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Hello! We are currently in an awkward position with the Create-A-Pokemon Project. The release of BW2 has shaken up the OU metagame into a new territory that still needs more pioneering. We're also just coming off the high of CAP3: Mollux, which was an excellent project. So what are we to do now? Should we jump right into CAP4?

I am not entirely convinced. Here's a quote from DougJustDoug that he posted a few years ago. It applies to today's circumstances, so I'd like to share with you guys a portion of what he said.

CAP does not operate on a quota, and we do not have a mandate to simply keep cranking out pokemon every few months, no matter what. There is considerable time and effort that goes into the underpinnings of the CAP project and community. If we aren't in a position to conduct a meaningful project -- then I do not want to proceed forward to make a new pokemon simply because we have nothing better to do with our time. Because right now, with all the new activity in the 5th generation, I know I have plenty of other things to do with my time. And I suspect anyone else that can meaningfully contribute to the foundations of the CAP project has plenty of things to do as well. So, if there are people sitting around pining away to make a new fakemon, right in the face of an avalanche of 5th gen metagame activity -- then I'm not so sure we should really care to engage that audience here.
This really explains the situation we are in. Honestly, many of our CAP members are busy exploring the BW2 metagame. We need to continue to keep ourselves fresh on the new metagame in order to give competitive meaning to this project. Like DJD said, we don't have a quota of Pokemon to crank out. For right now, I recommend we wait a little longer for CAP4. I don't know if this means a few weeks or a month or two.

However, we definitely shouldn't be loafing around! There are plenty of loose ends that should be tied up. We should absolutely take advantage of this break to get our small CAP projects completed. The CAP moderators have discussed a list of things that we could work on. The list we've currently compiled can be found below. Note that each of these projects needs participation. I don't care who does it; it can be from members who have participated since Syclant to members who haven't even voted in CAP yet! If you have any interest in working on any of these projects, PM the noted leader in charge or post in this thread.

Continue Discussing CAP3
Leader: Deck Knight

There's still plenty of things that could and should be discussed about Mollux! I don't know where they could be posted; they probably belong in the Final Product thread. However, if you're feeling gumptious, feel free to make a thread on any one of these topics (or a topic of your own).
  • Did we meet our concept? How did the process go overall?
  • Was the playtest informative? What did we learn?
  • What kind of impact would Drought have made?
  • The PRC should discuss what they thought of the process (moderators as ATLs)

Officialize Gen4 CAP Pre-Evos
Leaders: All CAP moderators (PM Birkal if you have questions, for the time being)

This is something pretty crucial that we should finish up. There's plenty of work that's already done on Gen4 CAP Pre-Evos, but there is a lot of finalizing that should get done. These things include:
  • Stats
  • Gender Ratios
  • Evolution Levels
  • Movepools
  • Sprites
  • Artwork
This project is really cool, because it gets everyone involved, from movepool creators to artists to LC battlers. If you have any ideas on how we should go about finalizing these, send me and/or the other CAP moderators a PM. The PRC will probably be discussing Pre-Evos within the near future, so it will get resolved eventually, whether or not we discuss it in this thread. If this project becomes a hit, I'd be more than willing to work with Zarel and bmelts on implementing a CAP LC metagame.

Begin the Mollux Analysis
Leader: Deck Knight

If you're a writer and would like to write the Mollux analysis, please PM Deck Knight to get approval. We're looking for users who a) are able to write moderately intelligently and b) did considerably well in the playtest. If this doesn't get picked up within the next week or two, I will probably end up writing it personally, haha.

Going along with this, let's get the Necturna analysis finished up!

Continue Working on Animated Sprites
Leader: Wyverii

All the information on this project can be found in this topic. If you're a spriter or an animator, we'd love to have your help! PM Wyverii if you have any questions on this.

Continue Working on Policy Review Threads
Leaders: Birkal and capefeather

There's a bunch of work that Policy Review Committee members need to get done. The forum where this is all happening can be found here. Thankfully, the current group is quite active, and we need to continue that trend if we're going to succeed. Let's work on finishing up the five currently open topics. PRC members, you're more than welcome to post in any of those threads. Furthermore, I know that both DougJustDoug and I have PR topics that we want to discuss, so let's try to clean up a few of those threads within the next few weeks.

Update CAP Site Details
Leader: Birkal

The CAP site has been updated quite frequently within the past few months. DougJustDoug has done a phenomenal job of updating the site to 5th Generation CAPs. You can read more about that project here. However, there are many more pages on site that need updating. If you happen to find any of those pages, please PM them to me. I will do my best to make the changes and get them cached in a jiffy. If you're a badged CAP member, feel free to directly make the changes in the SCMS; I can cache them when I do my rounds.

That's about it! I know it looks like a lot, but we're welcome to do it at our leisure. Talk with other CAP members about it on IRC and decide which projects you want to work on. We'd appreciate any help; it would go a long way in making this project as solid as can be. Post in this thread with what you'd like to work on and we'll get you integrated into those projects. Also post any of your thoughts and general comments about the CAP3 to CAP4 Gap in this thread, especially if they are constructive. Thanks again for your help! We truly appreciate it. Now let's get as much of this done as possible before CAP4.


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Yay! CAP stuff! Oh man, I am really excited for all of these projects and would love to help in any way I can. Prevos are something that I have been looking forward to for a while, and I am want to participate in that as much as I can. You can always count on me to participate in the policy review stuff, and continue discussion on CAP3 in whatever capacity we decide on. As for the analysis, I have never been too much of a writer, but as someone who participated a lot and did fairly well in the playtest, I would be glad to help with in however I am able.

Helpin update the CAP site is another thing I would love to help with. The ability to help with this was actually one of the things I was most excited about upon receiving my badge. As I mentioned on IRC, I do not really know much about HTML yet, but I intend to teach myself shortly, and will try to improve the site however possible.

And as for the animated sprites... I will gladly watch and tell all the spriters/animators how amazing they are.

So excited that all this stuff is finally getting underway.


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The following Guides are in desperate need of updating

Competitive Moves
Guide to Creating a CAP Movepool

And to be honest the VGM list needs updating again, so the movepool submissions guide probably needs rewriting as well

We should also probably make an Archive section for on-site articles as quite a few of them are out of date but should stay as a resource for what we did in the past

Also Arghonaut's Unaware needs changing to Avast


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I applied to do the Mollux Analysis. I figure that I have a solid enough grasp of the pokemon as well as its various moves and what not to write one.

I could also help with gen4 Pre-evos. Movepools definitely, since I got a lot of practice with Mollux movepool wise. I reckon we should treat them as "Mini-CAPs," as something to do inbetween CAP projects. However, at the same time, if we're going to foster a CAP LC minigame, I think that we should start taking them a bit more seriously.

In addition, I think we should wait two, three weeks at most to start on CAP4. No offence, but the meta didn't shake up nearly as badly as it does whenever a entirely new generation is released, and we've already had almost a month to explore it. Almost two months should be enough, in my opinion, but that's just me.


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Happy to help with Prevos. Also happy to help with/write myself any of those guides. Alternatively updating the vgm list sounds cool too.

Definitely would love to see a real LC CAP meta happen as a side project. It would give us the capability of seeing how CAP extends beyond OU, where the focus on the projects that produced LC components really resided.
Really, I want to learn more about CAP in any way possible. While observing CAP3, it seemed like things were in disarray, with established members leaving and new members trying to contribute without a lot of help.

I think officializing the G4 CAP pre-evos would be the best way to help new members to the CAP community improve their skills while still contributing to it. I do want to help in anyway I can. Even though my semester starts in a month, I find creating pokemon (amongst other things) to be a great reliever of stress.


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Yeahhh :D Officializing the Gen4 Prevo's is a great thing to do. I've been nosing around looking for their stats for awhile and I'd love to have some concrete stuff to work from. We already have artwork and the like. Not so sure on making them LC compatible... But we'll see.

I think the VGM list might need adjusting again too like BmB said.
I'd be interested to work on the prevos. Just one quick question, though. How similar will the end product need to be to the ASB prevos, if at all?
Not at all, ASB should not and does not influence decisions made in CAP proper.
Any changes made to current prevos will be reflected in an immediate change to ASB in order to reflect CAP canon.