CaP Website Art Contest - Poll 1

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1. Wyverii

Wyverii, those pictures are so amazing. I love the way that they have so much detail in them. That's added to the fact you did it all in MS Paint, adding to the difficulty.

2. Cartoons!

Man, those are just as good as Wyverii's imo. I like how you took them into your own style. They seem to leap off the screen!

3. CyzirVisheen

Digging the marker. Syclant and Pyroak are amazing, but Revvy is a little too...thin is I guess how I would say it. The pose is ok, but something seems off. Great job though, more than I could ever do!

Also, where's Lady_Sunday?
my vote exactly. cartoons almost got first though, but that might just be bias for the stuff he does on his art thread


just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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[U]Artist[/U]:  [U]First[/U]:  [U]Second[/U]:  [U]Third[/U]:  [U]Points[/U]:
Cartoons   32       15      8       213
Wyverii     8       19      21      118
Cyzir      12       12      17      113
Kopie       5        8       7       56
Poopazing   1        2       0       11
CasMat      0        2       4       10
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