CAP 15 CAP 4 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

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We all know that Psychic has been a risky typing post Gen 1, and with Pursuit around every corner, it's only getting more risky.

Add to that, Gen V has a huge amount of Fighting types (which are 4x resisted) who pack Rock moves (2x effective), and you have a great guessing game. Do you switch in the tank the resisted STAB? You might get hit by Stone Edge instead, and you're weak to SR while you're at it.

Plus, I'd love to see this thing go up against Terrakion. :)
What with the huge amount of newer users this time around, including me I guess, I think going bug/dragon would be too difficult of a task to take, and I would rather go with the quote unquote easier typing to create a Pokemon for without it being outclassed...
Bug dragon is a hell of a lot cooler though, and way overdue *cough* flygon *cough*
At first I was thinking Bug/Dragon due to its riskiness, its awesome type combination, and only a small number of weaknesses, but Bug/Psychic is gonna turn out for a much better and riskier pokemon. A four times resistance to one of the most used attacking types in the meta, a much larger movepool for use, and yet it still has six weaknesses.

I feel that psychic is a way riskier type with pursuit users and CAP has never had a psychic type. Also, i think a bug dragon would look really stoopid.


Was fun while it lasted
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112 bugpsychic 
 81 bugdragon
I guess I was wrong... it really wasn't close at all, huh.

Oh well. CAP4's official typing is henceforth Bug / Psychic. Moving on...
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