CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 15 - Sprite Poll 3

Which sprite should we use?

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I know that this is not a Policy Review thread, but in the next CAP could we possibly vote on front sprite designs, choose one, then all the spriters get to design a backsprite for it, and we choose that too? It would ass some time to the process, but ensure that we ended up with the very best sprite possible.
If we did this, we'd end up with all the back sprites looking virtually the same because of the confines of the design. At least when going from concept art to sprite, there's room for artistic licence.

Voted aragornbird's purely because I prefer the way he did the cloud. Everything else between the two sprites was a tie for me.
Had to go with Doug's again; the shiny is better and it overall the whole sprite just looks more awesome, while Aragornbird's is too cute-looking.

Looks like most of the CAPpers prefer cute, though. Eh, the Rolling Stones told me I can't always get what I want; maybe a sprite I like will win next time.
I'm voting for DJDs. I personally do not like the off yellow of the shineys on ABs (I like the a Shiney to look sharp and different, not a shade darker like zapdos)
Thats said I do really like ABs front sprite, but alas.

I'm votinf for DougJustDooug's sprite, as I did in the another poll. The reasoning of this action is that I simply love the backspirte (well, at least I like it more than the other), becouse the facila ones are more and less the same but diferent colors and diferent vision angle.
personally I'd love Doug's front sprite with AB's back sprite, but that's just me I guess.

voted AB though.
haha, exact opposite here. I love doug's back sprite, and I feel like I'd end up seeing more of the back sprite than the front, so I voted doug. AB's work is terrific overall, though.
It's more of Doug's shiny getting me than the difference in the sprites, although of the two I'd have say that Doug's looks sleeker and therefore further deserves my vote.
I liked both of them a lot, but ultimately I had to go with Aragornbird's. Personally, I think that the front sprites are equally good, but Aragornbird's back sprite seemed a little more game-like than DJD's. Great job to both though!


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I honestly need to just out my support out there for Doug. His sprite was above and beyond what I wanted for this CAP to look like, and his back sprite is nothing but amazing. The shading was done very well and the back sprites were what I was looking for in a Dragon-type CAP. AragonBird did an amazing job as well, but honestly his back sprites just didn't cut it for me, neither did his shiney sprites. If there was a way to use AB's front sprites and Doug's back sprites I would be pretty happy.

Good job to you both, you created very real looking sprites, and made excellent contributions. The only sad part is that one of you has to lose (though it looks like Doug at this point).
I've abstained. Of the choices provided, I honestly cannot pick one I prefer over the other, and I can see the points both sides make in their respective defenses. Though I don't personally "feel" AB's sprite if you understand my meaning, it has "the look" of a sprite as some people have said; if I didn't know better, I honestly might have thought it was from the game itself. (My main issue with AB's is that it looks more like a juvenile or pre-evo of Cyclohm--a very well done sprite, but not quite what I'd want.)
DJD's submission has great styling, and artistically I like/love it, but it honestly seems too..."solid", I guess. It seems a markedly different style from how Nintendo does their sprites, like it wouldn't fit in if you showed it side-by-side with other members of an "official" team (or whatever the appropriate term is for the 493 Nintendo-recognized pokes).

Though I will say, congratulations to both of you. You're fantastic sprite artists and making it this far proves it. Not that you needed any proof; the art speaks for itself. YOU TWO ARE THE VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. (Sorry, I couldn't help it, it was right there.)
This poll is over. Congratulations to both spriters, as well as everyone who participated!

Aragornbird's sprite will be the official sprite of CAP8, which will be used on Shoddy Battle for playtesting!
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