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c l e a r
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Feb 18, 2017
Apr 29, 2005
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c l e a r

from Carousel of Agony

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Feb 18, 2017
    1. Layell
      Hey will I be seeing you in a week at regionals?
    2. Roz
      Ya sure I'll be right there
    3. Roz
      Hmm I don't know =P
      Anywhere is fine really.
      Also we could ask Atlas to join us, he's here too.
    4. c l e a r
      c l e a r
      Sure, where do you want to hang out?
    5. Roz
      Hey! I can hang out in like 10 minutes, got a little something to do.
    6. bluesun
      Unfortunately, no, I don't share .savs.
    7. Biosci
      No prob, just let me know when you decide
    8. Biosci
      Yeah, just tell me what you need and I get it for you. You'd just have to wait until wednesday-next week to pick it all up :s
    9. Shii
      I forgot all about it! ;_;

      I'll ask my brother if I can RNG one of his Treeckos and get back to you.
    10. -Matteo-
      I agree, thanks anyway
    11. -Matteo-
    12. dfe
      haven't seen/talked to you for awhile, but congrats on the win! hopefully we can talk more now that im done with college stuff
    13. Nickscor
      Thanks :)

      Edit: Didn't notice until now, but gratz on winning too!
    14. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    15. Nickscor
      Dunno if you want anything from me, but is that new Chansey up for trade?
    16. Im M3
      Im M3
      Yeah I can, if your okay trading in 5th Gen. And im hoping to have ability 1 so I could get both abilities :D
      EDIT: Any tips you got for speedrunning through the game?
    17. Shii
      Sure, I can send those 2. xD
      lol k, but you know I can just NN them for you, right? xD

      My email is sutekii.hikari@gmail.com. :D
    18. Shii
      Sure that's okay. xD

      What's your email? Which ball did you want?
    19. Shii
      Oh I'm sorry. D:
      I haven't done Treecko yet. I got the IV's but so far a jolly nature hasn't popped up. I forgot about it. >.<
      I'll let you know when I get it.
    20. frogoholic101
      They are really good! What are you going after next?
    21. frogoholic101
      Yeah. when I started SR'ing, I had about 5 completed games of Colosseum (I have a lot of memory cards). I decided to go back to them and I found I hadn't caught Suicune in 4 of them. I got fed up with SR'ing once and went back to catch it in those games, and lo and behold, it was that Timid one. The other 3 were garbage, though.
    22. frogoholic101
      Thanks! I've been waiting ages for these! I'm on to get a Togepi clone.
    23. frogoholic101
      Yeah, Togepi needs cloning. Can I have a copy of the other two birds, too? I'll go on now, code is in my sig (SS).
    24. frogoholic101
      Ok. Which of mine do you want? I'm lacking a Togepi copy in 4th gen as it needs cloning :(
    25. frogoholic101
      Yes, we can. Which gen, and what did you want from me? Lugia and Salamence are in 4th Gen, while I have Togepi in 5th (I still have a copy in 4th gen but he needs cloning).
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    There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. - Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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