CAP 4 Pre-evos - Part 5.1.1 - First Stage Name Poll 1

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used substitute
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[box]15 cupil
13 cuprillar
12 cupra
12 cupa
11 cuprumite
8 curiel
6 cubee
6 aerva
6 cuptera
5 cuprupa
5 curuva
3 cateropus
2 cuprumoth
1 cularva
1 cupramite
1 cheropus
1 cuprilla[/box]

Well, since we want to get this down to a number that works for IRV, I think the best place to cut this one off will be at the top 6. Can't bring more than that, and with all of them sitting close to each other just above a 3 way tie, I think it makes most sense to put it there.
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