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This is the thread for people to apply for membership on the Policy Review Committee for the upcoming creation project. Do not suggest other people.

The Policy Review Committee performs the following key functions:
  • Selecting a Topic Leader for the CAP Project
  • Creating Policy Review topics
  • Voting in Policy Review polls
The Policy Review Committee selection process is designed to be open to any qualified members. This is not a popularity contest. Policy Review Committee applications are open to anyone with an established record of recent, active involvement on the CAP project. The main purpose of this thread, is to force members to overtly request to be a part of the committee, and be willing to advertise their recent track record of involvement on the CAP project. That's it. Selection to this committee should have nothing to do with whether a person is "liked" or "disliked" -- but you must be "active".

All Topic Leader nominees will be automatically applied for membership on the Policy Review Committee, after the conclusion of the Topic Leader vote. Anyone that is active enough on the CAP project to seek the TL position, is assumed to be active enough to desire a position on the Policy Review Committee. However, just because the TL nominees are automatically applied for membership on the Policy Review Committee, does not mean they will be automatically selected. See the Policy Review Committee Guide for more information.

This thread is strictly for PRC application posts. Do not post support for any applicants, since this is not a public poll. This is not a discussion topic about the Policy Review Committee, so please do not ask questions about it here.

Here are the rules for Policy Review Committee application posting:
  • Candidates must have been actively involved over the past two most recent CAP projects (CAP 7 and 8). Voting is not "active involvement". Lurking is not "active involvement". You must have a strong track record of making intelligent posts and contributions to the project. Active playtesting on the CAP server is a highly valued contribution to the project.
  • You must have a clear understanding of the CAP process and rules. If you are not familiar with current policy, you cannot expect to participate in changing it.
  • Current PRC members are no longer automatically accepted onto the new Policy Review Committee. All members must apply equally, and all members will be evaluated equally.
  • PRC applicants should post an application in the following form:
    1. In a short paragraph, characterize your involvement with the last two CAP projects.
    2. In two or three sentences, characterize your activity on the Create-A-Pokémon Server.

    3. Link to a few posts in which you supported a choice with competitive reasoning and/or link to a few of your posts in a Policy Review thread.
  • Make application posts only. A sure-fire way to prove that you do not understand CAP rules is to go off-topic in this thread.
I voted in every kitsunoh poll and made a couple of arguments here and there. during the creation, I didn't make many significant contributions, but after it was done, I did a bit of work for the analysis. As for cyclohm, my movepool submission was second only to deck knight's and I argued several points in several different polls. I'm probably most infamous for sparking the "thunderdick" controversy, haha.

I'm regularly active on the server, and I try to keep in the top ten of the CAP leaderboard to ensure I don't lose track of the metagame. I could've been a playtest expert from my success in the syclant playtest, but something came up and I stopped laddering and dropped off the leaderboard for several weeks. oh yeah, and I'm a hal driver (and a halfop in #cap).
I'd like to apply for PRC.


Well, first off I've a member of the Create-A-Pokemon Project for about 1 year and 6 months(Since Syclant). In fact, this project was one of the only reasons I joined the Smogon Community. I'm on the CAP Server almost everyday and I keep a high rank on the ladder. I'm also a member of the CAP Drivers.

I think I've contributed a lot to CAP 7(Kitsunoh). I have took part in many discussion on both the CAP Forum and Server. I don't think I contributed as much as I did during CAP 8(Cyclohm) than CAP 7. I've also in an inactive stat during some of the Policy Review threads and during Pyroak and Fidigit playtesting. Though I've only recently started to post regularly about 2 weeks back(School reopening gave me a jump start I guess).

Oh well, that's it for me. Thank you for your time.


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Thus far, my contributions to the CaP forums have been little more than regularly voting and a post here and there. However, since the server's creation I have been routinely battling Playtest after each creation, as well as CaP in the hiatus between projects. Despite being relatively unactive in the forums, I wish to remedy that by becoming a involved in the Policy Review Commity. Some people solely "theorymon" for CaP, however as constant ladderer I believe that my battling experience will prove worthwhile in the upcoming CaP project.

I've been with CaP since Syclant and have come to our Server nearly everyday since. On general CaP/playtest ladder I'm often on the leaderboard with another alt in the top 10, but I've also recently gotten into playing LC on the server. I'm a persistent battler and have become known as a "ladder whore" to those on the server (which I'm quite proud of!).


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I'd like to apply for the PRC.

I'm primarily a major contributor to the art side of CAP. Though I haven't taken part in many of the forum discussions for the past few CAPs, I'm fairly involved in CAP discussion on #cap. I've also had a hand as an ATL, and worked diligently as TL when Cyberzero was unable to perform his duties for a period of time.

Admittedly, my time on the server has been low (well, I haven't been on at all :P) as of late, but only because I've been busy with other things during the summer. With most issues cleared up, I think I can become more active on the server again...
I'm going to edit this post with my application later (although if I apply for TL that won't be necessary!).

I would like to remind everyone that previous membership holds no weight in the application process now. Additions to your post like "applying again" won't matter. Everyone is standing on equal ground.
I've been waiting for a really long time to join the Policy Committee, and I feel that I have the experience to be a great member in it.

I've been with CAP ever since Syclant was just released, under a different nick as many CAP regulars know. I have spent a lot of time contributing to CAP by writing revamps of 3 CAPs (Syclant, Stratagem, Arghonaut), posting observations in each of CAP's playtesting periods, answering questions in the thread, and helping people out in general.

Sadly, I took a long break several months ago, and I decided to come back at the start of CAP 8. Even though I may have missed a couple of CAP projects, including CAP 7, I still feel that my contributions in CAP 8 and the forum in general is more than enough to consider me as a Policy Committee member.

I am extremely active on both the CAP server and IRC, proof being that I am a driver for HAL and a HOp.

Thanks for taking the time reading this.
I'd like to apply for the PRC.

I've been active in every CAP since CAP4, and especially active during the last two, where I functioned as ATL and TL, respectively. I regularly visit the forums and keep up with each thread, contributing anything I feel that I can help with.

I am also a server regular, staying on every day. I battle consistently and contribute to conversations in the main chat and am a driver for HAL9000. Unfortunately, my IRC client hasn't been working and I have no way of getting on IRC so my activity on #cap has been minimal, to say the least, but I used to frequent it back when my client was functional.

Thank you for your consideration!


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Though I am relatively 'new' to CAP, I do feel that I could make a decent Policy Review member.

I was actively involved with CAP8, arguing wherever I could for what I thought would have been best - though sadly I was beaten out by Deck. I tried my hardest to make the CAP the best it could be, and to be honest I was quite happy with the outcome of it.

During CAP8 I helped count votes in art threads, and sadly CAP8 had a large wait in it before the next one, so I decided to keep myself busy. I was a driver on the Creat-a-Pokemon server, but asked to be removed due to inactivity (shoddy isn't working well right now), though you should expect my activity to increase once ShoddyBattle2 comes out. I talk on #cap often, in fact I am a half-op there. Probably the last point I can make is that I helped with /cap/ adding in moves for the pokemon, and whatever other odd jobs anyone asked me to do.

Thank you for reading this.
I am applying to the PRC.

Hi, I'm Hydrolphin (if you haven't guessed). I like to think of myself as an active member of the community here at CAP. I started contributing back in CAP6 and became quite active during both CAP7 and 8. I submitted a movepool to Cyclohm and Kitsunoh, though neither made it far. I also try to comment in every PR thread I can. While I'm definately not the most influential user, or user who does well in every poll, I contribute as much as I can, and hope to be in the PCR again.

As for server activity, I tend to be active most of the time, though I haven't been so active since the end of CAP8, due to honestly a lack of intrest in the playtesting, and later on for personal issues. However, when I'm active, I definately battle a lot, and my life is in order right now, so I will be more active in the coming months.

And it looks like I'll be the first to abuse the old post posting thing.
Here is a post from CAP8

Secondary typing poll
"i'm applying again"
...wait fuck we can't do that anymore!

I'm applying to the PRC.

Over the last two CAPs... I submitted the concept for Cyclohm. I think that's about it =s. I may have submitted random things along CAP7/8 as well as been active in the discussions, but I do not remember them. However, I was pretty heavily involved in the CAP Playtesting that happened at the end of CAP 8, and I have taken part in a few IRC policy review discussions and Policy Review topics in that time.

I'm a mod if that says anything about my server activity (lol). The Playtesting also probably speaks a lot, though I was admittedly inactive for the last few due to vacations. I try and idle on CAP and moderate the chat when things get out of hand if I'm on...
Meh, I guess I'll call shotgun in the PRC

I've signed up to Smogon Forums just in time to participate in the creation of Pyroak. And I mean properly participate, not just lurk and vote in the polls. I've submitted a handful of concepts and submission spreads and maybe a couple of names. I've also explained why I suggested these and voted for what I did, and I've also defended myself from a few critiques. Hell, I've even asked for some at times. I should note that I have been decently involved in the creations of both Kitsunoh and Cyclohm

I try to stay as active as possible, though as I hate to admit, my activity significantly drops in the later stages of each CAP. I also try to battle as often as possible. I am a reasonably strong battler, and I have won battles against DK
Applying to PRC

I'm assuming these reasons are already trivial, but whatever. You guys have already made up your minds regarding everyone who submits anyway.

I've been involved since CAP4 and have consistently attempted to contribute since. My contributions may not be as obvious as some of the higher-ups, but my opinion always gets across. I typically contribute to discussions and more competitive based threads, rather than type out essays or battle a whole lot.
If you're still unsure about my intent regarding this project, actually discuss it with me rather than assume.
I'd like to apply for the PRC.

I actually joined up to smogon for CaP iirc, and lurked around the server a fair bit. However, just after Fidgit was started I lost interest in pokemon...I have actively participated in all CaP projects since then, though none of my submissions have got very far(I plan to change that).

As for server activity, I have been on very infrequently since Cyclohm, due to school and personal reasons. Unfortunately, when I do go on, the server is devoid of people due to time zones:( However, on the weekends I can get some quality battles, and participate in discussions. The same can pretty much be said for #cap. However, the holidays are coming up, so this means I can be on more when the server is active.

Thanks for consideration...


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I'd like to apply for the PRC

I have been active through the entire CAP8, from the concept threads (where my concept made it to the final pair) to the PR threads which came shortly after. Even if I miss out on CAP7, I think that I made several contributions throughout the CAP forum (I proposed the edited Syclant movepoll after its revision process, and I have contributed with a Revenankh analysis for the first version of the CAP metagame anlaysis by sbc, above other things). I had also a good deal of activity on the CAP server, even if lately my efforts on the OU ladder and some issues outside Internet kept me from contributing more than I wanted to the server activity.
Overall, I think I could give something to the PRC. Hovewer, should what I said not be deemed enough, I will just contribute to CAP9 and wait for CAP10.

Thanks for your attention

EDIT: As a sample of my efforts of participating in CAP, I'll link the PR thread I posted a while ago:


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Applying for PRC

I've been active forumwise, having been TL for CAP 7 and participating in certain discussions, for better or worse. I was active in CAP 8 also, participating in discussion often - sometimes bringing things up that had not yet been discussed - and made a few submissions here and there. I have also done various things outside of the particular projects, mainly discussion in PR, some work in the Kitsunoh analysis, and a little contribution in the recent website.

Outside of the forum, I'm active on #CAP and Doug's CAP Server as a mod. I battle frequently, and was Playtesting Expert for Cyclohm. I participate frequently and the chat and discussions in the chat, moderating as usual and... generally being active, I guess.


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Hi, I'm applying for PRC.

In CaP 7, my contribution was admittedly minimal. I don't recall even voting in most of the polls therein, primarily because I was more concerned with my real life than Pokemon at that point. I was incapable of testing Kitsunoh during the Playtest phase because I did not have internet access.

In CaP 8, however, I helped the Topic Leader cyberzero with a number of things, including the all-important Competitive Move slate. While I did not post my own opinions as frequently as I might have, I did debate certain points of CaP 8 on the server with anyone who was willing to argue. I was also quite active during the Playtest phase of CaP 8 and got a good grasp of how to use Cyclohm, as well as how it influenced the metagame. While I did not achieve a stellar ladder rating, I did maintain a good win/loss ratio with my team, the exact strategy of which is detailed in my CaP 8 RMT.

I am a very active server member, evidenced by my driver privileges. If my computer is on, it is more often than not connected to the CaP server. I only play a battle or two on the CaP server everyday on average, I know the ins and outs of the metagame and am always willing to help new people get into the CaP metagame. I am not as active on #cap, though I do have VOps there and occasionally talk.

Thanks for your consideration!


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PRC applications are now closed. I will get together with the forum staff and we will evaluate the applications. We will post the CAP 9 Policy Review Committee in this thread soon.


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We have reviewed all the applications, and we feel that the members listed below have sufficient experience, participation, and understanding of CAP Policy to participate in setting policy for the duration of the next CAP project. After the TL selection vote is complete, all TL nominees will be reviewed for inclusion on the Policy Committee, and new additions will be edited into this post. The selected Topic Leader will be automatically added.

Congratulations to the CAP 9 Policy Review Committee!

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