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Jun 28, 2015 at 9:17 AM
Jul 7, 2008
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from Italy

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Jun 28, 2015 at 9:17 AM
    1. Victini
      Ciao, hai ancora i pokemon del tuo vecchio thread?
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      2. -Matteo-
        ciao; ok, grazie per l'informazione. io stavo staccando giusto adesso. scambieremo appena possibile. l'ideale sarebbe quando sono di riposo dal lavoro e posso fare le cose con un minimo di calma. purtroppo per questa settimana il mio riposo salta, quindi se ne parlerà la settimana prossima. scambieremo quando possibile. ciao
        Nov 19, 2014
      3. -Matteo-
        ah, giusto per sapere, fammi sapere anche quando e se trovi qualcosa, che sono curiosoXD

        ci sentiamo presto, ciao
        Nov 19, 2014
      4. Victini
        Ciao, sono riuscito a trovare questi pokemon.
        Zapdos Modest 31-X-31-31-31-31
        Cresselia Bold 31-X-31-31-31-31
        Mewtwo Timid 31-X-31-31-31-31
        Rayquaza Jolly 31-31-31-X-30-31
        Diancie Impish 31-31-31-X-31-30
        Diancie è mio.
        Fammi sapere se ti interessa qualcosa.
        Jan 18, 2015
    2. Kesi
      Hi. Im from Germany and looked at your GBA Events...

      Do you still have them?

      I´m very interested in the Pokémon Center NY Wish Events and many other Events

      Just click on the link below and look. If u find something interesting, it would be really nice.

      ... I know... It´s wirtten in German, but just look at the names of the Events/OT/ID.
    3. Gabe
      Hi, can you please send me some copies of my Raikou that you got from a giveaway?
      1. -Matteo-
        Hi; yes, I can as soon as possible
        Mar 25, 2014
      2. Gabe
        When are you usually available pacific time?
        Mar 29, 2014
    4. CrownEntei
      hey, do you remember me? the guy that helped you out with zapdos?
      you had some sort of surprise for me :D? whats going on with your internet now?
    5. Gamein99
      Left a post to trade for some of your pokemon :) would be great if you could get back to me :)
    6. Reshiram89
      Just so you know I posted in your trade shop. Btw I prefer to trade on either Thursday or Friday.
    7. Nickscor
      The thread's been permanently locked, but you could use the Simple Questions/Simple Requests thread if you need to ask about resets.
    8. c l e a r
      c l e a r
      Those are quite bad, you can keep the Articuno, but it is hardly trade worthy.
    9. Nickscor
      Do what you want with it.
    10. Nickscor
      Sorry, but toss 'em all. Altaria's pointless since Heal Bell's a tutor move, the others have less than decent stats.
    11. Hozu
      Never reset for Altaria because it can get Heal Bell from HG/SS by move tutor. The other two aren't good enough to keep unfortunately.
    12. -Matteo-
      you have to chose th team mate in base of the sinergy, not on te tier; for exemple, I used always latios or tyranitar: il I used tyranitar I searched a pokemon with immunity to grund, if I used latios I searched a pokemon able to use gound move
    13. Xui
      That's good too, I've just been picking the ones that are highest on the tier chain, it hasn't been going so great, ha. Did you treat it more like a double battle? I've been sort of treating it like a singles battle because the NPCs have been pretty useless.
    14. Xui
      That's a good idea, at least I can control whether or not they get hit by EQ! I just wish they'd stop doing stupid things to get us hurt extra. One time they were throwing up light screen just to get hit by brick break over and over!
    15. Xui
      That's true, 3rd gen BT was so hard I ended up trading them to Ruby to make it just a little easier on myself, and mine were EV'd! I might just be unlucky when it comes to NPC partners 4th gen, it seems like whatever they should be doing they do the opposite and everyone has really terrible teams to pick from.
    16. Xui
      It must've been a lot of work, I'm still struggling with the 4th gen Battle Tower (its terrible having an NPC partner for doubles!) for my Blissey. Hopefully I'll be able to finish her collection soon. :)
    17. Xui
      Your Zapdos is glorious! Just had to say :)
    18. -Matteo-
      I don't know: 2 years ago, I bought HG, but platinum is better and I think is an error HG, so this time I won to know better BW2 befor buy one of theme
    19. CrownEntei
      I also only have fourth gen, but ill get fifth in one or two days. I would just upload Chansey to pokecheck, when you have acces to wifi.
      Are you planning to buy either Black or white 2?
    20. CrownEntei
      I dont think its hacked, if it is selled on ebay, if one would find out that it is hacked, he could just inform ebay and then he could no longer sell it.
      By the way, have you uploaded Chansey to Pokecheck? Well you probably did, but what didi it say?
    21. CrownEntei
      Oh ok, what new method? I hope its not hacked, since wish chansey is the pokemon that I need the most :)
      i feel sorry for you, because all these people post in you thread, but you dont have a internet connection atm :)
    22. Japan
      Okay I know about that (read your update) as soon as you can trade feel free to check my closed thread.
    23. Japan
      CMT for that Shiny UT groudon! (Yours)
    24. Kaphotics
      when you battle the pokemon, the game has the stats of the maximum level the shadow pokemon is (x-y, will have y's stats)

      There's a such thing as a nature lock where the previous pokemon PIDs have to be a certain nature, thus limiting the spreads.
    25. Victini
      non c'è problema, fammi sapere quando sei pronto.
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