CAP 14 CAP 3 - Pre-evo Poll

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It's been a long time now that I've had no internet at my house but I just got a new phone so now I can come back on. I suppose anyone here that has missed the entire CaP 3 production could only say this: what the f*ck happened while I was gone? A poison lava lamp snail, that's what.

Back on topic, Drifblims right. 131 Sp Attack doesn't seem very basic so we would want to make something that kind of leads into Sp Atk higher than Latios.


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this is an odd case, seeing as looks like a one stager, but has stats like a once or even twice evolved pokemon. I really dont want a pre-evolution for him just cause its such a little guy.



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On the one hand, Shuckle. On the other, those stats are not stats of an unevolved Pokemon. Besides, who cares about Shuckle? Its Magcargo thats the other fire snail. So lets do one and give the meta some time to settle before jumping into BW2's first CAP.



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None would make sense, but I'd really rather hold off on things as cape pointed out. So I'm gonna say one.

If my wish is granted, it shall have an old oil lamp for a shell, rather than the modern lava lamp.


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