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1. Character Card
- Every player has one Character Card. This will be their Character Card for the entire game. Therefore, a player is their Character Card.

(Gordon Freeman is not actually a character in this game)
Every Character Card has a variety of attributes. These attributes include:
- A number of Hit Points (HP). This is shown in the red circle with the heart graphic. Attacks and other effects can reduce a Character's HP. If your character reaches 0 HP, it is killed, and you are eliminated from the game.
- A Hand Size. This is shown in the red circle with the directional pad and button graphics. At the start of each turn if you have less than this number of cards in your hand, the host will draw the difference from your deck and notify you which cards you receive.
- Every character has either 4 Hand Size and 8 HP, or 3 Hand Size and 12 HP.
- Two Card Types. These are the colored circular emblems in the top right and left corner of the card. Only cards with the corresponding Card Types may be used in your deck.
- An ability. This is listed in the text box, with a flavor name and description of its function. Some abilities are used, while others are static (always in effect).
- A win condition. This is listed below the ability, and must be fulfilled to win.
- A Faction. This is listed in the lower left corner, and is important for fulfilling win conditions.

2. Other Cards
- Your deck is comprised of 4 different kinds of cards.
- There is no way to give or trade cards with others.

- An Action Card is generally used like a standard Mafia night action.
- Every card has an Energy Cost that must be fulfilled. If you try to play more cards than you have Energy for, you will fail to play the last card(s) used in your Turn PM.
- When a card is used, it is discarded (there is no discard pile, a discarded card ceases to exist).
- Action Cards generally do not have a priority list (with specific interaction exceptions). In other words, do not assume that a Martyr card will have a higher priority than a Hooker card.
- You may play any number of cards per turn, as long as you have the Energy to do so.

- An attack card is used with the purpose of inflicting HP Damage to a player, and has certain special interactions with other cards and abilities.
- Unlike Action Cards, Attack Cards do have a priority list. In general, higher damage Attacks have lower priority, however there are exceptions. The priority list is a secret.
- In general, HP Loss and Damage are considered the same thing (except in the case of cards where a player pays for an effect with HP).

- An Item Card is equipped to a Character. Once you pay the Energy Cost, the Item Card is equipped (not discarded).
- Some Item Cards have static effects (they are always on) while others give players additional actions in their Turn PM.
- An Item's effects take place the turn you equip them, meaning you can use their abilities as well.
- Unless noted (Energy Tank and Seaman), each Item Card is unique. You may not have two of them equipped, and if you obtain two of the same Item the first one will be destroyed (discarded).
- Once equipped (and not before), an Item may be given to another player by requesting it in your Turn PM.

- There is only one Energy Card, but every deck should have plenty of it.
- One Energy Card may be equipped each turn, increasing your Energy by 1. This is done before anything else, so if you had 1 Energy at the start of a turn and equip another Energy Card, you may use an Action Card with an Energy Cost of 2 in the same turn.
- Energy does not accumulate. If you have 2 Energy and only spend 1, the other is wasted.

3. Building a Deck
- The game will start on Turn 0. During that turn, you will have 48 hours to build a deck and PM it to the host.
- You will learn only your Card Types, Hand Size, HP, and Ability during Turn 0. Your Character, Faction, and Win Condition will all be kept secret (to encourage players to build decks themselves rather than have another player in their faction build it for them).
- Your deck may have between 45 and 60 cards.
- You may have up to 3 copies of any card, but may have any number of Energy Cards.
- Every card in your deck must share a Card Type with your Character Card. This means that every player has a pool of 36 cards to draw from.
- Depending on your Hand Size, a little over 1/3 (3 Hand Size) or 1/4 (4 Hand Size) of your deck should be Energy Cards.
- On that note, decks will not be shuffled in a truly random fashion. This is to prevent players from having poorly shuffled decks.
- Aside from that, the key to victory is a good combination of Attacks and Actions. The perfect combination I do not know. Items are useful, but not essential.

If I was playing Gordon Freeman, a good deck might include:

15 Energy Card
3 Dance Dance
3 Distraction
3 Fire Breath
3 Interrogate
3 Shock Grenade
3 So the World Might be Mended
3 White Claudia
3 Eco
3 Giant Enemy Crab
3 Snipe
3 Solar Gun

4. The Lynch
- This is a Unicycle game. Every turn is effectively both Day and Night.
- Starting on Turn 1, Every Turn there will be a vote.
- The person who gets the most votes is not killed, but loses X HP. X equals the number of the current Turn.
- X will go no higher than 4, but the actual damage can be affected by certain cards and abilities.
- There is no majority rule. In case of a tie, no player takes damage.
- To vote, post anything [user], and you must post in bold in order for it to count.
- Each turn lasts 48 hours.

5. Turn PM
- In addition to playing cards and Character Abilities, a player can discard any number of cards in their hand. This will allow them to draw more cards next turn.
- Every player must PM the host a Turn PM each turn. This Turn PM should convey everything you wish to do in a turn, so for instance if I were Gordon Freeman I could send in something like:

Title: Turn 4
Equip Energy Card
Use Gravity Gun on -thelucarioeffect-(USER1) and Quagsires(USER2)
Use White Claudia on polelover44. Ask if Blue_Tornado is an Ubisoft
Attack Spiffy with Giant Enemy Crab
Give Solar Gun to Fatecrashers
Discard JASON!

6. Winning and Losing
- Every player's win condition involves outliving other players.
- The names of the Factions, number of Factions, and number of players in each Faction are unknown.
- If you die, you lose.
- If you achieve your win condition, you are removed from the game as a winner.
- If it is no longer possible for you to achieve your win condition (because a player you needed dead wins) you automatically die. A winner or a loser might cause a chain reaction of other winners and losers.
- The game ends when every player has either lost or won.

7. Fake Claiming
- No player may share their Character Card picture on Turn 1.
- I'll help any player make a fake claim, I'll even make the Character Card picture.
- Every player can have one safe claim, from a Faction (game company) of their choosing.

8. Card Rulings
- As far card effects are concerned, "actions" can mean Action Cards, Attack Cards, and Character Abilities.
- Certain cards allow you to draw extra cards during your next turn. These cards are drawn AFTER the player draws up to their hand size.
- Certain cards force players to discard cards. These cards are discarded in your Turn PM. If you do not discard the required number of cards, your hand will be discarded (including any cards you wanted to use that turn).
- Certain cards reduce the amount of Energy a player has. This affects them during and only during their next turn.
- Certain cards increase the amount of Energy a player has. This is a temporary increase during the next turn. As Energy does not accumulate, this extra Energy should be used or it will be wasted.
- Many effects that silence also negate persuasion (preventing godkills).
- If a card has an additional HP cost, you may not pay that cost if it would reduce you to 0 HP.
- Static Character abilities can be negated. If they are, the Character is considered to have blank text box (except for their win condition) during the Turn they are negated.

Just because it is the most complicate aspect, gonna note that Energy works exactly like in Pokemon TCG. You equip, you have it that turn. Then you can use your cards as if they were Pokemon attacks, except that you can use more than one (and using more than one means using more energy. Two cards with 2 Energy cost would cost 4 energy total).

EDIT: ACTUALLY, it works exactly like Magic the Gathering if you imagine them as lands. Imagine tapping an Energy Card every time you pay a cost, and untapping them all at the start of each turn.

The Cards
And in text form

Card Types
Red Dagger: Deception
Orange Shield: Defense
Yellow Eye: Info
Green Scales: Lynch
Blue Strings: Control
Purple Hands: Assistance

In addition to the game specific rules, regular rules obviously apply. No deadtalking, no fucking up the game, tell me about all spreadsheet and channels, talk to me, no screenshotting, just use common sense here.

The IRC Channel is now #Bridge

There will be 30 players. PM me if you'd like to request a game character, ability, or combination of card types (not that I can guarantee you'll get what you want, but I'll try to accommodate).

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Sign-Ups will be open for 48 hours.