Completed CRUSH THE COMBEE!!! ~ Starring IceBug and It's_A_Random!

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Good evening, ASB fans, and now that most of the kids have stopped watching, it's time to turn on some more graphic programming.


Back by popular demand, we're once again going to witness massive Pokemon destroying this poor Combee at record speed! I'm your host, Caliber, and here's the (rather loose and unnecessary) conditions, as well as your combatants:

IceBug said:
1vCombee (No W/L/T)
1 day DQ
0 Recover/0 Chill
Arena: Somewhere
It's_A_Random said:
All Abilities
Items On

Arena: Just some random field with Rocks present. Nothing special.

On the losing side--I mean IceBug's side...

Honeybuns Combee (F)
Nature: Relaxed (+1 Def, -15% Speed, -10% Evasion)

Type: Bug/Flying
Bug: Bug STAB; More mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gain an extra guaranteed attack on multi-hit moves.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks outside extremely odd circumstances even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.


HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 3 (+)
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 60 (70/1.15)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 13

EC: 2/6
MC: 6
DC: 2/5

Honey Gather: (Innate) This Pokemon emits a scent of sweet honey that lowers all foes' Evasion by one (1) Stage.
Hustle (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon puts immense force and speed in its physical attacks, increasing the Base Attack Power of all its physical attacks by three (3), but the haste used lowers their accuracy to 80% of normal.

Attacks (6):

Sweet Scent
Bug Bite

Ominous Wind
Air Cutter

And, on the far more powerful side...

Rhyperior [Granmarg] (M)
NATURE: Sassy (-10% Evasion)

: Rock STAB; Take 2 less damage from all special attacks during Sandstorm. Able to use Sand Tomb without losing focus.
Ground: Ground STAB; Immune to all electrical attacks, can Dig through almost any substance, Evasive Digging reduced from 3 per action Energy Cost to 2 per action, superior senses in darkened cave surroundings.

: (Innate) These Pokemon naturally attract electricity to themselves and away from partners in double battles. When struck with an Electric attack, they transfer the energy into their body, using it to increase their Special Attack by one (1) stage. A boost gained this way by an opponent's attack will be maintained at the end of each round. Self-targeted attacks do not maintain boosts.
Solid Rock: (Innate) This Pokemon’s body is extremely solid and durable, and the Base Attack Power of incoming super-effective attacks is reduced by two (2).
Reckless (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon has an innately aggressive nature that lets it use all-out attacks with recoil more effectively. Recoil attacks from this Pokemon have two (2) more Base Attack Power, and recoil percentage is unaffected.

HP: 110
Atk: Rank 5
Def: Rank 5
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 3 (+)
Spe: 34 (-)
Size Class: 5
Weight Class: 7
Base Rank Total: 20

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Poison Jab
Horn Attack
Tail Whip
Fury Attack
Scary Face
Rock Blast
Hammer Arm
Drill Run
Rock Wrecker

Rock Slide

Thunder Fang

-IAR issues actions
-IceBug tries to issue actions

I want a good, clean fight.

...Not really.



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"Well Granmarg, let's see..."

Rock Blast: (3 (BP)+3 (STAB)+3 (Rank Difference)+2 (Expert Belt))*2.25 (SE)=11*2.25=~25 Damage per hit

"Looking at that, if we get 4 hits, we can OHKO the Combee! So let's go Granmarg, show your might, and...CRUSH THE COMBEE!!!"
Honeybuns, you know what you must do...

Sweet Scent + Tailwind combo - cooldown - Give Rhyperior a Hug

Make a breeze so fragrant and wonderful that Rhyperior drops his weapons and we sign a peace treaty, agree to a tie, and go eat some honey ice cream at the Combeeland food court!

Type: Ground/Rock
HP: 110
Energy: 100
Status: N/A
Boosts/Drops: N/A


Type: Bug/Flying
HP: 90
Energy: 100
Status: N/A
Boosts/Drops: N/A

-Round 1 begin-

Words...cannot describe what just occurred today. I've...taken it into my responsibility to record this event for our posterity, and for all who shall battle after us. Please, listen to my story.

Honeybuns Sweet Scent + Tailwind combo - Cooldown - Hug Rhyperior
Granmarg Rock Blast x3

Action 1
Granmarg used Rock Blast, hit confirms, hits five times, crits fail, does 15 (BP) + 3 (STAB) + 3 (Ranks) + 2 (Expert Belt) * 2.25 (4x weak) = 52 damage to Honeybuns, -6 energy

Honeybuns used Sweet Wind of Pacifism, hit confirms, crit fails, does -9001 (BP) + 3 (Fire) + 3 (Water) + 3 (Wind) + 3 (Earth) + 3 (Heart) + 649 (Friendship) + 19.99 (Combeeland Entrance Fee) + 1776 (Freedom) + 3 (STAB) - 1.5 (Ranks) = -6531.51 damage to Granmarg's resolve, Granmarg attended higher level education, Granmarg earned the Nobel Peace Prize, Granmarg was paralyzed, but Granmarg was able to overcome his condition for the good of all Combees across the world, Granmarg works with Honeybuns to draft up the greatest treaty in the history of ASB, and with both of their signatures it shall be drafted into law, -17 energy

Action 2
Honeybuns combo cooldown

Granmarg used Peace Treaty, the attack missed due to Honeybuns' lack of participation

Action 3
Honeybuns hugs Rhyperior, says she's sorry for her absence being the sole factor in not achieving world peace, Granmarg is confused, Granmarg questions his life, Granmarg questions his achievements, Granmarg finally realizes his purpose in the world, Granmarg cannot fall for these schemes, Granmarg cannot fall for these lies, Granmarg became enraged, Granmarg drank excessive amounts of alcohol, Honeybuns is paralyzed by fear, Granmarg decides that his life has no meaning, that all of his work had been for naught, that Combees are the scum of the earth and must be obliterated

Granmarg used Rock Blast, the attack missed

Action 4
Honeybuns pleads desperately for her survival, says that the world can be a better place without constant fighting, Granmarg became confused, knowing that inside the battle between crushing the Combee and saving every Combee still rages constantly, without stopping, and it's tearing apart his mind, making him unable to do his work, making him lose hope in the world with each passing day

Granmarg is confused, Granmarg hit himself in his confusion, Granmarg went back to his cache of alcohol, Granmarg became badly poisoned

Action 5
Honeybuns seeks medical help for Granmarg, but realizes that it's too late, and after a long and painful four hours in the emergency room, Honeybuns knows what she must do, for if she does not then not only will Granmarg die, but none of the problems she set out to solve will ever be solved, for the endless, brutal cycle of hatred and violence continues to occur, and Honeybuns knows she is the only one that can stop it

Granmarg was hurt by poison, Granmarg hit himself in his confusion

Action 6
Honeybuns gathers the Combees of the world after a long and arduous journey across every region known to man in a joyous song of praise and with her brothers and sisters creates a billowing gust of sweet wind that sweeps across the land, touches the hearts of every Pokemon in ASB, and leads the world into a new era of peace and happiness

Granmarg snapped out of his confusion

Action 7
Honeybuns presents the peace treaty again, knowing that now, the world can be saved, as long as Granmarg presents his signature, then the world can be right again, and that he can die in peace, knowing he had done at least one good deed in his life of destroying Bug/Flying types with 4x weaknesses

Granmarg was hurt by poison, but manages to make his way to the convention that day, and in his dying breath he signed away to a peaceful utopia in ASB forever, where there are no crushed Combees, no unfair fights, no 4x weaknesses, and honey-flavoured ice cream for everyone.

The End.

-Round 1 end-

Type: Ground/Rock
HP: 110
Energy: 94
Status: N/A
Boosts/Drops: N/A


Type: Bug/Flying
HP: 48
Energy: 83
Status: N/A
Boosts/Drops: N/A

The offer stands, Its_A_Random. Will you accept this treaty, and with it the happiness and freedom of every Combee on Earth? If not...then this story will have never happened. Granmarg's second Rock Blast would have hit, for he would be too blinded by rage to recognize the effort that Honeybuns had gone through to try and establish this new order. Do you want to be the sole murderer of this Combee, and her race?

Do you?


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Okay, so this is a major turn of events, I have been offered a treaty...Then I have one of those Angel-Devil situations...All these voices in my head...MAKE IT STOP!!! Either way, I would definitely have a tarnished reputation, regardless of which path I took. Granmarg sat there, confused, & Honeybuns was attempting to con me into signing the treaty...But then, that's when my "douche" side took over. Coming to this place specifically to Crush a Combee, I become fairly angry, ready to upset EVERYONE of the god knows how many spectators, I knew I should've ordered a Rock Wrecker+Rock Wrecker Combo...It was a guaranteed OHKO...Now, where was I? Ah, yes. I become a massive douche & burst out...


Oh, fuck, what did I just say...The audience starts to turn on me & Granmarg, calling for my head...This is not going to end well...
Sweet Wind of Hippyism must work, XVI, otherwise the terrorists win!!!

I'm sorry, IceBug. I'm sorry.

Granmarg...used Rock Blast.

It hit five times.

It did 52 damage.

It cost Granmarg 6 energy.

As the barrage of rocks pierced Honeybuns' frail and tiny shell, she had only one thought in her mind:



I get 2 RC.

IceBug and IAR each get 2 TC.

Granmarg gets 3 MC and 1 KOC.

Honeybuns...will be forever remembered in our hearts. She gets 1 EC, 3 MC, and 1 DC.

I have no more words.
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