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May 11, 2016
Jun 11, 2011
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Nobody is safe from the power of science!, from Italy

is a Team Rater Alumnus
ganj4lF was last seen:
May 11, 2016
    1. PokèManiac Livio
    2. Trinitrotoluene
    3. NixHex
      Just saw your name in the viewer list of the mega mence thread. It's been at least a year man, how are you?
      1. ganj4lF
        Hi! Everything fine here, just not that interested anymore in Smogon. I still lurk around and play casually on PS!, let's see if those new pokemon can bring me back somehow...
        Nov 23, 2014
    4. Birkal
      You should consider applying for TLT for the upcoming CAP. I think you'd be killer at it.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ganj4lF
        Maybe when the Dota2 hype peters out I'll come back with more interest, idk ;)
        Jul 12, 2014
      3. Birkal
        Haha, fair enough. Take it easy, mate.
        Jul 12, 2014
      4. Snobalt
        Do it for CAP 20!
        Jan 18, 2015
    5. Halcyon.
      Good to have you participating in the CtP! I swear I looked for a while for that earlier edition and couldn't find it, which is why my OP isn't as good as yours was lol.
      1. ganj4lF
        :p if you want you can include the link or part of my OP into yours, I guess
        Apr 11, 2014
    6. ginganinja
      B active more I miss ur posts :/
      1. ganj4lF
        q_q I'll try, maybe after concept assessments: I don't really know how to contribute in those phases when you could take like 3 different routes and every of them is a legit choice..
        Mar 15, 2014
    7. NixHex
      Fancy seeing you here
      1. ganj4lF
        ? i never stopped lurking around, i just..you know, got a job and got free time cut by like 80% :p
        Mar 9, 2014
    8. G-Von
      Do you plan on starting a new CtP project anytime soon?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. G-Von
        I'm not really interested in running it, but I definitely want to participate in it once again. If you still plan on getting around to it sometime then I can wait. I just wasn't on whether it was completely done now or not.
        Feb 24, 2014
      3. ganj4lF
        Alright, so be patient for a couple of days and you'll have a good surprise I guess :)
        Feb 25, 2014
      4. ganj4lF
        Sorry, thought again about this and I don't really have the motivation to start such a big project and keep it going till the end; I'd probably be a part of it if someone else hosts it, but I'd rather not do it myself.
        Mar 2, 2014
    9. alexwolf
      And thx again!
    10. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Yeah, I spent a lot of time in America.
    11. relaunched
      Hey, Salamence and Ludicolo both have slashes in the latest CtP vote.
    12. alexwolf
      Thx a lot man!
    13. Electrolyte
      so yeah I basically just stole CtP and made one of LC... I hope that's ok with you lol
    14. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Yeah but that was during Christmas and things picked up after that again. (plus there were still some votes) Nothing is really going on now (okay, Summer I guess) yet things are falling out. Oh well, I hope people start sending in votes. (I could advertise on IRC maybe?)
    15. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Yeah, I'm up to 9 now ;_;. I wonder why the activity suddenly dropped out like that, it wasn't even small drops just 20ish votes in one round to -10 in the next.

      Edit: Ah, no the two rounds before did hit below 20. Hum.
    16. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Just so you are up to date, Lavos is playing for Team 1 and alexwolf for Team 2.
    17. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Really sorry, my internet connection went out and I was unable to close it. Sadly, the problems aren't finished there. We've only had 9 votes (including my own) and there is a tie. :/ Do you want to try to gather more votes or just break it yourself?
    18. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Participation looks like it has dropped out some, only 13 votes so far. :/
    19. Soul Fly
      Soul Fly
      hey in your CtP thread is Rock Slide an acceptable slash with Stone Edge? Because my submission is primarily meant to be a support pokemon. I'd rather leave the accuracy v/s power in the hands of the voters and it conforms to your rule of thumb.

      "As a general rule of thumb, if it changes coverage, that slash must be removed."
    20. Reymedy
      Haha, you know I was kidding :D
    21. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Just so you know, there haven't been very many votes coming in so far (only around 15 total) so I've been waiting a bit longer seeing as we are used to at least 20.
    22. Arcticblast
      Dude, I use brackets (and parentheses) all the time too O.o

      (oh hey Electro was here)
    23. alexwolf
      Lol, i knew that someoene would notice it...
    24. doughboy
      Tank you. Your post in the SR thread makes a lot more sense than the dribble that is going on there
    25. Qwertyuiop
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