CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 8 - Stat Spread Poll 1

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This is our Pokémon:

This will probably be my final spread unless anyone has any minor nitpicks. Every CAP project so far has been mostly one dimensional in its role, but this time I'd like to try something that could fit more than one role, and I think it fits the concept perfectly. Here are some calcs, and further down some more explantion...

Defensively (EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spdef, +Spdef nature):
- CB Tyranitar Stone Edge 252 Atk +Atk: 36.39% - 42.82% 3HKO
- Scarftran Hidden Power [Grass] 252 Spatk +Spatk: 32.18% - 38.12% 3-4HKO
- Zapdos Thunderbolt 0 Spatk Neutral: 47.52% - 56.44% 2-3HKO
- Stratagem LO TechDrain 252 Spatk Neutral: 46.04% - 54.46% 2-3HKO
- Lucario LO XSpeed 252 Atk Neutral (0/0 neutral mon): 35.5% - 42%

- 252/252 Bold Blissey with Cross Chop, 0 Atk Neutral: 49.86% - 59.10% 2HKO with SR
- Same with LO Close Combat, 108 Atk Neutral: 87.68% - 103.64$ OHKO with SR
- 252/0 Bold Zapdos with Water Spout, 252 Spatk Neutral: 54.17% - 64.06% 2HKO
- 252/0 Neutral Tyranitar with Cross Chop, 0 Atk Neutral: 90.10% - 106.93% OHKO with SR
- 6/0 Neutral Stratagem with Cross Chop, 0 Atk Neutral: 87.57% - 103.11% OHKO with SR
- 6/0 Neutral Heatran with Surf, 0 Spatk Neutral: 55.56% - 65.43% 2HKO

This is just a taste, if you want anymore don't hesitate to ask, since most of them were based on defensive versions of this guy. Since this spread gives our future mon the potential to run a lot of different sets, it's hard to decide what's important to see.

Why this Pokemon can succeed:
- Defenses as shown are good enough to counter what it is intended to
- Offenses are helped by strong STAB options
- Multiple sets allow this mon to potentially check/counter all the top 10, let alone the top 5
- We don't need another bulky water, though this can function as one, its offensive options should not be anything to laugh at

Why this Pokemon won't necessarily overcentralize:
- It's stats are still average all around
- Each singular set will most likely be counterable

So please consider this, if you want extra calcs or to nitpick on the exact spread, feel free to do so. I'm sure we can make this new mon into something pretty interesting!

EDIT: Added +5 base speed
Gothic Togekiss

105 / 110 / 95 / 70 / 100 / 75 = 555

Min-: 351/230/203/158/212/167
Min: 351/256/226/176/236/186
Max: 414/319/289/239/299/249

Borrowed some inspiration from SBC and Billymills, I constructed this spread to have a good amount of defense on both side while having a decent attack score.

105 HP: The HP allows this creature to make 101+ HP subs so Blissey can't break it in one go. It's also high so that you don't have to invest much onto it thus allowing you to invest those precious EVs somewhere else.

95 Def: In the same league with Poilwrath and it's fairly bulky so I don't see any harm with using it here. It's ironic since to mention the Tadpole since this pokemon is about to replace him. The majority of the physical move CAP6 is going to take are resisted moves, so having high defense isn't necessary anyway.
100 SpD: About the same as Celebi, Jirachi and the rest of the end-game munckins, and in terms of being specially defensive and we all know how bulky those little guyes are. Since most of the Top 10 are special attackers it needed a beefy SpD in order to survive some of those attacks. To this into perspective, Max HP/SpD has the defensive prowess similar to a Max HP/SpD Uxie. That's pretty bulky in my opinion.

Defensively against the Top 10
252 Atk Adamant CB Tyranitar’s Crunch vs 0 HP / 252 Def +Nature = 23.36% - 27.64%
252 Atk Adamant CB Tyranitar’s Earthquake vs 0 HP / 252 Def + Nature = 39.03% - 46.15%
252 Atk Adamant CB Tyranitar’s Earthquake vs 252 HP / 252 Def + Nature = 33.09% - 39.13%

Adamant 252 Atk Scizor +2 LO Superpower vs 0 HP / 252 Def+ Nature = 78.92% - 93.16%
Adamant 252 Atk Scizor +2 LO Superpower vs 252 HP / 252 Def+ Nature = 66.91% - 78.99%
CB Scizor Superpower vs 0 HP / 252 Def +Nature = 45.58% - 53.85%


Timid Heatran’s Earth Power vs 0 HP / 0 SpDef = 28.21% - 33.33%
Timid Heatran’s Earth Power vs 0 HP / 108 SpDef = 25.36% - 29.91%

Timid Stratagem’s Thunderbolt vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 55.84% - 66.10%
Timid Technician Stratagem's Giga Drain vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 52.99% - 62.68%
Modest Choice Specs Paleo Wave vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 30.77% - 36.18%
LO Timid Stratagem Weather Ball in Sandstorm vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 28.49% - 33.62%
LO Timid Stratagem Paleo Wave vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 24.22% - 28.77%

Timid Syclant +2 Ice Beam vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 40.17% - 47.58%
Timid Syclant +2 Ice Beam vs 252 HP / 0 SpD = 34.06% - 40.34%

Timid LO Zapdos Thunderbolt vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 112.82% - 133.33%
Timid LO Zapdos Thunderbolt vs 252 HP / 0 SpD = 95.65% - 113.04%
Bold/Calm Zapdos Thunderbolt vs 0 HP / 0 SpD = 70.66% - 83.76%
Bold/Calm Zapdos Thunderbolt vs 252 HP / 0 SpD = 59.90% - 71.01%

110 Atk
: People wanted a physically offensive Pokemon so I giving them what they want. 110 base stat is plenty when most of the thing this creature is attacking are weak to it's moves. With no EVs and a netrual nature, it already OHKO's T-tar and Stratagem and 2HKO the rest of the bunch with ease. Maxing out attack yields a respectable 350 attack score which some people might like if they choose to use it as a CB or whatever.

70 SpA: Just enough strength to fire off the occasional Hydro Pump or Ice Beam. Does have the potent for wall breaking It can if EV'd correctly.

75 Spe: With 144 Spe EVs, you outspeed max speed Jolly T-tar, Adamnt Scizor, and anyone within the 60 or below group. Now with a max speed of 273 and a Choice Scarf, this monster can outpace almost all form of Dragon Dancer known today.

Offensively against the Top 10 and a few others
0 Atk Neutral Nature CAP6 Cross Chop vs 252 HP / 0 Def T-Tar: 107.92% - 127.72%
0 Atk CAP6 Waterfall vs 252 HP / 0 Def T-tar: 43.07% - 50.99%
108 Atk CAP Water vs 252/0 T-Tar: 47.52% - 56.44%

0 Atk CAP6 Waterfall vs 0 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 54.38% - 64.05%
108 Atk CAP Waterfall vs 0 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 59.82% - 70.69%
0 Atk CAP6 Cross Chop vs 0 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 67.07% - 79.76%
108 Atk CAP6 Cross Chop vs 0 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 74.32% - 87.61%

0 Atk CAP Cross Chop vs 6 HP / 0 Def Gem: 110.28% - 129.60%
0 Atk CAP Waterfall vs 6/0 Gem: 88.47% - 104.67%
108 Waterfall vs 6/0 Gem: 97.20% - 114.64%

0 SpA Neutral CAP Hydro Pump vs 252/0 Skarm: 38.62% - 45.81% (It would required SpA+ Neutral and 176 SpA EVs to reliablely 2HKO Skarmory with Hydro Pump)

0 SpA CAP Ice Beam vs 160/0 Mence: 66.85% - 78.71%
0 SpA CAP Blizzard vs 160/0 Mence: 84.10% - 99.19%
0 Atk CAP Ice Punch vs 160/0 Mence: 50.67% - 60.38%
108 ATK CAP Ice Punch vs 160/0 Mence: 56.06% - 66.85%

0 SpA CAP Hidden Power Electric vs 156/0 Dos: 41.08% - 48.65%
108 ATK Thunder Punch vs 156/100 Dos: 50.81% - 60.54%
0 ATK Thunder Punch vs 156/100 Dos: 45.41% - 54.05%
110 / 95 / 100 / 65 / 100 / 80 = 550 BST

Physical Sweepiness: 124 (Moderately Good)
Physical Tankiness: 153 (Very Good)
Special Sweepiness: 94 (Average)
Special Tankiness: 153 (Very Good)
Offense/Defense Balance: -11.8 (Moderate Bias to Defense)
Physical/Special Balance: 18.1 (Moderate Bias to Physical)
Overall Rating: 410 (Very Good)

I am bad at explaining things, so I will let my calculations do the most of the work here, but overall this spread allows for equally strong and powerful defenses, whilst keeping decent offensive stats. It allows for some decent variation in EV Spreads in order to concentrate on other threats.

I am assuming a spread of 252 HP / 176 Atk / 84 SpDef with a Careful nature here for Calculations, but I will list the important EVs each time regardless. It is just a generic spread I thought of that does decently against most of the top ten, but in order to concentrate on Physical/Special or certain pokemon, it would need different Spreads, but I believe that the fact that it does not fair too badly with this generic EV Spread shows that it has a lot of potential with more concentrated spreads.

Sample Calculations [Not complete top 10] (Assume Neutral Natures unless stated otherwise):


Aqua Jet/Mach Punch [176 Atk EVs] vs. Stratagem

- vs 4/0 Stratagem = 152 - 180 (47.20% - 55.90%) [Guarenteed 2HKO with Stealth Rock]
- vs 64/0 Stratagem = 152 - 180 (45.10% - 53.41%) [Guarenteed 2HKO with Stealth Rock, ~85% chance of 2HKO with Leftovers]

Waterfall [176 Atk EVs] vs. Stratagem

- vs 64/0 Stratagem = 300 - 354 (89.02% - 105.04%) [Guarenteed OHKO with Stealth Rock]

Brick Break [176 Atk EVs] vs Stratagem

vs. 64/ Stratagem = 282 - 332 (83.68% - 98.52%) [67% chance OHKO with Stealth Rock]

Stratagem vs. CAP6 w/ 252 HP EVs and 84 SpDef

- Life Orb Technician Giga Drain vs. CAP6 = 332 - 392 (78.30% - 92.45%) [1 in 3 Chance of a OHKO with Stealth Rock]


Brick Break with 176 Atk vs. Tyranitar:
- vs. 4/0 Tyranitar = Guarenteed OHKO
- vs. 180/0 Tyranitar = Guarenteed OHKO
- vs. 252/0 Tyranitar = 388 - 460 (96.04% - 113.86%) [Guarentted OHKO with Stealth Rock)
- vs. 240/112 Tyranitar = 348 - 412 (87.00% - 103.00%) [Possible OHKO, 92% chance with Stealth Rock]
- vs. 252/40 Tyranitar = 372 - 444 (93.00% - 111.00%) [Possible OHKO, guaranteed with Stealth Rock]

Tyranitar vs. CAP6 w/ 252 HP:
- Stone Edge from Adamant Choice Band 252 Atk EVs vs. CAP 6= 137 - 162 (32.31% - 38.21%) [3HKO]
- Critical Hit Stone Edge with same EVs = 275 - 324 (64.86% - 76.42%) [2HKO]
- Crunch with same EVs = 110 - 129 (25.94% - 30.42%) [4HKO]
- Earthquake with Same EVs = 183 - 216 (43.16% - 50.94%) [3HKO with Leftovers]
- Thunderbolt from Tyraniboah [Quiet and 176 SpAtk EVs] = 180 - 214 (42.45% - 50.47%) [3HKO with Leftovers]
- Thunderbolt from Max Special Attack SpecsTar = 290 - 342 (68.40% - 80.66%) [2HKO]

This is my final submission. I will edit with more Calculations if time is available, but this is all I have at the moment.
OK, lets see here...


Just to get these spread stats out of the way...

Physical Sweepiness: Above Average (118)
Physical Tankiness: Very Good (152)
Special Sweepiness: Moderately Bad (76)
Special Tankiness: Extremely Good (169)
Offensive/Defensive Balance: Moderate Bias to Defence (-19.8)
Physical/Special Balance: Moderate Bias to Physical (18.2)
Overall Rating: Very Good (418)

Oh, and before you ask, I have NOT gone down Blissey road...


I was originally going for 138HP so it can reach the magic 480 maximum, but since Deck Knight bet me to it, I had to improv... via increasing it by 1 POINT!! As for the SDF, I figured that 94SDF was enough to survive a TBolt from 252SAT Modest Zapdos WITHOUT any investments in HP OR SDF. And if it can do that, it SHOULD survive a GK from 252 SAT Modest Pyroak regardless of it's weight and a Giga Drain from 252 SAT Modest Technician Stratagem, again WITHOUT any investments. I should probably run some calcs just to be safe though, since it's such a bold claim.


The Big Guns! 126ATK should be enough to OHKO 252HP 252DEF Bold Blissey with a single 0ATK Focus Punch, according to my calculations. And if it can do that, who knows how much it can do? Again, I'll probably have to run some calcs later, but for now I'm guessing it'll have no problems doing the same to Ttar and Heatran.


These stats are there to make the BST spread checks. I was originally going for 96SPE to outspeed the Non-Uber ExtremeSpeeders, but no matter what else I did, the spread just wouldn't budge from "Slight Bias Towards Offence", which I didn't need, so I had to suffice with 44SPE...
Time Mage
My final submission:

As you can see, the defenses are very good, 110/90/100, which allows it to whistand the damage from switching and then some, if the opponent outspeeds it. And thanks to its adequate 80 speed, it will be able to outspeed with some EV investment most threats with moderate/low speed. Speed devils like Stratagem, Syclant and Fidgit are a lost cause, so I just didn't spend a lot of points trying to do so. The offensive stats are as uneven as possible (105 attack vs 65 Special Attack), to intentionally give it only one attacking option: If it's going to have great defenses, a good Attack stat, and with good certainty, Unaware to help it against stat boosters, it had to give up something: I didn't find it good to be SO versatile. Still, with the physical attacking stat, it will do great against the Top 5.

Damage Calcs!

On the defense:

- Modest Choice Specs Weather Ball in Sandstorm vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 29.95% - 35.38%. That's the MAXIMUM damage Stratagem will ever do to my spread with a Rock move, not even a 3HKO with Leftovers negating SS damage. I'm not putting damage calcs for other rock moves, since this is the upper limit. everything else will do less or much less damage.

- Timid Thunderbolt vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 46.23% - 54.72%. Without SR up, it only has a 6% chance of 2HKO, and with SR up, a 55% chance. Barring prediction on the opponent's side, you won't be switching into this, so you can survive a hit (plus whatever you switched into) and OHKO back.

- Timid Life Orb Technician Giga Drain vs 252/0 SpDef: 57.08% - 67.45%. I'm putting LO in this one, since the Technician set will surely use it because of the great synergy with giga Drain. As with TB, you shouldn't switch into this, and in you switch into a rock move, you are assured to kill it... Although, admittedly, with very little HP remaining.

- Adamant Life Orb Hammer Arm (252 Attack EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 51.65% - 60.85%. This is the highest damage it will ever do. Which is, to be honest, quite a lot, specially considering that CAP6 cannot OHKO back.

- Standard set Hammer Arm with no BU's, or ignored BU's thanks to Unaware vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 29.01% - 34.20%. Ah, much, much better. This is what you will find 99% of the time, and is not even a 3HKO.

- Timid Life Orb Earth Power (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 36.08% - 42.69%. As always, the upper limit of damage: This is the maximum Fidgit can do against my spread (well, HP Electric does 1% more), which is not even a 2HKO. That means Fidgit will have to run away even if you switch on this, or it will risk being 2HKOed.

- Timid Earth Power (0 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 21.23% - 25.00%. This will be the most common set you'll encounter, and as you can see, the damage taken is really low, not even a 4HKO. Standard Fidgit just can't do anything to this.

- Adamant Choice Band Crunch (252 Att EVs) vs 252 HP/0 Def: 28.30% - 33.25%. The most powerful set on one of the most powerful pokémon, attacking the lower defensive side of my spread... And it's not even a 3HKO. Sweet.

- Adamant Choice Band Stone Edge (252 Att EVs) vs 252 HP/0 Def: 35.38% - 41.75%. More BP equals more damage, but it is still not a 2HKO, and of course, its accuracy is not exactly the best. Tyranitar will have to run for its life.

- Adamant Choice Band Earthquake (252 Att EVs) vs 252 HP/0 Def: 47.17% - 55.66%. Ah, this one isn't as good. If your opponent predicts right, 252 HP EVs won't be enough to stop it from being a 2HKO... However, my spread has that sexy 80 base Speed, which means you'll take a lot of damage on the switch, yes... But will have to run away or will get OHKOed back in the next turn.

- Timid Life Orb Thunderbolt (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 93.40% - 110.38%. Not pretty, not pretty at all, but we all knew this. At least, thanks to the great 110HP/100SpDef it has, there is a chance to survive it, even with SR up.

- Timid Life Orb Thunderbolt (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/252 SpDef and boosting nature: 66.51% - 78.30%. Now that's pretty good, considering CAP6 isn't going to counter it anyway. Not a chance to OHKO, and depending on which moves CAP6 gets, you can even stay on a Zapdos switch in and damage it a lot.

- Bold/Calm Thunderbolt (0 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 58.49% - 69.34%. The bulky Zapdos versions will still 2HKO, but you won't need to run any SpDef EVs to avoid the OHKO, allowing you to punish in the same situations as the above calculation.

- Timid Choice Specs Blizzard (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 31.60% - 37.26%. Ho, ho, ho, look at this. The most powerful Blizzard Syclant can offer (without stat boosts), and it won't even be a 3HKO unless there's SS/Hail and it hits over 34% on the three hits. Meanwhile, your neutral STAB moves hurt its paper defenses, and there's a very good chance that CAP6 will be carrying a SE move to simply OHKO it.

- Timid Choice Specs Bug Buzz (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 23.58% - 27.83%. If Blizzard can't do it, of course Bug Buzz won't. Syclant is countered hard with my spread, period.

- Modest Choice Specs Overheat (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 44.34% - 52.36%. Ow. Big dent here, although it won't 2HKO because a) you outspeed it and b) the second hit will only do half the damage. Meanwhile, you have two STABs to choose to hit it SE.

- Modest Choice Specs Fire Blast (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 37.97% - 44.81%. Still big damage, but fails to 2HKO, you outspeed it, yadda, yadda.

- Modest Choice Scarf Fire Blast (252 SpAtt EVs) vs 252 HP/0 SpDef: 25.47% - 29.95%. 3HKO? Not a chance. So, it will putspeed you for a second hit, then you send it to the junkyard with the STAB of your choice.

- Adamant Technician Choice Band Bullet Punch (252 Att EVs) vs 252 HP/0 Def: 10.38% - 12.26%. Yeah, try again, Scizor.

- Adamant Technician Choice Band X-Scissor (252 Att EVs) vs 252 HP/0 Def: 27.59% - 32.55%. That's better... But not good enough. It still fails to 3HKO, and you outspeed it.


- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Brick Break vs 6 HP/0 Def: 93.79% - 110.56%

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Cross Chop vs 6 HP/0 Def: 124.84% - 147.20%

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Waterfall vs 6 HP/0 Def: 99.38% - 118.01%

Basically, Stratagem is OHKOed 90% of the time if you use Waterfall.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Waterfall vs standard BU set: 28.39% - 33.59%. Not much, but you do MORE damage to it with this than he does with Hammer Arm. So, considering my spread is also faster and he's using Hammer Arm, you should win a 1v1 duel most of the time.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Waterfall vs 252 HP/4 Def: 53.30% - 62.94%. Comfortable 2HKO, while Fidgit cannot do anything back to you.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Brick Break vs 252 HP/0 Def: 98.02% - 115.84%. OHKO 80% of the time, 100% with any kind of residual damage.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Cross Chop vs 252 HP/0 Def: 128.71% - 152.48%. Always an OHKO, of course.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Waterfall vs 252 HP/0 Def: 51.98% - 61.39%. 2HKO, which means that if TTar is foolish enough to switch into this, it'll get KOed the next turn.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Waterfall vs Bold version: 24.22% - 28.91%. Check the Avalance calc to see the reason of this one.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Stone Edge vs Bold version: 40.63% - 47.92%. Against a predicted Zapdos switch, you WILL 2HKO with this as long as SR is present. And as shown in the defense version, you survive its TB with at least 40% HP left.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Avalanche vs Bold version: 48.44% - 57.29%. With SR in play, if Zapdos switches into Waterfall, it enters in Avalanche KO range, while you survive its TB.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Waterfall vs Calm version: 33.59% - 39.84%. possible 2HKO with SR and sandstorm/hail.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Stone Edge vs Calm version: 56.25% - 66.67%. Against a predicted Zapdos switch, this is a surefire (barring accuracy) 2HKO.

- Neutral nature, 252 Att EVs Avalanche vs Calm version: 67.71% - 79.69%. With SR in play, if Zapdos switches into Waterfall, it enters in Avalanche KO range comfortably, while you survive its TB.
100/105/90/59/118/78 (Speed Last) BST: 550

X-Act's App:
Physical Sweepiness: 136 | Rank: 3 (Good)
Physical Tankiness: 133 | Rank: 3 (Good)
Special Sweepiness: 82 | Rank: -2 (Moderately Bad)
Special Tankiness: 167 | Rank:5 (Extremely Good)
Offensive/Defensive Balance: -11.5 (Slight Bias to Defense)
Physical/Special Balance: 13.4 (Moderate Bias to Physical)
Overall Rating: 418 (Vary Good)

(CAP6 has 252 HP/100 Atk/48 Def/108 SDef w/Careful Holding Leftovers [If anyone wants to suggest another spread please do. These are just random numbers that looked balanced, and I know there's a better one, I'm just too lazy to think of it right now])

252 SAtk Timid Strategem's Life Orb'd Energy Ball: 38.86-45.54 (3HKO)
252 SAtk Timid Stratagem's Life Orb'd Technician'd Giga Drain or HP Fly: 43.07-50.74 (3HKO)
0 Atk Careful Revenankh's Hammer Arm: 25.99-30.66 (4-5HKO)
0 SAtk Timid Fidgit's EarthPower: 16.09-18.18 (8-9HKO lol...)
252 Atk Adamant Tyranitar's +1 Earthquake: 47.28-55.69 (2-3HKO)
252 Atk Adamant Tyranitar's +1 Stone Edge: 35.4-41.58 (3HKO)
0 SAtk Bold Zapdos' Thunderbolt:44.8-52.7 (3HKO)
252 SAtk Timid Zapdos' Life Orb'd Thunderbolt: 70.54-83.17 (2HKO)
252 SAtk Timid Syclant's Choice Spec'd Blizzard: 24.01-28.22 (5-6HKO)
252 SAtk Timid Syclant's Choice Spec'd Focus Blast: 31.93-37.62 (4HKO)
Blissey's Seismic Toss: 24.75 (5HKO Blocked by a Sub)
252 SAtk Naive Heatran's Fire Blast/Earth Power: 17.57-20.59 (8-9HKO)
0 Atk Heatran's Explosion: 83.91-98.76 (Chance to OHKO with Stealth Rocks)
252 Atk Adamant Scizor's Life Orb'd +2 Bullet Punch: 35.89-42.33 (3-4HKO)

CAP6's Cross Chop vs 4 HP/0 Def Stratagem: 110.28 Minimum (OHKO)
CAP6's Aqua Jet/Mach Punch vs 4 HP/0 Def Stratagem: 44.1-52.17 (2HKO w/SR)
CAP6's Waterfall vs 252 HP/ 120 Def Revenankh: 25.26-29.29 (5HKO)
CAP6's Waterfall vs 252 Hp/ 4 Def Fidgit: 47.21-55.85 (2HKO w/SR)
CAP6's Cross Chop vs 252 HP/ 252 Def Tyranitar: 92.08 Minimum (OHKOs almost always. Ensured with SR)
CAP6's Mach Punch vs 4 HP (Dragon Dance) Tyranitar: 54.97-64.91(2HKO)
CAP6's Stone Edge vs 252 HP/ 220 Def Bold Zapdos: 35.68-42.19 (3HKO)
CAP6's Stone Edge vs 4 HP Timid Syclant: 157.8 Minimum (OHKO)
CAP6's Cross Chop vs 4 HP Timid Syclant: 59.22-69.5 (2HKO, OHKO with SR)
CAP6's Focus Punch vs 252 Def Bold Blissey: 94.26 Minimum (OHKO with Stealth Rocks)
CAP6's Cross Chop vs 252 Def Bold Blissey: 63.17-74.47 (2HKO)
CAP6's Cross Chop vs 4 HP/ 0 Def Heatran: 73.15-86.11 (2HKO)
CAP6's Cross Chop vs 32 HP Scizor: 43.25-50.87 (3HKO, Chance to 2HKO with Stealth Rocks)
CAP6's Stone Edge vs 252 HP/ 16 Def Bold Pyroak: 31.98-37.84 (3-4HKO)

Quick note on Speed: 78 gives is enough to out speed Scarftran with 248 Spd Evs, Jolly, and a Choice Scarf, and that was basically what I was going for there.

This spread gets an advantage over 7/10 of the Pokemon on the top ten list (Stratagem, Fidgit, Tyranitar, Syclant, Heatran, Blissey Scizor), and only loses to two (Zapdos and Pyroak). If EV'd right it becomes a surefire counter to all seven of the ones that it does well against. Please suggest anything I can improve upon. (I have a lot more calcs that I did, but decided not to post)
100/95/95/75/115/70 gives:

-18.6 ODB
2.0 PSB
388 BSR
550 BST



Max Special attack Zapdos against 252/252+: 53%-63%, 98% 2HKO
Max Special attack Zapdos against 252/0: 73%-86%, Easy 2HKO, but never a OHKO
Max Stratagem tech Gigadrain 252 timid against 252/0: 41%-48%, Easily a 3HKO
Max CB-Tyranitar Crunch, +1 against 252/0: 30%-35%, 45%-53%, Easily a 3HKO
Max CB-Tyranitar Earthquake against 252/0: 50%-58%, Needs a few Defensive Evs to avoid an OHKO


0 attack against 252/0 Tyranitar (unnamed 100 power physical fighting move): 102-120, OHKO
0 attack against 252/252+ Blissey (same attack): 57-67, Surprisingly low, but Blissey can't do much back to it
0 attack against 252/220+ Zapdos (100 power super effective attack): 29-35%, Will not get a 2HKO, needs a few Evs for a 3hko.
0 attack against 252/0 Skarmory with hydro pump: 41-48, A few special Evs will get the 2HKO.

100 HP: Helps defensively and offensively, 101 subs (along with 95 base attack) means sub punching is definitely a viable strategy.

95 attack: Don't underestimate 100 power stab attacks from this. Easily enough to deal with most of the top 10. Apart from stab, you might need a little Ev investment, but still strong.

95 defense: Above average defense definitely helps against the physical threats Tyranitar and Scizor. It doesn't need much though, because or resistances to rock, dark, bug and steel.

75: special attack means it will mainly be a physical attacker, but watch out for hydro pump all the same.

115: special defense lets it take hits from the definitely special dominated top ten, as X-Act has pointed out, Scylant doesn't have a chance, also lets it survive a Zapdos Thunderbolt, which could give weaker Zapdos second thoughts before coming/staying in.

Lastly, 70 Speed out-speeds Tyranitar, Scizor and Revenakh all these being the physical threats, it can out-speed or defeat them without taking a possibly crucial second hit. The next speed threat is Zapdos at 100, so there really is no need for a few more speed points.
Legacy Raider

HP: 130
Atk: 98
Def: 75
SpA: 75
SpD: 85
Spe: 87

BST: 550


Ok, here are some damage calculations for this pokemon against the threats it will most likely be facing. I've used EV spreads heavily enforcing its defenses but not its HP, as with such a high base HP investment in the defenses is a lot more effective.

I'm theorising that CAP 6 will want to be faster than Adamant Tyranitar (66 EVs neutral nature), or maybe Jolly Tyranitar (neutral nature 152 EVs). This leaves it with 252 EVs to go in a defensive stat and 104 EVs (if it outruns Jolly) to go into HP.

Little tidbit of interest - with 252 Spe EVs and a +ve nature, CAP6 hits 300 speed, outrunning Adamant Salamence / Modest Zapdos by one point.


CAP 6 vs Stratagem

Timid Stratagem LO Paleo Wave vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: 16.2 - 19.0%
Timid Stratagem LO Tech Ancientpower vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: 16.9 - 19.9%
Timid Stratagem LO Earth Power vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: 22.5 - 26.7%
Timid Stratagem LO Energy Ball vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: 40.3 - 47.8%
Timid Stratagem LO Tech Giga Drain vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: 45.0 - 53.4%

0 Atk Careful CAP6 Cross Chop vs 4HP Stratagem: 99.6 - 117.8%
0 SpA Sassy CAP6 Hydro Pump vs 4HP Stratagem: 89.7 - 106.5%
0 SpA Sassy CAP6 Hydro Pump vs 4HP Stratagem (in sand): 59.8 - 71.0%


Basically, if EVed right, this CAP6 can switch into almost all of Stratagem's attacks and OHKO it back with Cross Chop. To make it a more reliable counter, CAP6's speed can be foregone and its HP further boosted to ensure that it is never 2HKOed by a Tech Giga Drain, even in the sand. As it is now, Stratagem must role max damage twice (3.9% chance) to 2HKO this spread with Leftovers.


CAP6 vs Revenankh

(taken with the assumption that Revenankh is using 0 Atk Bulk Up set and CAP6 has Unaware)

Revenankh Hammer Arm vs Impish 104/252 CAP6: 22.7 - 26.9%
Revenankh Shadow Sneak vs Impish 104/252 CAP6: 9.4 - 11.2%

0 Atk Impish CAP6 Waterfall vs 252/120 Careful Revenankh: 21.9 - 25.8%
0 SpA Careful CAP6 Surf vs 252/136 Careful Revenankh: 16.4 - 19.5%
0 SpA Careful CAP6 Hydro Pump vs 252/136 Careful Revenankh: 20.3 - 24.2%


Although these might not look too impressive by themselves, note that they do about equal damage, and if CAP6 has Unaware (if it gets it, although it is a strong contender) Revenankh's bulk ups become useless. However, CAP6 can still Bulk Up (if it gets it) in Revenankh's face, and after a Bulk Up its Waterfall is a 3HKO on Revenankh, whereas Revenankh's Hammer Arm becomes a 6HKO. This is not taking Leftovers into account on CAP6's behalf, Waterfall's 20% flinch rate or Hammer Arm's imperfect accuracy. All in all this match up is definitely in CAP6's favour if it gets Unaware.


CAP6 vs Tyranitar

CB Tyranitar Stone Edge vs Impish 104/252 CAP6: 27.6 - 32.8%
CB Tyranitar Crunch vs Impish 104/252 CAP6: 22.2 - 26.2%
CB Tyranitar Earthquake vs Impish 104/252 CAP6: 37.0 - 43.8%

0 Atk Impish CAP6 Cross Chop vs 252/0 Tyranitar: 99.0 - 116.8%


I think the calcs speak for themselves and demonstrate how excellent a Tyranitar counter this thing can be.


CAP6 vs Syclant

I wasn't too sure what Syclant's stats were because of the revision process, so instead of using exact numbers I used accurate estimations of the power of each pokemon's attacks. Sorry if anybody wanted exact data =/.

LO Syclant Ice Beam vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: ~16%
LO Syclant Bug Buzz vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: ~15%
LO Syclant Focus Blast vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: ~27%
LO Syclant Earth Power vs Careful 104/252 CAP6: ~21%

0 Atk CAP6 Cross Chop vs 4HP Syclant: ~54%
0 Atk CAP6 Stone Edge (if) vs 4HP Syclant: 100+%
0 SpA CAP6 Hydro Pump vs 4HP Syclant: ~52%


From these approximate calculations, we can see that CAP6 can take most attacks from Syclant without too much trouble, and 2HKO/OHKO back with its own respective moves.


Thanks for taking the time to read through my (very long) post. If you would like any more calculations for this spread on any other pokemon, feel free to say so.


My final submission:

156 HP/102 Atk/75 Def/75 SpA/80 SpD/65 Spe
Offense/Defense Balance: -16.0 (Moderate Bias to Defense)
Physical/Special Balance: 11.1 (Moderate Bias to Physical)
Overall Rating: 419 (Very Good)
BST: 553
Finalized Stat Spread:

BST = 554

PSweep: 143 (Rank 3, Good)
PTank: 141 (Rank 3, Good)
SSweep: 100 (Rank 0, Average)
STank: 144 (Rank 4, Very Good)

ODB: -0.5 No Bias
PSB: 18.1 Slight bias to physical
BSR: 419 Very Good

HP: With No EVs you have 417 minimum HP. 104 HP Subs yay.

Speed: 90 means you can go +Speed and beat Base 100's. Given its prowess defensively without EVs, this is a good thing, yes?

The Scarf Factor:

90 Speed allows CAP6 to outrun Stratagem by equipping a Scarf without a speed boosting nature with 192 Speed EVs.

All Calculations will ignore Non-Choice Item boosts due to Unaware.

Offensive Damage Calculations:

Assume 252 Attack, Neutral nature.

Brick Break:


252/0 Boahtar:

64/0 Stratagem:


64/0 Stratagem:

252/0 Heatran

Defensive Damage Calculations:

Assume No Investment, Jolly Nature:

Adamant TTar Stone Edge:

Adamant CBTar Stone Edge:

Adamant Scizor Bullet Punch

Adamant Scizor LO Bullet Punch

Adamant Scizor Superpower

Adamant Scizor LO Superpower

Adamant Revenankh Hammer Arm

Adamant Revenankh LO Hammer Arm

Modest Heatran Scarf Overheat

Modest Heatran Specs Overheat

I think the Calculations speak for themselves. In order to 2HKO a CAP6 with No Investment requires a boosting held item. Meanwhile it can score 1 or 2HKOs on the most important parts of the Top 5, all while carrying a +Speed nature to outspeed Base 100s. CBTar can't even 2HKO at all.


Enough Bulk to run "Sweeper" Builds while still not being 2HKO'd by top threats, Enough Speed to outrun Base 100's with a positive nature, in addition to a viable Scarf Set that can beat Stratagem. Can specialize in either Defense or Special Defense to better counter your team's specific trouble spots.
Final Spread (Reposted)

140 HP/85 Att/70 Def/81 SpA/70 SpD/109 Spe

HP - 140 --------421 --484 -------
Att - 85---185---206---269---295
Def - 70---158---176---239---262
SpA - 81--178---198---261---287
SpD - 70--158---176---239---262
Spe - 109-228---254---317---348

HP: 140

Wigglytuff? More like Wigglysuck. 140 HP may seem Excessive, but lowered defenses and balanced stats mean this thing comes very close to zero, while maintaining a very good rating. Plus, compared to other spreads, this is quite tame.

Attack: 85

Same as Quagsire, Steelix, and Poliwrath. While its nothing to write home about, it's still quite decent, coupled with it's high speed and good defenses, along with the decent special attack balances out. I'll get calcs later.

Defense/Special Defense: 70

Keeping it low here intentionally, due to the high HP. It balances it out a lot actually, but it can be played around with. Still respectable defenses if you think about it...

Special Attack: 81

Close to the attack but not quite, same as Ninetails. It works really, since this isn't supposed to be an attacker. Calcs will come eventually.

Speed: 109

Yep, 109 Speed. This right here is the most important part of the spread. Now, you may be thinking that stats not divisible by 5 are fanboyish and cheezy. However, there is a very good reason for this. Infernape is Base 108. This will completely outspeed Infernape given 232 Evs, and all Base 105s along with it. This ability comes with a price however. Even with max speed, it will NEVER be able to outspeed base 110s.
Physical Sweepiness: 149, Very Good
Physical Tankiness: 112, Above Average
Special Sweepiness: 73, Bad
Special Tankiness: 176, Amazing
Offense/Defense Balance: -8.9, Slight Bias to Defense
Physical/Special Bias: 14.5, Moderate Bias to Physical
Overall Rating: 419, Very Good

Stats are basically so that it is as strong, fast, and powerful within the given guidelines. I like high Speed because it allows it to get the jump on things (or tie with them because I couldn't get over 100 Speed). 100 Atk because that is the minimum you need to cause actual damage that will make things switch out of you. Rest of stats exist to fit guidelines. Yeah, I did this mostly by intuition.
Icy Vegeta
Final Spread!


Ok guys, here is my submission for this CAP. Last time came close but not quite. All right, so here we go!

The reason for the somewhat low HP is due to the fact it has a huge amount of Special Defense and its Defensive is not terrible, but not amazing either. I purposely made it so it counters the Special side much more then the defensvie side as that is how I think it should defend as its goal is to decentrilize the metagame's top 10 which the majority are Physically based.​

Ok guys this one is the big eye-raiser, please, let me explain. To decentrilize the metagame does the Pokemon have to be a pure wall to the Pokemon in the top 10? The answer is HECK NO! This thing will not only be to switch into big threats, but it will also be able to dish out moves to take the Pokemon out of the fight. This number might be astronomical to some people but this Attack ties with Muk and is he really tearing up the metagame with that Attack? Anyway with both STABs it will be able to make people think twice about switching in blindly as this is far from a helpless wall.​

90 Defense is good. Swampert seems to thrive with that Defensive stat pretty well. It will be able to take a few hits, but it won't be sitting there all day against top-tier Physical Attackers. It should be able to take unboosted SE attacks and live fairly well.​

Low, and stuff..... Not really needed to be used at all..... Um yeah.....​

High for a reason, really high as in Blissey/Dusknoir high. With this excellent Special Defense this will be able to absorb hits like a giant sponge.​

Mediocre for a reason, this doesn't need to be blazing fast, just decent to able to outspeed some walls and slower tanks, not to outspeed the top 10. I think this stat for once is not really needed to be be astronomicly high for a CAP.​

BST: 555
BSR: 400

Alright, so that is my submission guys, thanks in advance for the consideration and in the patience of reading this whole post!​
Final Set
Physical Sweepiness: 124 Rank 2 : Moderately Good
Physical Tankiness: 143 Rank 4: Very Good
Special Sweepiness: 80 Rank -2: Moderately Bad
Special Tankiness 163 Rank 5: Extremely Good
Offense/Defense Balance: -15.0 Moderate Bias to Defense
Physical/Special Balance: 19.8 Moderate Bias To Physical
Overall Rating: 417 Very Good

A base HP of 132 gives it max of 468, allowing CAP6 to survive Seismic Tosses while behind a Sub with zero HP EV's. 62 Speed allows it to outrun Tryanitar if wanted, with the role to be played by said pokemon I feel 62 Speed is more than enough with Sturdy Defenses and attacking power.

Damage Cals.

Modest 252 Sp.Atk Choice Specs Zapdos Thunderbolt vs. 252/252 Sp.Def beneficial nature CAP6 does 79%-94% damage.
Timid 0 Sp.Atk Zapdos Thunderbolt vs. 252 HP/0 Sp. Def neutral nature CAP6 does 56%-66% damage
Timid 252 Sp. Atk Zapdos Thunderbolt vs. 252/252 beneficial nature CAP6 does between 48%-58%
Adamant 252 Atk CBTryanitar Earthquake vs. 0/0 Def neutral nature CAP6 does between 52%-61% damage
Adamant 252 Atk CBTryanitar Earthquake vs. 252/100 Def neutral Nature CAP6 does between 40%-46% damage
Adamant 252 Atk CBTryanitar Earthquake vs. 252/252 Def beneficial nature CAP6 does between 31%-37% damage
Adamant 252 Atk CBScizor Superpower vs. 252/136 Def neutral nature CAP6 does between 45%-53%
Adamant 252 Atk CBScizor Superpower vs. 252/252 Def beneficial nature CAP6 does between 37%-43%(never 2HKO's)
Adamant 252 Atk CBScizor -1Superpower vs 252/136 neutral nature CAP6 does between 30%-35%

All of my damage calcs factored in an apposing pokemon's most powerful move against CAP6 with the highest attacking stat it could reach with items, EV's and natures.

I'm out of time for Stat calcs but the last one i had time for was that a 0 Atk Neutral Nature Cross Chop is guaranteed a OHKO on a 4HP/0Def Stratagem.
Final Submission:

Physical Sweepiness: 136, Very Good
Physical Tankiness: 133, Very Good
Special Sweepiness: 95, Average
Special Tankiness: 162, Extremely Good
Offense/Defense Balance: -9.7, Slight Bias To Defense
Physical/Special Balance: 8.9, Slight Bias To Physical
Overall Rating: 419, Very Good

I wanted to give our pokemon the ability to fill many various roles depending on what the user wanted. With the proper evs, this pokemon can do many different things for your team.

HP: 105 provides a good benchmark HP for a defensive pokemon with the ability to create 101+ subs. It also gives it the ability to take hits reasonably well from both sides of the spectrum. A reason for having 105 base HP as opposed to base 100 HP is that it allows the user some leeway when assigning evs, not requiring maximum evs in order to create a large substitute.

Att: 105 is a good attack stat that allows this pokemon to deal out some damage against the most common threats:

0 Att neutral nature Cross Chop vs. 4HP/0Def Stratagem - 99.38-117.39%
0 Att Brick Break vs. 4HP/0Def Timid Stratagem - 74.53-88.20%
0 Att Waterfall vs. 4/0 Timid Stratagem - 78.88-93.79%
0 Att Waterfall vs. 252/120 careful Revenankh - 22.66-26.82%
0 Att Cross Chop vs. 252/0 Adamant Tyranitar - 101.98-121.78%
0 Att Brick Break vs. 252/0 Adamant Tyranitar - 77.23-92.08%
0 Att Waterfall vs. 252/4 Timid Fidgit - 42.64-50.25%
0 Att Avalanche vs. 252/220 Bold Zapdos - 38.54-45.83% (not even sure why I bothered listing this one)
0 Att Avalanche vs. 4/0 modest Zapdos - 63.98-75.78% (see above)
0 Att Cross Chop vs. 0/4 Timid Syclant - 53.38-62.99%
0 Att Brick Break vs. 0/4 Syclant - 39.86-47.33%
0 Att Waterfall vs. 0/4 Syclant - 42.70-50.53%
0 Att Cross Chop vs. 4/0 modest/timid Heatran - 57.41-68.52%
0 Att Brick Break vs. 4/0 Heatran - 43.21-51.85%
0 Att Waterfall vs. 4/0 Heatran - 46.91-55.56%
0 Att Cross Chop vs. 148/252 Bold Blissey - 59.30-69.77%
0 Att Brick Break vs. 148/252 Bold Blissey - 47.38-56.10%
0 Att Cross Chop vs. 32/0 Adamant Scizor - 35.29-41.87%
0 Att Brick Break vs. 32/0 Scizor - 26.30-31.49%
0 Att Waterfall vs. 32/0 Scizor - 28.37-33.56%
Overall, this attack allows it to deal considerable damage even without any evs.

Defense: 87 gives it above average physical defense to take neutral attacks from CB tar and Scizor. Theoretical ev distribution of 252 Hp, 136 Def, 120 SpDef, Careful/Sassy
252Att Adamant LO Revenankh Hammer Arm vs. 252/136Def CAP6 - 47.10-55.31%
252Att Adamant CB Revenankh Power Whip vs. 252/136Def Cap6 - 86.47-101.93% (Expect to see a lot of these around since Unaware shuts down Bulk Up Rev)
0Att Careful Revenankh Hammer Arm vs. 252/136 CAP6 - 26.33-31.16%
252Att Adamant CB Tyranitar Stone Edge vs. 252HP/136Def CAP6 - 31.88-37.68%
252Att Adamant CB Tyranitar Earthquake vs. 252HP/136Def CAP6 - 42.75-50.48%
252Att Adamant CB Scizor 0 Superpower vs. 252HP/136Def CAP6 - 50.48-59.42%
252Att Adamant CB Scizor -1 Superpower vs. 252HP/136Def CAP6 - 33.57-39.61% (never 2HKOs with Superpower if a full health with leftovers, even factoring in SR)

SpAtt: Mainly just want it to be usable in some sets
0SpAtt neutral nature HP Fire vs. 4HP/0SpDef Syclant - 76.60-90.78%
0SpAtt neutral nature HP Fire vs. 32HP/0SpDef Scizor - 62.28-74.74%
0SpAtt Hydro Pump vs. 252/0 Skarmory - 38.62-45.81%

SpDef: This stat has to be the highest on the spread for this pokemon to be able to take hits from the top Special threats of the current metagame
252SpAtt Timid LO TechStratagem Giga Drain vs. 252/120 Careful CAP6 - 43.48-51.69%
252SpAtt Timid SpecsTechStratagem Giga Drain vs. 252/120 Careful CAP6 - 50.72-59.90%
0SpAtt Fidgit Earth Power vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 16.18-19.57%
0SpAtt Bold Zapdos TBolt vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 44.93-53.62%
252SpAtt Modest LO Zapdos TBolt vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 78.26-92.75%
252SpAtt Timid LO Syclant Focus Blast vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 28.02-33.09%
252SpAtt Modest SpecSyclant SE Hidden Power vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 41.55-49.28%
252SpAtt Modest SpecsHeatran Earth Power vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 29.47-34.78%
252SpAtt Modest SpecsHeatran SE Hidden Power vs. 252/120 CAP6 - 45.89-54.11%

Speed: And now for the most important part of the spread. A base 78 speed is the optimal speed for countering the top 5-10 pokemon in the metagame, while keeping the speed low so it isn't overpowered. 78 is above a couple important benchmarks for speed which should be addressed. First, a base speed of 73 is the minimum number with which you can outspeed base 130s with a choice scarf, salac boost, etc. Second, 74 base speed allows it to outspeed neutral base 85s, such as heracross, with a +speed nature. It also allows it to outspeed Jolly Tyranitar with a neutral speed nature. The last benchmark is Heatran, sitting nicely at base 77 speed, just asking to be outdone by a point. Since nothing else in the top 10 has a speed between 77 and 100, this should work well without having any unnecessary speed.

While many defensive spreads won't run speed evs or a +speed nature, the ability to use them if wanted is important. This spread maintains the high quality of a defensive counter while also giving CAP6 the potential to fulfill many different roles as an attacker. Although the damage calculations were based on 0 Attack EVs, many 2HKOs can easily be turned into OHKOs and 3HKOs turned into 2HKOs by adding some evs. The defensive evs can also be moved around to suit your team's defensive needs.
Physical Sweepiness: 116, Above Average
Physical Tankiness: 149, Very Good
Special Sweepiness: 98, Average
Special Tankiness: 162, Extremely Good
Offense/Defense Balance: -18.2 Moderate Bias to Defense
Physical/Special Bias: 5.2, Slight Bias to Physical
Overall Rating: 419, Very Good.

min- min max max+
- 337 400 -
185 206 269 295
221 246 309 339
158 176 239 262
239 266 329 361
185 206 269 295

these stats give it an amazing amount of tanking (98/105/115) ability while allowing alot more power than people most people would believe of a 85 Atk due to its likely move pool. the 85 speed also allows it to outspeed a great number of pokes while not being so fast as to be confused as a sweeper

all calculations done with unaware careful 252 HP / 104 Atk / 140 Def / 12 SpD giving the stats 400/232/281/158/296/206. these EVs give it the best combo of tanking and offense for what i've tested.

the moves im testing with are cross chop/waterfall/stone edge/ ice punch because all those attacks are likely on this poke due to typing. also, these moves give it an incredible amount of coverage over the top 10.

i chose 5 specific pokes in the top 10 to test against bc on their various movepools.

against ttar
252 Atk Adamant CB TTar's Crunch vs. CaP6= 23.25%-27.25% (4 or 5HKO)
252 Atk Adamant CB TTar's Stone Edge vs. CaP6=28.75%-34.00% (3 to 4HKO)
252 Atk Adamant CB TTar's Earthquake vs. CaP6= 38.50%-45.50% (3HKO)
CaP6's Cross Chop vs. 176 HP Adamant TTar= 102.86%-121.56% (OHKO)
CaP6's Waterfall vs. 176 HP Adamant TTar= 40.52%-48.31% (3HKO)

against zapados
Bold zapados' Thunderbolt vs. CaP6= 50.00%-59.00% (2HKO)
Bold zapados' HP Grass vs. CaP6= 36.50%-43.50% (3HKO)
Bold zapados' Heatwave (lol) vs. CaP6= 8.75%-10.25% (10-12HKO)
CaP6's Stone Edge vs. 252 HP / 220 Def Bold zapados= 30.73%-36.46% (4HKO)
CaP6's Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 220 Def Bold zapados= 29.17%-34.38% (3-4HKO)

against scizor
252 Atk Adamant scizor's Bullet Punch vs. CaP6= 9.75%-11.75% (lol)
252 Atk Adamant scizor's Super Power vs. CaP6= 39.25%-46.25 (3HKO)
252 Atk Adamant scizor's X-Scissor vs. CaP6= 19.50%-23.25% (5-6HKO)
CaP6's Cross Chop vs. 32 HP Adamane scizor= 36.68%-43.60% (3HKO)
CaP6's Waterfall vs. 32 HP Adamane scizor= 29.41%-35.29% (3-4HKO)

against strat
252 SpA Timid LO Strat's Paleo Wave vs. CaP6= 15.50%-18.25% (7HKO)
252 SpA Timid LO Strat's Energy Ball vs. CaP6= 35.00%-41.50% (3HKO)
252 SpA Timid LO Strat's Flamethrower vs. CaP6= 10.25%-12.25% (9-10HKO)
CaP6's Cross Chop vs. Timd strat= 94.08%-110.90% (1-2HKO)
CaP6's Waterfall vs. Timd strat= 74.77%-88.47% (2HKO)

against heatran
252 SpA Naive heatran's Fireblast vs. CaP6= 19.50%-23.25% (5-6HKO)
252 SpA Naive heatran's Earthpower vs. CaP6= 19.75%-23.25% (5-6HKO)
252 SpA Naive heatran's HP Grass vs. CaP6= 31.00%-36.50% (3-4HKO)
CaP6's Cross Chop vs. Naive heatran= 62.96%-74.07% (2HKO)
CaP6's Waterfall vs. Naive heatran= 50.00%-59.26% (2HKO)
My spread.

[size=+1]106 / 110 / 87 / 72 / 102 / 78 = 555[/size]

PS = 142 - good
PT = 134 - good
SS = 97 - average
ST = 153 - very good
O/D = -4.1 - no bias
P/S = 13.5 - moderate bias to physical

Overall Rating= 414 - Very Good

HP - 106 --------353 --416 -------
Att - 110--230---256---319---350
Def - 87---189---210---273---300
SpA - 72--162---180---243---267
SpD - 102-216---240---303---333
Spe - 78--172---192---255---280

The HP and Defense stats look odd I know, but I feel they are actually at an optimum balance for the amount of points allocated to them. With a bias to special defense of course, though the HP/DEF balance is comparable (slightly better in fact) to Swampert's, while gaining the max I could out of the HP/S.DEF balance.

110 has proven to be a fair Attack stat already from previous calculations in this thread.

Next was Speed. Around 73 seems to be the minimum speed for a reliable Scarf Set as well as out speeding a fair few vitals in the OU. But I bumped it to base 78 to out pace Heatran's base 77 in a max speed Scarf war after switching in. If the community feels that out pacing Heatran in this way is unnecessary, I'll relocate a few points in to either S.Att or Def.

Poured the rest into S.Att given us base 72. Respectably high enough to run Hydro Pumps, Ice Beams, Blizzards and Focus Blasts for sure.
Tennisace I think the defenses are good enough without making it a general wall, and the offenses are enough to make use of its very advantageous typing without becoming a sweeper. Plus, fast + defensive is a somewhat rare combination outside of ubers, so I think it adds something to the metagame there.
Gothic Togekiss

Personally, I believe my stat spread is best for this pokemon but Time Mage win this I wouldn't be too unhappy. When comparing his stat spread to mines, I noticed that they're almost the same except for 5 point added/taken away from each stat. That isn't a bad thing mind you since it means that we have simliar views on what's right for CAP6 statistic wise.
Hm... I must apoligize to Time Mage as I didn't realize how similar my spread was to yours. After looking over the calculations and carefully thinking, I realize that it was essentially a choice between more defense or more attack.

I am going to vote for myself, Lawman, mainly due to that fact Time Mage or another spread will beat mine out anyways and I want a chance of staying in farther than the first round, but truth be told I don't feel my spread is bad at all and does in fact have as much potential as some other spreads up there. However, I have no qualms if Time Mage wins, as I see his spread as very good overall. Gothic Togekiss' is also very good.
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