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BTW, forgot to roll for a stage, doing that now, stage #25 is Luna Hill
Field Type- Dark/Ghost
Complexity- Moderate
Format- Singles, Doubles
Restrictions- No weather, No digging, No seismic activity

Luna Hill: Known throughout Kanto as a better couple’s spot than cerulean cape, a battle here is a very nice one. The large hill has a small battle area on it, twenty feet long and twenty feet wide, but pokemon are allowed to battle anywhere on the hill, as long as they stay on it’s rounded peak. There are three cherry blossoms on the hill (Two beside each other on the eastern edge and one in the southern section) and a small pond (Two feet deep, six feet wide and seven feet long) right beside the battle area. To keep the tradition of Luna Hill all battles are at night, and the lovers who come up to relax can watch the battles. Because there are innocent bystanders no weather inducing moves are allowed here (Would you want to take your date to a couple’s paradise and then get struck by hail?) and destruction of the hill’s landscape is forbidden (E.g dig, earthquake, explosion). The moon is always shining on Luna Hill, so most trainers choose a nocturnal pokemon or one that gets it’s power from the moon for battle. Summary: No Dig/Earthquake, weather summoning moves will fail. The moon produces a lot of light, so it is not too dark, though nocturnal pokemon will have the advantage (dark pokemon and pokemon like hoothoot and noctowl gain +1 accuracy and +1 speed). Pokemon and battle anywhere on the hill, as long as they stay on the hill’s peak.

The next round begins with Wing setting up a screen of light to block any special attacks. Kame fires off a last-ditch effort to damage Wing with a Captain Crunch.

Afterwards, Wing finishes off Kame with a Magical Leaf.

3725 (<625, Captain Crunch Crit, no)
373 (<2000, Captain Crunch -Def, yes)

Captain Crunch:
BAP: 8 * 2.25 = 18
Energy: 2(6) + 8 = 20 EN
Effect Chance: 20%
Damage: (18 + 4.5) * 1.5 = 33.75 DMG
Magical Leaf: 3.375 DMG

Post Round:

Kame (M)
4 / 4 / 2 / 2 / 19 (-10 Eva)
SC:1 | WC:2 | Sub:0
Sturdy + Solid Rock

Wing (M)
HP: 7
EN: 43
1 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 46 (+7 Acc)
SC:1 | WC:1 | Sub:1
Trace + Synchronize
Reflect (1 Action), Light Screen (4 Actions), -2 Def (1 Action til degrade)

Engineer, your turn

Next Stage:
Field Type- Ice/Ghost
Complexity- Simple-Moderate
Format- All
Restrictions- No water source, No weather

Siberian wilderness: A blizzard-ridden place in the northern hemisphere, where the temperature never exceeds twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The area is covered in one foot of snow and it is snowing ever so slightly at the beginning of the battle. There are few objects on the battlefield, with only twenty pine trees dotting the map (the trees are twenty five feet tall and their branches extend out five feet all around). There is no water, no there will be if the snow is heated and melted. Below the snow is soft ground, which can be dug into. At the end of each round there is a 60% chance it will start blizzarding. Summary: Large area with little protection. Moving around is slow due to high snow levels (though ice and ghost pokemon move smoothly) and the ground can be dug into. Weather moves will fail, and at end of round a blizzard might start (60% chance).​

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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Samurai, it's time to face off against your little brother.

Being slower is a bit bad, but we should be able to deal with it pretty well.

Thunderbolt - Thunderbolt - Thunderbolt
IF (Ralts uses Double Team) THEN (Use Magical Leaf and change the rest of your actions to Shadow Sneak; play this only once)
The round begins with Wing taunting Samurai about being faster, but it still gets finished by a Thunderbolt, KOing it.

Didn't do any because they wouldn't matter.

Thunderbolt: (10 + 3 - 5) = 8 DMG

HP: 100
EN: 93
SC:1 / WC:2 / Subs: 1
Status: Taunt (5 Actions)

HP: 90
EN: 100
SC:2 / WC:1 / Subs: 1
Status: Light Screen (3 Actions)

Next Stadium type is (1d17, 10) Ice, so Ice moves get an extra 2BAP, and Grass moves will be weakened by 2BAP, due to the frost everywhere.

Box, just issue actions, I've already got Horatio sent out.

Damn you speed ties!!!!!

OK, I flipped three coins to decide who goes first, Kirlia does on Actions 1 and 3, Dratini does on 2.

The round begins with Samurai trying to confuse Horatio. Horatio retaliates by firing off a wave of thunder to paralyze Samurai. It backfires and both Pokemon are paralyzed due to Synchronize.

Both Pokemon tried to attack, but were fully paralyzed.

Samurai uses Confusion again while Horatio fires off a Dragon Pulse.

4885 (<625, Confusion Crit, no)
9504 (<1000, Confusion confuse, no)
1957 (<2500, Full Paralysis Samurai, yes)
2104 (<2500, Full Paralysis Horatio, yes)
4519 (<2000, Full Paralysis Samurai, no)
6263 (<625, Confusion Crit, no)
6613 (<1000, Confusion confuse, no)
2800 (<2000, Full Paralysis Horatio, no)
6223 (<625, Dragon Pulse Crit, no)
8269 (<3333, Shed Skin, no)

Confusion: 5 + 3 + 3 - 5 = 6 DMG
Dragon Pulse: 9 + 3 + 1.5 = 13.5 DMG

HP: 86
EN: 89
SC:1 / WC:2 / Subs: 1
Status: Taunt (2 Actions), Paralyzed (15%)

HP: 78
EN: 87
SC:2 / WC:1 / Subs: 1
Status: Paralyzed (15%)

I'm just going to do the type thing again, if it's OK with you guys, (1d17, 2) Dark, so Dark moves get a +2 to BAP, and Psychic moves lose 10 Acc. Also, Moonlight heals the max 35 HP.

Eng, choose actions
The round begins with Samurai shocking the small dragon with a Thunderbolt. Horatio retaliates with an ice Beam.

Dratini channels its draconic energy into its breath, and fires a pulse of energy at Samurai. Samurai tries inflict confusion on Horatio, but only ends up causing damage.

Horatio fires another Ice Beam at Samurai, who ensures confusion with a powerful Confuse Ray aimed at Horatio.

2 (Kirlia acts first A1)
1 (Dratini acts first A2)
1 (Dratini acts first A3)
4749 (Full Para Kirlia, no)
3217 (Thunderbolt Crit, no)
8527 (Thunderbolt Para, no)
4503 (Full Para Dratini, no)
7511 (Ice Beam Crit, no)
3934 (Ice Beam Freeze no)
7563 (Full Para Kirlia, no)
3151 (Confusion Crit, no)
9663 (Confusion Confuse, no)
4176 (Full Para Dratini, no)
2369 (Dragon Pulse Crit, no)
4887 (Full Para Dratini, no)
5511 (Ice Beam Crit, no)
1668 (Ice Beam Freeze, no)
875 (Full Para Kirlia, no)
4923 (3 Action Confusion)

Ice Beam: 10 + 1.5 = 11.5 DMG
Thunderbolt: 10 + 3 - 3 = 10 DMG
Dragon Pulse: 9 + 3 + 1.5 = 13.5 DMG
Confusion: 5 + 3 + 3 = 11 DMG

HP: 49
EN: 73
SC:1 / WC:2 / Subs: 0
Status: Paralyzed (10%)

HP: 57
EN: 67
SC:2 / WC:1 / Subs: 1
Status: Confused (3 Actions), Paralyzed (10%)

Box, choose your actions

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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I think that Dratini is confused for 3 actions since it hasn't had a turn since I confused it yet. Also, I think it's 10% paralysis on both?

Double Team (4) - Confusion - Confusion
IF (You lose the speed tie A1) THEN (Double Team (3) instead)
Fixed both statuses, I thought that Paralysis degraded by 5% per action, not per round, fixed now...

The round begins with Samurai creating four clones of itself to confound Horatio. Horatio sits there due to having full paralysis in its jaw.

Horatio's entire body was still frozen in place due to paralysis from a pinched nerve. Samurai and his clones all use their psychic powers to confuse Horatio, however the true confusion didn't set in so the attack only harmed Horatio.

Samurai fires off yet another confusion while Horatio gets its spine unpinched, and fires off a Dragon Pulse, which misses the clones and actually hits Samurai, even scoring a critical hit!

6194 (Speed Tie, Kirlia wins)
6056 (<1000, Full Paralysis Kirlia, no)
350 (<1000, Full Paralysis Dratini, yes)
2442 (Speed Tie, Dratini wins)
714 (<1000, Full Paralysis Dratini, yes)
1802 (<1000, Full Paralysis Kirlia, no)
2137 (<625, Confusion Crit, no)
5676 (<1000, Confusion Confuse, no)
9644 (Speed Tie, Kirlia wins)
9741 (<1000, Full Paralysis Kirla, no)
8129 (<625, Confusion Crit, no)
1435 (<1000, Confusion Confuse, no)
7598 (<1000, Full Paralysis Dratini, no)
1555 (<2000, Dragon Pulse Hit, yes)
545 (<625, Dragon Pulse Crit, yes)

Confusion: 5 + 3 + 3 = 11 DMG
Dragon Pulse: 9 + 3 + 3 + 1.5 = 16.5 DMG

HP: 32
EN: 49
SC:1 / WC:2 / Subs: 0
Status: Paralyzed (5%)

HP: 35
EN: 61
SC:2 / WC:1 / Subs: 1
Status: None
Eng, choose actions

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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I think Horatio's paralysis has fully degraded now, since it's -5% every time you get fully paralyzed AND -5% at the end of every round.


Confusion - Confusion - Confusion
IF (Evasive Agility) THEN (Magical Leaf)

We'll leave things for Toshi to clean up.

EDIT: Looking at the rolls, you don't seem to have rolled for Horatio hitting itself in confusion...?
I'll be able to ref in about three hours, and I didn't roll for confusion due to Paralysis having precedence in the list of status effects (you roll for Para before Confusion) and it wore off Action three
Box, you know he has another Pokemon, right?

Anyways, the round begins with Horatio firing off another Ice Beam. Samurai uses another of its favorite move, Confusion.

Due to Horatio charging an attack, Samurai is able to fire off another Confusion quickly. When Horatio releases its attack, if fires off a DRACO METEOR STORM! not only near destroying the arena, but dealing an almost fatal blow to Samurai, but it still fainted.

Horatio's powerful attack took a large portion of its energy, as well as some of its attack power.

177 (Ice Beam Crit, yes)
5871 (Ice Beam Freeze, no)
7355 (Full Paralysis, no)
5806 (Confusion Crit, no)
7043 (Confusion Confuse, no)
343 (Full Paralysis, yes)
4020 (Draco Meteor Storm Hit, yes)
5942 (Draco Meteor Storm Crit, no)

Confusion: (5 + 3 + 3) = 11 DMG
Ice Beam: (10 + 3 + 1.5) = 14.5 DMG
Draco Meteor Storm:
BAP: 14 * 2.25 = 31.5 BAP
Energy Use: (10 + (10 + 4) - 1) * 2 = 46 EN
Damage: (31.5 + 1.5 + 3) = 36 DMG


SC:1 / WC:2 / Subs: 0
Status: Legally Dead for 6-1/2 minutes

HP: 11
EN: 8
SC:2 / WC:1 / Subs: 1
Status: -3 SpA (-4 due to Draco Meteor Storm, degraded)

(1d17, 7) Flying is the next stage, so Flying moves get +2 BAP, and Ground moves lose 10 Acc.

Engineer, send out your last Pokemon, then Box chooses his last actions, then Eng chooses his last actions, then I do the reffing.

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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Toshi, this should be no problem for you.

Force Palm - Ice Punch - Force Palm
IF (Evasive Agility is used) THEN (Use Vacuum Wave the first and third instances, Quick Attack the second; if Evasive Agility is comboed with ExtremeSpeed then chill instead)
The final round begins with Toshi using the force of its palm to launch Horatio a good distance and faints it. Engineer Wins!

6 + 3 + 3 = 12 DMG
Engineer Pikachu: 2CC
Kame: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC
Samurai: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC
Toshi: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC

Box: 2CC
Gale: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC
Wing: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC
Horatio: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC

Me: 6UC
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