Edge/Rock Slide, you hit every Pokemon in the game for at least neutral except for Bronzor/Bronzong. However, Gigalith has absolutely nothing useful he could hit Zong with, so perhaps maybe use Return over Stealth Rock. This allows you to hit everything that resists EdgeQuake without suiciding, just in case that isn't necessary yet and you want to keep Gigalith around another turn.

Just for reference, those pokemon are:


(also Bronzong, but he resists everything useful Gigalith has to offer)

On a separate note, you may be better off using Rhyperior instead. He will hit slightly harder for you in Trick Room (base 140 attack as opposed to base 135), and he is also naturally bulkier than Gigalith having identical Defense, slightly less SpD, and much more HP (base 115 vs. base 85).

On top of these perks, his movepool is insanely deeper than Gigaliths, as well as getting STAB EQ. I wrote this set up quickly, as I'm working on a team of my own right now, but this is a sweeping Rhyperior set designed to hit hard and heavy under Trick Room:

Rhyperior (M) @ Wide Lens
Trait: Solid Rock
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
IVs: 0 in Speed
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Aqua Tail
- Earthquake
- Hammer Arm
- Stone Edge

This Rhyperior has 76 speed, which is pretty good for Trick Room. It's moveset hits absolutely every Pokemon in the game for at least neutral damage, and utilizes Wide Lens quite well. Hammer Arm is a decently powerful fighting move that will also lower your speed, practically guaranteeing that you will go first under Trick Room.

As I said, I made this quickly and it is easily interchangeable as Rhyperior has a surprisingly amazing movepool with plenty of options to suit your teams specific needs.

Hopefully I could be of help and good luck to you on your streak!
I probably wouldn't do this, but Gigalith does learn Gravity as egg move, which can: 1) increase your rock move to 100% accurate, 2) allow Earthquake to hit Bronzong for Super Effective and Flygon/Claydol for neutral

As for Rhyperior ... Rhyperior @ Wide Lens is less powerful than Gigalith @ Life Orb, but really that's only for Rockslide/StoneEdge, since Rhyperior gets STAB EQ. As mentioned Rhyperior is probably the better choice with higher attack and (more importantly) better movepool. However, it should have Ice Punch for hitting Flygon/Claydol/Breloom/Virizion/Torterra/etc. for super effective. Alternatively, Megahorn to take advantage of Wide Lens is cool too, for hitting Claydol and Torterra for SE and others for neutral. Actually, if you want to have any hope taking down Bold 252/252 Cresselia, You'd better have Megahorn (Stone Edge only does 33% max, so unless you get 2 crits in a row or 2 crits while she's resting or 2 max damage rolls with one of them being crit, there's no way to beat her, and Stone Edge will run out of PP quickly. Megahorn at least has a chance to 2HKO and always 3HKO).

Overall though I think it will be hard to get a high streak using the mentioned team, because it heavily relies on Trick Room in order to work. I would put a Focus Sash on Reuniclus to increase the chance of that happening, but even then, I think there will be plenty of times where Snorlax and your last pokemon will have to deal with battling without trick room. A lot of defensive pokemon will also easily stall out Trick Room. This is a lot different in Double where 2 pokemon (instead of 1) can take advantage of Trick Room at the same time.
I agree about what you guys said.I thought about it and Doubles would work better.Much better.I was thinking of a back up Trick Room user, or a TR Sweeper, or both.
Thanks for the help guys.
In case anyone missed it, here's my team: link

I'm going to try using a Sturdy Magnezone instead of Magnet Pull because of the lack of switching in Subway and see how that works, are there any other suggestions or improvements I should implement?
Current doubles team. 3 Pokemon on this team are either new or completely revamped so I was genuinely amazed/happy at how well it's been doing.

I don't look at the speed tiers/movesets or commit them to memory because
it's too tedious and it kind of takes the fun out. I don't like using the "stat
dropping Flash lead" then set up and sweep with one Pokemon, so don't
suggest those to me. If I post a team, it means it's gone over 49 rounds
(unless I say otherwise) since that seems to be the benchmark. I'll post the
# I lose at along with a new team. All my Pokemon are hacked so yes, I'll use
Dream World abilities even if they aren't released.

Conkeldurr @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Iron Fist
EV's: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
-Bulk Up
-Drain Punch
-Mach Punch

When I first saw this Pokemon I thought it was the ugliest thing ever created. I didn't want to really want to use it based on that, but
I'm glad I gave it a chance. This is undoubtedly one of the best Pokemon I've had the pleasure of using in the subway. I'm a big fan of
priority and a +1 Mach Punch coming off a 416 Atk stat and +20% Iron Fist just makes my day. It can usually pull off 1-2 Bulk Ups against
a physical attacker and proceed to heal itself back up (and most likely sweep) with Drain Punch + Leftovers. It's a gamble against special
attackers though. Even neutral ones bring me down into the red or KO me. Sometimes I'll switch out, but more often than not I grab a
Bulk Up, get knocked into the red, Mach Punch for a nice chunk and let the switch in clean up. Flying attacks are usually physical and
rare anyways and if I see a Psychic type I immediately switch to my Hydreigon. Threw in Payback so I'm not completely walled.

Potential Changes:
No one has really been aiming status at Conkledurr so far (knock on wood) so I can't justify running Guts yet. It probably is the
smarter choice though. Also contemplating investing EV's in SpD instead of HP. Might replace Payback with Stone Edge. Why? A
Shadow Ball (or any special attack for that matter) to the face is usually enough to kill him, which means the chances of me pulling off a 100
BP Payback aren't even that good to begin with and if I do go first, it'll only do as much as Stone Edge anyways. Might as well get that
extra coverage. Using a non 100% accuracy attack in the subway is pretty much tossing away your turn though. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Scizor @ Focus Sash
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Technician
EV's: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
-Swords Dance
-Bullet Punch
-Bug Bite
-Brick Break

Good old Scizor. One of my favorite Pokemon since it debuted. I want to use this guy in every team. Unfortunately, every subway team I've
put him on so far failed to make it very far. It acted as my revenge killer. I refuse to believe the problem lay within Scizor, so I decided
to try playing it differently. I put him as the lead. I didn't really see much usefulness in dumping EV's into Spe so I dumped them all into
HP in an attempt to not die as quick. I know it has Focus Sash, but unless it's getting hit by a Fire attack there's very little chance of it
ever activating. So why run Focus Sash at all then? Well for one, the annoying item clause, and two, sometimes Fire attacks come from
non Fire types (I don't have the list of all subway Pokemon/speed tiers open/memorized when I play; makes it more
challenging/fun) and I'd like to be able to survive and at least launch a +2 Bullet Punch before I die. If I do see a Fire type I immediately
switch over to Heatran. The skills are self explanatory. I'm running Brick Break over Superpower because I don't like the stat drop and I
found that screens annoy the crap out of me.

Potential Changes:
I might change his HP EV's back into Spe since it still gets 2HKO'd by most attacks and it's carrying a Focus Sash anyways. Or are there
any benefits to dumping them into Def/SpD? I'm contemplating Roost in place of Brick Break, but I've found it pretty useless on older builds,
but then again that's because Scizor was always the last one standing. With Conkeldurr knocking out someone with Mach Punch I might be
able to pull off a Roost. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hydreigon @ Life Orb
Nature: Modest
Ability: Levitate
EV's: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
-Draco Meteor
-Dark Pulse
-Earth Power

This Hydreigon build is just temporary. I picked Hydreigon because it's the best all around Dark type and I needed one to switch into
Psychic attacks. Switch into a Psychic attack then proceed to destroy them with a STAB LO Dark Pulse. Flamethrower and Earth Power are
there to nail Steel types that resist both my STAB attacks. I run Draco Meteor as a OHKO once I get them down to 2 Pokemon.

Potential Changes:
I'm really tempted to run Timid instead, but I've noticed that half the time Hydreigon isn't OHKO'ing even with its SE attacks. I don't really
want to make that 3/4 of the time. On the other hand, being slow and getting owned before it can even attack isn't going to be doing me
any favors. I've debated running Choice Scarf but I really hate getting locked into a move (one the main reasons I lose in subway and it will
make my him even weaker) but it would free up Life Orb that I could put on my Scizor (although that seems like a bad idea already) so my
Heatran can use Focus Sash for a free Flame Charge (it's currently using Air Balloon) or I could just dump it on Heatran. Or I could take
it a step further and dump Hydreigon altogether and instead use a Dark type Sucker Puncher in its place.
Bisharp/Honchkrow/Spiritomb/Absol were some I was looking at, but outside of Sucker Punch they are useless/slow/have terrible coverage.
Thoughts? Suggestions?

Heatran @ Air Balloon
Nature: Timid
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
-Flame Charge
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power Ice

Scizor's switch in. Flame Charge on the first turn if there aren't any obvious Water/Fighting threats then proceed to (attempt to)
sweep. +1 Flamethrower coming off a 359 SpA isn't doing as much as I had hoped, but maybe my expectations are just too high. I'm not
risking the accuracy for Fire Blast. Or should I? Earth Power to destroy the Fire types I switch in on and HP Ice to x4 the scary Dragons.

Potential Changes:
Feels risky using a turn to Flame Charge, especially when no one on this team carries SE attacks against Water or Fighting types, both
which are usually bulky. Considering running Choice Scarf + Overheat instead, but like I already mentioned I hate getting locked into a
move. Reconsidering a different type coverage for HP too. Or like Hydreigon scrap him completely and throw in something else. Dragonite
was on my mind. I should be able to shrug off any Fire attack with a Multiscale Dragonite and it probably has enough bulk to grab a free DD
since there's no way a Fire type will have an Ice attack. Just have to pray a Rock Slide/Stone Edge doesn't get thrown my way. Although
now I have 2 Pokemon weak to both Ice and Dragon. Thoughts? Suggestions?

+Not as scared of Trick Room
+Powerful priority
+Leads are able to sweep 90% of the time

-2 backups are unreliable if not switching into immune attacks
-2 backups don't hit as hard as I had hoped
-Bulky Water types
-Bulky Fighting types

You really need to fix your formatting in that post^

Also, I'm about 99.99% sure your streaks don't count if you use hacked Pokes, let alone ones with unreleased DW abilities.
You really need to fix your formatting in that post^

Also, I'm about 99.99% sure your streaks don't count if you use hacked Pokes, let alone ones with unreleased DW abilities.
You can use legal hacks, but technically unreleased DW isn't a legal hack for the time being

Update: I'm heading back into Subway with my Drag-Mag team, this time with Sturdy Magnezone, we'll see how it goes

Edit @ Peterko: That signature would love some hide tags XP


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updated the records

congrats to everyone for their streaks, good luck in your future runs

the super single list is filling up nicely, we need more super double streaks ;) ... doubles is more fun anyway (I´m currently testing something crazy noone has ever tried before, because there was no high % way to pull it off last gen)

[size=-2]Real life tournaments:
2006 Easter Comes Early This Year unofficial German tournament in Augsburg (R/S/FR/LG/E Stadium Mode Singles): Winner
2010 Pokemon VGC Cologne qualifier: top 16
2011 Pokemon VGC Paris qualifier: top 16

In-game records 3rd gen. (Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald):
SAPPHIRE Battle Tower Open Level Singles: (250) - Metagross, Milotic, Crobat / Ninjask
EMERALD Battle Frontier total Battle Points won: (4966 BP)
EMERALD Battle Tower Open Level Singles: (81) - Salamence, Metagross, Snorlax
EMERALD Battle Tower Open Level Doubles: (285) - Zapdos, Metagross, Gengar, Latios
EMERALD Battle Dome Open Level Singles: (37 tourneys) - Metagross, Zapdos, Snorlax
EMERALD Battle Dome Open Level Doubles: (26 tourneys) - Metagross, Zapdos, Gengar
EMERALD Battle Palace Open Level Singles: (49) - Starmie, Latios, Metagross
EMERALD Battle Arena Open Level Singles: (66 KOs) - Metagross, Zapdos, Medicham
EMERALD Battle Factory Level 50 Singles: (29 wins / 10 swaps) - rentals
EMERALD Battle Factory Open Level Singles: (48 wins / 35 swaps) - rentals
EMERALD Battle Factory Level 50 Doubles: (28 wins / 11 swaps) - rentals
EMERALD Battle Factory Open Level Doubles: (36 wins / 16 swaps) - rentals
EMERALD Battle Pike Open Level Singles: (335 rooms cleared) - Metagross, Milotic, Crobat
EMERALD Battle Pyramid Open Level Singles: (215 floors cleared) - Starmie, Snorlax, Metagross, Medicham, Salamence, Gengar, Milotic, Linoone

In-game records 4th gen. (Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver
DIAMOND Battle Tower Singles: (173) - Starmie, Garchomp, Snorlax; (146) - Garchomp, Azelf, Snorlax
PEARL Battle Tower Singles: (459) - Latios, Skarmory, Snorlax
PLATINUM Battle Tower Singles: (2363) - Latias, Registeel, Garchomp v2; (696) - Latias, Registeel, Garchomp v1
DIAMOND Battle Tower Doubles (135) - Garchomp, Azelf, Metagross, Zapdos; (134) - Metagross, Zapdos, Gyarados, Azelf
SOULSILVER Battle Tower Doubles: (626) - Hitmonlee, Latios, Zapdos, Metagross; (415) - Starmie, Toxicroak, Latios, Scizor
DIAMOND Battle Tower Multi Link: (242) - Latias, Snorlax + Infernape, Metagross
PLATINUM Battle Hall Singles: (220) - Blissey

In-game records 5th gen. (Pokémon Black & White):
BLACK Battle Subway Super Singles: (337) - Latias, Registeel, Garchomp
BLACK Battle Subway Super Doubles: (232) - Hitmonlee, Latios, Hydreigon, Metagross; (160) - Starmie, Toxicroak, Latios, Scizor
Sturdy Magnezone works better than Magnet Pull Magnezone which confirms my fear that Magnezone isn't a necessity. So after this run I will try switching my Steel (while still maintaining my Dragonite and Latios)

Edit: Ugh lost to a Draco Meteor miss (which happened 3 times in a row and was followed by an unnecessary critical hit T.T) so its time to switch the Steel
You can use legal hacks, but technically unreleased DW isn't a legal hack for the time being
What is the ruling over hacking? Obviously emulator streaks and IV/EV/move hacks are banned but what's the ruling over unreleased DW abilities? I ask because I remember a few users using platinum-only moves before platinum was "officially released".

I'd guess the most sensible thing is to only allow confirmed (or released) DW abilities to be used. Confirmed is what we did with platinum iirc. Either way, needless to say that using non-released abilities is unfair. You could go for a streak hoping that the pokemon's ability is released in the future, but I wouldn't advise it.
(Boy it's been long since I posted here...)

Just got a streak (still alive) of 112 in the Super Singles line with this team:

Starmie @ Life Orb
IVs: Flawless HP, SAtk, Spd
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
- Hydro Pump
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam
- Psychic

Garchomp (M) @ Choice Band
IVs: Flawless HP, Atk, Spd
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Outrage
- (Stone Edge)

Scizor (M) @ Leftovers
IVs: Junk.
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
- Swords Dance
- Roost
- Bullet Punch
- X-Scissor

Basically, it's my old 4th gen team (technically Jumpman's old 4th gen team) but with Scizor over Tyranitar. Some iffy move choices, I know, I don't have time to go back and re-breed for Bug Bite and good IVs on Scizor in an old game right now, so X-Scissor will suffice. Stone Edge on Garchomp barely ever gets used, I think I'll swap it for something else later on. Hydro Pump on Starmie is risky, but I like the extra oompf it has, and I use the same Starmie on the Super Doubles line, and Surf is awkward sometimes there.

I'll try and post a picture of it in a couple of days, I need to look around for my old camera. I could go on about the team and the members, but I hardly think it's needed, it's very straightfoward.

Proof pic, sorry about the size:

However, I need some help with the doubles, I keep getting blown out. My current record is the dysmal 42, and though I don't really aim for a streak worthy to post here, I want to beat the boss. Right now, I'm using this:

Garchomp @ Life Orb
IVs: Flawless HP, Atk, Spd
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Outrage
- (Stone Edge)

Thundurus @ Lum Berry
IVs: Not sure, flawless HP, SAtk, Spd and SDef at least.
EVs: 255 SAtk / 255 Spd
- Discharge
- Grass Knot
- HP Ice
- U-turn

My starters are the good old ZapChomp due and many battles they close by themselves. The item on Thundurus is probably not the best, but I don't know what else to put on it. Otherwise, it's again very straightforward, and it's not really the openers I need help with.

Starmie @ Expert Belt
IVs: Flawless HP, SAtk, Spd
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
- Hydro Pump
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam
- Psychic

Metagross @ Leftovers
IVs: Junk.
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
- Bullet Punch
- Meteor Mash
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide

Starmie (the same as my singles, with another item) and Metagross (old breed, crummy IVs, I should go back and re-do him) are my problem-solvers, and they both fittingly resist Ice. I commonly get into trouble with the Hail teams, and even pokemon like Cryogonal can be problematic thanks to fast Blizzards.

I lost to a team of Terrakion, Suicune, Landrous and Heatran in round 43, thanks to a flinch from Terrakion on Garchomp turn 1. I have the battle saved and I will update as soon as I have a moment at home with my DS. In any case, any advice towards updating my team would be most welcome, I want that second trophy! :)
I think you should go on about the team because at a glance it seems really iffy

What is the ruling over hacking? Obviously emulator streaks and IV/EV/move hacks are banned but what's the ruling over unreleased DW abilities? I ask because I remember a few users using platinum-only moves before platinum was "officially released".

I'd guess the most sensible thing is to only allow confirmed (or released) DW abilities to be used. Confirmed is what we did with platinum iirc. Either way, needless to say that using non-released abilities is unfair. You could go for a streak hoping that the pokemon's ability is released in the future, but I wouldn't advise it.
To the best of my knowledge, we can't allow unrelease Dream World Pokés because we don't know things like their genders. For example: If Feraligatr isn't female, it won't be able to use Dragon Dance with Sheer Force

In my Subway: Lost 2 times in a row to a Rock Slide flinch now

Edit: 3 piece of shit Rock Slide flinches in a row now
In my Subway: Lost 2 times in a row to a Rock Slide flinch now
Rock Slide is my second biggest Subway enemy next to the Garchomps that hax me hard.

As for using unreleased DW abilities...not everyone has access to the tools for obtaining them. For example, I have a Contrary Serperior that came from Pokegen (and it absolutely wrecks with Leaf Storm) mainly just because I wanted to play around with it, but I would never attempt to use it for a Subway streak while it's unreleased as a lot of people have no means of ever getting one.

When it comes down to breaking and holding records I think it's best that everyone is on a level playing field.
@Zacchaeus: Maybe you can try testing your team with Inner Focus Dragonite instead, to avoid all those flinches? :P

As far as Steel-types go, I don't know if you'll get a better Bulky-water killer than Magnezone. Bulky water types with ice moves are probably a bit hard to beat for your team I would imagine if it's a whole team of them (of course you would know better).
Which one of them do you mean, the Doubles one?
No the Singles one. None of them have perfect IVs, one of them apparently doesn't even have good IVs, Garchomp seems to have bad coverage (especially when relying on a move with bad accuracy), and it looks like you don't know how to use Scizor

And @ Chinese Dood: Multiscale is a miracle for Dragonite in Subway so I can't afford to give it up, and I've thoroughly tested Magnezone and now on a different Steel (but I'll wait to see if it works after I stop getting Rock Slided to post about it)

Edit: Lost to a critical hit
Edit 2: Lost to Draco Meteor miss followed by unnecessary critical hit

I'm so sick of Draco Meteor missing. I've always tried avoiding moves that involve hax and my team has 11 attacks, 10 of which have 100% accuracy. Sadly I think I need that extra power from Draco Meteor to secure some KOs that I couldn't get otherwise, especially in one turn
No the Singles one. None of them have perfect IVs, one of them apparently doesn't even have good IVs, Garchomp seems to have bad coverage (especially when relying on a move with bad accuracy), and it looks like you don't know how to use Scizor
Um, thanks? I'll address your points in turn:

On the IVs: These pokemon are too old for me to know the exact IVs on every stat, but I know for sure that those particular stats are flawless. I can go back and do a calc if it bothers you that much. When it comes to Scizor's IVs, they aren't really that big of a deal, because after 3x Swords Dance, most everything will be KO'd by a Bullet Punch.

On Garchomp's bad coverage: Usually, I don't really need any other moves than EQ or Outrage, but the two others have been useful at times. Granted, I could use Rock Slide over Stone Edge (and I might do just that, but it's not what I used for this streak), and I could use Fire Fang, but without SD its rather pathetic BP strayed me from it.

On me not knowing how to use Scizor: I'm not sure if there's any real science here, usually he comes in to either revenge-kill something with a sliver of HP (bad) or he comes in on something which can't 2HKO him (good) and in the latter case, he sets up. I've been lucky enough to dodge many Sash users, in fact, most of the sashes I have run into have been on silly Froslass 4, which I've met at least three times over the course of the streak. Speaking of Froslass, she can give the team a headache if it's the Taunt one, but she is obv at least 2HKO'd by Bullet Punch.

The team works fine for me. In fact, the streak is up to 112 now, I'll update the original post with a picture.
Oh bummer, my streak ended at 181. However, I guess this gives me an excuse to stop playing and do something more productive with my life. Peterko gets credit for devising the original duo of Latias and Registeel. I have escaped a few near losses, so I can't say I am a brilliant player despite getting such a streak. One time, Registeel had to face Volcarona one on one without any stat boosts. Registeel managed to win since Volcarona's Heat Waves kept missing several times so it could use Amnesia in time to fight back.

My Team

Levitate | Timid | Choice Scarf
187 79 111 130 150 178
~ Trick
~ Charm
~ Thunder Wave
~ Dragon Pulse

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Trick Scarf strategy already. However:
- I will switch in Registeel directly without Latias using Trick if the opponent's lead is complete setup bait. I don't want to let Latias die that easily, since she has saved my streak on several occasions thanks to Dragon Pulse when Registeel and Terrakion had fallen already.
- Against extremely dangerous leads such as Infernape which only have Fire or Fighting moves, I attack with Dragon Pulse immediately, since Registeel can't set up on Infernape anyway due to the deadliness of Flare Blitz. Usually this turns out well and the ape dies before Latias does.
- Against Medicham, I usually Charm immediately to reduce its damage output, since it will attack Latias with Hi Jump Kick anyway after Fake Out.
- I don't regret giving Latias Dragon Pulse instead of a fourth non-damaging move such as Recover or Flash. From my past experiences, Flash wasn't so reliable in my favour. Going straight for the kill seemed to work out better for me on most occasions. Dragon Pulse is also good to use against the opponent's switch-ins, since you will never completely waste a turn. Taunt users won't be able to screw you over completely since you can still smash their face with Dragon Pulse.

Clear Body | Careful | Leftovers
187 108 188 72 189 71
~ Substitute
~ Curse
~ Amnesia
~ Iron Head

I think this is the same as Peterko's Iron Fist. It is very difficult to stop once it has +6 Def and SpD. However, predicting when your sub will break takes practice. Opponents often land CHs when you're unsubbed. Registeel is also my answer to OHKO move spammers. However, ideally Latias would have paralysed them in the first place with Thunder Wave, so Registeel can move first and put up a sub before the paralysed opponent moves again.

Justice Heart | Jolly | Focus Sash
167 181 110 80 110 176
~ Sacred Sword
~ Rock Slide
~ Earthquake
~ Swords Dance

I love Sacred Sword, since it ignores evasion boosts (e.g. Vileplume) and physical defence boosts (Curse users). Sometimes Registeel finds itself setting up against another Curse user (e.g. Gastrodon). If Registeel cannot defeat the other Curse user, Terrakion saves the day with a clean 2HKO or even OHKO without having to use Swords Dance. I have lost several times in the past due to Registeel not being able to outstall opposing Curse users, so Terrakion's Sacred Sword is a real gem.

How I lost

Snow Cloak or Oblivious | Adamant | Lax Incense
Max HP and Atk
~ Hail
~ Earthquake
~ Superpower
~ Fissure

Sturdy or Rock Head | Brave | Quick Claw
Max Atk and SpD
~ Gyro Ball
~ Earthquake
~ Stone Edge
~ Explosion

Natural Cure or Illuminate | Focus Sash | Timid
Max SpA and Spe
~ Surf
~ Psychic
~ Power Gem
~ Signal Beam

1. I sent in Latias.
2. Skyblue sent in Mamoswine.
3. Latias used Trick.
4. Mamoswine used Hail and is locked to it.
5. Skyblue recalls Mamoswine and sends in Steelix.
6. Latias used Dragon Pulse on the switch in. Steelix has about 75% HP left.
7. Quick Claw activated and Steelix used Gyro Ball. Latias has about 50% HP left.
8. Latias used Charm. Steelix has -2 Atk.
9. Quick Claw activated and Steelix used Explosion. Latias survived with 2 HP. Steelix fainted.
10. Latias fainted due to Hail damage.
11. I sent Registeel.
12. Skyblue sent in Mamoswine.
13. Mamoswine used Earthquake. Registeel survived with about 26% HP left.
14. Registeel used Substitute. Registeel had about 4 HP left.
15. Mamoswine broke the Substitute with Earthquake.
16. Registeel used Iron Head. Mamoswine survived with about 45% HP left.
17. Mamoswine used Earthquake. Registeel fainted.
18. I sent in Terrakion.
19. Terrakion used Sacred Sword. Mamoswine fainted.
20. Skyblue sent in Starmie.
21. Starmie used Surf. Terrakion held onto its Focus Sash.
22. Terrakion used Earthquake. Starmie survived with about 45% HP left.
23. Starmie used Surf. Terrakion fainted. GAME OVER.

3. I could see that this was the Mamoswine with Fissure, so I Tricked it, despite knowing it would switch if I locked it into Hail.
5. I find it risky to use Thunder Wave in case a Ground type (e.g. Steelix) is switched in and then I waste a turn. Dragon Pulse didn't do much as expected. Perhaps I should have used Charm instead.
9. Explosion caught me off guard.
10. I was relieved to see Latias survive, but it then died to Hail. I had to send in another Pokemon, despite not knowing whether Skyblue would send in Mamoswine or his third unknown Pokemon. I ultimately chose Registeel, since I didn't want to have to resort to using Terrakion unless I obviously should.
12. Uh oh... bad situation. Since Mamoswine is faster, Registeel is doomed.
20. Oh great, there goes my streak.
To the best of my knowledge, we can't allow unrelease Dream World Pokés because we don't know things like their genders. For example: If Feraligatr isn't female, it won't be able to use Dragon Dance with Sheer Force
My point was we can't allow unreleased dream world hacks because; not everyone has access to hacking, and shouldn't need to in order to be on an equal playing feild; using pokemon that haven't been released yet isn't a record because those pokemon basically do not exist.

But you do bring up other reasons why it's not advisable to hack and then hope for (whatever DW) to be released.

okayadokari said:
I know it's the copypasta of Peterko's gen IV Latias, but remember to check out the moves Latias has gained now (most notably guard split for high physical Def. opponents that you're looking Registeel to set up on).

I don't think much feedback can really be taken apart from trying to sub against Mamoswine was axiomatically the wrong play. To be fair, it's not actually a very large blunder and in situations like those, what seems to be the safe play on first thoughts isn't always the most coherent or syllogistic idea. And no-one puts 100% of their concentration into every moves of every match.

Out of interest, why does Terrakion have a focus sash? It's an odd choice for a (rather bulky) set-up/ support pokemon. True it negates crits and (rare)OHKO moves (OHKO moves normally come from slow and bulky pokemon regardless), but if you're worried about hax then it's probably best to go with a lum berry. I suppose it makes sense if you're strategy is to literally always go trick into Registeel and Terrakion is a last resort - but even so, in that case may it be better to go with a faster backup, or a bulkier one (seeing as there are better candidates than Terrakion for both roles). Terrakion doesn't really hit any key role I feel, so going with Garchomp would probably turn out better. Just an idea, perhaps Terrakion w/ focus sash hits some funky numbers which allow it to beat almost everything Registeel is weak to. But considering they share a weakness, and Terrakion basically lost you that match because of its medicore speed, I'd say that you could find something that better blends into the team.

I can't comment as well as you can on this point, but unfortunately the way some strategies play out, it may not seem obvious that your team is lacking. This is particularly noticable in your case, when (unforunately for analysis) Latias/ Registeel/ xxx is such an amazing combination that it ~feels~ almost unbeatable, when actually it probably has a very minor errors and weaknesses. I'm guessing you'll find that a lot of those are due to Terrakion. I'm not saying go Garchomp or Salamence or Ttar or something "boring", but there's probably some improvement to be found (and obviously remember my word < your word seeing as you've played at least 181 matches more than me).
One Question,
If you use Roar,can you use Fake out?

>>>>>>>> Uses ..............

Blastoise uses Substitute

>>>>>>> Uses ............

Blastoise uses Roar

Blastoise uses Fake out.

Is that possible?
Lost again at 438. =( Same team, still aiming to top 626. Nice work so far Peterko, looking forward to seeing what else you came up with.

Coincidentally, I swapped to Protect on Hydra and Psyshock on Latios as well some time ago.

Psyshock is mostly useful against Ice teams for that stupid snowflake thing and Regice. Better damage on Volcanora is a bonus, though losing the ohko on Conkeldurr kinda sucks. Volcanora and Chandelure are annoying in general since they wall Infernape and can OHKO my other 3 pokemon.

Protect on Hydra is definitely the right move. I haven't had any real speed problems with Hydra and adding Protect for obvious Fighting and Bug attacks just makes thing safer. Looking over the speed list there isn't really anything much between 150 speed and 165 that I worry about (Protect + Ice Punch kills any dragons that Latios couldn't get). On the other hand, Yanmega at 147 and Gallade/Medicham at 145 means you can't really skimp on speed either.

However, I did switch Metagross up to max speed Adamant. You need speed 109 at the very least for Excadrill. 113 speed beats Krookodile. 13 HP really isn't that much and 9 is even less, but 122 speed beats a couple of Volcanora, Chandelures, and Blazikens so I went and changed the EVs.

I considered Grass Knot for Latios myself for a while. For my uses Draco Meteor is only better for the Trick Room/Fling Dusknoirs. I can see how Grass Knot would be useful against Ttar/hippo/mamo. Maybe I'll try it.

Peterko, you missed the two other advantages of Infernape over Hitmonlee: the fire typing adds weaknesses to ground/water/rock (so the AI targets ape and not latios) and the U-Turn/Fake Out combo. A subtle point is that Ape is +Spe/-Def so that SpD> Def for Pory. I am actually considering rebreeding for lower Def IVs to make the AI target Ape even more (still needs SpD for surviving Blizzards). Metagross has a balloon mostly so that Infernape can U-Turn to Metagross against things that may have rock OR ground attacks. Fake Out is of course a priority attack and keeping Infernape alive till the endgame lets me use Fake Out to overcome speed issues. Overheat is nice of course, though I am getting annoying with the 90% accuracy.

Also re hacked pokemon, Dark Pulse and Earth Power on Hydra are illegal, hacked DW abilities on the team or no.
After getting really frustrated I decided to attempt the Battle Subway. After breezing through the first 7 matches on the simple Single Train with non-EV'd mons(Swellow, Conkeldurr, Haxorus, the latter two were on my ingame team), I decided to EV my mons for the hell of it.

Here's the team I plan on using:

Swellow @ Toxic Orb
Mild nature(it was a random wild catch)
IVs: terrible(see above)
EVs: 4|252|0|0|0|252
U-Turn/Protect/Facade/Aerial Ace

Hydreigon @ Choice Scarf
Mild nature(more random catches)
IVs: see above
EVs: a bit messed up but will prolly max Sp.Atk and Spe
U-Turn/Fire Blast/Surf/Dragon Pulse

Cloyster @ Focus Sash
In the process of breeding for Adamant
IVs: prolly max Atk and Speed
EVs: max Atk/Spe
Shell Smash/Icicle Spear/Rock Blast/Razor Shell