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Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Peterko, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Purgatory


    Jul 14, 2011
    I had the same Cune I used in the Super Singles line (Jumpman's Cune set), and it tanked Stored Power surprisingly well after a few Calm Minds. We Calm Minded up at the same time, I hadn't seen the fourth move when I was setting up. Fortunately, Stored Power was only just a 4HKO after Lefties, and the trainer in question hadn't given it any PPups in that move, thankfully.

    I think I'm going to breed a defensive TTar for the WiFi line to try out with a Scarf Garchomp and some other goodness. I like using Infernape with Fake Out, U-turn, Close Combat, Overheat, because Sashes are everywhere and need to be adressed. I hope Sand will help me with that :)
  2. c l e a r

    c l e a r

    Apr 29, 2005
    Yes, Starmie, Sawk, and a butt load of other obstacles that rely on living of the Sash is a pain in the ass, and Sand is the perfect answer to it since hail is lol here.

    So I should use Rock Slide over Stone Edge then?
  3. skitz0phrenic


    Feb 23, 2011
    WiFi line is just really easy. You can pretty much run to Rank 10 in a day, and after that there's no point. Everyone in here is likely focused on SS and SD because that's where the insane streaks and replay value are at.
  4. ClemVen


    Aug 2, 2011
    Hi guys, 1st time poster here and 1st time trying some Pokemon seriously after some time reading Smogon :) Recently went for a streak and got to 55, nothing good but I'm satisfied with it as this was my 1st serious try, a bit of an unoriginal team but would like to see if there are some suggestions to improve it!

    Dragonite / Adamant / Multiscale @ Lum Berry
    IVs: 31/ 31 / 31 / x / 31 / 31
    EVs: 6 HP 252 Attack 252 Speed
    - Dragon Dance / Outrage / Earthquake / Fire Punch

    Absolute MVP of the team, no doubt. I know that I could have gone with a bit of more bulk investing on HP or roost but Battle Subway can get really slow for me, so I aimed at clean sweeps as often as I could and Dragonite is excellent for that.
    Multiscale is such an awesome ability, it really guarantees the Dragon Dance boost, I only had to switch out to Blizzards (mostly from Frosslass) or Outrage. Found interesting that it survivies non-STAB icebeams and non-STAB Stone Edge. On the attacking side, the only thing I remember surviving boosted outrage was a couple of Gliscor. The only time I was OHKO was when a Scarfed Rampardos Head Smashed on me as I foolishly tried to use outrage without boosting.

    Ferrothorn / Sassy / Iron Barbs @ Leftovers
    IVs: Don't quite remember but 31 HP and good enough on both defenses, 3 Speed.
    EVs: 252 HP and don't remember but a bit mixed, most of it on Defense a tiny bit on Sp. Defense
    - Protect / Leech Seed / Curse / Gyro Ball
    Standard stall Ferrothorn, would send him out at the sight of Rampardos or Tyranitar, or when Milotic faints. Would send him out against lead Froslass instead of Milotic to absorb Blizzard as it can OHKO Froslass with unboosted Gyro Ball. I usually try to stall with Protect and leech seed while Cursing, so it would become an amazing sweeper after 3 or 4 curses, Gyro Ball wreaks havoc.

    Milotic / Bold / Marvel Scale @ Sitrus Berry (Nelp here, as I don't know a good alternative to Leftovers!)
    IVs: 31 HP and Both defenses. Don't really know about the others. But good enough, I guess. As I don't find myself outsped by slow stuff and my attacks do the expected damage.
    EVs: 252 HP 156 Def 100 Sp. Def. I was really lazy when EV Training her, so feel free to correct my spreads, I know they don't seem ideal.
    - Recover / Toxic / Surf / Ice Beam
    Good sponge for Ice attacks directed at Dragonite and Fire attacks directed at Ferrothorn if for some reason it was out. Don't know what else to say. Standard toxic stall set when she was out, but I didn't use her too much.

    I'm sorry about not knowing my exact IV and EVs, I was really careless when breeding and training.
    How I lost:
    I lost to a legendary team, I think it was a misplay on my part.
    The opponent leads with Cobalion and it uses Iron Head on Dragonite, it does like 1/4 damage as I do Dragon Dance. 2nd turn, I (probably) foolishly Dragon Dance again to ensure a OHKO with EQ but the 2nd Iron Head is a critical hit and it kills Dragonite.
    I managed to kill Cobalion with Milotic but it sent Zapdos next and it was game over after a couple of Thunderbolts and a Heat Wave to Ferrothorn :(

    And that's it! I'm looking for general advice or insight or anything you want to say! Also sorry if something doesn't make sense as english isn't my 1st language.
  5. Jibaku

    Jibaku Who let marco in here????
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Team Rater Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 13, 2005
    With my team I posted earlier, I've managed to hit 196 wins
    proof (open)


    And still going.

    You're next, Jump.
  6. fluffyflyingpig


    Jan 9, 2009

    Could you detail your ev choices for Salamence? You have me curious now.
  7. meepsvictory

    is a Tiering Contributoris a defending Smogon Snake Draft Champion

    Aug 3, 2011
    I decided to sign up so I could post my success that I had in the battle subway.


    Battle Subway Super Singles: 146

    My team is:

    Tyranitar(Focus Sash)
    Trait: Sand Stream
    Nature:Lonely(I wish it was adamant, caught it wild no RNG)
    -Stone Edge
    -Ice Beam

    EVs: 252/252/0/0/0/0

    Garchomp (BrightPowder)
    Trait: Sand Veil
    Nature: Jolly
    -Swords Dance


    Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
    Trait: Iron Barbs

    -Gyro Ball
    -Leech Seed

    Stats: 180/101/166/70/159/30

    -My Tyranitar would set up sandstorm with sand stream(obviously). The sandstorm helps Garchomp and can KO the focus sash users(if they aren't steel/rock/ground).

    -Usually Tyranitar doesn't have a problem with the first foe unless it is fighting type, it will still endure the first hit and sometimes OHKO.

    -After Tyranitar is down I usually send out Garchomp if my next foe knows fire moves or is slower than her. Garchomp can use 4 subs, my goal is to use swords dance during one of those subs and keeping a sub up(in case the next foe is faster than me.) If things work out, Garchomp will sweep the rest of the team.

    -If I send out Ferrothorn, I just do leech seed, sub, curse, gyro ball, sub when it breaks, pretty simple.

    -Volcarona is a huge threat after Tyranitar is down especially 3 and 4. I switch strategy with Garchomp and don't use sub, SD then outrage. That way, there is a 87.17% chance to OHKO Volcarona, and will then be killed by sandstorm. Volcarona will probably go first due to quiver dance and as long as bug buzz is not a crit, I will defeat Volcarona.

    -Curse Registeel, I only faced him once but it was by far the longest battle I had in the subway, it was down to Registeel and Ferrothorn, who also used curse. I eventually ran out of PP and Registeel kept resting using iron head. Whoever got a crit would win, and ferrothorn won with struggle crit.

    10-80688-62009- My closest battle to losing, ferrothorn survived with 5 hp left.

    25-92783-75430- 100th battle, nothing to special.

    I forgot to save my final battle as a video so I will explain it.

    Tyranitar vs. Beartic
    Turn 1: Brick Break, Tyranitar down to 31 hp, Tyranitar stone edge OHKO.
    Turn 2: Abomasnow in hail, Tyranitar switched out
    Turn 3: Abomasnow blizzard, Ferrothorn 104 hp
    Turn 4: Abomasnow blizzard, Ferrothorn 26 hp Ferrothorn Gyro ball Abomasnow 55% health.
    Turn 5: Abomasnow blizzard, Ferrothorn down.
    Turn 6: Tyranitar in sandstorm, Abomasnow Wood hammer, Tyranitar down
    Turn 7: Garchomp sub, Abomasnow blizzard missed
    Turn 8: Garchomp SD, Abomasnow blizzard, sub breaks
    Turn 9: Garchomp sub, Abomasnow Focus blast missed
    Turn 10: Abomasnow ice shard, sub breaks, Garchomp Earthquake Abomasnow down.
    Turn 11: Froslass in, ice beam, Garchomp down.

    I think my biggest mistake was keeping Ferrothorn in after getting hit by blizzard, I should of sent Tyranitar back in after the first blizzard and let it be KO'ed. Then send Garchomp in, defeat Abomasnow, and send in Ferrothorn to defeat Frolass.
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  8. T.L.


    Jun 22, 2007
    First, a new record for the Doubles line: 139 wins and proof for it


    I tried three more times the Singles train with my former team. First and second try ended around 80 or 90 wins due my own mistakes (I find it hard to concentrate as playing with the team in question has become a lot more boring since the couple first tries). I don't remember the first loss but the second loss was to a Clear Body Sludge Bomb/Hydro Pump Tentacruel and I played very badly. Boring it may be, I didn't want to end playing to my own mistake so I tried once more. Before 14 wins I met a Jolteon lead, I think it was the same one I ended up losing my record streak against. The match went like this

    Opponent sents out Jolteon, I start with Whimsicott.

    Whimsicott used Stun Spore, miss.
    Jolteon used Swagger, hits.

    I switch Whimsicott to Bibarel.
    Jolteon Tbolts, 100% damage.

    I sent out Whimsicott.

    //Here I think if I should try to Stun Spore once more and then Memento or just go with Memento. Decide to do the former.

    Whimsicott used Stun Spore, miss.
    Jolteon used Swagger, hits.

    Whimsicott hurt itself.
    Jolteon used TBolt.

    Whimsicott hurt itself.
    Jolteon Twaves.

    Whimsicott hurt itself.
    Jolteon Tbolts, Whimsicott down.

    //I think it took 3 turns of confusion fails for Jolteon to kill Whimsicott, but I'm not 100% sure. I just remember all Whimsicott did was hurt itself until it went down.

    I sent out Drapion.

    Jolteon used Swagger, hits.
    Drapion hurt itself.

    Jolteon used TBolt, 40-50% damage.
    Drapion hurt itself.

    Jolteon used TBolt, Drapion down.

    After this I thought it would be best to move on to the Double train. I finished my team and headed for the Super Double line.

    Politoad* (M) @ Focus Sash
    Trait: Drizzle
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 252 SpA & Speed, 6 SpDef
    -Ice Beam
    -Hydro Pump

    Ludicolo* (F) @ Absorb Bulb
    Trait: Swift Swim
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/2/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 252 SpA, 244 Speed, 6 HP, 4 Def, 4 SpDef
    -Fake Out
    -Hydro Pump
    -Giga Drain
    -Ice Beam

    Dragonite (F) @ Flying Gem
    Trait: Multiscale
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/18/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 252 SpA, 190 HP, 68 Speed
    lv 50: 190/133/115/167/120/109
    -Dragon Pulse

    Kabutops (M) @ Water Gem
    Trait: Swift Swim
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    EVs: 252 Att, 164 Speed, 44 HP & Def, 4 SpDef

    Rain stuff. Ashenlock introduced this starter-duo a while back and I wanted to give it a try. I replaced Water Gem on Politoed with Focus Sash, dunno if its better or worse (I also couldn't think anything but Water Gem for Kabutops..). At least I like Sash for CHs and in situations when opponent starts with a Electric/Grass pokemon that can OHKO Politoed. In those situations Ludicolo Fake Outs the other pkmn and Politoed Surfs, after that (Politoed @1HP) Ludicolo gets a free turn to attack because opponents pkmn always target Politoed (who Protects) since its so low on health. Hurricane and Thunder are "obvious" choices for Dragonite but I'm not so sure about the last two moves. I actually remembered that Dragonites Attack IV was 31 also when I left Outrage on it (well it was a great help still against the likes of Blissey). Since Kabutops resists Poison and Flying and Dragonite doubleresists Grass I can switch Ludicolo->Kabutops and Politoed->Dragonite pretty easily when I have to.

    1st try: 75 wins
    Lost to a Hail-team because I made one or two bad decisions. I nearly lost earlier (on ~50th match) when I missclicked and accidentally used Fake Out on my Politoed, lol.

    2nd try: 74 wins
    Can't remember all the details but something critted my Ludicolo on the first turn and in the end it was Dragonite (100%) & Politoed (~75%) vs. Tyranitar & Electivire (both at 100%) and the sand was up. I picked Protect and Outrage (maybe should have gone with DPulse..) and 'nite attacked TTar, 'vire Tpunched 'toed and TTar RSlided ('nite @~65% or smthng). On the next turn I Protect with Politoed and hope 'nite picks 'vire and Outrage OHKOs it. Protect works, 'vire Tpunches poli, 'nite Outrages TTar again and TTar RSlides 'nite to death. On the last turn 'vire Tpunches Politoed to death also.

    3rd try: 85 wins
    I made a huge brainfart and lost because of that. I would have won if I had "realized" to use Hydro Pump on Magnezone (and it would have hit).

    4th try: 139 wins
    Nearly lost to Ace Trainer Mooi ~#90 because I didn't take Spiritombs Pain Split into account.

    Finally I lost because I didn't switch my Politoed out (early enough) like I should have and Shuckle (lol) trapped me in with Sand Tomb. :( I managed to hang in there for a while, but in the end it was Ludicolo (~60%) against Ferrothorn (100%) in Sandstorm. I think freeze-hax could have saved me but no luck this time. I think I would have also won if opponents Excadrill would have been a Sand Force one instead of Sand Rush one. I recorded this match but since I have only limited access to Wifi I don't think I'm able to upload it until late August.

    Any suggestions for Dragonites set or something to replace Kabutops with perhaps? I think I'll breed another Dragonite, flawless this time, and maybe even get it with Rash nature.

    This is nothing important, but I gotta ask it anyway. Why did you use Stone Edge with +2 TTar against Zoroark in the first place? I used a DD-TTar myself in my first Singles team and I tried to use Stone Edge as little as I could. Iirc +1 (let alone +2) Crunch works well against Zoroarks?
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  9. Jibaku

    Jibaku Who let marco in here????
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    Dec 13, 2005
    @ fluffyflyingpig

    I mostly wanted to focus on bulk on Salamence so its Substitutes can survive most resisted hits, allowing it to set up and throw a Substitute in the end. Since Salamence lacks recovery I had to give it some offense so it isn't reliant on getting 6 Dragon Dances (it usually needs just 3) to sweep). But there were some specifics taken in mind when making the spread

    - 130 Speed lets it outrun Switcheroo Scarf Manectric after two Dragon Dances.
    - 187 Attack was really for that bonus point, but it did also hit a convenient calc: Salamence is guaranteed to hit

    914 | Suicune | Bold | Chesto Berry | Calm Mind | Surf | Ice Beam | Rest | HP/Def

    ...for a 3HKO with Outrage (69 damage min), and 2HKO with +1 Outrage. Suicune is one of those things that can just wall a +6 Registeel almost endlessly. With this, I can get Registeel to force Suicune to Rest / waste Chesto, and Rest again later, while Salamence can come in and destroy it before it wakes up (course, I need to predict when it will Rest but honestly it's not that hard). This has happened to me once.

    - Since I'm focusing on bulk and have spare EVs, I've decided to pretty much max HP and toss the rest into Special Defense. But since I'm more concerned at the Substitutes surviving the hit I went for 244 HP instead of 252 since the Subs are staying at a static 50 anyways. It's a minor thing but meh. I could probably have gone with putting more Special Defense as opposed to HP, but there were a few times where having that HP saved me so I'm sticking with it.
  10. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    thought i'd bump this back to where it belongs :)

    aint been subwaying much recently been addicted to football manager due to trasfer window lol, but had the odd go here and there and aint going to well.

    been trying out the aboma/heatran team i posted while back again but its not working to well currently i'm amazed i got so high with it before cause now its a struggle and a bore lol.

    also been trying out a couple wacky ideas but there secret ha! will defo be subwaying more soon kinda miss the hax lol

    great streaks everyone keep up the good work :)
  11. Zacchaeus

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 5, 2009
    Over my vacation I got no good progress, a couple Drag-Mag attempts thwarted by flinches and critical hits though.

    And in response to what Jibaku said, for really fast Pokés like Ninjask, don't use max Speed because Scarf Manectric is the fastest. On Speed boosting Pokés, whether it be Agility, Dragon Dance, Swift Swim or what have you, you probably shouldn't use max Speed either

    Also, am I the only person who uses 244 HP EVs to maximize bulk on a 4 Speed EV set?
  12. yadazhai


    Nov 22, 2008
    Ok. Just finished a streak in the Pokemon Black BT: 172.

    The team:

    Cloyster@Focus Sash
    IV: 31/31/31/31/31
    Adamant(4hp, 252atk, 252spe)
    -Shell Smash
    -Icicle Spear
    -Rock Blast
    -Razor Shell

    Cloyster is the single greatest sweeper in BT without trick/memento/charm support.
    -Icicle Spear goes through Sturdy and Focus Sash!!! This makes Cloyster a tier above all other sweepers.
    -Focus Sash is perfect with Shell Smash b/c a 1 hp pokemon doesn't care about lowered defense
    -Shell Smash is one of the best set-up moves in the game, and Cloyster outspeeds almost everything after +2 speed.
    -BT AI is retarded and for some reason, about 75% of the time, if Cloyster manages to shell smash and kill the lead, the AI sends in the Pokemon weak to Cloyster first. For example, Cloyster sets up on a Starmie's thunderbolt and kills it with a Rock Blast. The trainer sends in a golurk that gets OHKOed by icicle spear. Then Ludicolo comes in and Fake Outs Cloyster to death.
    -.95^5=-0.7738 Cloyster has a 23% chance to critical hit during an icicle spear. 6 hits with icicle spear can KO pretty much anything that doesn't resist it.
    -Somewhere around 50% of the time, Cloyster goes through the entire team after a shell smash so battles are very fast and more fun.
    -Flaws: Discharge, Lava Plume, etc. can do damage AND cripple cloyster while it shell smashes, making it useless and a free kill.
    -Rock Blast has 90 accuracy and Razor Shell has 95. Misses suck.

    Latios@Life Orb
    IV: 31/31/31/31/31
    Timid(4hp, 252spa, 252spe)
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Calm Mind

    Revenges whatever Cloyster can't kill. Can easily switch in on Fighting types. Cloyster absolutely LOVES grass types b/c icicle spear easily OHKOs after shell smash and grass type moves don't have a status(para/burn) secondary effect. Psychic for annoying fighting types who have mach punch or Cloyster can't beat like Conkelldurr. thunderbolt for bulky waters.

    Terrakion@Choice Scarf
    Adamant(84hp, 252atk, 172spe)
    -Close Combat
    -Rock Slide
    -Sacred Sword

    -Scarved revenge killer/CC sweeper. Takes out Curse users like Steelix and Lickylicky and other steel types I can't do much against. Steels have high defense and Cloyster can't use icicle spear. Most, such as Metagross and Klingklang can survive a +2 Razor Shell from Cloyster.

    This team absolutely hates fighting the LO Scizor with BP, SD, ??, U-turn
    -Saw it once, definitely would've lost except for a thunderbolt crit from latios =)

    Another bad pokemon to fight is Starmie. Cloyster can set up and OHKO with Rock Blast, but anyone with a long streak knows that 90 acc is not nearly enough for BT. Latios is then forced to take an ice beam and thunderbolt, taking massive damage.

    How I lost below, this is battle number 172

    Cloyster vs. CoFAGrious
    Cloyster used Shell Smash
    CoFAGrious used Trick Room

    Cloyster used Icicle Spear
    CoFAGrious restored its health with sitrus berry
    Cofagrious used Shadow Ball

    Cofagrious used shadow ball
    Cloyster fainted.

    Turn 4:
    CoFAGrious used destiny bond
    Terrakion used rock slide
    Cofagrious fainted
    Terrakion fainted

    Blaziken vs. Latios
    Blaziken used Shadow Claw
    Latios used Calm Mind
    Trick Room ends

    Shadow claw left me with around 8% left(not enough for even 1 LO recoil)…. Gg

    Turn 6:
    Latios used Dragon Pulse
    Blaziken fainted
    Latios fainted

    Turns out the last pokemon was a Golem with sturdy so I lost by a long shot(20% hp short assuming golem doesn't attack).

    Co (BAN ME PLEASE) rious is appropriately named…. Should've checked the pokemon list, might've figured out it had destiny bond, but was too lazy. Plus switching Latios into what I thought was going to be a STAB shadow ball in trick room wouldn't have been smart even if I knew it had Destiny Bond.
  13. bluemon


    Oct 21, 2010
    since when did thundurus learn heat wave....?
  14. High Roller

    High Roller

    Jul 16, 2011
    I just mowed through 50 trainers in singles with this thing dying only a handful of times as my lead. I'm bound to lose soon though because I forgot to switch Thunder for Thunderbolt on my Thundurus (was using it on rain team).

    Scrafty @ Leftovers
    Ability: Moxie
    Nature: Adamant
    EV's: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 6 SpD
    -Bulk Up
    -Drain Punch
    -Ice Punch​

    The skills are self explanatory. Crunch and Drain Punch already give very good coverage so the last skill can be whatever you want. I'm usually able to get at least two Bulk Ups before I need to heal back up. Since Scrafty's only weaknesses are Flying and Fighting, which nearly always comes in the form of a physical attack, thing thing is able to survive very easily. Its uninvested SpD can still fend off some special attacks. Moxie is probably overkill after a few Bulk Ups but it is what it is for now.

    Once my streak ends I plan on remaking this thing with a Careful nature and 252 HP / 252 SpD EV spread. That will give me maximum tanking potential. Leftovers really isn't doing anything for me so it will be replaced with a Lum Berry and Ice Punch with Rest. With the huge drop in power from the original build I might stick with Moxie or just replace it with Intimidate, although I personally don't like Intimidate. It'll only work once and if the lead isn't a physical attacker it's useless. Not really a fan of Shed Skin. I'm paranoid. Battle Subway %'s are rigged as hell. It'll never activate.

    EDIT: Just used the 252 HP / 252 SpD Careful build. It's quite good. It's literally the definition of 'wall'. The drop in power is worth the extra survivability.
  15. Cradily


    May 15, 2010
    Agreed. I just looked it up and it doesn't...
  16. yadazhai


    Nov 22, 2008
    ... woops. Zapdos learns heat wave and I mistook that for thundrus. I thought it learned heat wave as well, so I pokesaved it with Heat Wave. Made sure the IVs were all 31, and the EVs were legit, forgot to check movesets.

    My pokemon's stats are legit,(31IVs, 510total evs) though.

    Hopefully, my 172 still counts.
  17. High Roller

    High Roller

    Jul 16, 2011
    Why would it count? Then everyone can start teaching their team illegal moves and get a big streak.

    Intentional or not, it won't and shouldn't count.
  18. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    @yadazhai: Your Latios only has 5 IVs, and the other two pokemons' IVs aren't listed. I personally wouldn't mind the 172 streak being on the records, as long as it's also noted in the records (with a * or something) that pokesav was used - I'm assuming since you used it for the Thundurus, you probably used it for the other streak too. Of course it's not like this is my thread, so Peterko can do what he wants. :P

    @High Roller: Intimidate Scrafty is not released yet and thus is not legal. Not that you wanted to use the ability anyway, but just saying, it shouldn't even be a consideration for now.

    I find that even 252 HP 252 Sp Def Careful Scrafty cannot take too many hits and WILL need rest in order to set up fully (I tried using Scrafty before, both Bulk Up and DD), and not setting up fully means Scrafty won't be KOing a ton of things, so, I'm a bit surprised that Scrafty only fainted a handful of times in a streak of 50. ... I'm not sure if you have a crippler lead though. If you did, then yah, totally makes sense.

    EDIT: @High Roller: His 172 streak was not the one with Thundurus.
  19. High Roller

    High Roller

    Jul 16, 2011
    Didn't notice he had 2 streaks. My mistake.

    The 50+ streak Scrafty was a lead and wasn't even a 252 SpD Careful one. It was a 252 Atk Adamant. The only way it died was from SE STABs, Focus Blasts and being worn down by special attacks (and hax crits of course). That's why I decided to concentrate on bringing its SpD up.

    I'm trying to form a team that can attack and defend very well at the same time. After playing full offence for so long I've just come to the conclusion I either don't know how to play it correctly or it just won't get you far in the subway. Right now all I have is Scrafty but I'm in the process of testing the standard Sigilyph set. It actually looks quite good for the subway, especially as a backup for my lead Scrafty.
  20. yadazhai


    Nov 22, 2008
    The other pokemon's IVs are all 31.
  21. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    1. Yes theorymon with not realeased hidden abilities is a waste of time, because you don´t know when / whether at all they will be released. I don´t have a problem with comments like "I wish they would release Lightningrod Zapdos or Technician Breloom" though, everyone has the right to "dream".

    2. Cheating is bad, because it´s a comparative advantage one normally wouldn´t have.

    For example I had to wait until the Wi-Fi event in HGSS to have a shot at a perfect Latios/Latias, which I still had to RNG. Before that, I only had a Hasty 30/23/10/30/30/27 Latios but I still got to 459 in the DP Tower with it. I also had a Timid 29/2/29/29/31/31 Latias from an insane emerald reset (frame 762330, which is like a 4 hour wait for just 1 reset) that I used to get my 2363 Plat Tower streak with.

    Now I didn´t buy both versions so I only have Tornadus (its soft reset was a pain because I wasn´t prepared enough before going to the house, it took about two days).
    I don´t have Thundurus nor Landorus, because I´m kind of paranoid to trade for them. But whatever, I use what I have access to.

    The point still stands that this topic is mainly for those competitive players that want to measure themselves with others, not "who can cheat the best".

    3. I think there was a general consensus last time this was brought up, that this topic is built on a certain level of trust, which means people should be honest about their streaks as:
    a) there is almost no way to figure out a cheat from a pro (unless it´s as blatant as "heat wave thund") and
    b) cheating records is no accomplishment at all, so by my logic it would be a waste of time to cheat a record and post it in here (unless it´s a troll).

    The preventive mechanism we use is "you have to post proof (pic, video, video #)" and "describe the strategy behind your team" so that the particular streaks are believable to an extent...

    Note that there is a difference between cheating Pokémon to use in a streak and to cheat a streak (I don´t know and don´t want to know how to do the latter), but there´s a thin line I don´t want to cross and that is to openly allow "legal hacks", because the ability to create your pokémon is just a step from using save states of streaks or whatever else.

    There is no way for me to know whether someone uses cheated Pokémon, unless they admit it (or mention in in their sig lol). Now so far, I was quite generous to also list such records, because they´re not top5 or whatever plus I don´t want to demotivate people to play the game. I know that´s kind of hypocritical, but the rule still stands:

    If you cheat, I have all the right to not post your streak, or post it but later take it down when I decide so (or if there´s people who complain).

    Also marking streaks with * or something would mean (I think) that I´m OK with "legal hacks" which simply isn´t true. Again, cheating pokémon/streak is at your own risk of not being recognized as a legitimate streak and thus not be put on the list to measure yourself with others.

    On topic of playing, I did doubles last week with a new lead duo (eviolite lightningrod rhydon and reckless scarf avatar with sashmie and LOscizor in the back), which is soo much fun, plus I´m attached to rhydon since RSFRLGE when I created the "rhybat" lead (QC rhydon with CB crobat lol), which was quite known back then, at least in the german community (a friend of mine used it as a tribute to me to win the berlin vgc qualifier in ´09) and I had to use my avatar at least once in two gens lol. The original idea was a gimmick Lightningrod Seaking, but I only got that yesterday.

    Unfortunately I only got to 79 with it so far (other notables were 52, 70 and 70). I´ll probably post it soon.

    I want to try out some stuff that I bred yesterday (monday is the RNG day if you don´t want to miss a dream world day - after monday DW you RNG and before midnight you change the time setting to normal and try to connect to the server, so that the gear powers up on tuesday = maintenance day, so you can play on wednesday). I bred 2 Goldeen, 2 Shellder, 2 Omanyte, 2 Carvanha and one jolly Starly (I used an Adamant before) yesterday and am training them right now. I´ve bred Dratini and Rhyhorn last monday.

    Both my single and double streaks are at 0, so now´s the chance to test out random stuff/gimmicks.

    EDIT: forgot to mention that I updated the list on friday.
  22. Jibaku

    Jibaku Who let marco in here????
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Team Rater Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 13, 2005
    Lost at battle 226 in a series of events that went like this:

    Vs. Doctor Dwight

    ...Registeel gets fully set up on an Specs Alakazam locked into Psychic (who btw crits it twice but it didn't really matter)
    Registeel Subs and kills Zam, Golem is sent out
    Golem crits Registeel's Sub away with Earthquake. Registeel Iron Heads. Sturdy activates
    Golem crits Registeel, Registeel faints.
    Salamence is sent in and KOes Golem with Earthquake. Jynx is sent out.
    Switch to Whimsicott, Blizzard KO, Whimsicott faints.
    Salamence is sent in, Jynx Blizzard, Mence dies.

    In retrospect I should have sent in Whimsy against Golem and tried to set up with Mence, but I guess I became too paranoid of further crits given the last event. Regardless, I'll continue this streak someday...

    In a nutshell:
    - Golem just happened to have Sturdy.
    - Registeel gets double critted by Golem.
    - Jynx manages to hit twice with Blizzard.
  23. Rackham


    Oct 17, 2010
    Ugh. I just lost to this Walrein the second time in a row (69 streak lol). Sleep talk selected Sheer cold/Fissure every time and didn't miss. The worst part was that I had two chances where I could have killed it, only for Lax incense hax to kick in. Oh well, third time lucky.

    880 | Walrein | Bold | Lax Incense | Sheer Cold | Fissure | Rest | Sleep Talk | Def/SpD

    I'm using a Latios / Milotic / Metagross team, and its been fairly effective. It still needs a bit of tweaking before its really solid, but its been serving me well. Before I was using a generic cripple opponents and then set up team. However, I began to find it boring and I lost my streaks early just being inattentive. Anyway, I think this team (or at least some variant of it) can go far, and so I'll be updating when I achieve a good streak.
  24. bluemon


    Oct 21, 2010
    u can use gigalith just for him :)
  25. AuraSphere


    Mar 28, 2009
    So, I went through the Battle Subway, only to have my team beaten by a -4 Manectric critical hit Thunderbolt against my Jellicent, of all things to happen.

    So, here's a run-down of my team, and it's a decent one, as it got me to Battle 39, until the above happened.
    Jellicent @ Choice Specs
    Modest|Water Absorb
    252 HP/252 SpD/6 HP
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam
    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball

    He works well as a special sponge and a decent attacker. It's better with 252 SpD than 252 HP EVs, mainly because he takes just a bit less from special attacks, and when going against Timid Life Orb Thundurus, Thunderbolt has a smaller chance of actually OHKO'ing Jellicent, allowing a definite OHKO against 6 HP Thundurus with Choice Specs Ice Beam. Energy Ball is for Gastrodon and the occasional Lapras, which tends to carry Thunder. Hydro Pump is for large damage with STAB and Choice Specs to anything that doesn't resist it. Now, with a Pokemon that can take special hits, I've also made a Pokemon that can also sponge physical hits, and he does a very good job at doing so, too.

    Gligar @ Eviolite
    Impish|Sand Veil
    252 HP/252 Def/6 Spd

    I had to give up Immunity for Roost, but it's totally worth it, since he's not evolving into Gliscor anytime soon. He can sponge physical hits like a boss, and stall with Toxic+Roost, and then there's the occasional critical hit. To some opponent Pokemon I cannot stall, Guillotine does the trick nicely, and it actually hits more often than I'm used to. Sometimes I think that %30 accuracy is misleading.

    Scizor @ Steel Gem
    I forgot the exact EVS, but it had some HP, max Attack, and some Special Defense.
    Swords Dance
    Bug Bite
    Bullet Punch

    Swords Dance on something that's not very threatening, and proceed to sweep. +2 STAB Steel Gem Technician Bullet Punch does a number to many Pokemon that do not resist. Big Bite can steal useful berries, he's also stolen Salac Berries, which is very useful as it makes Scizor's job better knowing he doesn't need to rely on priority to launch an attack first. Pursuit is for...super effective damage on Ghost-types.

    As of typing, I have finished Battle 14, and I'm going to bed now, it's just after midnight, and I am crazy tired for some reason.

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