CAP1 - Part 9.5b - (Pre-Evo Typing Poll 1)

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Once again into the breach we go, forging forward with our pre-evo's development. This is the pre-evo typing poll, where we decide the type combination for CAP1's pre-evolution.

The following are options for this poll:
Flying / Fighting
Normal / Fighting
Flying / Normal
This will be an IRV poll, which means that you can vote for all of your favorite combinations in order of preference. Do not bold any other text in your votes other than your preferences themselves. This is a purely flavor poll, CAP1's pre-evos will be banned during playtest, so don't assume anything competitive from this. That doesn't stop you from thinking about LC or something, but know that what we decide here has no bearing on CAP1's playtest.

Here's our CAP so far:
Name: Tomohawk
Typing: Flying / Fighting
Base Stats: 105 HP / 60 Atk / 90 Def / 115 SpA / 80 SpD / 85 Spe
Abilities: Intimidate / Prankster
Pre-Evos: One
Normal / Fighting

What exactly is the difference between Normal / Fighting and Fighting.


Normal / Fighting
  • immune to Ghost moves
  • weak to Fighting moves
  • has Normal STAB
  • neutral to Fighting moves
Non-competitively: Normal / Fighting just seems more flavorful and sensible.
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