Frosty Art

PLEASE don't steal my artwork without my permission. However, if it is POKEMON related, you may use it for whatever you'd like. (Banners/Sigs/Personal/etc.) Just be sure to let me know beforehand and/or credit me!

I'm open to suggestions on things to draw. Note there is a difference between suggestions and personal requests!

Pokemon Stuff:


Crappy old artwork that will probably give you a headache:

Rough Sketches and Stuff -

Love the stuff. I've got a friend who I met back in highschool who draws in a very similar style, so this stuff always reminds me of him :P


I know the date on there is the 14th of Feb.. but I think you may have predicted the future in this pic. Vuvuzela's ARE making peoples heads explode.
Oh man, I am in love with your style. I really, really admire people who can draw singularly in pencil--I think it's so amazing how many different techniques are applied whilst doing so, to achieve the awesome pictures that you do. Thin/thick lines, shading, etching, all of it. So good. I really like the proposing skeleton couple, the monster of eyes bothers the FUCK out of me, I enjoy all the scenic pencil drawings very much, in love with CMFNolten.jpg, and I really like the sea serpent thing as well.

p much approve of everything??
Haha thanks. We actually didn't have any art classes in my school, so this is all self taught :)
And as such, I always feel like it's...idk, like I need to work on it. I know it's not horrible, but I do feel like proportions are way off. Which could be a good thing because exaggerations are stylistic I guess. But still; I never was a huge fan of my work.
I do have more art somewhere around...I'll try to upload them if I stumble across it.
Oh...inb4LeviathanlookslikeGyrados :P
I agree with Alchemator, and add this to the pot of epic pictures found in the OP:

On a second look, I just realised there is some sort of black angel or something in that eye. Holy crap.

These pictures are just awesome. Maybe a teeenyweeenyweeeny bit disturbing, but still awesome. Just curious, did you paint some of these? Or are all of them drawn with pencil?

Also, some of the pictures show up sideways. Intended/accidental?

Oh, and the picture inside the clocktower somehow creeps me. Just imagining the guy taking a last look on the world before leaping through the glass. anhnsgnjjmjm.
Yeah, some of them are paint. I just recently started dabbling in paint for the first yes, the eyeball, the brain thingy in the wasteland...those are my first paintings.

And the reason they're sideways is because I'm and idiot and forgot to edit them. They just uploaded that way. I'll have to edit them into the correct positions...

And yeah, a lot are pretty disturbing. I kind of aim for that.
Oh! I just found a few new pics I'll try uploading them and editing the awkward sideways pics in the next day or so.
mmm i like seeing canvas, what paints do use mainly? are you in art school ? i see talent :P I am also liking some of the characters mainly this one.

Haha nope, I wish I was in art school. Never took classes. But I am in school for graphic design; figure if I'm going to school, I might as well go to school to learn something I don't already know.
But I haven't actually taken any classes even remotely related to my major and it's been two years.

ANYWAY, I found this on my desk earlier. It was a REALLY quick sketch I did (10 minutes tops) for a friend one night.

man this collection is so good I'm sure anyone can find a picture they're in love with. I'm with VKCA and the furry little bastard, it's amazing!

Big props.
I'm not big into dark art as much as I was when I was younger, but these are really gd awesome ; ; I love seeing your growth in these. You have a really great imagination for big compositions that I wish I had.
Man, the one of the flower (the one Alch quoted) is amaaazing. So much can be said about it.

In general, I love the dark tone of it all. I love how you'll do the whole thing in pencil and add just a liiiiittle bit of color to catch your attention. I'd love to see more, but apparently it's on facebook?
Yeah, I'll add them eventually. They're not really that great imo (Then again I don't like most of my stuff), but I'll definitely keep you ladies and gents updated.

I'm actually really really really uninspired and out of ideas, and I haven't drawn anything in a while now. I'm most definitely open to any suggestions you guys throw out there.
I was gonna draw some quick sketches for my banners in my trade thread, so I decided I'd share them here:

Just something quick I did before bed last night. Any suggestions for my BL/UU/NU pics? I think for NU I'm definitely doing Ninetales <3
Other than that...Idk. Maybe Slowbro for UU? >_>
Woow, I absolutely love your leviathan drawing, it looks super badass. You have a really cool style, it's sort of like.. creepy, but in a really good way! Especially considering you don't even take classes, you're really good hehe.

As for your banners.. For BL, I think Froslass would look really cool in your style, since it's already a pretty creepy concept/Pokemon.
Ninetales is <3, one of my favorite Pokemon so good choice for NU imo
and um.. well for UU I've always really liked Altaria?

keep up the good work!
I shoved them in. Hard.

Nah, I have to buy small canvas so I can scan it myself. I used to buy big canvas because I love being able to really put detail into it (Especially when the image becomes digitally looks fantastic), but it gets expensive since the only way to get digital copies of something that big is to go to a specialty store who can scan it for you :(

Oh and I finished this earlier:

do you paint oils or acrylics? im thinking about picking up some acrylics, but i love the texture you can get from oils. check out clive barker, he wrote a wonderful series called abarat, (fun fact, my username is based on a character from abarat.) and illustrated it all himself, you art like him.

ps do you gesso youre canvas after buying it or do you paint raw?
After looking at Clive Barker artwork for the past hour and a half I really couldn't see any similarities until I came back and actually looked at my own stuff xD
I can kinda see some similarities in the first few for sure. And oh emm gee, I need to upload another painting I's abstract and is seriously exactly like something Barker would do.
I use Acrylic but only because it's all I have access to; I would love to get my hands on an extensive oil collection. I don't gesso my canvas usually but I did for the eyeball painting. Most of the time I just paint directly onto the canvas (But I always create a layer or two of solid color to paint over when I start).

Oh and I'm about to start working on the last two banners. BL for sure will be Froslass but I'm still undecided on my UU banner :/
Any suggestions welcome :D