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Jul 7, 2013
Sep 17, 2012
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Jul 7, 2013
    1. scorpdestroyer
      Hey rejohnched what happened to the UU minitour? :(
    2. Alf'
      We're opp for pokemon freedom tourney. I'm GMT+2 and can play most of the week. When it's best time for you ?
    3. Lavos
      no shit? what a beast
    4. Lavos
      thanks too bad pocket deleted it
    5. Governess
      Hello! When you have the chance, do you think you can GP check NU Phione? It's are fairly short, only one set, and have had amchecks, so the process should be easier. Thanks in advance! :)
    6. cbt
      ignore my second pm i accidentally resent the first
    7. Arkian
      Hey relaunched, got just a little nitpick here: For the UU minitour, you've marked my win as a coinflip win. However, I beat my opponent (Froggy) in the first match out of our three, we just couldn't so the other two at that point. Froggy has also posted this in the thread, so won't my win be considered an actual win?
    8. TPO3
      For the UU Mini tournament I won against reachzero and you have me marked down as a loss.
    9. Audiosurfer
    10. Audiosurfer
      I'm GMT -5 and am free this weekend. I'm usually on #pokemon, #doubles, #neverused, and #wcop if you need to reach me. I'm generally free in the afternoon and evening my time (although the next two days if morning would be better for you I'm ok with that too)
    11. Metal Sonic
    12. New Breed
      New Breed
      okay no problem, thanks
    13. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      actually lets play now

      after your gp chek
    14. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
    15. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      lol you are the host and you are playing? thats weird

      ok how about tomorrow
    16. The NU Tuber
      The NU Tuber
      Hey, if you have any free time, would you mind GP checking Misdreavus? Only needs one more check to go onsite. Thanks in advance :)
    17. Governess
      Ok, whenever fits your schedule is appreciated, thanks! :)
    18. Governess
      If you got a spare minute, can you GP check Flareon? I asked you last night, but someone already got to it, so I deleted it, but here is another ^^; My apologies about that.
    19. ganj4lF
      You're right, thanks for pointing that out.
    20. Farobi
      Hi ^.^ Would you mind GP'ing my Metang set when you get the time? Thanks in advance!
    21. Pkn range6
      Pkn range6
      Hey, when you get a chance could you GP check Misdreavus.
    22. kuja20
      Thanks, I think I got it.
    23. kuja20
      I want to confirm something for the UU mini tour thing. One of your rules says that only one team can be picked, then it also says that we may use another team if we wish. Seems like a contradiction to me, so I assume we can pick up to 3 of the 8 teams to use? Or what?

      "In this tournament, you can't use just any team. Instead, you must choose one of eight teams to play with, provided below. If you deviate from these teams in any way outside of changing the nicknames, and your opponent reports this, you will be disqualified. Each series will be a best-of-three, and you may choose a different team for each of the three games."

      Doesn't seem completely clear to me :P.
    24. Double01
      Hey do u want to play for the tutor tour?
      I'll be on ps as double01
    25. Sapientia
      on as flashing_lights
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