CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 8 - Stat Spread Poll 3

who stat spread should we use?

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Lol, these are practically the same. Would be funny if we combined them and took the average of every stat rounded up.

108 HP / 108 Atk / 93 Def / 68 SAtk / 100 SDef / 78 Spd = 555
Looks more and more like my own spread. Yet it was completely ignored. Go figure.

Anyway, even though I value the slight extra speed of Time Mage's set I prefer the offensive stats of Gothic Togekiss'. I feel the Defenses of both are fine.

So Gothic Togekiss' ftw.


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Really, I find very few things that separate these two stat spreads, if at all. They both have almost the same defenses, but GT's hits slightly harder than Time Mage's and GT's is slightly slower than Time Mage's.

In view of this, I don't really know what to vote for. Personally I would have liked the offenses to be a little bit nearer to each other (a full 40 base points from Atk and SpA is kinda too much for my tastes).

I'll vote later when I make up my mind.
I am not so fussed about the low SpA of both sets since this hasn't got No Guard or Compoundeyes to increase the Acc of things like Hydro Pump, Blizzard and Focus Blast.
Other than Scizor there's nothing in the Top 10 that really needs taking down with special attacks anyway so CAP6 should still be able to do its job with low SpA.


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CAP6 has no business with Zapdos and Gyarados is better manageable with Thunderpunch unless Gyara switches into CAP6 rather than the contrary... really, the only pokemon CAP 6 would have needed Sp Atk for is Skarmory, which I think can nicely stay as a check to CAP6 without no complaints.
I voted Gothic Togekiss for the higher Defense and Spec. Att.
Who cares if it has a higher base speed than Heatran? Heatran is nearly always Scarfed and I highly doubt that this guy's going to ever be.

However, it really doesn't matter all that much. The spreads are nearly identical.
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