Bloobie's Blobs of Art

Yay! Art thread! >.> Here's some of my latest art... and commentary! :D ... from myself though of course cause I don't really have 'fans'. Just haters. Lots and lots of haters. . _.


Here was something my friend told me to draw. Gardevoir and Gallade.
I might end up making a scene to go with it as well but Idunno. Whatever.

Here's a drawing of me and my Normal type team (not based of battling strength or anything, I just think they'd be cool pokemon to have if they were real. :P) So yep yep. Idunno why but ever since I saw stoutland the thought of being able to ride on it kept popping up into my head. So yeppers. Tis what I do. I'll finish coloring it later. Lol.

Here's a cute My-Neighbor-Totoro inspired picture. Lol. Pikachus! I don't think I'll ever add a scene to it but, meh. Lol.

Here's another drawing of me as a Pokemon Trainer. Lol, scuse the pink mark on the face. I acidently like made this huge pink mark with it so I tried to make it look like blushing but obviously drawing at 3 o clock in the morning results in terrible drawings = .=

Here's a Full scene picture of Rotom. And oh my goodness am I strangely proud of the effects it had like where it's coming out of the TV. it looks SO MUCH COOLER THEN I EXPECTED. Plus, I drew the TV without looking. So pro. lol. anywho.... LOOK AT THE CREEPER STATUS JIGGLYPUFF IN THE WINDOW. DAH FUQ?!

Aaand a sexy shaymin, oddly inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. Lol, yep yep. Not much else to say about this besides, bad anatomy becaue I had to squish it on the page, but the facial expression came out pretty much how I wanted it to. so bonus points. Lol.

Here's me and some other Pokemon I'd love to have if I was a Pokemon Trainer. THe expression and the position of Suicune looked really akward after I finished so uhh ignore that LOL. Btw the shirt has a errr Rampardos on it (it's tiny arms and big head and feet) and it says I HATE PUSHUPS cuz it cant like... with the tiny arms and.. lol yeah.

And here's what I'm working on now since I'm too lazy to continue drawing the normal team one (I'm going to be drawing every pokemon, so I'm starting with a trio picture of Venasaur, Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. :P) SKETCHES. YAY.

So yeppers, there's some art of mine. Do enjoy. o 3~

EDIT: Spoiler tags don't work here. LOL idunno how to put them in spoilers. >>

Oh and I do take requests! :O


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These are some nice pictures! The way you drew Rotom emerging from the television is a nice effect to the picture. The faint white outline on Rotom makes it look a little like a sticker, haha.

Your Spinda. It's so dumb. It's perfect. Is Eevee (assuming) intended to be colored as a Zorua or is there just a Zorua in your Normal-type team? :P

The Swablu in your second-to-last picture (with you sitting and Suicune copping a feel) is really nice! I like it a lot. However you also apparently like Joltik so we're at an impasse there. Sigh.

Shaymin definitely has a Rouge the Bat look going on. Props.

As far as requests go, you've already drawn my favorite Pokemon (Spinda), but I've been on an Omastar kick recently so one of those would be fantastic, perhaps? Only if you want. If you dislike Omastar then I love pretty much every Water-type so I'm sure there's something else you could find to do. ;)

P.S. my initial opinion on your self-portrait with the "blush" mark: "Is she or is she not related to Wario?"
Haha, Thanks. I haven't had art lessons or art classes so they're not the best out their but, oh well ^^
I loved how the rotom turned out really well, and I actually used an absurd amount of white out for that stuff >.>
I felt like the spinda looked really strange, but I guess it looks okay! Haha, idk what was up with the tongue sticking out with the drool everywhere but anywho.
The main idea was that eevee was playing dress up as zorua so yeah x3. And at first I really disliked Joltik, and well all the bug pokemon in general. But Joltik is tiny and nearly adorable and I thought it'd be cute so, lol
I actually took the flower from land form shaymin lol. I wasn't quite sure about the eyeshadow and stuff at first but it looks pretty cool.
I love pretty much all pokemon, some more then others, some I like less then others. But I don't really 'hate' any pokemon . :P I'll draw you an Omastar ^^

I'm not really sure I understand the wario comment. (It's a girl though btw. I'm a girl o3o) Is it supposed to be the pink nose thing? o.0
Am I allowed to Double Post in my thread? If not I guess just merge the posts :/

Here's the Sketch of it so far. I didn't just want to do Omastar and I realized something while looking at pictures of Lugia and Kyogre.. They both have like similar hand type things. ANYWHOZAH. I had this weird idea of like this GIANT SEA HAND grasp between them, and omastar over on the edge there. I didnt have a back picture of Omastar so it's a little weird, and I might even move him but oh well. It's going to be an underwater thing sooo yep yep.

Here it is

(the actual sketch isnt black and stuff like that, just my printer sucks. Sooo the ending will look a little better. Lol.)
You know, I actually just started putting watermarks on my art ,myself, today. I wish I had started long ago...such a good idea.

I totally dig that Shaymin. Do you use markers for these?


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The sketch actually looks really cool right now! I'm sure the final product will look excellent. As far as CC goes, Kyogre looks slightly stunted at the front end? I realize that Lugia is in fact larger than Kyogre, but perhaps it would fare better with a longer snout/face?

As for my Wario comment, it was just about the yellow shirt and the purple/white kneesocks, haha. I play way more Mario games than I should so yellow/purple automatically means Wario in my head. I got that it was a girl. ;)
I use a variety of things. The shaymin was actually colored pencils. A mix between dollar store, crayola, prisma, watercolors, and I think that's it. I use crayola markers/dollar store ones (I want copic marks so baaad ; -;) I also use sharpies fine and ultra fine tips, Gel pens, Ink Pens, and water color paints (if you've noticed from the trainer picture of me, I need a new skin toned marker Q~Q Looks all scribbly and bad ]:> ). Here's my favorite one I did using colored pencils as a base color for the blue and red of the cyndaquil, the rest was watercolors [the red smokey stuff was supposed to be more RED then PINK but oh well. :P] Oh and if it doesn't make sense, it's from the creepy pasta Lost Silver. [you should read it if you haven't] :D
[speaking of my deviantart, please check out the rest of my gallery, I have so much more art on there that I can't seem to find anywhere else. :/ Tank yews! :D]

Yeah, I haven't been using watermarks for very long either, but someone recently stole a butt load of my art, bt the original wasnt uploaded, and it turns out when I had to reupload it (forgot the first pasword to the one) and so mine says they were posted later then the first person.. and I was in a pickle. I had to go on tinychat and show them the physical art and like.. yeah. -.- Terrible. Art thiefs are jackwagons.

Anywhozah, I was actually going to make it chibi at first, but then I almost decided against it so it's either more kawaii or just flat out kick @$$. So I still have a lot of editing to do on Kyogre especially >.>

And I see. Its actually because I wear tights with shorts, and I have this blue and off white like vest thingy that I always wore with this yellow owl shirt. So I just smushed them together and you have teh strange fetus that is I. o3o

*true story*
So I got side tracked while trying to finish that recent sketch, and I dug up this picture of Lugia that I did for Takeshi Shudo (mind you that I have made like 42 pictures dedicated to Takeshi Shudo, not counting the ones I did before he passed away. >.>) SO.. Here's that. :P

Here's some old old stuff from 2011. Lol.

{omg this anatomy is just aweful}

{aweful anatomy = .=}

Oh, and I just finished a drawing of Gardevoir and Machoke for v-day. So I'll post that later. :P