CAP 4 Pre-evos - Part 5.1.1 - First Stage Name Poll 1

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This thread will be the poll for the name of the first stage prevo. The vote for the middle evolution Pokemon's name can be found here.

There were a lot of good names submitted, and so deciding on a slate would be hard. So I decided not to. Seriously though, in the spirit of the current PRC discussion I thought it would be best to slate all the legal submissions. While I know this did not have the hard rules that we have been talking about in the PRC thread, being a prevo project has limited the number of submissions enough already to make it managable.

That being said, a couple of final submissions did run afowl of the rules, specifically, the one about specifying which stage is which. As it said in the submission thread OP:
Name Submission Thread OP said:
Make sure you specifiy which evolution stage your name is for when submitting a name. Since we are naming two Pokemon in one thread, it is imperitive that you let people know which one you are talking about when suggesting a name for it. While many names may seem obvious which stage they are intended for, people cannot read your mind so they have no way to know for sure. Additionally, when it comes to final submissions, if you fail to specify which stage your name is for, it will not make it the poll.
As such a couple of final submissions will not appear on this poll.

For those that were leagal, though, due to the number of entries, this will be a Multipe Bold Vote. This of course means that you can vote for as many entries as you want to in no particular order.
First Entry I Like
Second Entry I Like
Third Entry I Like

If the voter wishes, he may post comments on his vote below the actual vote. As with IRV or normal bold voting, only the votes themselves should be bold and none of the supplementary text should be bold.
Please use only the names themselves in your vote. As always, only post votes in this thread. If you want to make a comment you can, but please keep discussion to irc. And now, here they are, in order of final submission:


















This poll will be open 24 hours. Get voting. Oh, and here is Aurumoth, for reference.

Our first stage prevo so far:

Type: Bug/Psychic
Abilities: Shield Dust/Keen Eye/Illusion
Stats: 50/60/49/67/30/44


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lovely so because I failed to notice that in the OP and no one told me... joy.
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