CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 12 - Art Poll 2

which art should we use?

  • CyzirVisheen

    Votes: 37 19.3%
  • Cartoons!

    Votes: 41 21.4%
  • aragornbird

    Votes: 39 20.3%
  • Wyverii

    Votes: 27 14.1%
  • Atyroki

    Votes: 22 11.5%
  • Caladbolg~

    Votes: 26 13.5%

  • Total voters
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I think this is our closest poll for any Round 2 poll ever... Whichever designs make it to the finals will have tough competition.

I voted for Wyverii, but all these designs are really exceptional.


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Caladbolg was my favorite in the last CAP, but after a series of humorous animations and a lot of endearment, the vote goes to Cartoons for the Luchador Squid.
I voted Wyverii because I absolutely love the idea, and it is quite original. Although I don't mind what wins because they are all fantastic works of art. Although the final submission for Aaragornbird kind of turns me off because I think it looks like a chocolate candy :P
I really like nardd's, sad didnt make it.
But I'm going for my second vote back in the first discussion, Cartoons!, just has a great "fighting" nature to it, love the colours also.
Voted aragorn because I love the art and natural pirate look. Although none of the choices really looked that unaware to me, but I guess that was hard to fit in with the fighting nature of cap6. Good luck to all artists!
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