CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 13b - Non-Attacking Move Poll

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Yawn - Well it does make the enemy consider switching, which is always good

Wish - I wouldn't recommend it for healing CAP8 itself 'cause it takes too long to work, but it is the only way to heal allies, so it's still a plus

Stockpile/Swallow/Spit Up - Stockpile makes CAP8 much harder to counter w/o phazing and the other moves don't work without it. Just skip all three of them.

Light Screen - Extra special attack resistance does help, especially with CAP8's lower special defense. However, I don't like facing off with both screens, so just stick with Light Screen

Reflect - see above

Cosmic Power - see Stockpile

Roost/Recover/Slack Off/Milk Drink/Softboiled - Recover's the only one of the lot that really makes sense, and they all do the same thing (except Roost, which removes the Flying-type part that CAP8 doesn't have), so really, stick with Recover. (RBG Edit: Don't choose just one, all or none)

Metal Burst - 80Spe is not slow enough to guarantee Metal Burst to work (50Spe would be better), 'cause it must act last since it doesn't have negative priority. Counter or Mirror Coat (or even both) would be better because they DO have negative priority, but not Metal Burst


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Stockpile/Swallow/Spit Up
Light Screen
Cosmic Power
Roost/Recover/Slack Off/Milk Drink/Softboiled
Metal Burst
Yawn - sure, why not give it a valuable switch-forcer? It needs it to couner the likes of Ttar, who otherwise hurts it pretty bad...
Wish - No, Nay, Njet, Nein, Nee, Non, and all other possible languages! It will be a very hard-to-beat support with screens and wish, therefore a no.
Stockpile/Swallow/Spit Up - Not like anyone ever uses this, but Stockpile has the nice DEF/SP.DEF boosts...
Light Screen - As far as I'm concerned, it gets both screens, to allow a pseudo-pass set.
Reflect -
As far as I'm concerned, it gets both screens, to allow a pseudo-pass set.
Cosmic Power - I either want to give it instant-recovery, or an awesome statbooster. I went with recovery, because it allready get's Stockpile(from me at least) and it might force people to finally device a sweet screen-passing set^^
Roost/Recover/Slack Off/Milk Drink/Softboiled -Slack Off, definitly. Recover is no fun, and roost is more a flying-type thingy.
Metal Burst - Does it LOOK like it can use Metal Burst? It will be very unfair, since it will almost always kill 1 Pokie with it...
This poll is over.

Yawn, Light Screen, Reflect and Recover (and variants) have been voted into allowed. The list will be changed accordingly.

A big thanks to billymills and Stellar for helping compile the results.
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