CAP1 - Part 11.5b - (Pre-Evo Art Poll 3)

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Alright, this is it!

The following two entrants have survived the second poll and are now moving onto the final bold vote stage. To reiterate, this is a bold vote, which means that you can vote for only your favorite remaining entry. No matter what, one of these entries will be PreCAP1's art design after this poll, so choose your favorite!

Below are the submissions that you can vote for in the order that they were ranked in the last poll:
I've reiterated some rules for this vote below so that everyone knows exactly what's going on. These rules were shamelessly taken from the main CAP1's art thread for continuity.

  • Do not bold any text other than your votes.
    The script we use to count the votes looks at bolded text, and ignores all other text. You can still write other non-bolded things in your post, but don't bold them or it will mess up your vote.
  • Vote for exactly one artist.
  • Spell the artist name exactly as it is spelled below.
    It is not case sensitive, but please remember that your vote will not count unless it is the artist's name spelled correctly. (e.g. "Cyzir_Visheen" is not CyzirVisheen)
Good luck!

Main Design

Supporting Material

Side-on pose showing spots and egg shaped body.

This Tomohawk prevo concept is a little cub with a protective fluffy egg body. The ruffles around its face show the beginnings of the feather-like fur that Tomohawk uses for flight after it evolves. Its wide, flat, oversized arms hint at wings. Tomohawk's purple markings are foreshadowed in the purple spots on cub-hawk's egg body.
Wait for me!

The pre-evolved form begins the Native American theme for Tomohawk. These guys may be little, but they are very mischievous and sneaky. They form small tribes with their evolved forms and like to practice sparring with each other. However their speed in combat is often hindered by their stubby legs. The goal of their tribe elders is to teach them to become better fighters by unlocking their hidden strength rather than relying on their physical strength.

Supporting Material:

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