CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 13b - Complete Movepool Poll


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Voted X-Act. Most balanced of the movepools. Arghonaut was intended to be a Decentralizer, which means its trying to Decentralize, not Centralize everything around itself.
Since when was Waterfall not a consistent, powerful attack? Gyarados sweeps fine with it. Really, you guys voted for Water-type originally, don't complain when it actually ends up acting like a Water-type by using a Water move as its main STAB attack.
I know that flavor is never the first priority and is often ignored in these projects, but can anyone explain how Glare, which is known as Snake Glare in Japan and is only learned by snake-like pokemon (not counting Revenankh of course), got into some of these lists? Ampharos doesn't learn Tail Glow, and I think we should follow that precedent and not give (Snake) Glare to Arghonaut.

I voted for X-Act, mainly because the separation of Cross Chop, Bulk Up and Recover looks interesting. I'm predicting that the Bulk Up moveset will become the standard, with Recover getting occasional use and no love for Cross Chop.
TM30 its Not called Snake Glare in the English game so surely it should be used as a good flavour move for anyone who envisions Arghonaut Glaring with its one eye. My movepool had Leer, Glare and Mean Look making Arghie the most badass CAP ever when it comes to staring contests!

Anyway that's all moot since it Looks like X-Act may get over 50% on poll 1 so kudos for the very clever Bulk Up and Recover split and :-( for the lack of decent Fighting STAB on Level Up moves.
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