CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 12 - Art Poll 2

which art should we use?

  • CyzirVisheen

    Votes: 37 19.3%
  • Cartoons!

    Votes: 41 21.4%
  • aragornbird

    Votes: 39 20.3%
  • Wyverii

    Votes: 27 14.1%
  • Atyroki

    Votes: 22 11.5%
  • Caladbolg~

    Votes: 26 13.5%

  • Total voters
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Voted for aragornbird, if I had a second choice I would have picked Cartoons! Their entries grab the pokémon feel the most.

The remaining entries are incredibly good though and there is no way we'll be stuck with a bad pokémon artwise.

I have a feeling this is going to be close. Real close.
My vote goes to aragornbird... guess I just can't decide. The art is stunning, even more so then any of the previous ones I've seen. Great work everyone, I don't even care who wins, I'm happy with all of these to win.
voted for cartoons!

but i also love aragornbird, wyverri and atyroki...and i don't even dislike cyzir or caladblog, so looks like no matter which way this one goes, i'll be happy!
Voted Cartoons! because his design is very quirky and stylised, and is the one I can best imagine coming out of a Pokeball.
A lot of people seem to like Aragornbird's design but my brain keeps associating it with Tentacruel.
I voted for Cartoons! as well, his ability to capture (pun intended) such an interesting look & design was too awesome not to vote for. And the extra animations sold it for me as well.

Regardless of who comes out on top, it'll definitely be awesome.


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I voted for Caladbolg~. yep.

I think that my submission was the most underrated xD [But I make it xD]. It's a great idea, and for me can work easely with the stats, types, etc.
Voted Cyzir. I loved it ever since I saw it. I thought it was just great!

And I lied in the last poll. It turns out I could pick about 9 favorites in all. For the first time I would really be happy if any of these win.

You all did a fantastic job, even the ones to didn't make it past the first vote.
Voted Cartoons!. I really liked the luchasquid design.

As for the others, I really love them all! It's just that, I think that Cartoons' is the best. Anyways, I wouldn't care which one was picked 'cause


Well yeah. Good luck to all, and I just wish mine got a few more votes. :P

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Voted aragonbird. It's my favourite design overall, and this may seem a bit pedantic, but I think it best reflects the pokemon's stats too.

I voted aragornbird. His design is, at least from my perspective, the design that looks most like it could be an actual pokemon, as well as the cleverest in its design.

Cartoons! is also very pokemon-ish, and while it's design doesn't come together quite as well as aragornbird's, it's still a solid design.

My opinion on Caladbolg's is basically the same as Cartoons!, but it doesn't suggest fighting as much as the other two do.

Wyverii's design is very good, but the flying element in its design is more prominent than the water.

CyzirVisheen and Atyroki's designs don't really look like pokemon to me, due to their clothing and the latter's sunglasses and paddle.


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This was a very difficult vote for me. CAP art is always so good, they are always tough to choose a favorite, but this one took me a long time to decide on.

Through the art thread, I always thought Atyroki had the best general design. Atyroki has been involved in almost every CAP art and sprite thread, and I think this design is his best so far. I love the paddle, the tortoise shell armor, the coloring -- it's all just so good. And, IMO, it's better than all his past designs. Atyroki really hit a home run on this design.

I didn't like Cartoons design initially, but that was before I realized he was playing up the whole luchador angle. Once I saw that, I was hooked. His design took on new life for me. As always, Cartoons is the king of supporting material -- with wonderful sketches, animations, and other art.

Wyverii has the most daring design, and I love that she decided to push the envelope with her battle stork. She single-handedly got flying moves added to the movepool, just on the possiblity that her design might win. I think her design made many of us reconsider our preconceived notions about "water/fighting". As an artist, that's got to feel pretty good -- whether she wins or not.

Aragornbird's design ultimately got my vote. The pirate theme was a great inspiration. It is a completely unexpected twist on water/fighting. From a pure design standpoint, I felt it was the most innovative design. But the tipping point for me was the inherent "bulk" in Abird's design. Since this pokemon tips in with 105 HP, I wanted a design with some bulk. That was what swung my vote to Abird. Something needed to break a virtual tie with the other designs I mentioned above.

Congrats to all the artists. Your work is superb!
All of the art entries are amazing. I went with Cartoons! because the design is appealing and it fits the role of a decentralizer. The supporting material is excellent.
This was a hard vote. I like them all to one point or another and this is the best art I've seen in any project. In the end, I looked them all over again, and saw some stuff in Aragornbird's design that I hadn't noticed in the previous vote (I concentrated too much on the boxing gloves but the weapons on the back tentacles really make the character). That pushed it just past Wyverii's to get my vote.
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