Flarelm - Part 2 - Typing Poll

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In this thread we will be voting on the type of Flarelm. There will be two different polls (one for each prevo). Please check out the other thread and vote there too!

As this is the middle section of the prevolution, I would like this to be similar to Pyroak in as many ways as possible. The same two options are here.

This is a single bold vote. Please do not bold anything other than your vote! An example of this sort of vote is shown below:

My Preferred Entry

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
Please only post your votes in this thread. Discussion is not allowed here. You can always find me or other CaP Contributors in #CaP if there are any questions.

Here are your two voting options:

Fire / Grass

You have 24 hours.

What we have so far:

Names: Embirch and Flarelm
Type: ??? & ???


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