CAP 15 CAP 4 - Part 4 - Tertiary Ability Poll 1

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No Guard

I like the idea of making that ability choice a hard decision. I know CAP has a lot of potential to make this work.
No Guard

I was (and still am) completely against it in regards to risk/reward (where is the risk???), however the reason I am voting for it is:

one imprtant thing that people seem to forget is that if we only stick with ilussion and weak armor it will be SUPER EASY to detect what ability the opponent runs, I mean if you see CAP4 it obviously has weak armor and if you see a ferrothorn using a bug move well then it has illusion. With no Guard this won't be a problem just saying.


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Ok, so honestly, anything else just seems forced. The two we have work well together, and the notion that No Guard has some sort of triality with the two is a complete joke. If you really think they will all see use on similar sets, you are kidding yourself. That is not how No Guard works.


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I just finished writing up a beautiful evaluation of Multiscale, describing the various ways it would interact with Illusion and Weak armor, explaining how it is not OP, etc. only to discover the thread got locked! no 24 Hour warning or nothing. Oh well, shit happens. Anyways. i wanted to use this concept to figure out how balance risk/reward in the middle of battle, and No Guard just can't deliver on that. So, I figure save the slot for flavor. NCA for the win!!
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