Doodle's 'n...yeah you get it.

Most of everything I do is...well...doodles. I rarely have the inspiration to work on an actual piece, so...I'll post a few doodles that have relatively decent things in them. (Sorry for the splices of random kana in my work. I'm trying to practice in any way I can.)

I'll post more actual...pieces when I uh...have them.

Celsius, the ice summon spirit, from Tales of Symphonia.

A random magic girl WIP that I drew for fun and decided to color it for my partner. I'll re-post when it's colored completely.

Pikachu - Pikachu, Boruto (Bolt) - and some random...human form sketchy-ma-jig.

Just a bunch of doodles. A hand, a soulless mouse thinking about cheese, a creepy cat thinking about fish, a demented looking horse thinking about an apple.

More sketches. Some lady with a bird in her hair. A hat, a wiimote, and a candle.

Chibi me. A hand, and a bunch of kana.

Dog practice. ...I need lots of practice.

Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia.

Wooper. Nuff said.
Pretty cool stuff dude, and welcome to the forums.

I'm always a big fan of traditional pencilwork, I think it says a lot to not have a ctrl+alt+z option to undo and digitally alter your work. Hope to see more of your stuff around. Oh, and Tales of Symphonia ftw.
Thank you.

I don't have a tablet or any other means to do art. I don't even have a scanner, honestly. I have to work with the webcam on my laptop and try and take a decent photo of it.

I. Hate. Erasing. Dozens of lines. Just to get a hand right. I see what you mean, though. It's almost more satisfying when you get it right.

Tales of Symphonia changed my life. I swear. I was against games until my partner was like "I bet you'd like the Tales games." So I was like "Screw it" and tried it. Shortly after I randomly came to the decision to learn Japanese and took it upon myself to play the Japanese Pokemon Green as well as a bit of a supplement to my learning.

I'm going to be playing Tales of the Abyss soon, and I plan on doing some more Pokemon fan art as well as probably some Abyss fan art, too.
The hardest part about pencil is that you've only got so many times you can erase until it's permanent. Or so much you can add or do until it's stuck. I always admire artists who solely seek to advance those skills over digital medias. Digital is great, but it feels so synthetic to me. Always happy to see another traditional artist, brother. If you've got time, you should check out my thread as well.