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This is the thread for people to announce their desire to be the Topic Leader for the upcoming creation project. Do not suggest other people. If someone doesn't strongly desire to be a Topic Leader without provocation, then we don't need them signing up for the job. Topic Leader is not an honorary title. It requires a lot of work and attention. If you are not prepared to fulfill all the responsibilities, then do not throw your hat in the ring.

Topic leaders should have the following qualifications:
  • Deep knowledge of the game of Pokemon
  • Familiarity with competitive Pokemon concepts, strategy and philosophy, as practiced within Smogon
  • Willing to voice opinions and lead others
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Creative, "outside-of-the-box" thinker
  • Good writing skills
  • Level-headed when resolving disputes
  • Liked and respected by the CAP community

Once CAP 9 starts, the Topic Leader will be the most important, most visible member of the CAP community, and is expected to be a strong guiding force throughout the creation process. If you are selected, you will have a great deal of power to influence the project. But you also have a responsibility to stay on top of things. You will have forum moderators and an assistant to help you sometimes, but you need to be regularly active on the project until it is complete. All potential candidates should look through the Topic Leadership Guide, to get an idea of what will be expected of you, if you are selected to be the CAP 9 Topic Leader.

To avoid confusion -- Topic Leader nominees will automatically be considered applicants for the CAP 9 Policy Review Committee, after the Topic Leader vote is complete. See the Policy Review Committee Application thread for more information regarding the the Policy Review Committee.

This thread is strictly for candidacy posts, and posts supporting those candidates. Please stay on topic.

Here are the guidelines for posting in this thread:
  • Candidates must have been actively involved through the entire duration of the most recent CAP project (CAP 8). Involvement in multiple CAP projects is strongly preferred.
  • Do not suggest other people. If you want you encourage someone else to run, then send them a PM.
  • If you are new to the CAP project, don't bother signing up to be a Topic Leader. Lurk more.
  • Include a summary of your involvement in the CAP project.
  • Make a pitch for why you should be selected. If you can't present and defend yourself, then how can you expect to lead a project whose primary function is discussion and debate? Convince us that you are a good choice. Emphasize how you exemplify the qualifications listed above.
  • Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar are great ways to look like an uneducated idiot. It's not a great way to look like a thoughtful, intelligent, community leader.
  • Even if you don't think you are better-qualified than certain other candidates, you still should consider posting a candidacy. Candidates not selected as the TL for this project, will be on the "watch list" by the community for next time. Don't post your name if you don't intend to be active in the project, even if you are not selected. Like I said, if you post here, people will be scrutinizing your involvement more closely in the future.
  • Feel free to post support for any candidates already named. Please back up why you are supporting a candidate with some reasoning though.
  • Please do not post disparaging remarks about any candidates.
If these rules are not followed by all posters, the offenders will be moderated.

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Crap guys I don't think I'm level-headed in resolving disputes (starting them, however...)

Elevator (Music?) Pitch:
I've tried to contribute my best to each aspect of the CAP project since the very beginning in ways great and small. I would love the chance to go through the early concepts and give detailed explanations for why i think a concept is or is not worth pursuing. I can get kind of wonkish on theorymon.

To be honest I prefer building teams based around supporting a single pokemon and optimize its performance. This is why my favorite tier to build teams for is Little Cup, since its the most conducive to such an effort. I need to brush up on my DP OU skills, I'd probably be just as good as it if I wrapped my head around each OU pokemon like I do each LC pokemon.

I love to debate, as anyone who has spent even 24 hours in Create-A-Pokemon Forum during a CAP Project can tell. I hope I'll be able to spark discussion between competing ideas and give my critique of them, for good or ill. I'm a very gimmicky user, so nothing is too "out there" for me. It does need to be backed up by something solid. Don't tell me you're out to make the "Ultimate Gravity Pokemon" and then refuse to argue for Ground or low-accuracy moves to exploit Gravity's in-battle effect, for example.

CAP is always an intense rush for me. I would be proud to get this relaunch off on the right foot.

Involvement in CAP8:

Objective Contributions:
With tennisace's help I proposed the winning Base Stats for Cyclohm.
I proposed the winning Movepool for Cyclohm

Subjective Contributions:

I was forceful in arguing for my type/ability/other preference throughout the entire project. The most boistrous, forceful, and direct was probably in arguing first for the slate of abilities and then Static as a secondary ability. I was literally there at the start of every poll to make my case and argue the merits.
I also don't want to be too self-aggrandizing here, but I did try my best to bring some leadership and focus into the direction of CAP8. I think the results speak for themselves, with two viable yet completely different set archetypes.

Involvement in CAP7:

Objective Contributions:
I named Kitsunoh.

Subjective Contributions:

I argued very forcefully for an expanded movepool on the basis that so many OU pokemon with stats similar to Kitsunohs always managed to fall into UU without the coverage. There was also all that ruckus in the unique move topic about whether we should have some kind of super-U-turn or not. I tried to guide it towards a more concrete move that wasn't a move tweak.

I promise to serve and protect CAP9 if chosen as Topic Leader. Revs and Roaks! CAP Forever!


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Might as well try. I've been meaning to do so for a while and this can't hurt!

I started frequenting CAP at the end of Syclant, and to this day I have consistently improved my contributions to this project. I am now a CAP Shoddy Moderator, and I know the ins and outs of this project. I feel that I have the ability as to whether I can distinguish the good from the bad, the gimmicky to the solid, and when things are pure theorymon and when they are not.

I like to think I am fairly skilled in battling. I am a Smogon Tutor as you may know, and I've even helped my tutees learn CAP as well, all of which have succeeded greatly in the game. (My current one skyrocketed into the leaderboard in half an hour!) I've been able to ladder up to 1700 and get to the 1600s on the CAP and Standard Ladders respectively as well as trying to find new and innovative things for the CAP Metagame. Notably, I was the first CAP Playtesting Expert back in CAP 7 where we did our first *organized* CAP Playtesting.

I feel that Pokemon sometimes takes steps in the wrong direction and people don't even realize it, simply because the metagame has basically brainwashed them. CAP is no different -- there are always common misconceptions about CAPs and I feel like I can point those out. Just like the project, I'll try to make sure everything is in the right place.

I am a fairly offensive battler, but I am fully capable of both Stall and Balance, both of which I have still had great success with. I believe in changing the metagame by staying one step ahead of the game, and I encourage CAP to try new things and keep it simple. I don't mind gimmicks as long as they work, but hell, that wouldn't be a gimmick then! I also hate theorymon, so I urge you to try what you say first if it is possible.

As for other non battling contributions, I've been active in PR for these past few CAPs, and made the PR Committee thread for revision. I like to voice my opinion around these parts because CAP is a pretty nice place that allows for others to listen and share thoughts. I am also hosting the CAP Ubers Discussion Thread, so everybody can prepare for upcoming tournaments that may come to CAP. On top of that, I post my RMTs on the CAP forum to voice my opinion on a certain pokemon, or when something I use tends to succeed and revolutionize something. Notable examples of this are popularizing Stratagem Leads and helping pointing out the misuse of Fidgit back in the day. (note how there aren't many fidgit leads nowadays)

I'd really like to help this project out, and I feel that I'm qualified enough to help lead this project. Go CAP 9!


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Topic Leader nominations are now closed. We will convene the Policy Review Committee and hold a vote. A voting thread will be opened soon.
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