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Groudon ex
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Jan 19, 2017 at 6:21 PM
Oct 18, 2007
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Groudon ex

from Blighty

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Jan 19, 2017 at 6:21 PM
    1. Consignia
      Hey Groudon it's ekul

      I still play pokemon (i actually play now instead of just theorymonning lol). how have you been? i'd love to catch up with you sometime
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      2. Groudon ex
        Groudon ex
        I think the last time we met was like 2008, maybe 2009? I remember it was still gen 4 anyway. I honestly didn't expect to find you on here either, but it's awesome that you are. I know Elevator Music and Jibaku are still around but apart from them I haven't seen anyone else that I remember from the Pokethology/Marriland days for many years.

        I still play pokemon casually and even ladder a bit. Teambuilding is still fun although I find it much harder than before since my old sensibilities (such as trying not to have any weaknesses by slapping a defensive core like Skarmory/Gliscor/Cresselia/Blissey on almost every team :P) aren't really sufficient in the more recent metagames. Teambuilding nowadays is more about having a solid strategy to win rather than about filling in all of the gaps.

        I recently graduated in Geology and most of my time in the last few months has been preoccupied with trying to get a job in the mining industry. The economy in that sector isn't great right now but it's predicted to grow soon, and I've seen a few opportunities come up every now and again. I'm currently living in the UK and there's a good chance I may move abroad to somewhere like Canada or Australia to find work. I've been sort of bumming around a bit on a desk job in the meantime which isn't glamorous but it pays the bills.

        Anyway, great seeing you again - makes me wonder if there's anyone else we know still lurking around :D
        Jan 18, 2017 at 7:30 AM
      3. Consignia
        Katsura sent me a single PM on Marriland in...late gen 5, I think? but that's about it, haven't seen hide nor hair of them since. tried to check up on my old marriland account but when they got bought up by curse it wanted to resend a verification email and I made the account when I was literally 10 years old so i have no clue what email it's tied to. I actually made a new account and was a bit active on marriland in xy but it was a lot less active and the oldest people there were from b/w so I didn't know them. Otherwise yeah it's just jibaku, em, a few other wifi guys, people who i maybe spoke to once or twice but we were never really anything besides acquaintances.

        I actually kinda got gud at pokemon at some point, I'm still not quite sure how it happened. I only touched a bit of b/w (dropped it before it even got a western release) but I played a lot of XY and SM, even laddered for voting reqs this last suspect test and got them (gene was robbed). I think it helps that I never learned to play d/p/p so I didnt have any bad habits to fall back on!

        I think we're in a similar boat irl. I graduated in Biology last year and haven't really done much since...not really optimistic about a future career but I guess anything can happen.

        i'm convinced no-one ever really leaves pokemon, they always seem to come back eventually. especially at the start of a new gen, I'm sure all sorts of old faces are crawling about.
        Jan 18, 2017 at 7:55 AM
      4. Groudon ex
        Groudon ex
        Basically the opposite for me; I haven't played much XY or SM but I've played a lot of BW. Cool to know you got reqs in the latest suspect test! :) I only ever got them once (Lando-I in BW2, iirc).
        Jan 18, 2017 at 3:09 PM
    2. Drangonn.
      add my set to the alola marowak op imo.
    3. Celticpride
      Ideally you should finish your thread before posting it...
      1. Groudon ex
        Groudon ex
        Done; sorry I was out for most of yesterday and wanted to get some discussion going before I came back.
        Nov 20, 2016
    4. Gimlaf
      Heya, we're paired for the Hidden Type minitour. GMT+1 here, for the next days I can be online pretty much anytime between 3 PM and 11 PM my time.
      So, when do you want to play? :D
      1. Groudon ex
        Groudon ex
        hi, those times are fine for me. i've never played the hidden type meta before so i'll need a little time to build a team. how about wednesday at 9 pm?
        Jan 27, 2015
      2. Gimlaf
        Sure, sounds good to me.
        Jan 27, 2015
    5. Cicada
      Yo, we're paired for the OU mini tour. I'm GMT+1, when do you want to play?
      1. Groudon ex
        Groudon ex
        Groudon ex i can play tonight if you like, i'll be on after 9:00 my time (GMT+0). feel free to drop me a message then
        Jan 23, 2015
    6. Erico9001
      Lmao, nice profile pic. I always loved those facial expressions she made :P
    7. lokt
      How about Thursday at 9pm your time?
      1. Groudon ex
        Groudon ex
        Jul 23, 2013
    8. lokt
      we're playing for the mini-tour, when do you want to play? I'm gmt-7 and am available 12pm-10pm.
    9. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      good guy groudonex ~_~
    10. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      sure meet me on pokemon showdown's server "the battle tower" in like 5 minutes ok?
    11. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey we have to play for ou mini tour, i am gmt -7 and i'm available any afternoon
    12. dragonuser
      please hurry i need to sleep soon
    13. dragonuser
      ok reborn server
    14. dragonuser
      ok i managed to get home a bit earlier, but it seems like you arent here

      when you get online come to reborn server
    15. Trinitrotoluene
    16. dragonuser
      been waiting online for last two hours hoping you would showup but I guess you went to sleep

      tomorrow I will try to get home earlier but idk how early i can be here as my school lets out really late
    17. Trinitrotoluene
      Whoa. Where did you get your avatar?
    18. dragonuser
      if you read this im on reborn
    19. dragonuser
      hey you there?
    20. dragonuser
      I'm EST and can play from 5pm-10pm.

      Message me on IRC when you are free or vm me
    21. coR.
      hey, wanna play now?
    22. apologies
      hey can you play now? i'll be on po, on groudon's grotto server
    23. Valentine
      i think it would b cool if we could play now and just get it done @_@
    24. Valentine
      opps for ou minitour semifinals, im gmt -7
    25. lokt
      hi, are you on right now? i couldn't get on until now.
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