CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 3)

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This is the final showdown of art! The winner of this poll becomes the face of CAP1. This will be a Bold Vote, meaning you may vote for one, and only one, submission. Do not bold any text other than your vote.

Here are the finalists:

Final Submission

Its fur hardens into flat, lightweight quills which act as feathers, offer protection, and fool enemies into thinking its a large bird of prey. It'll circle an area under its protection, scaring off rivals and predators. It's been a popular subject for totem polls in tribal societies, known for its effectiveness in scaring off enemies.


A backshot of the hulking figure.

Older versions of this concept.
Main Design:

Supporting Material:
This Pokemon is based on a martial arts grandmaster and has a grandfatherly personality to match. Its center section is styled after a Yin-Yang belt and symbolizes balance. Its strategy for dispatching opponents is similar to Judo which uses the momentum of ones opponent to gain the upper hand in combat. However, this panda can also be intimidating as all teachers can be:
Pandamon would inhabit cloud forests and tall mountains. These pokemon are known to float through the air suspended only by what appears to be a cloud-like mane of hair and the clouds gathered around their wrists and trailing off their feet. Throughout the year, the color of this pokemon's midriff changes with the season:
An example of spring coloration:

Red/Yellow vs Green/White:
Now see, let me explain my reasoning on the chosen final submission color scheme. This was a very tough decision to make but I am confident in my choice. First, I looked at the two side by side and thought, "How am I to know that this is a fighting pokemon without knowing any of its backstory? Well, assuming that I don't know its backstory, I would first guess that it's flying because of the clouds. Next, I would guess it's green so that must mean it's grass! Well wait, It's a large round mammal, it could be normal too. Goodness knows we don't need another normal/flying pokemon." So I decided that the red/yellow color scheme was better for the pokemon overall. I think it solidly puts it in the realm of fighting rather than grass. Also, the red and yellow coloring brings out the oriental origins of this pokemon!
This poll will close at 10 PM EDT, 3/27/11. Congratulations to the finalists!
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