Eagle's Mainly Poetry Thread


Awww triple post...

Anyways here's my MAC entry I forgot to post here which totally isn't used for the sole purpose of bumping my thread.

Sorry for infrequent activity once again, for anybody who's still out there, schoolwork, blah, blah, etc.

I might just stick with my first style; it seems like everybody likes that one better. :P


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Hey Eagle! Just posting to say that I really like your use of colour in your pictures! I especially love that Shelgon and Oddish. Can I request a Masquerain in a similar style please?
I really like your art. The vibrant colors you use and how you use them just has a beautiful unique look. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the shading. With these sort of colors it seems as if it distracts a bit. It still looks great with the shading, but I simply prefer it without. Other than that one criticism, I love your art (Jamaican Oddish is my favorite.)

Request time: As you can see in my current signature, I would really appreciate it if you could draw an Abomasnow. Preemptive thank you.
This is pretty cool stuff. I like this type of abstract and colorful stuff. Knd of what the first post said, this kind of reminds me of street art. Keep up the awesome work

Also I have a request. You think you can do a Yamask? I think you doing ghost types would be a really cool subject your art can express on.

Got it to work in the end. If you don't think it's avatar quality (I personally don't), I can fix you up another drawing in the near future.


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That's some really nifty work there, eagle. What's the typical procedure you use for each image? Like, what program you use, if you use scanned images or not, etc.