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Fusion Evolution V3 (Voting Phase)

Discussion in 'Pet Mods' started by G-Luke, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. G-Luke

    G-Luke We Eat Losers
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Mar 22, 2015
    Original Thread by Eevee General
    OP shamelessly copied from rhydreigon

    [​IMG] by imas234

    Hello and welcome back to Fusion Evolution! This is a Pet Mod that revolves around using breeding to create new breeds of powerful Pokemon to be used in an OU environment. This pet mod also had some lore to go with it, which can be seen in the original thread if you're interested. (Also, for returning veterans, there weill be some new stuff here so do give this post a skim read).
    The New Council:
    This project will be managed by a team of Fusion Evolution veterans, who are myself, Stitch98, tyarrow1 and OM room. We will do things such as start/end phases, ban stones and introduce new rules.

    This thread revolves around a 3-phase system, starting with Submissions, where you can submit up to 6 fusions in the format below, then Voting, where you can vote for up to 10 submissions to be added to the Hall of Fame victors (we normally choose 5 at minimum with more selected in the event of a tie) and then discussion, where we talk about possible uses and sets for the victorious Pokemon. When submitting from now on, please only have one post per submission phase and edit all your fusions for that round into that post.

    We will generally try to keep the length of each phase to the following guideline (subject to change):

    Submissions: 7 days
    Voting: 2-3 Days
    Discussion: 2-4 days

    Rules of Fusion:
    Fusions fall into two different categories, regular and DNA.
    In a regular fusion, any two Pokemon that can be of different gender and have a shared egg group are selected to be fused, but in a DNA fusion two Pokemon, with at least one being genderless or in the Undiscovered Egg Group and neither with a BST of 670 or more are fused, regardless of gender or egg group. However, if one desires to make a DNA fusion with a mon of a BST 670 or higher, the partnering fusee must have a BST of 460 or lower. You still with me? Good.

    When submitting, please use the following format:

    Parents: Pokemon X + Pokemon Y

    Shared Egg Group: If a normal fusion, state which egg group the two parents share. If a DNA Fusion, just skip this line or put "DNA".

    Offspring Name: The name of the new Pokemon, a portmanteau of the two parents' names (just put them together in whatever sounds good to you).

    New type: To create the new Pokemon's type, you take one type from each parent. Therefore, a fusion between Heracross and Scizor could be Bug/Steel, Bug/Fighting, Steel/Fighting or pure Bug (the latter of which would be given by taking Bug-type from both parents).

    New base stats: OK here's where things get a bit tricky. For a regular fusion the each of its new stats is the average of both of its parents' stat plus 10. So that HP stat of our Heracross + Scizor fusion would be (80+70)/2 + 10 = 85 [(Heracross' HP stat + Scizor's HP stat)/2 + 10 = New Pokemon's HP stat).
    On the other hand, for a DNA fusion, you just use the raw average of each stat without the +10, but you can add a total of 40 BST to any of the new Pokemon's stats, with no more than 20 in each stat.

    New ability and desc:
    This is where you can create a new, custom ability for your fusion. This is done by selecting one ability from each parent and combining elements of them (do try to be creative with this, not just sticking two effects together, and please try and make them somewhat balanced). Our Scizor/Heracross could have a fusion between Swarm and Technician, which could boost the power of Bug-type moves by 50%. (You don't need to use colours like I did, and you can see better examples of fused abilities in the archives below). Furthermore, if you combine two abilities that are the same (Swarm + Swarm or Huge Power + Pure Power), they do not stack and just become the original ability, but if this is done on a regular fusion, it gets a +5 boost to all stats to compensate. So if a Heracross/Scizor used Swarm + Swarm, its ability would be Swarm, but its HP stat would be 85 + 5 = 90. On the topic of Hidden Abilities. Yes for the first time ever they are allowed! But of course it comes with a catch. If fusing, one cannot use the hidden abilities of both parents, only one. For example, in the fusion of Garchomp x Dragonite, a combination of Inner Focus + Rough Skin, Multiscale + Sand Veil and Inner Focus + Sand Veil is acceptable, but Multiscale + Rough Skin is not.

    Notable Moves: A fusion gets access to both of its parent's entire legal movepools, including TMs and Tutor moves, so list any notable moves this Pokemon could use here (Minor note: Smeargle Fusions can only learn Sketch once).

    Role identification: Talk about what your fusion could do in battle! Hype it up here, and explain to everyone why your fusion is so great and why they should vote for it.

    NEW - Template! (open)

    Fill in As and Bs with the parents and the rest with the guides above and below
    [hide=AB][B]DNA Donors:[/B] A / B
    [B]Offspring name:[/B] AB
    [B]New Type:[/B] A / B
    [B]Base Stats:[/B] 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 (+0 HP, +0 Atk, +0 Def, +0 SpA, +0 SpD, +0 Spe)
    [B]New ability and desc:[/B] [I]Ab[/I] (A + B) - Aaabbb.
    [B]Notable Moves:[/B] Aabb
    [B]Role Identification:[/B] Aaabbb[/hide]
    [hide=AB][B]Parents:[/B] A / B
    [B]Shared egg group:[/B] C
    [B]Offspring name:[/B] AB
    [B]New type:[/B] A / B
    [B]New base stats:[/B] 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
    [B]New ability and desc:[/B] [I]Ab[/I] (A+B) - Aaabbb.
    [B]Notable moves:[/B] Aaabbb
    [B]Role Identification:[/B] Aaabbb 

    Here is a list of Egg Groups for your own convenience.
    And DNA only Pokemon
    DNA only (open)

    Normal Deoxys
    Attack Deoxys
    Defense Deoxys
    Speed Deoxys
    Heat Rotom
    Wash Rotom
    Frost Rotom
    Fan Rotom
    Mow Rotom
    Land Shaymin
    Sky Shaymin

    (Baby Pokémon can also fuse, but I don’t think you would use them)
    Thanks to Stitch98 for this list

    OK, we're almost done with rules just a few more things:

    Fusions are treated as their own, fully evolved species, so they cannot use Eviolites, or items such as Thick Club or Light Ball, even if their parents could. However, they can use Mega Stones that their parents can use, and when Mega Evolving, Mix 'n' Mega rules apply. For each one of your fusions megas, use the same format as above for the mega as well as the base form. Our Heracross/Scizor Fusion (which I'll name Scizacross) could use Scizorite or Heracronite to create Mega Scizacross S and Mega Scizacross H (although you can use X and Y for fusions with mutiple megas if you so desire, so long as you differentiate).
    Beedrillite, Mawilite, Diancite and Medichamite are banned, as are all Mega Stones that are banned from OU.

    Also, we now have a Form Guide to make clear how to fuse certain Pokemon.
    Guide (open)

    As has been stated, use Mix 'n' Mega rules, so Mega Fused Pokemon get the same stat buffs that their parent would, and the custom ability is overwritten with the Mega's ability. Also the SECONDARY type changes accordingly.

    Meloetta's form changes are the same as its normal forms, and you create the fusion as if it were fusing with Meloetta's Psychic-type form, and then it can transform with Relic Song. This causes the secondary typing to become Fighting (even if there was no 2nd type before). Also, the stats are swapped, not calculated again. If the base form has stats A/B/C/D/E/F, the Fighting-type form has stats of A/D/F/B/C/E (call these forms whatever you like).

    Aegislash works similarly to Meloetta, with you creating the Fusion with the Blade form, and then changing forms with King's Shield or by attacking (i.e. How Stance Change works) and the stats swap like such: A/B/C/D/E/F becomes A/C/B/E/D/F. That's all

    This one is similar to Aegislash in how it should be fused. Start out with Shield Form then the Stats swap as A/B/C/D/E/F to A/C/B/E/D/(F+60)

    Stat out with its base form, the Pure Fire type, as the basis of the fusion. Then the stats are made as A/B/C/D/E/F to A/D/(C+50)/B/(E+50)/(F-40)

    This one is very tricky, but a dolution was luckly ingeniously made by Reviloja, a concil member.
    It goes as follows
    Guide (open)

    Wishiwashi Transformation Proccess (open)

    1. Calculate the raw stats (and apply DNA boosts when applicable) of the other parent and Wishiwashi-School.
    2. To find the stats of Solo form, do the following:

    - Multiply Attack by 1/7
    - Multiply Defense by 1/6
    - Multiply Special Attack and Special Defense by 1/5
    - add 10 points to speed
    - round all stats down when applicable

    Let us know (by PMing me or someone else on the council) if you'd like any more Pokemon added to the form guide!

    So get out there and get creating! Try some new combinations! Maybe you'll make something to rival the destructive power of Mega Hazard X, or wall sturdier than even the like of Cofagreelix or something more broken than Mega Beegon!

    A spreadsheet of all existing fusions exists >>here<<

    Well have fun, and create fun fusions!
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  2. G-Luke

    G-Luke We Eat Losers
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Mar 22, 2015
  3. G-Luke

    G-Luke We Eat Losers
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Mar 22, 2015
  4. G-Luke

    G-Luke We Eat Losers
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Mar 22, 2015
  5. G-Luke

    G-Luke We Eat Losers
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Mar 22, 2015
    Reserved. You may now post
  6. Ticktock


    May 9, 2015
    Lets get this train started!

    DNA Donors: Comfey and Meloetta
    Offspring name: Melofey
    New type: Luau Form: Fairy \ Psychic \/ Ringdancer Form: Fairy / Fighting
    New base stats: Luau Form: 75 / 84 / 83 / 125 / 119 / 95 (+20 Attack, +20 Special Attack) (581)
    Ringdancer Form: 75 / 125 / 95 / 84 / 83 / 119 (+20 Special Attack, +20 Speed) (581)
    New ability and desc: Quick and Effective (Serene Grace + Triage) - Any moves with a secondary effect, both internally and externally as well one normally not affected by Serene Grace, will gain +3 priority added upon the original priority bracket and doubles the chance of those effects of happening. Healing moves also gain +3 priority.
    Notable moves: Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Voice, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, U-Turn, Perish Song, Relic Song, Play Rough, Close Combat, Knock Off, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Stone Edge, Zen Headbutt, Trick
    Role identification: An effective mix of Triage and Serene Grace has somehow made this thing a lot more usable than it should be. With a good 125 Special Attack and 119 Special Defense, it can make a decent Special Attacker which can absorb a decent amount of resisted hits. Now, this is where the ability comes into play, as with the good coverage it gets, it can have Psychic with a 20% chance to lower the opponent's Special Defense, 40% with Shadow Ball, and a 60% chance of Paralyze for Thunder, all with +3 priority. With that in mind you can damage slower Fake Out users if they manage to be faster (almost all relevant ones are not close to 95 speed. However, with it's ability in mind, it was built mostly for Relic Song. Now with +3 priority, it actually make a difference and can effectivly run more moves with a nice 125/119 offensive spread, Fairy/Fighting type, and impressive coverage. But, it still costs a turn and still become a not good tank.

    DNA Donors: Zygarde and Landorus-T
    Offspring name: Landgarde-Zyorus
    New type: Ground / Flying
    New base stats: 118 / 122 / 105 / 93 / 107 / 93 (+20 HP, +20 Special Defense) (639)
    New ability and desc: Hyper Armor (Aura Break + Intimidate) - Lowers the power of the opponent's physical moves by 33%.
    Notable moves: Thousand Arrows, U-Turn, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance, Fly, Stone Edge, Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Explosion, Extreme Speed, Knock Off, Superpower, Zen Headbutt
    Role identification: It's not really much going with it. It's just Landorus-T sacrificing a bit of attack for a weaker version of Fur Coat, more impressive 118/105/107 bulk, coverage that makes even Flying-types fall to the ground, phazing, and priority. Once again, its still hates Ice-type moves, though the occasional Ice Shard will not really kill it in one hit.

    DNA Donors: Marshadow and Drifblim
    Offspring name: Drifmars
    New type: Ghost / Fighting
    New base stats: 120 / 112 / 82 / 90 / 72 / 112 (+10 Attack, +20 Defense, +10 Speed) (588)
    New ability and desc: Pyrotechnics (Flare Boost + Technician) - The user gets a 50% power boost to its Special Attack and moves that are 60 or below power, as well as gaining a 10% chance to burn with these moves.
    Notable moves: Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Shadow Sneak, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Poison Jab, Explosion, Psychic, Icy Wind, Knock Off, Stone Edge, Hidden Power, Trick, Will-O-Wisp, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Destiny Bond, Memento, Clear Smog, Defog, Pain Split, Focus Blast
    Role identification: Well, that's some bulk if I saw some. 120/82/72 by not be the best, but it is enough to run a Bulk Up or Calm Mind set, probably the former unless you're some freak. However, there is a catch. Pyrotechnics gives it a Technician and Special Attack boost all in one with a bonus of burn. Oh yeah, it still retains Ghost/Fighting, in which itself is one of the best reasons to use this thing. Its coverage has barely expanded besides Knock Off, but its support movepool makes it a bit better. Memento, Clear Smog, Defog, Pain Split, and Icy Wind are notable, with the latter 2 acting as recovery and Ice coverage as well. Though, 112/90/112 is not the best and the rampart of certain things will ruin it.

    DNA Donors: Hoopa and Toxicroak
    Offspring name: Toxipa
    New type: Poison / Psychic
    New base stats: 81 / 128 / 62 / 118 / 97 / 97 (+20 Attack, +20 Speed) (558)
    New ability and desc: Toxic Residue (Poison Touch + Magician): If the user has its item removed, the opponent will be poisoned. This will fail if the user already doesn't have an item.
    Notable moves: Swords Dance, Gunk Shot, Poison Jab, Zen Headbutt, Drain Punch, Cross Chop, Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Ice Punch, Knock Off, Nasty Plot, Psychic, Hyperspace Hole, Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Vacuum Wave, Super Fang
    Role identification: Now, here is another Hoopa fusion, this time with the unlikely Toxicroak. Here, with the unique Poison/Psychic typing, it can get some interesting results with this. It also has a large movepool of coverage and an ability that punishes Trick and Knock Off. However, its defintion of go big or go home is said by the 81/67/97 bulk, as well as the pretty lackluster speed. But put a Choice Scarf and you'll be cool.

    DNA Donors: Necrozma and Tapu Lele
    Offspring name: Tapu Necro
    New type: Psychic / Fairy
    New base stats: 103 / 96 / 108 / 128 / 102 / 87 (+20 HP, +20 Defense) (624)
    New ability and desc: Prismatic Surge (Prism Armor + Psychic Surge) - The user summons Prismatic Terrain. This terrain is similar to Psychic Surge, but the user's team is also immune to super effective moves. Unlike Psychic Terrain, this terrain only affects the user's team, including Pokemon not on the ground, and does not disappear after 5 turns, instead staying until the end of the battle and cannot be overridden by other Surge abilities.
    Notable moves: Psychic, Moonblast, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Power Gem, Thunder Wave, Stealth Rock, Calm Mind, Hidden Power, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Stone Edge, Earthquake, X-Scissor, Automonize, Nature's Madness
    Role identification: Well, welcome to hell. Here is a Necrozma with a better typing to abuse with, actual coverage rather than Hidden Power and Dark Pulse, almost Celesteela level bulk, decent Speed for a wall, and that ability. This new ability now summons the monstrosity that is Prismatic Terrain, in which it gives it the benefit of having Psychic Terrain only affecting the user's team and never wearing off. This means that any other Terrain will be invalid, as well. It also makes the user's team immune to super effective moves and priority, so the user's side is virtually immune to everything that may kill them. Including this movepool is EdgeQuake, in which it comes off a surprisingly decent Attack stat of 96. Since this has basically the best ability in the game, so welcome to hell, here is to that hell lasting forever.

    DNA Donors: Mimikyu and Hoopa
    Offspring name: Hoopkyu
    New type: Psychic / Fairy
    New base stats: 67 / 110 / 70 / 110 / 117 / 103 (+10 Attack, +10 Special Attack, +20 Speed) (577)
    New ability and desc: Djinn Vu (Disguise + Magician) - For 1 turn, it is immune to all damage. However, the user will be vulnerable to all damage after that but switches the items of the target and the user if it gets hit with a contact move. The first form is known as the "Illusion Form" and the broken is called the "Uncovered Form".
    Notable moves: Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Zen Headbutt, Play Rough, Drain Punch, Gunk Shot, Wood Hammer, Knock Off, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Shadow Sneak, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Psyshock, Hyperspace Hole, Trick, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave
    Role identification: Now you may be expecting a very descriptive description, but no. Its a mixed, Psychic/Fairy type, high speed glass cannon that can make or break with its ability. Oh, and it's immune to damage unless either one isn't holding an item for the first turn.

    EDITAS: Okay, most of these are now replaced.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
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  7. Reviloja753


    Mar 9, 2017
    It's great to be back at it again! Let's-a go!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Rake (open)

    DNA Donors: Elektross / Raikou
    Offspring name: Rake
    New Type: Electric
    Base Stats: 88 / 115 / 78 / 115 / 90 / 103 (+15 Atk, +5 SpA, +20 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Focused Float (Levitate + Inner Focus) - Immune to Ground-type moves. The chances to flinch on any move (Including your own) that can do so are halved.
    Notable Moves: Coil, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Switch, Grass Knot, Giga Drain, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Outrage, Superpower, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Brick Break, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, U-Turn, Knock Off, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Extreme Speed
    Role Identification: This is a rather offensive mon that can be either physical, special, or mixed. It has set-up on both sides in Coil and Calm Mind, has coverage for almost anything, and has the ever-great Extreme Speed, letting it even deal with things that it doesn't outspeed. Also, it has no weakness thanks to its ability.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] (I figured it would be fine to use Marshadow since it's being released in a month in Japan.)
    Shador (open)

    DNA Donors: Marshadow / Scizor
    Offspring name: Shador
    New Type: Ghost / Steel
    Base Stats: 80 / 138 / 100 / 73 / 85 / 115 (+10 Atk, +10 Def, +20 Spe)
    New ability: Technician
    Notable Moves: Shadow Sneak, Spectral Thief, Brutal Swing, Persuit, Force Palm, Rolling Kick, Close Combat, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Drain Punch, Bulk Up, Bullet Punch, Iron Head, Bug Bite, U-Turn, Agility, Defog, Roost, Swords Dance, Tailwind
    Role Identification: Technician with so many great moves as well as perfect coverage for every weakness it has is great. The fact it gets Roost, Tailwind, and Defog for support is even better. The fact that this thing gets Swords Dance, Agility, and Bulk Up is insane. There is a good amount to work with here.

    Shador-Mega (open)

    DNA Donors: Marshadow / Scizor-Mega
    Offspring name: Shador-Mega
    New Type: Ghost / Steel
    Base Stats: 80 / 158 / 140 / 83 / 105 / 125 (+0 HP, +20 Atk, +40 Def, +10 SpA, +20 SpD, +10 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Technician
    Notable Moves: See above
    Role Identification: The same as the regular forme, but much better. It now is even faster, bulkier, and more powerful than ever. Good luck taking this monster out.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Slowpex (open)

    Parents: Toxapex / Slowbro
    Shared egg group: Water 1
    Offspring name: Slowpex
    New type: Water / Poison
    New base stats: 83 / 79 / 141 / 87 / 121 / 43
    New ability and desc: Poison Repair (Merciless + Regenerator) - Recovers 30% of their maximum HP when switching out. Recovery boosted to 50% of their maximum HP when the opponent is poisoned.
    Notable moves: Baneful Bunker, Haze, Light Screen, Reflect, Stockpile, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Venoshock, Sludge Wave, Surf, Amnesia, Calm Mind, Iron Defense, Recycle, Slack Off, Yawn, Psychic
    Role Identification: Slowpex is a defensive behomoth. It has great stats in both defenses, like Shuckle. Unlike it though, it also has a lot of utility and ways to increase the already crazy bulk. It also has Slack Off, meaning you don't always have to pivot in order to recover, one of the flaws of Toxapex. It has Haze, Light Screen, Reflect, Recycle, Amnesia, Iron Defense, Toxic Spikes, Venoshock, you name it. It gets a majority of the viable defensive tools in the game. Poison Repair with Toxic or Toxic Spikes essentially renders this thing nearly unkillable.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Slowpex-Mega (open)

    Parents: Toxapex / Slowbro-Mega
    Shared egg group: N/A
    Offspring name: Slowpex-Mega
    New type: Water / Poison
    New base stats: 83 / 79 / 211 / 117 / 121 / 43 (+70 Def, +30 SpA)
    New ability and desc: Shell Armor
    Notable moves: See above
    Role Identification: It may not have Poison Repair, but look at that defense. Also, it still has that awesome movepool and Calm Mind is more useful with that special attack boost.

    Tsarakion (open)

    DNA Donors: Tsareena / Terrakion
    Offspring name: Tsarakion
    New Type: Grass / Fighting
    Base Stats: 82 / 140 / 94 / 61 / 99 / 110 (+15 Atk, +5 SpD, +20 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Queen's Command (Queenly Majesty + Justified) - Immune to priority moves. Attack raised by one if hit by one.
    Notable Moves: Trop Kick, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Iron Head, Play Rough, High Jump Kick, U-Turn, Rapid Spin, Synthesis, Sacred Sword, Poison Jab, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance
    Role Identification: Crazy physical sweeper who can switch into priority with ease. Also, it has Rock Polish in case 110 speed isn't fast enough for you. Finally, it has Swords Dance to increase the already monstrous attack it sports.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Haxamence (open)

    Parents: Haxorus / Salamence
    Shared egg group: Dragon
    Offspring name: Haxamence
    New type: Dragon
    New base stats: 95 / 151 / 95 / 95 / 85 / 108
    New ability and desc: Dominance (Rivalry + Moxie) - The user's attack rises sharply if they knock out an opponent of the opposite gender. Nothing happens if it is of the same gender.
    Notable moves: Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Hone Claws, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Dragon Rush, Aqua Tail, Fly, Steel Wing, Roost, Tailwind
    Role Identification: An extremely potent Dragon-type with insane attack, an insane ability which has a 50% chance to be amazing, and a great movepool with all sorts of coverage. Good luck stopping a sweep.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gardelele (open)

    DNA Donors: Gardevoir / Tapu Lele
    Offspring name: Gardelele
    New Type: Psychic / Fairy
    Base Stats: 89 / 75 / 70 / 132 / 115 / 102 (+20 HP, +5 SpA, +15 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Tracing Surge (Trace + Psychic Surge) - Sets up Tracing Terrain. Pokemon on the ground have Psychic-type moves powered up by 50% and cannot be affected by moves that are affected by the opponent's ability, regardless if said Pokemon is affected by Tracing Terrain. For example, Sheer Force Sludge Wave has no effect under Tracing Terrain. Gardelele is still free to use moves that are affected by its ability.
    Notable Moves: Moonblast, Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Energy Ball, Psyshock, Signal Beam, Calm Mind, Destiny Bond, Hypnosis, Nature's Madness, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Taunt
    Role Identification: A somewhat fast Special Attacker with a great ability in Tracing Surge. Tracing Terrain is extremely good against things like Protean Greninja and Gunk Shot, as it can't use it under Tracing Terrain.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] (The mega stone is also coming in about a month, so yeah.)
    Gardelele-Mega (open)

    DNA Donors: Gardevoir-Mega / Tapu Lele
    Offspring name: Gardelele-Mega
    New Type: Psychic / Fairy
    Base Stats: 89 / 95 / 70 / 172 / 135 / 112 (+20 Atk, +40 SpA, +20 SpD, +20 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Pixilate
    Notable Moves: See above + Hyper Voice
    Role Identification: An even better Gardelele. Pixilate Hyper Voice is great, especially with 172 special attack. Also, the buff to its other stats help it last longer than before. In fact, Scolipede has 112 base speed.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
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  8. KirbyRider1337

    KirbyRider1337 formerly UltraSigilyph

    Oct 20, 2012
    Xurkizard (open)
    DNA Donors: Xurkitree / Charizard
    Offspring name: Xurkizard
    New Type: Electric / Fire
    Base Stats: 80 / 86 / 75 / 161 / 78 / 112 (+20 SpA, +20 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Blazing Beast (Beast Boost + Blaze) - User gets a Flash Fire boost after defeating an opponent.
    Notable Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Tail Glow, Hypnosis, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Charge Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball
    Role Identification: Z-Hypnosis Niche.
    Mega Xurkizard X (open)

    DNA Donors: Xurkitree / Mega Charizard X
    Offspring name: Mega Xurkizard X
    New Type: Electric / Dragon
    Base Stats: 80 / 132 / 108 / 182 / 78 / 112 (+46 Atk, +33 Def, +21 SpA)
    Ability: Tough Claws
    Notable Moves: See Normal Xurkizard (+Grass Knot, Wild Charge, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance)
    Role Identification: Tough Claws boosts Grass Knot, allowing it to HURT with that godlike Special Attack, complete with a very high Attack stat. Other than that, Mega Xurkizard Y's got it beat in every other niche.

    Mega Xurkizard Y (open)

    DNA Donors: Xurkitree / Mega Charizard Y
    Offspring name: Mega Xurkizard Y
    New Type: Electric / Fire
    Base Stats: 80 / 106 / 75 / 211 / 108 / 112 (+20 Atk, 50 SpA, +30 SpD)
    Ability: Drought
    Notable Moves: See Normal Xurkizard (+Solar Beam)
    Role Identification: 211 Special Attack + Drought-boosted Fire STAB = Shreds everything. Solar Beam also covers all its weaknesses, and considering its ability instantly summons sun...

    Heratana (open)
    DNA Donors: Kartana / Heracross
    Offspring name: Heratana
    New Type: Bug / Steel
    Base Stats: 70 / 173 / 103 / 49 / 83 / 97 (+20 Atk, +20 SpD)
    New ability and desc: Gutsy Beast (Beast Boost + Guts) - When Pokémon is afflicted with Burn, Paralysis, etc., its highest non-HP stat goes up by 50%. Ignores status-induced cuts to said stat.
    Notable Moves: Megahorn, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Smart Strike, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Close Combat, Sacred Sword, Psycho Cut
    Role Identification: With a Burn Orb and Swords Dance, a Facade from this thing will HURT. Watch out, since you're dealing with a crazy-strong wallbreaker.
    Mega Heratana (open)

    DNA Donors: Kartana / Mega Heracross
    Offspring name: Mega Heratana
    New Type: Bug / Steel
    Base Stats: 70 / 233 / 143 / 49 / 93 / 87 (+60 Atk, +40 Def, +10 SpD, -10 Spe)
    Ability: Skill Link
    Notable Moves: See Normal Heratana (+Bullet Seed, Pin Missile, Rock Blast; -Facade)
    Role Identification: Base 233 Attack is GODLIKE, and with STAB Pin Missile getting all its hits in, it's gonna hurt. This thing also has good Physical bulk and, like its base form, can bust open walls no problem.

    Diancelord (open)

    DNA Donors: Diancie / Guzzlord
    Offspring name: Diancelord
    New Type: Dark / Fairy
    Base Stats: 137 / 100 / 121 / 100 / 121 / 46 (+19 Def, +2 SpA, +19 SpD)
    New ability and desc: Clear Beast (Clear Body + Beast Boost) - Any attempts to lower its stats raises its highest non-HP stat.
    Notable Moves: Stealth Rock, Diamond Storm, Calm Mind, Iron Defense, Safeguard, Toxic, Stockpile, Swallow, Gastro Acid, Heal Bell, Moonblast, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fire Blast
    Role Identification: Bulky tank. It doesn't have reliable recovery, but it should be able to deal decent damage and tank it at the same time.
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  9. Stitch98


    Jul 14, 2014
    Rhyboar (open)
    Parents: Emboar / Rhyperior
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Rhyboar
    New type: Fire / Rock
    New base stats: 122/141/107/87/70/62
    New ability and desc: Flare Head (Blaze + Reckless) - The damage inflicted by recoil moves used by this Pokèmon is boosted by 1/3x; under 1/3 HP their power is boosted by 2/3x.
    Notable moves: Head Smash, Flare Blitz, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Hammer Arm, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Iron Head, Smart Strike, Stealth Rock, Aqua Tail, Mega Horn, Rock Polish,
    Role Identification: Reckless abuser.

    Gren Koko (open)
    DNA Donors: Tapu Koko / Greninja
    Offspring name: Gren Koko
    New Type: Fairy / Water
    Base Stats: 75 / 115 / 80 / 115 / 75 / 130 (+4 HP, +10 Atk, +4 Def, +16 SpA, +2 SpD, +4 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Mimicry (Electric Surge + Protean) - This Pokémon's typing is changed accordingly to the active terrain following Camouflage mechanics; if there isn't any active terrain, it reverts back to its original typing.
    Notable Moves: Nature Power, Dazzling Gleam, Nature's Wrath, Scald, Hydro Pump, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Electric Terrain, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Discharge, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Extrasensory, Gunk Shot, Brave Bird, U-turn, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Roost
    Role Identification: Changing type is good :] It learns Nature Power to always have a Special STAB (the physical one could be introduced as a Fusion Move) and can nuke all the Tapus (and their fusions that kept Fairy-type) with Gunk Shot.

    Sylvallon (open)
    DNA Donors: Silvally / Sylveon
    Offspring name: Sylvallon
    New Type: Normal / Fairy
    Base Stats: 105 / 85 / 85 / 120 / 120 / 81 (+10 HP, +18 SpA, +8 SpD, +4 Spe)
    New ability and desc: RKS-ate System (Pixilate + RKS System) - This Pokémon's primary type changes according to the Memory it's holding; Normal-type moves it uses become of the same type and have their power boosted by 30%.
    Notable Moves: Hyper Voice, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor, Surf, Flash Cannon, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave
    Role Identification: This isn't yet the best RKS-ate user, but it's still better than Aurvally. Fairy is a good type to combine others with, since it has nice defensive potential (far better than Ice type), it has more bulkiness and Sylveon's movepool is full of resources, like Heal Bell and Wish to make a cleric, CM to make a setup sweeper, Quick Attack to end Focus Sash holders (and such), etc. Some interesting combinations are Ghost/Fairy (3 immunities), Ground/Fairy (just 2), Electric/Fairy, Dragon/Fairy and Steel/Fairy.

    Tapu Solo (open)
    DNA Donors: Absol / Tapu Koko
    Offspring name: Tapu Solo
    New Type: Dark / Fairy
    Base Stats: 70 / 130 / 75 / 95 / 70 / 115 (+3 HP, +8 Atk, +3 Def, +10 SpA, +3 SpD, +13 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Lucky Surge (Super Luck + Electric Surge) - Summons Lucky Terrain* for 5 turns upon entering the field.
    Notable Moves:
    - STAB: Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Pursuit, Nature’s Wrath, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, Foul Play;
    - Coverage: Wild Charge, Psycho Cut, Zen Headbutt, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, U-turn, Megahorn, Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Double Edge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Volt Switch, Hex;
    - Support/Set up: Swords Dance, Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Roost, Taunt, Baton Pass.
    Role Identification: Bwoi, this thing has coverage! I didn’t expect Absol to have such a vaste movepool. Well, as you can see, it learns both Physical and Special STABs and I personally think the ability will be insane in this crazy metagame of setuppers. And it has my favourite typing ° w°)°
    *Lucky Terrain: while Lucky Terrain is active, stat boosts and drops are ignored, even if they are caused by statuses (so no Burn Attack drop or Paralysis Speed drop) and the probability of inflicting a Critical Hit is 20% (this can be amplified by bonuses, so, for example, Pokémon with the ability Super Luck have 40% chance to inflict a crit); these effects only apply on grounded Pokémons; Camouflage makes the user change to Dark-type, Nature Power becomes Razor Wind and Secret Power has a 33.3% chance to inflict a Critical Hit.

    DNA Donors: Mega Absol / Tapu Koko
    Offspring name: Mega Tapu Solo
    New Type: Dark / Fairy
    Base Stats: 70 / 150 / 75 / 135 / 70 / 155
    New ability and desc: Magic Bounce
    Notable Moves:
    - STAB: Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Pursuit, Nature’s Wrath, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, Foul Play;
    - Coverage: Wild Charge, Psycho Cut, Zen Headbutt, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, U-turn, Megahorn, Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Double Edge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Volt Switch, Hex;
    - Support/Set up: Swords Dance, Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Roost, Taunt, Baton Pass.
    Role Identification: Set the Terrain and megaevolve! Special sets are a lot more viable in this form and look how fast it is! A SD or CM set with Roost or WOW/TW is the best option imo, but there's a really wide variety of sets it can adopt.

    And now some old submitted fusions:
    Vernaria (open)
    Parents: Altaria / Noivern
    Shared egg group: Dragon and Flying
    Offspring name: Vernaria
    New type: Flying
    New base stats: 90/80/95/93/102/111
    New ability and desc: Natural Filter (Natural Cure+Infiltrator) - Ignores Protect, Detect, Substitute and status effects when attacking (Burn's Attack drop and Paralysis's Speed drop).
    Notable moves: Hurricane, Air Slash, Draco Meteor, Boomburst, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Roost, Heal Bell, Focus Blast, Psychic, Taunt, Shadow Ball, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, U-turn, Earthquake, Wild Charge, Super Fang, Switcheroo, Tailwind, Acrobatics
    Role Identification: It has a nice 90/95/102 bulkiness combined with a good 111 Speed that can help it to set a Tailwind or heal through Heal Bell or Roost, but the main reason to use this it's its mega.

    Parents: Mega Altaria / Noivern
    Shared egg group: Dragon and Flying
    Offspring name: Mega Vernaria
    New type: Flying / Fairy
    New base stats: 90/120/115/133/102/111
    New ability and desc: Pixilate
    Notable moves: Boomburst, Hurricane, Air Slash, Draco Meteor, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Roost, Heal Bell, Focus Blast, Psychic, Taunt, Shadow Ball, Dragon Claw, Return, Dragon Dance, U-turn, Earthquake, Wild Charge, Super Fang, Tailwind
    Role Identification: Time for this to be back!! A stronger and bulkier version of Altarianite Noivern from Mix and Mega. The combination of Pixilate-Boomburst+Hurricane+Draco Meteor is lethal, and it's basically all you need. Unfortunately it lacks a move to boost its SpA, but a 133 base Special Attack isn't something to mess with. Thanks to its new typing, Vernaria has 2 120+ BP STABs that don't lower its Special Attack, Boomburst and Hurricane. A physical DD set is also viable thanks to the addition of U-turn and Wild Charge to Altaria's physical moveset, but it hasn't a strong Flying-type physical move. I think the meta is now broken enough to support this.

    Aegietta (open)
    Other Formes (open)
    [​IMG][​IMG]Aria Aegietta Blade form
    [​IMG][​IMG]Pirouette Aegietta Shield form
    [​IMG][​IMG]Pirouette Aegietta Blade form
    DNA Donors: Meloetta / Aegislash
    Offspring name: Aegietta
    New type:
    Aegietta Aria: Ghost / Normal,
    Aegietta Pirouette: Ghost / Fighting
    New base stats:
    Aria Aegietta Shield form: 80/70/130/100/140/75 (+7 Atk, +17 Def, +11 SpA, +1 SpD)
    Aria Aegietta Blade form: 80/130/70/140/100/75
    Pirouette Aegietta Shield form: 80/75/140/70/130/100
    Pirouette Aegietta Blade form: 80/140/75/130/70/100
    New ability and desc: Serene Change (Stance Change + Serene Grace) - If it uses an attacking move with a secondary effect, it switches to Blade form and the secondary effect(s)' chances to be activated are doubled; if it uses a Protect variant, it switches back to Shield form.
    Notable moves: Shadow Ball, Hyper Voice, Relic Song, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Psyshock, Flash Cannon, Calm Mind, Shadow Sneak, Quick Attack, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance, U-turn, Iron Head, Knock Off, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Sing
    Role identification: Well, it can be anything! It has the pretty unique ability to switch among 4 different forms during a battle (currently only Castform can do the same). From filling the role Aegislash now has, if without Relic Song, to a fast sweeper in its Pirouette form. It has a very good movepool and incredible 140/130/100 sweeping stats in its Pirouette form. It's like having 4 Pokemon in one! Confuse your opponent changing continuously form with the use of Relic Song and King's Shield, the respective signature moves of the Pokemon fused or just abuse of the Aria form thanks to its only weakness to Dark type.
    About the formes (open)
    - When it switches in for the first time in the battle, it is in the Aria Shield form;
    - If it uses Relic Song while in Aria Shield form, it switches to Aria Blade form and then to Pirouette Blade form, since Relic Song has a secondary effect (10% chance to put opponent to sleep);
    - If it uses Relic Song while in Pirouette Blade form, it switches to Aria Blade form and viceversa;
    - If it uses King's Shield while in Aria Blade form or in Pirouette Blade form, it switches to Aria Shield form or Pirouette Shield form, respectively.
    Fusion Move I'll submit:
    Clanging Chant (open)
    Learned By: Aegietta
    Name: Clanging Chant (Relic Song + Autotomize)
    New Type: Steel
    Classification: Status
    Base Power: --
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 10-16
    Effect: Speed is raised by 2; makes Aegietta change from Aria to Pirouette form and viceversa.
    Z-move Effect: This move has a 50% chance of putting the opponent to Sleep.
    Target: User.

    With this move it won't have to change to Blade Form if it wants to switch to Pirouette form, and it will rise Speed by 2 levels, which is also nice.
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  10. LapisHoundoom


    Apr 2, 2017
    Zorotales (open)

    Parents: Ninetales + Zoroark
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Zorotales
    New type: Dark/Fire
    New base stats: 76/100/77/110/90/112
    New ability and desc: Sunny Illusion (Drought + Illusion) Whatever type Zorotales transforms into, a certain weather will start (Fire is Sunny Day : Water is Rain : Rock, Ground, Steel = Sandstorm, Ice = Hail, Other = Nothing)
    Notable moves: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse, Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb
    Role identification: Special Sweeper with coverage.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sandwear (open)

    Parents: Bewear + Sandslash
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Sandwear
    New type: Fighting/Ground
    New base stats: 107/122/105/60/67/72
    New ability and desc: Unnerving Veil (Unnerve + Sand Veil) If a berry is used, the Pokémon gains a boost in evasion.
    Notable moves: Brick Break, Double Edge, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Thunder Punch, Body Slam, Knock Off, Night Slash, Poison Jab, Seismic Toss, X-Scissor
    Role identification: CB or LO Hammer Arm is good, with Thunder Punch and Night Slash as nice coverage.

    Froserade (open)

    Parents: Froslass + Roserade
    Shared egg group: Fairy
    Offspring name: Froserade
    New type: Ice/Poison
    New base stats: 75/85/77/112/92/110
    New ability and desc: Cursed Point (Cursed Body + Poison Point) If the Pokemon is hit by a contact move, there is a 50% chance of the opponent being poisoned and a 30% chance of the Pokemon's last move being disabled
    Notable moves: Blizzard, Destiny Bond, Hex, Ice Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Will O' Wisp, Dazzlng Gleam, Extrasensory, Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Grass Knot, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis, Spikes, Toxic Spikes,
    Role identification: Special Sweeper that can disable Choice users with Cursed Point.
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  11. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Shedyu (open)
    DNA Donors: Shedinja / Mimikyu
    Offspring name: Shedyu
    New Type: Bug / Fairy
    Base Stats: 28 / 110 / 62 / 40 / 67 / 88 (+20 Atk, +20 Spe) | 395 BST
    New ability and desc: Wondrous Cloak (Wonder Guard + Disguise) - User is immune to non-super-effective moves while its disguise is active. If attacked directly while its disguise is active, it takes 0 damage, but its disguise breaks, rendering it prone to all move types.
    Notable Moves: Leech Life, Play Rough, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, Will-O-Wisp, Swords Dance, Destiny Bond, Thunder Wave, Taunt
    Role Identification: Bug/Fairy has the same number of weaknesses as Bug/Ghost, and also three in common (the other two being Poison and Steel instead of Ghost and Dark), so Shedyu is not entirely different from Shedinja. It does have improved stats (including an actual HP stat), arguably better STAB in Play Rough, and improved utility with Mimikyu's movepool. Even so, Shedyu is not without its disadvantages. Namely, its Speed is not that high, it still lacks super-effective coverage against Steel-types (except Z-Dig), and it's still frail enough to where any reasonably strong attack would KO it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Silvatank (open)
    DNA Donors: Silvally / Miltank
    Offspring name: Silvatank
    New Type: Normal
    Base Stats: 103 / 95 / 108 / 67 / 90 / 105 (+8 HP, +8 Atk, +8 Def, +8 SpD, +8 Spe) | 573 BST
    New ability and desc: RKS Feed (RKS System + Sap Sipper) - The user's typing changes based on the Memory it is holding. In addition, the user is immune to moves of its type and, if targeted by one, has its Attack boosted by one stage.
    Notable Moves: Multi-Attack, Body Slam, Earthquake, Crunch, Iron Head, elemental punches, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Pursuit, U-turn, Explosion, Swords Dance, Stealth Rock, Milk Drink, Parting Shot, Heal Bell, Thunder Wave
    Role Identification: All-around-ish physical attacker that can be immune to any one type it so desires. This makes for good shenanigans when holding Ghost or Dragon Memory, as it eliminates one of the weaknesses of the typing. On the other hand, it can opt to not hold Memory and become immune to Normal-type moves while having room for an alternative item of choice. Either way, it has okay physical offense for Swords Dance and its colorful physical movepool, and also decent bulk for its utility movepool including Stealth Rock, reliable recovery, Parting Shot, and others.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Pirem (open)
    DNA Donors: Pidgeot / Kyurem
    Offspring name: Pirem
    New Type: Flying / Ice
    Base Stats: 104 / 115 / 82 / 110 / 80 / 118 (+10 Atk, +10 SpA, +20 Spe) | 609 BST
    New ability and desc: Grandeur (Big Pecks + Pressure) - User is unaffected by external PP reduction (through means such as Pressure, Spite, and Grudge).
    Notable Moves: Brave Bird, Hurricane, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Shadow Claw, U-turn, Roost, Work Up, Defog
    Role Identification: Strong and fast mixed attacker with respectable bulk. Not worth using base form over Mega unless for physical sets or lack of a Mega slot (or if you fear Stone Edge).
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mega Pirem (open)
    Name: Mega Pirem
    New Type: Flying / Ice
    Base Stats: 104 / 115 / 87 / 175 / 90 / 138 (+5 Def, +65 SpA, +10 SpD, +20 Spe) | 709 BST
    Ability: No Guard
    Notable Moves: aforementioned + Blizzard
    Role Identification: Faster and stronger attacker capable of abusing STAB Hurricane and Blizzard with perfect accuracy. Also gets Focus Blast to round off the coverage, perchance Earth Power to cover Ghost/Steel and certain Fire-types. Can serve as an all-out attacker, Work Up sweeper, or offensive Defogger.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Zebsaw (open)
    Parents: Zebstrika / Sawsbuck
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Zebsaw
    New type: Electric / Grass
    New base stats: 92 / 115 / 81 / 85 / 81 / 120 (+15 all around) | 574 BST
    New ability and desc: Sap Sipper (Sap Sipper + Sap Sipper) - If the user is directly targeted by a Grass-type move, the user negates the move and gets a +1 boost to Attack.
    Notable moves: Wild Charge, Horn Leech, Jump Kick, Megahorn, Volt Switch, Overheat, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Synthesis
    Role Identification: Physically oriented Sap Sipper attacker with good dual STAB, interesting coverage options, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Volt Switch, and even Synthesis if needed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Dugdrill (open)
    Parents: Dugtrio / Excadrill
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Dugdrill
    New type: Ground / Steel
    New base stats: 82 / 127 / 65 / 60 / 77 / 114 (+10 all around) | 515 BST
    New ability and desc: Sandboni (Sand Force + Sand Rush) - During a sandstorm, the power of the user's Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves is increased by 33%, and so is the user's Speed.
    Notable moves: Earthquake, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Sucker Punch, Rapid Spin, Swords Dance, Stealth Rock, Memento
    Role Identification: The ultimate Sand abuser. If running Jolly with max Speed, its base Speed becomes equivalent to 168 in sandstorm, and its STABs and Rock coverage are powered up. It's also a respectable attacker outside of sand with its 127/114 physical offense, and it can provide utility through means such as Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, and Memento.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ampzard (open)
    Parents: Ampharos / Charizard
    Shared egg group: Monster
    Offspring name: Ampzard
    New type: Electric / Fire
    New base stats: 94 / 89 / 91 / 122 / 97 / 87 (+10 all around) | 580 BST
    New ability and desc: Proton Tinder (Plus + Blaze) - If the user falls below 1/3 HP, the user's Special Attack is boosted by a factor of 1.5.
    Notable moves: Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Volt Switch, Charge Beam, Focus Blast, Power Gem, Dragon Pulse, Agility, Tailwind, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Defog, Heal Bell
    Role Identification: Maybe not worth using over Mega Ampzard Y, unless somehow an effective Choice Specs boost alongside its item of choice is more appealing than a Drought attacker.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mega Ampzard A (currently unreleased) (open)
    Name: Mega Ampzard A
    New Type: Electric / Dragon
    Base Stats: 94 / 109 / 111 / 172 / 117 / 77 (+20 Atk, +20 Def, +50 SpA, +20 SpD, -10 Spe) | 680 BST
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Notable moves: aforementioned
    Role Identification: A direct improvement over Mega Ampharos, boasting Fire coverage, better stats all around, and even reliable recovery in Roost. Also gets Will-O-Wisp and Defog for extra utility.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mega Ampzard X (open)
    Name: Mega Ampzard X
    New Type: Electric / Dragon
    Base Stats: 94 / 135 / 124 / 143 / 97 / 87 (+46 Atk, +33 Def, +21 SpA) | 680 BST
    Ability: Tough Claws
    Notable moves: aforementioned + Wild Charge, Thunder Punch, Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch, Earthquake, Brick Break, Dragon Dance
    Role Identification: A strange sort of attacker. Movepool-wise, Mega Ampzard X is what Zekrom could have been, but stat-wise it looks to be a lower-tier Zekrom apart from Tough Claws and the higher Special Attack. Wild Charge is not quite as powerful as Flare Blitz for STAB, but Volt Switch is a nice little surprise tool from the Ampharos side.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mega Ampzard Y (open)
    Name: Mega Ampzard Y
    New Type: Electric / Fire
    Base Stats: 94 / 109 / 91 / 172 / 127 / 87 (+20 Atk, +50 SpA, +30 SpD) | 680 BST
    Ability: Drought
    Notable moves: aforementioned + Solar Beam
    Role Identification: Mega Ampzard Y is a stronger but slower Mega Charizard Y, except Ampzard has the perk of being able to pivot out with Volt Switch. This gives it a three-in-one strong STAB, escape option, and method of abusing Drought to its fullest potential. Couple this with the standard fare of Fire STAB and Solar Beam (or use Thunderbolt over Volt Switch if you plan on using Agility), and you've got yourself a menacing sun abuser.
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    Feb 22, 2017
    Do we round up? Or round down for decimal averages?
  13. Stitch98


    Jul 14, 2014
    Round down
  14. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    From the previous thread:
  15. G-Luke

    G-Luke We Eat Losers
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Mar 22, 2015
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Nidorachi (open)

    DNA Donors: Jirachi x Nidoqueen
    Offspring: Nidorachi
    New Type: Ground/Steel
    New Stats: 105/96/103/95/104/88 (+10 HP, +10 Def, +8 SpA, +12 SpD)
    New Ability and Description: [Serene Grace+Sheer Force]=Serene Force: The power of attacks with secondary effects are boosted by 33%
    Notable Moves: Earth Power, Flash Cannon, Doom Desire, U-Turn, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Ice Beam, Iron Head, Wish, Healing Wish, Taunt, Roar, Protect, Thunder Wave, Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Toxic
    Role Description: A pivot with power, Nidorachi has all the tools it needs to troll teams and be a general annoyance. Nidorachi's bulk is passable for FE standards, but its just enough to pivot in on weak resisted attacks and punish switchins with its variety of status moves

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Diggercate (open)

    Parents: Diggersby + Raticate-Alola
    Shared Egg Group: Field
    Offspring: Diggercate-Alola
    New Typing: Normal/Ground
    New Stats: 90/73/83/55/88/87
    New Ability and Desc: (Huge Power + Hustle)= High Stakes: The Attack of this Pokemon is boosted by x2.5, at the cost of loosing 25% percent accuracy on Physical moves.
    Notable Moves: Return, Double-Edge, Quick Attack, Earthquake, Knock Off, Swords Dance, Hone Claws, Gunk Shot, Sucker Punch, Elemental Punches, Pursuit, Wild Charge, Super Fang, Taunt, Facade, Spikes, Stone Edge, Focus Punch, U-Turn, Superpower, Taunt, Aerial Ace
    Role Description:
    You see those stats and say, nothing hits 100, why the hell would I even use it in OU, much less Fusion evolution? Then you see its ability, and feel its sheer dirty grimy power radiating off of it.With a boosting nature, it hits an Attack stat of 1480! Without a boost. Why should you believe however, that it is manageable? For starters, its ability's side effect. It stripps 25% accuracy off of all Physical Moves, making its most accurate attack be 75%. This means powerful coverage moves like Gunk Shot turn to laughable 55% accuracy. while this can be remedied with Hone Claws, its bulk and speed limit its set up opportunities. But don't be fooled. One Hone Claws and your team is DONE.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Arcawear (open)

    Parents: Arcanine and Bewear
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Arcawear
    New type: Fire/Fighting
    New base stats: 115/127/90/87/80/87
    New ability and desc: [Intimidate+Fluffy]=Fluffy Fear - This Pokemon lowers attack by one stage upon switch in. Also takes 1/2 damage from contact moves and x2 damage from Fire attacks.
    Notable moves: Close Combat, Swords Dance, Bulk Up, Flare Blitz, Elemental Punches, Outrage, Superpower, Hammer Arm, Extreme Speed, Morning Sun, Will O Wisp, Crunch, Taunt
    Role identification: A powerful and deceptively bulky threat to SuMo FE, Arcawear is the face of bulky offence and a excellent member of balance teams. Its ability allows it to shut down most physical attackers (not packing Earthquake) quite well. Combine with access to reliable recovery and WoW and Arcawear turns into a tank most physical attackers just cannot dent. Bewear (puns) of special attackers how ever, as its ability doesn't affect them the slightest.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Volcaribbon (open)

    Parents: Volcarona + Ribombee
    Shared Egg Group: Bug
    Offspring: Volcaribbon
    New Typing: Fairy/Fire
    New Stats: 82/67/72/125/97/123
    New Ability and Desc: [Flame Body+Shield Dust]=Cloak of Fire - If this Pokemon is hit by a move with a secondary effect and it activates, the effect is ignored and the inflictor is burned.
    Notable Moves: Fiery Dance, Moonblast, Quiver Dance, Hurricane, Roost, Overheat, Will O Wisp, Baton Pass, U-Turn
    Role Description: Its a really fast Quiver Dancer that hits modestly hard after a boost, and has really great coverage between its STABs alone. Also Fuck Flinch Spam!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Pherancie (open)

    DNA Donors: Pheromosa + Diancie
    Offspring: Pherancie
    New Typing: Rock/Fighting
    New Stats: 60/131/93/128/93/116
    (+14 Atk, +10 SpA, +16 Spe)
    New Ability and Desc: Beast Body - Beast Boost + Clear Body basically
    Notable Moves: Diamond Storm, High Jump Kick, Focus Blast, U-Turn, Focus Blast, Power Gem, Ice Beam, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Lunge, Moonblast, Earth Power, Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin, Rock Polish
    Role Description: A very versatile threat, Pherancie inherits a specialized stat spread that allows it to be extremely threatening. A powerful special sweeper with Quiver Dance + Dual STAB makes it mow through offensive teams with ease. A physical set is not without merit however, as Diamond Storm is very spammable and High Jump Kick demolishes any Steel type foolish enough to challenge its power.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Keldeon (open)

    DNA Donors: Keldeo x Espeon
    Offspring: Keldeon
    New Typing: Psychic/Water
    New Stats: 80/68/75/139/100/129 (+2 HP, +10 SpA, +8 SpD, +20 Spe)
    New Ability and Desc: [Justified + Magic Bounce]=Untaintable: Bounces back any Dark type moves targeted at it (Taunt, Knock Off etc)
    Notable Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Calm Mind, Substitute, Hydro Pump, Scald, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Secret Sword, Hyper Beam, Rain Dance, Dazzling Gleam, Trick, Taunt
    Role Description: A powerful special attacker with a wicked ability that not only makes it immune to Dark type moves, but actually bounces them back ala Magic Bounce. This makes Keldeon the ultimate Knock Off switchin, turns into an un-Pursuitable Psychic type, laughs at Taunt and generally makes everyone feel bad. A Specs set trashes alot of stuff, while Scarf and CM beats up offence and balance respectively.
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  16. G-Luke

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    Mar 22, 2015
    Can you code?
  17. Blumenwitz


    Mar 5, 2014
    All right! Great to see that this is back!

    One question: when you say that a fusion has access to all of its parents' moves, does that include moves that they could only learn in past gens?
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    Mar 22, 2015
    The offspring have the same restrictions movewise as their parents. So every Snorlax fusion is gaining Lovely Kiss when its legal.
  19. Blumenwitz


    Mar 5, 2014
    Ah, so move/ability compatibility issues still apply.

    The reason I'm asking this is because I'm putting together an Infernape fusion, and there are a few notable moves that it can learn in ORAS but not SuMo, like Stealth Rock. Can I list those, or should I just leave them out?
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  20. Squawkerz

    Squawkerz Torchic is best mon

    Jun 6, 2015
    Tangeela (open)

    DNA Donors: Tangrowth / Celesteela
    Offspring Name: Tangeela
    New Type: Grass/Steel
    Base Stats: 101/103/127/109/89/61 (+3 HP, +3 Atk, +13 Def, +1 SpA, +14 SpD, +6 Spe) BST: 590
    New Ability: Ultra Regeneration (Regenerator + Beast Boost): Heals 33% of max HP when switching out. Heals 66% of max HP when switching out after getting one kill, kills do not stack.
    Notable Moves: Giga Drain, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Sludge Bomb, Leaf Storm, Heavy Slam, Power Whip, Earthquake, Knock Off, Poison Jab, Synthesis, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Swords Dance, Autotomize
    Role Identification: This Pokemon is the definition of versatility. This thing can run a bulky set, Physical double dance, and Specially Offensive Autotomize very effectively. It's defensive set is supported by 101/127/89 defense stats and it's ability to recover HP with it's ability and moves. On it's offensive sets, it's ability can allow it to set up multiple times in a game, due to the HP it gets when a defensive Pokemon forces it out.

    Fun Fact: Tangeela's stats are all prime, just like the ultra beasts

    Edit: Don't expect any more submissions from me, I don't have computer access.
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  21. Yahooboo


    Jan 10, 2015
    Shaymanaphy (open)

    Parents: Shaymin and Manaphy
    Shared egg group: DNA
    Offspring name: Shaymanaphy
    New type: Grass/Water
    New base stats: 100/108/108/108/108/108 (+8 all except HP)
    New ability and desc: Naturally Hydrated: At the end of the turn, cure this Pokemon's status.
    Notable moves: Tail Glow, Surf, Scald, Earth Power, Seed Flare, Psychic, Aromatherapy, Healing Wish, Leech Seed, Synthesis, Dazzling Gleam, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, U-Turn, Waterfall, Seed Bomb, Zen Headbutt, Knock Off
    Role identification: This thing's typing is actually very good defensively in a fair few ways. It resists Water, Ground and Steel, all of which are somewhat important offensive types, while only being weak to Bug, Poison and Flying, which aren't carried by too many mons. Then there is, of course, Tail Glow, which is an incredible boosting move and lets Shaymanaphy break things with ease alongside Seed Flare - not even Chansey can tank this thing for too long with this combination, especially since it can't possibly be damaged by status unless the ability is removed. Besides that, it's a great attacking Pokemon with a nice range of coverage and also sporting a fair few utility moves like Aromatherapy and Healing Wish. Just thought I'd combine the powers of the gen 4 pixies.

    Tapu Momo (open)

    Parents: Tapu Koko and Heatmor
    Shared egg group: DNA
    Offspring name: Tapu Momo
    New type: Electric/Fire
    New base stats: 77/126 (+20)/75/100/70/117 (+20)
    New ability and desc: Electric Fire - Summons Electric Terrain on switch in. Being in during Electric Terrain at all gives this pokemon a Flash Fire boost until it switches out.
    Notable moves: Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Fire Lash, Flare Blitz, Will-O-Wisp, Fire Blast, Overheat, Thunderbolt, Brave Bird, Shadow Claw, Pursuit, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, Mirror Move, Nature's Madness, U-Turn
    Role identification: Tapu Momo's 126 base attack and access to Fire Lash make it very dangerous to switch in on, since when both its stabs have a 1.5x boost it can KO nearly anything with Fire Lash's defense drop. It also has some good coverage in Knock Off and Brave Bird, can pivot with U-Turn and use priority with pursuit. All around a good physical attacker.

    Slowing (open)

    Parents: Slowbro and Slowking
    Shared egg group: Monster and Water 1
    Offspring name: Slowing
    New type: Water
    New base stats: 110/90/110/115/110/45
    New ability and desc: Oblivious (+5 to all stats)
    Notable moves: Anything either Slowbro or Slowking run
    Role identification: It does whatever Slowbro or Slowking can do but loses regenerator and its Psychic typing. Probably not actually as good as either due to that, but it has its uses such as greater power and overall bulk alongside a better mega:

    Offspring name: Slowing-Mega
    New type: Water
    New base stats: 110/90/180/145/110/45
    New ability and desc: Shell Armor
    Notable moves: above
    Role identification: It's a better version of Mega Slowbro except without Psychic typing. How much that typing matters is to be seen.
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  22. G-Luke

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    Mar 22, 2015
    That case is different, as those moves can be transferred over. Only move illegalities are the issue, as Lovely Kiss Snorlax cannot be tranferred over to the modern games.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but every one of those fusions have already been done and are in the archive linked in the OP.
  23. Dr_Dinosaur


    Dec 24, 2016
    Banekyu (open)
    Parents: Mimikyu and Banette
    Egg Group: Amorphous
    Name: Banekyu? Miminette?
    Type: Ghost/Fairy
    Base Stats: 69 / 112 / 82 / 76 / 94 / 90 [BST 523]
    Ability: (Disguise+Cursed Body) Cursed Cloak - Negates the first direct damage taken from a move or hitting itself in confusion. If the damage came from an opponent's move, that move becomes disabled for 4 turns.
    Notable Moves: Knock Off, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-Wisp, Sucker Punch, Taunt, Shadow Claw, Thunder Wave, Infestation, Substitute, Gunk Shot, Pursuit, Wood Hammer, Z-Splash, Play Rough, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Leech Life, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Pain Split
    Role Identification: Trades 11 Special Defense and 6 Speed for toys Mimikyu would curse you for. The move that broke your Disguise is disabled, you have Swords Dance and coverage moves, and if all that's not good enough, you can Mega Evolve!
    Base Stats: 69 / 162 / 92 / 86 / 114 / 100
    Ability: Prankster
    Newly Notable Moves: Disable, Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Trick Room, Substitute, Taunt, Curse, Pain Split
    Role Identification: Better all-around than the base form. Best strategy in most cases will be to wait until Cursed Cloak is broken, then evolve and wreck face with your high attack and prankster.

    Hail to the king of surf and sand
    Jellisand (open)
    Parents: Jellicent and Palossand
    Egg Group: Amorphous
    Name: Jellisand
    Type: Ground/Ghost
    Base Stats: 102 / 77 / 100 / 102 / 100 / 57 [BST 538]
    Ability: (Water Compaction+Water Absorb) Hydroexpansion - Immune to Water-type moves. When hit by one regains HP and increases Defense by one stage.
    Notable Moves: Hypnosis, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball, Earth Power, Shore Up, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Rock Polish, Infestation, Water Spout, Water Pulse, Recover, Hex, Hydro Pump, Taunt, Sludge Wave, Scald, Will-o-Wisp, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam
    Role Identification: Better Palossand. Has Recover if you aren't running a sand team, immunity to water along with defense boosts, and a good selection of status and special coverage.

    The Bard has arrived
    Delphimar (open)
    Parents: Primarina and Delphox
    Egg Group: Field
    Name: Delphimar
    Type: Fire/Fairy
    Base Stats: 87 / 81 / 83 / 130 / 118 / 92
    Ability: (Blaze+Liquid Voice) Fire Beats - All of this Pokemon's fire-type and sound-based moves are both fire-type and sound-based in addition to their other properties.
    Notable Moves: Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Psyshock, Flamethrower, Will-o-Wisp, Fire Blast, Psychic, Calm Mind, Grass Knot, Sparkling Aria, Aqua Jet, Hyper Voice, Moonblast, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Energy Ball, Scald
    Role Identification: Nothing great stat-wise, but that ability gives it some tricky options, like a Will-o-Wisp and Mystical Fire that aren't blocked by Substitute and dual-type Sparkling Aria.

    Hey kids, it's everyone's favorite flying trash can!
    Garbodong (open)
    Parents: Garbodor and Bronzong
    Egg Group: DNA
    Name: Garbodong
    Type: Poison/Steel
    Base Stats: 93 / 100 / 100 / 69 / 110 / 54 [+20HP, +8Atk, +1DEF, +11SpD]
    Ability: (Aftermath+Levitate) Landfill Mine - Immune to Ground-type moves. If this Pokemon is fainted by a contact or ground-type move, it explodes, dealing 1/4 the attacker's max HP.
    Notable Moves: Toxic Spikes, Acid Spray, Clear Smog, Gunk Shot, Rock Polish, Infestation, Curse, Rock Blast, Spikes, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Reflect, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Substitute, Trick Room
    Role Identification: A bulky hazard/trick room setter with only one weakness and powerful dual STAB in Gyro Ball and Gunk Shot.

    Instant Transmission
    Broli (open)
    Parents: Poliwrath and Slowbro
    Egg Group: Water 1
    Name: Broli
    Type: Fighting/Psychic
    Base Stats: 102 / 95 / 112 / 95 / 95 / 60
    : (Swift Swim+Oblivious) Speed Trap - While this Pokemon is active, each Pokemon has a 1/X chance of going first regardless of speed, where X is the number of active Pokemon.
    Notable Moves: Circle Throw, Hypnosis, Work Up, Bulk Up, Ice Beam, BLizzard, Earthquake, Psychic, Focus Blast, Scald, Rock SLide, Poison Jab, Waterfall, Belly Drum, Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Curse, Slack Off, Psyshock, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Thunder Wave, Grass Knot
    Role Identification: Ignore the speed stat, it doesn't matter because Broli paces itself to match the speed of its opponent. Speed tie every time, plus decent HP and defenses with equal attacking stats ripe for boosting. Look at that coverage, that recovery!
    New Base Stats: 102 / 95 / 182 / 125 / 95 / 60
    New Ability: Shell Armor
    Newly Notable Moves: Slack Off, Calm Mind, Refresh
    Role Identification: If you mega evolve Broli, it's because you don't care about ever going first and probably don't like punching things. Because what Mega Broli brings to the table is a wall and walls don't do either of those things typically. 182 Defense and 125 Special Attack, plus Poliwrath's physical coverage. Simple, effective, Mega Broli. With Slack Off in the mix you might even surprise someone with a Belly Drum set!

    Rainbows, balloons, pollution, what's not to love?
    Alola Muzking (open)
    Parents: Weezing and Alola Muk
    Egg Group: Amorphous
    Name: Muzking-Alola
    Type: Poison/Dark
    Base Stats: 95 / 107 / 107 / 85 / 95 / 65
    Ability: (Levitate+Power of Alchemy) Last Will - Immune to Ground-type moves. If this Pokemon enters the battlefield immediately after an ally faints, it gains that allies immunities for as long as it remains on the field.
    Notable Moves: Gyro Ball, Taunt, Infestation, Will-o-Wisp, Pain Split, Curse, Toxic Spikes, Poison Fang, Knock Off, Crunch, Gunk Shot, Acid Spray, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Snarl, Rock Polish, Shadow Sneak
    Role Identification: With no weaknesses and as many immunities as the last thing on your team that fainted +2, Alola Muzking is a dangerously tough nut to crack. Add in Will-o-Wisp and Curse to get physically tankier (and hit harder with Gyro Ball) and this polluted rainbow balloon gets downright scary.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
  24. G-Luke

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    Mar 22, 2015
    You can talk with either Spandan, charizard8888 or urkerab specifically about helping with coding, but honestly I don't see help needed in that department. Appreciate your enthusiasium though.
  25. mt0101


    Apr 6, 2017
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Tapu Reuni (open)
    DNA Donors: Tapu Fini / Reuniclus
    Offspring name: Tapu Reuni
    New Type: Water / Psychic
    Base Stats: 110 / 70 / 105 / 110 / 117 / 57 (+20 HP, +10 Def, +10 SpD)
    New ability and desc: Magic Surge (Magic Guard + Misty Surge) - This Pokemon can only be damaged with direct attacks, as the ability Magic Guard. Upon switch in, summons Magic Terrain for 5 turns (7 with Terrain Extender); in Magic Terrain, the Magic Guard effect extends to all grounded Pokemon switching in or on the field.
    Notable Moves: Calm Mind, Recover, Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Coat, Substitute, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Trick, Trick Room, Defog, Haze, Taunt, Nature's Madness, Knock Off, Explosion, Night Shade, Focus Blast, Grass Knot, Thunder, Energy Ball, Psychic, Psyshock, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Scald, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Blizzard
    Role Identification: Bulkier than base Slowbro defensively and Slowking specially defensively and with a special attack higher than Starmie, along with access to two complementary support movepools and Recover, Tapu Reuni can function well in a number of roles as a physical or special wall, bulky utility, Trick Room setter, or bulky LO attacker. However, the real threat comes from its ability, which extends Magic Guard to all grounded Pokemon on the field for five turns. Send in Bug, Ice, and Fire types with impunity against Stealth Rocks, sweep with a Reckless or Life Orb abuser for no penalty, build a stall team around it or go anti-stall with your pick from Nature's Madness, Night Shade, Knock Off, and Taunt. The sky is the limit here-even Shedinja can be viable with Tapu Reuni support! Well, maybe. Just be careful teambuilding because this ability helps the opponent too.

    RIP Drifcham and Korikori-O, you were a result of me not understanding the rules fully

    Primbull (open)
    Parents: Primeape / Granbull
    Shared egg group: Field
    Offspring name: Primbull
    New type: Fairy / Fighting
    New base stats: 87 / 122 / 77 / 70 / 75 / 80
    New ability and desc: Freak Out (Anger Point + Rattled) - When it is hit by a Dark, Ghost, or Bug-type move, its speed rises to its maximum of six stages.
    Notable moves: Close Combat, Crunch, Earthquake, Play Rough, Power-Up Punch, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Seismic Toss, Superpower, Wild Charge, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Acrobatics, Body Slam, Beat Up, Gunk Shot, Night Slash, Power Trip (!!!), Pursuit, Seed Bomb, U-Turn, Bulk Up, Heal Bell, Roar, Taunt
    Role Identification: Its bulk is nothing special, and its attack is pretty average for an OU physical attacker, but its movepool, great offensive typing, and ability are what make it threatening. Switch in on a 4x resisted Dark or Bug type move to immediately become faster than almost everything, depending on what speed investment you want to run. Oh yeah, and Power Trip immediately becomes BP 140. I don't have to tell you how well this thing works with a Choice Band and/or U-Turn, not to mention the mindgames and frustration it can cause in a core with something weak to Dark and/or Bug. It has good physical coverage with EdgeQuake, Gunk Shot, Seed Bomb, Wild Charge, and the ever useful Pursuit and Power Trip. If only it got Swords Dance--needless to say, it will almost always be running Band or Life Orb, with something like AV or Leftovers Power-Up Punch/Power Trip or a Bulk Up set a possibility.

    Drabacle (open)
    Parents: Drapion / Barbaracle
    Shared egg group: Water 3
    Offspring name: Drabacle
    New type: Water / Poison
    New base stats: 86 / 112 / 127 / 72 / 95 / 96
    New ability and desc: Sniper (Sniper + Sniper)
    Notable moves: Superpower, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Cross Chop, X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Aqua Tail, Razor Shell, Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Fell Stinger, Pursuit, Stealth Rock, Shell Smash, Bulk Up, Accupressure, Toxic Spikes, Whirlwind
    Role Identification: A scary-ass bulky Shell Smasher and potential crit abuser if you like, with the potential to also run a defensive phazing set around Bulk Up and SR/TSpikes. Good typing and damn good speed (for an SS user). Drapion somehow improves Barbaracle's Water options while not bringing Gunk Shot, Knock Off, OR Sucker Punch, but hey, who needs that when you have Scope Lens Sniper Cross Poison. White Herb(or not) SS plus Acupressure could be a trolly win condition, and is something I don't believe anything else has access to.

    Wishigon-2 (DEAD AND BANNED RIP :() (open)

    DNA Donors: Wishiwashi / Porygon-2
    Offspring name: Wishigon-2
    New Type: Water / Normal
    Base Stats: Solo Form: 85 / 50 / 55 / 85 / 60 / 50 (+20 HP, +20 SpA)
    School Form: 85 / 110 / 110 / 142 / 115 / 45 (+20 HP, +20 SpA)
    New ability and desc: Graphical Trailing Error (Schooling + Analytic) - At the beginning of each turn, if Wishigon-2 would move after its opponent using the speed of its current form, it transforms into its School Form. If it would move before its opponent using the speed of its current form, it transforms into Solo Form. If it would transform into the form it is already in, it does not. If the opponent standard switches their Pokemon into another, Wishigon-2 transforms into or remains in School Form. Wishigon-2 switches in to battle in Solo Form.
    Notable Moves: Aqua Tail, Earthquake, U-Turn, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt, Double-Edge, Return, Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Scald, Brine, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Psychic, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Tri Attack, Charge Beam, (Z-)Conversion, (Z-)Conversion2, Trick, Toxic (and Soak), Reflect, Recover(!), Recycle, Magic Coat
    Role Identification: A bulky special attacker that requires some finesse to use, but once you master its ability and pivoting into it (preferably with a switching move), you can wallbreak or inspire fear with Specs Hydro Pump paired with Porygon-2's coverage, fire off powerful Life Orb attacks and Recover off the recoil, or even bait a switch and Z-Convert (with min speed IVs of course). Unfortunately, due to its ability, it can't really make use of Trick Room or TWave very well (you could run twave on a bulky set if you really wanted to but would have to plan carefully).

    I respect the Wishiwashi ban but will fight to the death to defeat it. Until that day, have this, which is also a frickin' monster.

    Poli Koko (open)
    DNA Donors: Politoed / Tapu Koko
    Offspring name: Poli Koko
    New Type: Water / Electric
    Base Stats: 90 / 95 / 87 / 112 / 87 / 110 (+10 HP, +20 SpA, +10 Spe)
    New ability and desc: Thunderstorm (Drizzle + Electric Terrain) - Summons 5 (7 w/ Damp Rock) turns of Rain upon switch-in. Also summons 5 (7 w/ Terrain Extender) turns of Electric Terrain upon switch-in.
    Notable Moves: Calm Mind, Light Screen, Reflect, Roar, Roost(!), Taunt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Encore, Haze, Perish Song, Refresh, Substitute, Focus Blast, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Psychic, Nature's Madness, Dazzling Gleam, Grass Knot, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Surf, Scald, Volt Switch (!!), U-Turn (!!!), Earthquake, Seismic Toss
    Role Identification:Congratulations FE, rain is now officially viable, you're welcome Politoed finally gets the healing and pivoting abilities it envied Pelipper for, along with better bulk and a great speed for its utility movepool and newly buffed SpA. Those STABs are gonna be hitting HARD; hell, Thunder has as much BP as V-Create and 100% accuracy! You don't even really need to have a rain team to wreck with it, just CM up and destroy souls (another move Politoed can really make use of in a way Tapu Koko couldn't!). Obviously your number one priority is not getting wrecked by EQ so build around that. I could see Scarf and AV sets being quite strong besides the obvious Damp Rock or TE. Even if one of its weather/terrains gets blocked or replaced, it will likely still have one on deck to fuel its attacks. Damp Rock may be strictly better considering the amount of terrain setters vs weather setters in the meta.

    Malotic (open)
    Parents: Malamar / Milotic
    Shared egg group: Water 1
    Offspring name: Malotic
    New type: Water / Dark
    New base stats: 100 / 86 / 93 / 94 / 110 / 87
    New ability and desc: Contrary Scales (Contrary + Marvel Scale) - For the most part, when this Pokemon is inflicted with a non-volatile status condition, the effects are reversed. Burn restores 1/16th of max HP a turn and multiplies Attack by 1.5 rather than halving it. Poison restores 1/8th max HP a turn. Paralysis multiplies Speed by 1.5 and can no longer fully paralyze Malotic. Freeze and Sleep work the same as usual.
    Notable moves: Calm Mind, Destiny Bond, (Z-)Happy Hour, Light Screen, Reflect, Hypnosis, Switcheroo, Taunt, Coil, Haze, Magic Coat, Recover, (Z-)Splash, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Psyshock, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Scald, Superpower, Foul Play, Knock Off, Night Slash, Payback, Rock Slide, Aqua Tail, Iron Head, Dragon Tail
    Role Identification: A tricky mon with average stats all around-but it can manipulate them with Flame or Toxic Orb, or put on an AV or LO (or z-crystal!) if you want to absorb external statuses. Can also abuse Switcheroo really hard to screw with your opponents' items. Having Coil, Calm Mind, AND Recover makes it a true mixed threat, though you should always be able to tell what set it's running given like one turn.

    Necrozmerupt (open)
    DNA Donors: Necrozma / Camerupt
    Offspring name: Necrozmerupt
    New Type: Fire / Psychic
    Base Stats: 103 / 103 / 85 / 136 / 82 / 59 (+20 HP, +20 SpA)
    New ability and desc: Soulforged Diamond (Prism Armor + Solid Rock) - This Pokemon takes 1.33x damage from super-effective attacks, rather than 2x.
    Notable Moves: Eruption, Overheat, Solar Beam, Fire Blast, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, Power Gem, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon, Psychic, Psyshock, Wring Out, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Explosion, Flame Charge, Gyro Ball, Autotomize, Rock Polish, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Reflect, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Trick Room, Swords Dance, Growth, Will-O-Wisp, Yawn
    Role Identification: Great utility moveset, AMAZING consistent bulk with its ability and recovery factored in, a huge special attack stat...Necrozmerupt can run a LOT of sets, Calm Mind ones, AV ones with lava plume, bulky rocks with recovery and Explosion, Autotomize/Rock Polish surprise sweeper, Bloom Doom lure...it is still weak to rocks though, so good hazard control is imperative if you want to take advantage of its bulk to its full potential.
    Or if you really want a power house:
    Mega Necrozmerupt
    Mega Stats:
    103 / 123 / 115 / 176 / 112 / 39
    Mega Ability: Sheer Force
    Mega Role: Like Eruption-Mega, Necrozmerupt-Mega has good bulk, a SpAtk in the highest stratosphere of the FE meta, and the amazing Sheer Force. Unlike Eruption-Mega, Necrozmerupt has recovery, can set its own Trick Room if it wants, and can use both its STABs to their fullest potential in the sun (it gets Growth for god's sakes!). Necrozma adds STAB Psychic and the useful Dark Pulse to Camerupt's list of SF playthings. I'll let you imagine the destruction on your own. It's like Magmozam, but slow af, bulky, with some different tricks in its movepool, and hits even harder with Sheer Force. Make Trick Room viable in FE
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