CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 15 - Sprite Poll 3

Which sprite should we use?

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Our Pokemon so far:

Name: Cyclohm
Type: Electric / Dragon
Style Bias: Somewhat Defensive
Build Bias: Mixed, possibly Special
Ability: Shield Dust/Static
Stats: 108 HP/60 Atk/118 Def/112 Sp Atk/70 Sp Def/80 Spe

This poll determines the battle sprite that will be used when the pokemon is implemented on the CAP battle server. Sprite submissions for the art poll will be selected by the Topic Leader, based on preference and feedback in the Sprite Submission thread. The sprites for all voting options should be included in the OP and referenced by artist name in the poll.

This is a clicky poll. The options are:

Based on feedback from various people, I made several small tweaks to these sprites, but nothing major. I sharpened the left face on the front sprite, and I made the backsprite faces and horns slightly more "pointy". I also darkened the back leg on the frontsprite, just a little bit.

This will be my final submission post. If I make any more changes, I will just edit the images here. Thanks to everyone that has given me advice and suggestions in this thread. With your help, I think my sprite is a million times better than my original draft. Regardless of the outcome of the polls, I've got myself a few snazzy-looking avatars to use in the future. I'm already a winner! ;-)

EDIT: New fronts as posted later in this thread.

Well this is it. Thanks for the suggestions and support, everyone! I hope you like the final product. See you at the polls!
DJD, you did a great job, but aragornbird's just looks more "real" to me. Like it looks more like a sprite, you know? Yours is great though, I love your backsprites especially. Great job everyone!
Doug, your backsprite pose and shiny are absolutely superb, however, the style of your sprite just isn't my preference.

So I voted AB.

Either way, congrats to you guys for your second sprite win.
-_-. Next time Im gonna say "I hope this doesnt end up being a (insert my fav here) vs (insert everyone else´s fav here)" just the situation I didnt want to happen happened, seriously, this was for me, the most difficult choice. DJD backsprite is quite good, althought the shiny scheme was something I didnt like, meanwhiles, AB was an incredible front and back sprite, and the color was wonderful, so, sorry Doug, but my vote will you to AB
Props on all entries--this group of sprites showcased some of the best talent of any CAP so far.

It's a toss up, but out of the two remaining options, I picked Aragornbird if only because of the frontal pose.
I like Doug's shiny colors more, but at the same time I prefer Aragorn's Pose.

I have to go with Aragorn here, but honestly all the submissions were superb.


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Can we have Doug's backsprite and AB's front sprite ^_^
For the (hopefully) last time, no we cannot. Sprites are a package, and that's because the color palates aren't exactly the same, moreso on the shiny than the normal, and the spriting styles are different and unique.


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Aragorn's just looks a little bit more natural to me, I guess. Doug's sorta makes me think the heads are bursting out of the clouds like an egg. :X

It's not all that, but that's really all I can put into words.


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Uufff, too tough to call, but In the end I went with AB. I love yours too Doug, but something clicked more with his.


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Damn, I really thought Doug's would receive more love. Aragorn's looks good- I just don't see what sets it apart, or I guess, what's drawing its mass appeal. Not disappointed, just a little surprised.
aragornbirn all the way. It just captures the essence of Cyclohm better, I believe.
Doug's is awesome, but aragornbird's is even more awesome. Good job.
I voted DJD, because of his backsprite and shinys, and because I don't like AB's shiny colour scheme. The backsprite is what I will see when using Cyclohm, so it's important to me.

For the (hopefully) last time, no we cannot. Sprites are a package, and that's because the color palates aren't exactly the same, moreso on the shiny than the normal, and the spriting styles are different and unique.
I know that this is not a Policy Review thread, but in the next CAP could we possibly vote on front sprite designs, choose one, then all the spriters get to design a backsprite for it, and we choose that too? It would ass some time to the process, but ensure that we ended up with the very best sprite possible.
Going with Aragornbird; I'm not really a fan of DJD's shading style, but I love Aragornbird's soft shading. Also, Aragornbird's captures the cute look and personality of the original design better. Finally, although I admit DJD's shiny colours look pretty cool, I actually prefer Aragornbird's. Though the colour difference is more subtle than DJD's, it has a great feeling of 'specialness', which isn't really in DJD's...
I prefer Aragonbird's sprite it looks more eye-atching, and the spikyness makes it look more like an electric type, the steryotypical thunderbolts.
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