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CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 5c - Secondary Ability Poll 1

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by darkie, Dec 10, 2008.


what should be secondary ability?

  1. No Secondary Ability

  2. No Guard

  3. Shockproof

  4. Solid Rock / Filter

  5. Intimidate

    0 vote(s)
  6. Special Intimidate

  7. Trace

  8. Limber

  9. Marvel Scale

  10. Guts

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  1. Notty


    Jan 25, 2007
    Voted Shockproof.

    It's worth pointing out that by forcing Zapdos to run different spreads or attacks to deal with it, CAP6 can still accomplishing it's purpose in a somewhat roundabout way.

    If Zapdos runs HP Flying, then it has no effective way of dealing with Swampert, for instance. Part of what has made Zapdos so fiercesome was the coverage it gained following Platinum changes (Heat Wave) and Garchomp being banned (being able to run HP Grass without fear).

    HP Flying might help him deal with CAP Pokemon in general and a CAP6 w/Shockproof in particular, but it has to give up important coverage to do so, meaning other Pokemon could potentially take it on more easily.
  2. jagged_angel


    Aug 29, 2007
    Clearly you haven't read my arguments since I've never said the Ability is overpowering. Neither have I said that it won't ever get used. In fact I disagree with both of those statements.

    I think Shockproof is a bad idea because:

    - Offensive Zapdos variants can still 2HKO several submitted stat spreads with Thunderbolt
    - Zapdos still has Super Effective Flying STAB, plus other reasons why it is a viable STAB to use
    - It does not give CAP6 a means to check Zapdos
    - It was created solely to allow CAP6 to check Zapdos
    - It is contrived and looks very random to have an Electric resist Ability on a Water/Fighting pokemon
    - It will draw criticisms of fanboyism from other Smogoners and anyone who thinks that Water/Fighting pokemon shouldn't have an Electric resist
    - If chosen, it will likely sway the Art Poll towards submissions like Atyroki's which have aspects that could explain the weird Ability (this is very unfair on the other artists)
    - It is inherently inferior to Unaware.

    Some of these reasons I have given before, some I haven't. If you've gotten something else from my arguments you've misread them.

    Its purpose is not to make Zapdos less of a beast. Its purpose is to check a majority of the top 5 OU pokemon. It's already fulfilling its purpose. In regard to Zapdos, if it forces it to run HP Flying in order to deal with it is Not fulfilling its purpose since Zapdos is still a reliable threat to CAP6 not the other way around.
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