Data CAP ASB Highlight Match (MATCH 3-23/11/2011) - Player Nominations

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HLM #3 | WEEK OF 23 / 11 / 2011

Welcome, one and all, to the greatest bi-weekly spectacle of ASB talent: the ASB Highlight Match! Highlight matches pit two of the top ASB players against each other for all to see! These matches will test the skills of the players chosen, and will give us a chance to see who comes out on top! Best of all, YOU are the one who gets to choose the participants! That's right, you will be voting on who gets to play who in these matches. It's a fun time for both the players and the spectators. You don't want to miss this battle, folks!


The format for each battle will always be different (save Disqualification rules). It will always follow the normal battle formatting rules, which are as follows:


Disqualification: 1 Day DQ / 2 Day Ref DQ
Switch Rules:
Item Rules:
Ability Rules:


  • Only evolved Pokemon are allowed unless stated otherwise in the specific battle.
  • A Highlight Match will always be one person against one person. That means no melee battles or tag battles.
  • This match does NOT count as a normal battle. That means it does not go against the current three battle maximum AND does not count as a win or a loss on a record.
Prizes consist of normal battle counters (that's 2 TC per trainer and 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC and any gained KO Counters per participating Pokemon). The winner receives 2 universal KO counters to spend as well and, of course, will be recorded as a Highlight Match winner!

Match #3: 11/23/2011


Format: 3v3
Style: Singles
Chills/Recovery: 2 chills / 5 recoveries
Disqualification: 1 Day DQ / 2 Day Ref DQ
Switch Rules: KO
Item Rules: On
Ability Rules: All
Arena: ASB Tournament Arena

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: After both team are sent in, one Pokemon will be randomly chosen from each player's team and be switched for a randomly chosen Pokemon belonging to the other player. Players MUST attach items to each individual Pokemon when they send in their team.

Anyone that wishes to ref this battle may PM me stating their qualifications to ref. I will choose one ref and one subref to avoid problems if the original ref has a conflict.

Previous Battles
Deck Knight vs. Rising_Dusk, Match 1 (The Bond of Friendship)
Flora vs. Engineer Pikachu, Match 2 (K.I.S.S)​

Player Nominations

In this stage, we will decide who will be in the poll to select the final two contestants. Post one to three players you would like to see battle. Order is not a factor.
Unofficial tally, just for people's reference (as of Texas Cloverleaf's post):

zarator: 11
Objection: 5
Alchemator: 4
SevenDeadlySins: 4
Flamestrike: 3
Kaxtar: 3
Terrador: 3
Athenodoros: 2
danmantincan: 2
Dogfish44: 2
Engineer Pikachu: 2
Its A Random: 2
LightWolf: 2
C$FP: 1
smashlloyd20: 1

No way in hell Zarator's getting on the final poll. No way at all.


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For some reasons, he's the one whose style intrigues me the most.

Also lol at all the noms for me, looks like I won't escape Highlight match anymore...^^

Also, since Zarator is getting the nom, I think it would be cool if you guys could chose me to battle him; Zarator and I need a Hydregion v Sazandora rematch, now with 100% broken paralysis/Substitute/Hax! /self promotion
SoS, regardless of timezones, decent enough activity allows at least one reffing a day, which, to be honest, is decent speed for a proper (that is, non-facility) match.
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