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Here's my submission. After playing online for awhile, I thought of this little idea. It's not the best, but hey might aswell try.

Name: The Scale Balance
General Description: Often times, the battle can become heavily one sided with entry hazards, stat up moves, etc. This Pokemon would help alleviate some, but not all, of these things to help balance the playing field
Justification: We can see to what extent stat up moves, entry hazards, and other non attacking moves have that make a battle one sided. By potentially taking away some of these factors, sweeps and stalls maybe harder to pull off.
Questions To Be Answered: To what extent do stat up, entry hazards, weather, and other non attacking moves have on battles
Explanation: The main thing to note is that this Pokemon is not meant to completly clear the field, but to rather help ease up the odds against you.
FINALLY! I can finally cooperate in CAP... since I was grounded during CAP9... <.< Although I can't say which is more surprising: The fact EVERY idea I came up with was already taken (except this one), or the fact I even find that surprising at all... Anywho, here's my idea:

Name: More Than Meets the Eye

General Description: A Pokèmon who takes advantages of multiple formes and their differences.

Justification: Well, It's CAP 10, we NEED to do something big, amirite? Plus, Isn't CAP designed to learn the "moral of the story" behind different kinds of Pokèmon? The way I see it, if we were to design a PKMN with multiple formes, we'd learn much more about the different forme changes, perhaps answering the questions below... Oh, almost forgot- say the community were split on a decision in the making of this PKMN, this would be the perfect chance for a compromise!

Questions To Be Answered:
1.)Why and how do formes affect the way a PKMN stands as far as a threat in the metagame?

2.)One theory I've heard is Shaymin and Rotom were meant to be more powerful PKMN than they turned out to be in Diamond & Pearl, hence the addition of formes
in Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver- could there be any backing to this?

2B.)(In addition to question #2)Assuming Game Freak at least considered to add the
infamous Regigas Sky-Forme, did they decide against it because they feared one individual PKMN forme could single-handedly have such a great impact upon the metagame?

3.)Are in-battle forme-changes (ex: Castform, Cherrim, Kecleon(?)) solely a gimmick, or could they be used in a way that would actually give a PKMN an edge in the metagame?

4.)Notice each Rotom forme has a significant difference despite only sprite change and one move per forme; Are they truly worthy of being considered different PKMN, more or less, just because of a simple sprite change and move change? Can one move make that much of a difference? Yes, I'm aware each Rotom's stats, in case you were wondering.

5.) How will alternating formes play a role in future CAP projects?

Explanation: Well, there truly isn't that much to explain, is there? Whether or not it would be something on the scale of Castform's Forecast, or a Wormadam wannabe really isn't (or at least shouldn't be) mine to judge. To be completely honest, it would probably be best should you choose my submission, to choose another to go along with this one for as far actually determining what the PKMN's metagame role, etc. would be.


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This is the first time I took part in CAP stuff since the original Syclant (and Rev's revision, but that didn't count much), so bear with me

(this concept is created by me and reyscarface)


General Description:
A Pokemon that, in one way or the other, takes advantage of the opponent's offensive strength

Most of the top threats in OU pack (extremely) high Attack and/or Special Attack, such as Salamence, Heatran, Latias, and Gyarados. This Pokemon's purpose is to take advantage of the centralization of the metagame in some way or the other (new niche in the metagame). The ultimate goal of this Pokemon is to decentralize the metagame (to an extent) as a byproduct as opposed to Arghonaut's immediate goal (positive effect). Keep in mind that it is not supposed to make the top Pokemon unusable, but to make them less favorable (we learn how the metagame works with these Pokemon being less dominant).

Questions to be answered:

- Is it possible for this Pokemon to not only decrease the usage percentage of the top few Pokemon, but also increase the ones at the middle/lower end of the usage list?
- How will we, when playing, keep this Pokemon from being too dominant in the metagame it is trying to decentralize?
- What negative side-effects are there from metagame decentralization?
- Will the metagame even decentralize??????
- Is this concept even possible?

Explanation: In my idea, this concept is represented as an ability that increases the Attack and/or Special Attack of the Pokemon based off the opponent's Attack, Special Attack (respectively), Speed, the highest base power in the moveset, and whether it receives STAB or not. If both the Pokemon's base Attack and Special Attack are equal or higher than its target, the ability will not activate.

Notes: This concept looks similar to elevator music's because me, him, and reyscarface (who I give credit to for the idea) discussed this together, and he eventually went with the superburner idea while I stuck to this.

Okay since we can post feedbacks

...I am particularly concerned with the antiswitch ideas that have been posted here. Although the game revolves a lot around switching, we have to remember that the game provides us with incredibly numerous options to punish/prevent switches. With Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Magnet Pull, Arena Trap, (Shadow Tag), the ever-so-common Pursuit, Whirlwind/Roar, U-turn, and of course, the absurdly powerful attacks from some Pokemon such as Salamence and Heatran, do we -really- want to further limit switching?
Name: Antilead

General Description: A Pokémon who specializes in countering common lead Pokémon (Azelf, Metagross, Ninjask, etc.), The Pokémon would prevent leads from fulfilling their primary roles, and to a point, render them obsolete.

Justification: Lead Pokémon are a very important part of the team, generally setting up the game so that the rest of it's team can preform better. I believe that this Pokémon could lessen the use of the current leads, and possibly lead to the discovery of new Pokémon who preform well as lead Pokémon, adding more diversity to the metagame.

Questions To Be Answered:
- Will new leads emerge to counter this threat.
- How would these new leads (if they came to be) effect the metagame?
- Can the current leads be improved upon to get around threats like this Pokémon?

Explanation: I don't really have very much specifics on what this Pokémon should be like. But my thinking is that it should be fast enough to outrun the other leads.


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Utility Counter

Name: Utility Counter
General Description: This Pokemon is capable of being customized to counter virtually any specific Pokemon, but is incapable of countering a large number of Pokemon at the same time.
Justification: It is not unusual for people to say that "versatility is broken" from an offensive standpoint; less attention is given to versatile defensive Pokemon such as Zapdos or Hariyama. This Pokemon would allow us to study the impact of having a Pokemon that is capable of dealing with such varied threats as Salamence, Lucario, and Gengar....but not all at once.
Questions To Be Answered:
--How useful is defensive versatility in a metagame with so many different threats to account for?
--Given the existence of a Pokemon that can hard counter only specific major threats, which threats will be prepared for the most?
--How would team building change if certain difficult-to-prepare-for threats became easier to prepare for?
--Which is more useful, a Pokemon that can somewhat handle a wide range of threats, or a Pokemon that can handle a few threats extremely well?
Explanation: I envision this concept as looking like a more extreme version of Porygon2 or Hariyama; it can be custom designed to handle virtually any threat given the correct selection of EVs, moves, etc. However, in choosing to deal with certain threats almost flawlessly, it leaves itself open to other threats. Multitype would obviously make this concept's job much easier, though I doubt it is absolutely necessary to making it work.


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Hi I'd like to remind everyone that concepts that are too similar to another already posted concept will be deleted and possibly infracted.
Name: Priority Sweeper.

General Description: A pokemon which sweeps effectively by using priority moves to move first or last, regardless of speed stats.

Justification: Speed is probably the stat you plan about the most when making a team. I mean...of the top 10 pokes only one (swampert for SU and Arghonaut for CAP) doesn't either have naturally high speed or use scarf, speed boosting moves or priority moves often. In the end a really big portion of the metagame revolves around using speed to move first, which increases the odds of a major shift if you add a viable poke that doesn't really care about the amount of speed you are running, being capable of weakening Suicune after it rests and, at the same time, going first against a scarflatias.

Questions to be answered:
- How important is speed to the current metagame?
- Is negative priority capable of having a considerable impact in the metagame if compared to positive priority?
- What kind of effect does positive priority have on the metagame? which playstyles does it favor/hinder?
- Exactly how powerful is priority as a whole?

Explanation: The idea is pretty simple, really. Have a not-too-fragile poke (so it can use negative priority effectively) with typing that has good priority moves, a movepool filled with priority moves and devoid of...let's say normal moves and either the stats or an ability to compensate for the small power of most priority moves.
@Jibaku- I honestly don't think that's possible, having one little PKMN nudge the whole metagame. Nevertheless, I love the idea, it would be nice to see some of the more unrecognized PKMN have a shot in the metagame. Although, I honestly can't see it working out... I dunno. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
EDIT: Also, isn't one of Ploxicon Porygon Z's ability exactly that, with the attack/defense adaptations?

@Reachzero- um... I know I'm not too active at Smogon, but isn't that basically what Collosoil is?
@Jibaku- I honestly don't think that's possible, having one little PKMN nudge the whole metagame. Nevertheless, I love the idea, it would be nice to see some of the more unrecognized PKMN have a shot in the metagame. Although, I honestly can't see it working out... I dunno. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
EDIT: Also, isn't one of Ploxicon Porygon Z's ability exactly that, with the attack/defense adaptations?
Of course its possible, you just need to think outside of the box. Thats why it says "with a combination of moves, ability and typing". Also, Download isnt nearly similar as the example ability we used, because Download is based on the defenses, not on the offensive power, AND download also only raises, the imaginary ability would raise or decrease depending on power. The point is that if the Pokemon can get that threatening with the power boost of the imaginary ability or whatever we give to it to accomplish its purpose, we MAY see more variety in the metagame in order to stop giving CAP10 advantages (one of the questions to answer).

Take into account I made the concept with Jibaku, so I know what its supposed to be ;)
Name: The Physical Blissey

General Description: When thinking of a special wall, no Pokemon fits the bar better than Blissey. Here is a Pokemon to be its counterpart on the Physical side.

Blissey has caused a massive shift towards Physical attackers in the OU metagame. With its amazing combination of special defense, health, and typing its become a basic part of every stall team. However, while there are physical walls, namely Skarmory, Bronzong, and Snorlax, many of these are countered by typing due to the massive coverage most physical sweepers have. I mean a physical wall that is weak to Fighting type, Snorlax and Skarmory after Roost, the most physical of all the types, doesn't exactly make sense. So through typing or possibly ability or moveset I suggest we recreate a Blissey for the physical side.

Questions to be answered:

- Is creating a physical Blissey possible, or are the widespread coverage of physical moves too well widespread?
- Will creating another Blissey cause the metagame to change to a more even split of physical and special sweepers?
- Will the common physical sweepers be thrust out of the metagame by such a Pokemon?
- Will making the typing of this Pokemon resistant to a specific type make those underused types become much more common? Will it have that much of an affect?

Explanation: I've admired the work the CAP has done for a long time and I think this is something that could be capable of obtaining by the members of this forum. I think for starters, we'd definitely need to give it the same defensive base stats Blissey has, except obviously on the physical spectrum instead. However, I feel the typing is a very critical part to this concept. Normal types are only weak to one type, albeit a common type in the physical department, and a type rather lacking on the special side; one of the reasons Blissey is so lethal. Because honestly, Focus Blast is not reliable enough to be used as a counter, and HP Fighting just doesn't have the power necessary. Finally, Aura Sphere's lack of distribution makes it hardly worth mentioning. So I suggest perhaps a Pokemon solely resistant to Grass, Poison, Psychic or another type lacking in distribution or power. If this combination is possible I'm sure the CAP community would be able to think of a way to pull it off.

Notes: I realize this is my first post and all, but I have stalked the forum for a while and am no newbie to the Shoddy network. Hopefully you can overcome my lack of posts to take my idea seriously
I'll give it a shot =]

Tip the Scales
Description: A Pokemon that through means of abilities, moves, typing, or stats can threaten a typical Bulky Offensive team.

Justification: The rise of the Bulky Offensive teams has been significant over the past few months. Metagross, today’s premier Bulky Offense lead has seen a sharp increase of usage, and the same can be said of pokemon such as Tyranitar with bulky spreads as well as a beefed up attack/special attack stat. A pokemon that could threaten typical Bulky Offensive teams would potentially lead to new styles of play or different pokemon being used commonly.

Questions to be Answered:
~ How large of an impact would the reduction of one of the most common play styles be on the metagame.
--- Would new plays styles emerge to succeed in such a metagame?
----- What would they be?
~ Would the introduction of such a Pokemon popularize less used Pokemon in the CAP Metagame to combat this threat?
~ What factors would be necessary for a pokemon to perform the task of Tipping The Scales? (i.e. Moves, Abilities, Stats, ETC.)
~ Could a pokemon such as this find a niche in competitive play besides breaking Bulky Offense?

Explanation: Bulky Offense has become a major player in the centralization of the metagame. Pokemon such as Latias, Metagross, & Tyranitar are seen on almost every team due to their having excellent defenses, as well as the ability to inflict some major damage. There are multiple directions CAP could take with such a pokemon: Typing (Giving it Offensive STABs to take down many of the commonly seen Bulky pokemon, or giving it Defensive Typing to allow it to outlast Bulky Offensive pokemon), Abilities (Giving it an offensive ability that could cause switches or punish Pokemon from switching into it, or a defensive ability to aid it in outlasting their assaults), Movepool (Giving it the Moves it needs to take out Bulky Sweepers or prolong its life span), and Stat Distributing (Giving it the spread to either wall & stall or eliminate common bulky offensive threats). As I said in my justification, the introduction of Tip The Scales, if successful, would change the metagame; less frequently seen pokemon and play styles might emerge that otherwise couldn't succeed. The goal of Tip The Scales would not be to make Bulky Offense a useless style, but to quell its usage enough so that the metagame could experience some change.
Name Splitting It Up


CAP that can deal with mixed sweepers effectively.


Mixed attackers are the bane of stall teams and can be a pain for offensive teams too. Top Pokes such as Tyranitar, Salamence, and Infernape pull off mixed set with startling effectiveness, destroying their usual counters. This CAP would be designed to deal with mixed attackers but not be so overpowering as to easily stop specialized (pure physical/special) attackers.

Questions To Be Answered

-Will decreasing the efficacy of mixed attackers make stall more prominent?
-What are other ways offensive teams can take on stall besides going mixed?
-Is there an effective way to stop mixed attackers from performing their job?


I see a few ways to do this, though there are probably others. One could be a mixed wall, kind of like Bronzong but with out a fire weakness. Another could be a fast sweeper to capitalize on the weaknesses of common mixed sweepers. Since a lot of mixed sweepers have -Sp Def natures, a specially based sweeper would probably work best. Immunities, neutrality, and resistances will most likely be important in making this concept successful.
Okay, I haven't had a chance to thoroughly go through this thread yet, but I would like to make a note of the fact that part of the way I define a "good concept" is whether or not it is primarily exploring general metagame results rather than just how the Pokemon performs. As such, I tend to be pushed away from concepts that are basically just "is x viable?" A good example of a concept that has relevance far beyond this is reachzero's "Utility Counter". In addition to all the usual benefits of any legal concept, it basically explores a revolutionary idea that defies the limitations of competitive Pokemon. Another example would be Deck Knight's "Dragons [No] Be Here," which has the potential to directly affect one of the most defining aspects of the current OU metagame: the dominance of Dragons and, subsequently, Steels.

Those aren't the only concepts that I like in this thread, and as I said, I haven't thoroughly examined every submission yet. There are probably a great deal of interesting concepts in here. However, I have noticed a rising trend in concept submissions that I would like to address here.
Name: Fogger

Description: A Pokemon who specilazes in accuracy increasing/decreasing effects.

Justification: This Pokemon more than lkely will have a chance to explore new niches in the metagame and give always hit moves such as aura sphere (if the is illegal , tell me and i will edit it) more worth.

Questions: How much more will be always hit moves worth?
Will Non-100% Acuracy moves be worth less?
And Will Moves That Increase Accuracy come to power?

Explanation: The Basic Idea is to use moves such as Mud slap and sweet scent to give you the advantage. There is also the fact If it can induce fog it should be able to use always hit moves. Now The Stats It should be Fragile to make it not near impossible to kill but also should have good attack stats considering alaways hit moves power. And Finnaly the typing, Which Typing(s) would help its concept?
Name: Break Some Bricks

General Description:

A Pokemon that through its movepool and/or ability can decrease the bulk of more defensive Pokemon.

Justification: In the CAP metagame, many bulky Pokemon such as Arghonaut, Pyroak, Revenankh, Skarmory, Blissey, and others can both shut down a team's strategy (i.e. Skarmory ruining Baton Pass teams) or counter a Pokemon's ability to sweep (i.e. Skarmory again, Arghonout especially). This reduces the effectiveness of certain Pokemon and their sets (i.e. Swords Dance Lucario, any Baton Passer, any Dragon Dancer). A Pokemon custom-designed to check these bulky threats by reducing the effectiveness they do their job could make the game less defensively oriented and help more offensive teams do their job.

Questions To Be Answered:

-Will this make the metagame more offensive?
-How will the usage of standard defensive Pokemon like Skarmory and Blissey be affected?
-What more offensively oriented pokemon could be helped or hindered?
-Could a new niche be formed due to the creation of a Pokemon like this?
-What typing would be effective in playing its role?

Explanation: Bulky pokemon, when used correctly, can totally stop teams in their tracks. If a Pokemon were created to check some more defensive Pokemon, more offensively based teams would arise. Of course, this Pokemon shouldn't be able to check all defensively based Pokemon, but it could definitely be able to cripple some of them.
Name: Stopping the Steels

Description: A Pokemon that helps to balance the metagame by helping reduce the number of Steel type Pokemon in OU.

Justification: The Steel typing is undoubtably dominant in OU, with the high usage of Pokemon such as Scizor, Jirachi, Metagross, and many others. A Pokemon that counters or checks many of the steel types in OU effectively could help to balance the metagame. While Magnezone can try to fill this role, it can not effectively defeat many of the dominant steels. The important role this Pokemon could fill would be to decentralize the metagame from the iron fist of the Steel type.

Questions to be Answered:
-Does the decrease in steel types decentralize the metagame?
-Has this change broken any existing Pokemon?
-Does this Pokemon fill a newly discovered niche in the metagame?
-Has it been effective in its role?

There is no denying that steels are make up a large chunk of the metagame. Of the 17 fully evolved or legendary Steel types, 10 are OU. They aren't many, but they are all VERY powerful. 4 out of the top 10 most used Pokemon in the January statistics are Steel. I'm honestly tired of them. A decrease in Steel types could easily decentralize the metagame. My goal with this submission is to build a Pokemon that doesnt take out all steel types with ease, but could be a better counter to some like Metagross and Jirachi, who have few weaknesses and extremely high stats.
Name: Walls on Wheels

General Description:
A defensively based pokemon with a very high speed.

In the 4 generations of pokemon, a wide range of stat spreads have been seen. However, The majority of these follow certain patterns (high speed and attack, high defences and hp). But, there has never been a pokemon with very high bulk and speed (Latias perhaps comes closest, but because of its offensive powers it doesn't align with this idea).
This pokemon would be great for exploring new roles in the somewhat standardized metagame. It would be a unique opportunity to look at how a completely new pokemon archetype could be used and could also examine play-styles like stall, which is becoming less and less prevalent, and quick-stall, which is almost unseen in Standard play.
The concept of a speed-bulk hybrid could have many new roles in the metagame, and especially with well thought-out abilities and moves could provide an invigorating change in how pokemon are used, teams are built, and games are played.

Questions to be answered:
Is this fast wall viable in the metagame?
Could a new pokemon archetype enhance certain styles of play or devalue others?
How would could a unique stat build affect the centralization of the metagame?
Can this pokemon form a new role?
We have sweepers, breakers, walls, leads, etc. What else could their possibly be?

I see this pokemon having high defensive stats, +100 in HP, D, and spD, very high speed, +115, and low attacking stats.
One thing that would be important with this pokemon is making sure that it avoids falling into the same role as Fidgit, as we would learn nothing from this. Thus with much less supporting moves (entry hazards, rapid spin, etc.) and more active moves, it could be a great pokemon for stall and balance teams.
Good moves would be things like Seismic Toss, Taunt, Substitute (and maybe Baton Pass), Recover/Roost, Wish, and Will-o-Wisp and other status attacks. I also think that it would be really interesting to give it a new ability that would make a new set of attacks viable. I.e. something that increased the effectiveness of draining or trapping attacks. This pokemon could even become a whole new sort of stat-upper, requiring 2-3 swords dances to be somewhat powerful, but after setting up would still be bulky and speedy.
I can't even imagine what new things a unique pokemon like this would be able to do, and that would require the innovation of all of the people involved in the project. However, this pokemon could turn out apparently terrible and useless, and would probably need a lot of playtesting and work to hone into a useful pokemon that actually fulfills a unique role.

Notes: I realize this is my first post and all, but I have stalked the forum for a while and am no newbie to the Shoddy network. Hopefully you can overcome my lack of posts to take my idea seriously
I concur with this statement.

In lieu of my last edit, in which I realized that the CAP Fidgit somewhat fit into my explanation, I have re-written that section to better show how this pokemon would be unique and fulfil a unique role.
One on One

Concept: A true "one on one" fight

Description: A pokemon who manages to cut of most, if not all, team support from its opponent.

Jurisdiction: Even though there are pokemon who preform well with team support, there are many more that excell with team support. A pokemon who cuts off most, if not all, team support from its opponent can teach us about how verstile and independent certain pokemon may be. Aditionally, it can help create new movesets for pokemon that would enable them to become more independent.

Questions to be Answered:
-Are there pokemon who simply cannot function without team support?
-Are there any pokemon who, with team support, become dominant to a point where the meta game becomes unballanced?
-Is it possible for a pokemon to win a match without any team support what so ever?
-Can team support ever be almost non-existant yet turn out positive results?

Explanation: I think alot of people hate when your opponent pulls out a pokeomn that seems weak, but due to pssed boosts, dual screens, wish passing, what ever, is almost impossible to beat. This pokemon should be able to prevent these sort of things and essentially have a true "one on one" fight with an opposing pokemon. Therefore, it should have some sort of trapping ability, and (if you've ever played pokemon XD: gale of darkness) a move that functions similar to Shadow Shed. It could alson learn haze, to prevent passed boosts.
I really enjoy that "Walls on Wheels" concept and I really wish for its creator to just do some refining on his submission so it can stand a good chance in the polls.
Name: The Ultimate Sacrifice

General Description: A pokemon that, by wearing down itself, gives a better chance at his teammates to win

Justification: Many of you remember a few "The Smog" issues ago, there was a featured team with SDLucario, Babiri DDTar and Lunar Dance Cresselia. The focus of the team was to reveal the sweepers early on so the opponent would revela his counters, have the corresponding Pokemon weaken its counter and then use Lunar Dance to bring them back full health, as those are Pokemons that most teams have trouble countering once, let alone twice. My idea is to follow that team`s example but in a more subtle way. Make a Pokemon which can weaken itself to provide his teammates with the support they need to truly shine

Questions To Be Answered:
-How can this be 'done without not making the Pokemon too powerful/gimmicky
-What Pokemons and in what way would be bennefited by such concept?
-Are current moves/abilities enough to create this Pokemon, or would we need new ones?

Explanation: I personally think my idea isnt really the smartest of the bunch, but I truly beleive some Pokemons could benefit from said concept, and that it could prove an interesting challenge to the CAP community
I really enjoy that "Walls on Wheels" concept and I really wish for its creator to just do some refining on his submission so it can stand a good chance in the polls.
I know I did.

I've replaced the last three questions with better ones. I've also split the justification into three parts. See the actual submission for more details.
Name: True Salamence Counter

General Description: A pokemon that can take on most different Salamence sets and come up victorious, while not being dead weight otherwise.

Justification: Salamence is one of the most dominant pokemon in the metagame, and is commonly siad to have no true counters. The closest is Bronzong, who is weak to Fire Blast/Flamethrower, which Mence carries nearly 70% of the time! We would be able to learn about how the metagame would be affected with Salamence being less dominant.

Questions To Be Answered:
- Is a Pokemon as diverse as Salamence even counterable, without being overly specific?
- What Pokemon are most hindered by Salamence, and thus becoming more relavant as Salamence loses power.
- Does Salamence have enough tricks left in the bag to adapt to this new threat.

Explanation: I know this is similar to the Anti Dragon concept, but I feel this has a focus that is different enough for me to post it.

So we all know that Mence is very deadly and unpredictable. DD Mence is one of the scariest sweepers in OU and Mixmence is probably the most versatile pokemon in the game. Mence achieves nearly perfect coverage with three moves, and has extremely high powered STABs. Like I previously said, Bronzong is the closest thing to a counter, and a few other pokemon, like Swampert, Jirachi, and maybe Scizor can consistantly check it. But if your switch in does not have full health, you are essentially screwed. So a counter certainly bring a new aspect to Mence.

But when countering Salamence, people get stuck into the mindset that the Counter has to be Steel. This, however is not true. My first idea is a Rock/Flying pokemon with considerable defenses. It has a STAB that is super effective, resists/is immune to both coverage moves, and is decent typing overall. Another route would be an Ice Sharder who can actually take a Draco Meteor (Mamo, Weavile, and Donphan can't take any Special hits, let alone a DM). As for abilities, Trace/Intimidate would allow this pokemon to focus on SpDef to better counter Mixmence. So there are multiple roots that a Mence counter could take, without being the Steel/Flying with Heatproof that everyone tends to think is needed.
While not the most original idea out there, it's good to see others taking interest in the implementation of fog in the actual metagame. However, the concept of an evasive PKMN is nothing new in the current metagame... forgotten, maybe, but not new. It would be interesting to create a PKMN based on a "temporary" stat rather than its' actual programmed-in stats... I'd definitely like to see this concept explored.

On the programming side of things, It's my understanding due to the lack of any fog inducing moves OR abilities, Shoddy Battle doesn't even have fog programmed in to begin with (I may be wrong on that, just a precaution), so it might not be practical to use actual fog.

*Stopping the Metals Concept*
This concept strikes me as... bittersweet... to put it best. I hate encountering steel types (don't we all?) but they essentially are what keeps the metagame balanced...ish... I mean, come on, we all remember the days when Gengar, Dragonite, and any Psychic type meant instant doom, right? Steel types are resistant to all three types. Now, CAP is meant for exploring the metagame, so I figure it would be a great experiment, so I say go for it! But should this appear in the real games... *shudder*
**Small Note: Despite my lack of positive comments towards this concept, I actually do like it alot... for some reason... <.<;
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