Embirch and Flarelm - Part 8 - Dex Entry Poll 1

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As our CaP Prevo project winds down, there is still time for more polls and options to be viewed! In this thread we will be cutting our list of submitted Dex entries down! Thank you to all the guys who submitted, I really liked all of the submissions. I am going to honestly have to think hard about my own vote too!

Please remember to post the names EXACTLY as they appear here! This will be an IRV Vote, the details of which are outlined here. This means that you can upvote your favourite Dex Entries and downvote your least favourite. Be aware that order does matter in your votes! The first line is your favourite, the last line is your least favourite. Make sure you vote properly. Make sure that you bold your votes and nothing else! A typical vote might look like the following:
Most Preferred
Second Most Preferred
Least Preferred

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
Please post only your votes in this thread. Do not respond to other posts, or your posts will be moderated and you warned. If you feel compelled to say something in your own vote, you may still do so, but don't try to incite a discussion. Keep discussion to #cap.

I will be providing below an exact extract from their submission and a link to the post in question which will also add some more description to how they came up with their ideas. There are 6 in total! here is a quick list of the submitters:


Embirch, the Kindling Pokémon
: EMBIRCH strive to get tougher by charging at stronger foes. Over time, its scales grow to thick layers.
Pearl: It constantly looks for an opponent to fight. It is willing to launch fireballs to provoke them.
Platinum: After a battle, it mediates under the sun to restore its willpower and energy.

Flarelm, the Torch Pokémon
Diamond: As it grows, the armor it wears grows with it. FLARELM whittles pieces of its armor to keep it lightweight and flexible.
Pearl: Its leaves are not only fireproof, but also release excess heat. Touching a FLARELM's leaf can leave second-degree burns.
Platinum: In battle, it awaits adversaries to attack it first. Then, it fires a powerful counterattack from its arm cannons.

Embirch, the Sanguine Pokemon
Diamond: EMBIRCH are known for their over-confident attitude. They are relentless when trying to impress their comrades, but are usually unsuccessful.
Pearl: It is said that the leaves of an EMBIRCH's skirt are foraged by its mother. Only when worn can an EMBIRCH be truly accepted as a member of its tribe.
Patinum: The cannons of an EMBIRCH can supply a weak ember. This is used for guiding its fellow members through dense jungles.

Flarelm, the Scorch Pokemon
Diamond: It is very easy to anger a resting FLARELM. Once provoked, it uses its club-like cannons to batter its foe.
Pearl: FLARELM's wooden armour is robust and fire-resistant, allowing it to utilise powerful heat waves without caution.
Platinum: The wood of a FLARELM's cannon darkens over time. This is due to the absorption of ash residue from which the flames leave behind.


Embirch, the Belligerent Pokemon
Diamond: EMBIRCH are often found injured after picking fights with stronger Pokemon. They can become loyal to trainers who heal them.
Pearl: Though their skirts are known to be made of ordinary leaves, EMBIRCH seem to think they provide protection.
Platinum: Nothing pleases EMBIRCH more than hiding in trees and using Delibird as target practice for their cannons.

Flarelm, the Hardened Pokemon
Diamond: They fashion armor for themselves as a rite of passage. The stronger the wood is, the more respect FLARELM gain from their peers.
Pearl: FLARELM's masks can restrict their breathing. Their cannon fire produces the smell of incense, which alleviates this problem.
Platinum: FLARELM quickly grow tired of aggression and prefer to be peaceful. If provoked enough, however, they may retaliate.

Embirch, the Tinder Pokemon
Diamond: EMBIRCH are keen to show off to their peers by attempting to produce impressive flames from their cannons. However, most of these attempts end in their grass skirts catching fire.
Pearl: Always striving to better themselves, EMBIRCH have a tendency to spy on others, hoping to learn something new.
Platinum: Their parents cut up grass tuft on their heads to match theirs. This helps identify them as their offspring.

Flarelm, the Torch Pokemon
Diamond: At night, they send fireballs into the air in a distinct pattern to signal their tribe. Different patterns send different messages.
Pearl: They show a great respect for nature. If they accidentally burn a tree down with their flames, they can be seen planting a seed in it's place.
Platinum: As a right of passage into adulthood, they carefully craft their wooden armor. If the armor doesn't crack or burn, the craftsman of that armor is considered an adult of their tribe.

Embirch, the Hostility Pokemon
Diamond: EMBIRCH hide in leaves until prey walks by. Then, the EMBIRCH throws itself at its target.
Pearl: When EMBIRCH sneeze, fire blows out the EMBIRCH's nose. Some forest fires have been started this way.
Platinum: The tails of an EMBIRCH are razor-sharp. EMBIRCH often play-duel with these tails.

Flarelm, the Burnt Pokemon
Diamond: In the dark, FLARELM appear no different from other trees, but they flee from thunderstorms.
Pearl: FLARELM headbutt each other to get mates. Despite the hardness of their heads, they never receive brain damage.
Platinum: The FLARELM with authority in the pack use their tails to signal other FLARELM of their commands.

Embirch: The Ignition Pokémon
Diamond: Sparks fly spontaneously out of its arm cannons. It will stamp out any sparks that linger on the ground.
Pearl: It fashions a skirt out of fallen leaves and takes great care not to let it catch on fire.
Platinum: When two EMBIRCH battle at night, it is said that their sparks can light up an entire forest.

Flarelm: The Forest Fire Pokémon
Diamond: They do not care about nature one bit. Most forest fires are caused by their carelessness.
Pearl: It is said that two FLARELM will settle a dispute by running at each other to bash their heads together at full speed.
Platinum: FLARELM are known to burn down trees on a whim. They feel no remorse for their misdeeds.
So here is the slate one more time if you missed it before!

get voting guys! you have 24 Hours!

What we have so far:

Names: Embirch and Flarelm
Type: Fire/Grass & Fire/Grass
Abilities: Reckless / Leaf Guard & Rock Head / Battle Armor
Stats: Embirch: 60 / 40 / 55 / 65 / 40 / 60 & Flarelm: 90 / 50 / 95 / 75 / 70 / 40
Movepool: Click Me

Sprites (These are subject to change):



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And here are the final results! With a resounding win, Quanyails has won!

          [birkal] => 3
          [quanyails] => 9
Congratulations Quanyails!
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