CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 1 - Typing discussion

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Smeargle woke up to the head-splitting sounds of more construction work being done on a nearby something-or-other. He begrudgingly got out of bed and went about his morning routine. While he was eating his cereal, he thought about the awesome time he had with his date on Valentine's Day. Why couldn't every day be like that?

That thought was interrupted by a knock. Smeargle answered the door. It was Necturna.

"Oh hey Necty. How's it going?" Smeargle still wasn't used to saying her name.

"Hey, yeah, that's what I came here to talk about. Do you remember Valentine's Day?"

"Oh yeah, that was an awesome time."

"Yeah, I knew a Normal-type would be able to survive... that. The thing is... I'm..." Necturna revealed a Pokémon egg from behind her back.

"Oh... Wha... What th..." Smeargle was struggling to find the words. "But... I used Protect!"

"No, that was Substitute. It's not the same. Some moves get past that, like Taunt, Spikes, Roar..."

"But I can't be a father!" The weight of the revelation was really setting in now. "I wasn't trained for that! Spore, Shell Smash, Baton Pass... Basically I'm trained to drug Pokémon and pass them onto 'sweepers'." Not that this had happened in this case.

"Well can't you just learn Sketch again? I know you're at level 100, but there's a move relearner in Mistralton City."

"But I need these moves for my job."

"Well, you're RU. I doubt anyone will miss you. No offense. You could probably get a better job, anyway."


Long story short, this thread is for discussing what the one CAP 2 pre-evo's typing combination is going to be! I bet the excitement is oozing out of you in all directions. Necturna's Grass / Ghost typing is an automatic option for the polls, so this needs not be discussed. Keep in mind that at least one of Necturna's types must be retained in the pre-evo.

This is a completely flavor-based endeavor. This pre-evo is not going to be designed for a hypothetical CAP LC (it's too restricted for that). What you suggest should make sense from a flavor perspective, so don't come up with something random like Fighting / Ghost or Grass / Steel and expect it to be slated (unless, of course, you have some kind of mind-blowing argument that makes such a typing make sense... don't count on it though).

The thread will go on for 24 hours and then I will slate typings that posters have convinced me make sense, and that appear to have significant community support. For reference, Necturna's information is in this thread. Onward!

Don't worry. Smeargle will come around ;)


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First of all, that was by far the most entertaining post I have read in a long time. You just made my day capefeather. Thank you.

As for the actual topic, I honestly think that the flavor and such for Necturna is complicated enough that having a massive change towards it really wouldn't make much sense. We should really just be trying for a simpler, less mature version of it. Along that train of thought, the only typing that I think really make sense would be Grass/Ghost, or maybe pure Grass. Anything else would really just be adding more complexity that at this point it think is really unneeded and might even be distracting.


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I like pure Grass. (side note can we stop overusing bold in CAP posts? probably the most annoying trend i've ever seen...) The way I see it is that babymon over here was just a normal happy huminoid plant until it somehow gains the ability to speak with spirits through evolution or something like that. then it got really sad and depressed and emo and became a Ghost type.


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I swear I had to read the OP six times to work out what was going on

Anyway, there's not a heck of a lot to discuss here, depends what your personal preferences are really.
  • There's a pretty huge precedent for Ghost-types having evolved from Ghost-types. There are very few Ghosts that change their typing.
  • Disregarding Shedinja, there is only one real exception to the above rule, and that's Froslass. Which I feel is pretty significant seeing as Necturna and Froslass are the only two mono-female Ghosts about.
So, I could feasibly see arguments either way re. Ghost typing.

Personally, I'd prefer mono-Grass, actually. Grass seems to be the primary typing, especially from a design standpoint, and as such it wouldn't really make sense to change it. More to the point, I feel that we ought to be moving away from the "DEVOUR SOULS" and "DEATH DEATH DEATH" of the Ghost-type if we're going to be making this prevo cute. Which I'd like. But hey, if you like sinister, then sure, why not.

Short: my vision of the prevo is pretty similar to tennisace's.
Grass/Ghost really is the most realistic option here, considering how the 'grass' elements of the design are so very subtle. Pure grass really does require strong plant overtones. The limitations of the current movepool really prevent me from suggesting something like Grass/Poison or Grass/Psychic as well.


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I honestly don't see this going any other way than going mono-Grass or staying with the Grass / Ghost dual typing.

The only other possibility I can even imagine would be Grass / Psychic, which allows somewhat of a parallel to Necturna's ability to commune with the spirits, but the designated movepool we set for Necturna really doesn't reflect this.

That said, I'm going to agree with tennis and say that mono-Grass is probably the best way to go.
I say Grass/Normal
My idea is for a creature with the vine thing on its back, which to evolve, bites the head, injecting poison, "killing" the main body, making it a necturna.
I'm going to agree with mono-Grass. Not only does the spirit/ghost theme not seem to fit a pre-evo to me, but I believe that the pre-evo should maintain Necturna's primary typing, gaining the secondary Ghost typing upon evolving. From a flavor point of view, the story could be that the pre-evo has very little to do with spirits, but it soons gains the ability to communitate with the dead and as such becomes more powerful, evolving into Necturna. Its relationship with the spirit world also gives it the Ghost typing and the ability to use its Ghost-related moves.


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considering how the 'grass' elements of the design are so very subtle.
A vine with leaves and flower petal-esque arms aren't enough? Subtle would be like Shaymin: the only thing that distinguishes it as a Grass-type is green coloring and a flower behind its ear, otherwise you could pass it off as a Normal-type hedgehog, or like Houndoom where the only link to Fire-type is the design reference to Cerberus, which guards the underworld. Necturna distinctly has plant-like features, and Grass is the primary type.


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I'd also like to stand by Grass-type for our pre-evo. I feel that the plant portion of Necturna could be further emphasized by a Grass-type pre-evolution. As is, Necturna looks more Ghost-type than Grass-type, in my opinion. Perhaps a Grass-type pre-evolution could alleviate that vibe!

Also, in the realm of Pokemon, there exist four mono Grass-type pre-evolutions that go on to evolve into dual typings. They are as follows:

Yeah? Adorable? Yeah. That's what I thought. Mono-Grass all the way for me B)
I like a Grass/Normal typing for the pre-vo, especially after reading Chuckaroo's idea. Maybe develop that theme further and have the Pokèdex entry say "if she ever falls asleep, the vine on its back will kill her", maybe even making Insomnia be her main ability (with Telepathy as the DW still).
You two make Grass/Normal sound interesting, I feel sorry for the pre-evo if we go that way though. I think that or mono-Grass would be good.
I honestly think we don't need to change the typing with evolution. I've always considered Necturna to be a part of the triage of FWG Ghost-types now present in the metagame. Chandelure and Jellicent both maintain their typing throughout their entire lines, and I think that Necturna should too. When building CAP 2 flavor-wise, I always kept that in mind, and I think it makes sense now more than ever. I support Grass / Ghost, but failing that, would far prefer pure Grass to anything else.
Mono-Grass sounds like the best option to me, but i'd be fine with Grass / Ghost as well. Some people are making good arguments with Grass / Normal but the typing just seems really odd to me, and not in a particularly good way.

i also have an idea of what babynecturna would look like so i'm quite biased
Well, i say pure Grass. I simply don't know why, but it seems the most logical choice, and anyways it looks like pre-evos usually doesn't have so good typings, or at least not as much as their evolved formes. yep, most of them only have a single type.

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Gonna go for Grass / Ghost. Lets not make this more complicated than necessary. Also because I'd like a tyke with that kind of typing.
As we're not really supposed to discuss Grass/Ghost, I'll jump on the Mono-Grass train. Really, those are the most simple and elegant typing options for the movepool. Grass/Normal just sounds like a needless complexity to be added to Pre-Necturna.
My vote is currently split between mono-Grass or retaining the evo's complete typing. Both appeal for flavour, and both give a good opportunities of Necturna of "grow" from something vine-like, which I like the idea of.


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Agreeing with most of the sentiments that mono-grass is the way to go. But I would not object to keeping the same typing. After all, this is a throw away to me... I wanted no prevo.
I think if it has to be anything mono it has to be grass-mono. But for mono-grass there has to be a story from it being a pure cutesy grass type to the scary and soul devouring Grass/Ghost Necturna. What would that story be and would it be possible to implement the story to the current pokedex data?

For me it has to be Grass/Ghost though. I just like the idea of a pre evolved capmon that has these traits and it doesn't limit what could possibly happen in the creation of such a capmon and how it evolves into a Necturna; mono-grass would begin a distance from its evolution.

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I'm going to have to say Mono Grass. Since everyone is saying about how this prevo needs to be cute, I'd think that Mono Grass would be the way to go. I just don't think the Ghost type would fit on a "baby Pokemon."

EDIT: Maybe have it evolve with a Dusk Stone? That would give it justification to evolve into a Ghost type, I would think.
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