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G.O.A.T. EE - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Wi-Fi' started by Expert Evan, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Current status: Closed! retired from trading 4th/5th generation, not actively offering stuff these days, communicate with me through message or on IRC instead please.

    Available for trading:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Modest Xerneas: 31/11/31/31/31/31
    OT: goatee(19829)
    cloned using powersaves backup/restore method
    * only Pokéguy also has distribution rights

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Modest Suicune: 31/12/31/31/31/31
    OT: goatEE(30210)
    cloned using powersaves backup/restore method
    * not redistributable

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Adamant Landorus: 31/31/31/19/31/31
    OT: goatEE(30210)
    cloned using powersaves backup/restore method
    * not redistributable

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Calm Cresselia: 31/08/31/31/31/31
    OT: goatEE(30210)
    cloned using powersaves backup/restore method
    * not redistributable

    the Pokemon X National Pokedex countdown:
    25: lugia
    24: ho-oh
    23: kyurem
    22: reshiram
    21: zekrom
    20: rayquaza
    19: dialga
    18: kyogre
    17: giratina
    16: thundurus
    15: tornadus
    14: landorus
    13: latias
    12: darkrai
    11: arceus
    10: Deoxys
    09: Jirachi
    08: Manaphy
    07: Victini
    06: Mew
    05: Genesect
    04: Meloetta
    03: Shaymin
    02: Keldeo
    01: Celebi

    EE's pokemon on youtube: Emerald versions
    EE in smogon US VGC 2010 Tournament (rounds 2 through 5)
    EE in smogon US VGC 2010 Tournament (finals with Cybertron)

    EE's VCG/Philadelphia(Spring2012): this topic
    EE's VGC/Providence(autumn2011): this topic
    EE's VGC/Newark(2011): this topic
    EE's VGC/Newark(2010): this topic
    Showdown NY(2008): this topic
    Gamestop PBR Trumbull (2007): this post

    Am usually in mIRC chat at #smogonwifi

    3DS FC: 4356-0115-6097

    AR Codes used: (only with R4 ROM games now)
    Cloning (used for cloning all pokemon in my posession)
    Check IVs
    Check EVs
    Max TMs, potions, balls, berries
    Quick Hatch

    *note: EE!(15590) platinum, EE♂(39876) pearl, EE*(49403) soul silver, and smogon☺(08249) heart gold games are from R4 ROM where more than one of same specie may be caught due to restoring from a backup save file. Pokemon caught in those games are available for trade though most won't be featured here on page 1.

    5th Gen OT:
    OT = goatee*(11471) - US white2 cart, active, AR free
    OT = goatee(45679) - US white cart, active, AR free
    OT = Shinkou(38679) - US black cart, active, AR free
    OT = EE(13473) - Japanese White version on R4
    OT = あかさたな(24750) Japanese Black version on R4
    OT = Macho(51103) - US White version on R4
    OT = ee(42530) - US Black version on R4

    4th Gen OT (only AR free where indicated):
    OT = GoatEE(35021) - Soul Silver cart, restarted, traded-in, AR free
    OT = Gouki(37741) - Heart Gold cart, restarted, traded-in, AR free
    OT = Goatee(14638) - Soul Silver cart, restarted, traded-in
    OT = EE*(49403) - Soul Silver on R4
    OT = smogon☺(08249) - Heart Gold on R4

    OT = ExpEvan(45756) - Platinum cart, active
    OT = smogon*(43108) - Platinum cart, sold to dee66
    OT = EE+(19203) - Platinum cart, sold to mayday
    OT = GOAT.EE(48394) = Platinum cart, restarted
    OT = smogon(05637) = Platinum cart, restarted
    OT = Faramir(12387) = Pearl cart, active
    OT = Gouki(43245) = Diamond cart, restarted, traded-in

    3rd Gen OT (all AR free):
    OT = Brendan(44174) = Emerald cart, active
    OT = Anakin(31964) = Leaf Green cart, active
    OT = SHARON(44669) = Sapphire cart, active
    OT = KENOBI(34146) = XD, status uncertain

    More Pokémon continues below...
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
  2. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Special Recognitions (were successfully used in battle tower, wifi, PBR or Nintendo event indicated):
    Bentendo13's modest starmie
    Tomo's adamant garchomp
    Stefywefy215's jolly tyranitar
    Gin's jolly rapidash with hypnosis
    aragornbird's modest specmence
    gunitdawg's careful spiritomb
    Fishin's jolly infernape
    Gin's careful snorlax (for winning the lottery grand prize, a master ball)
    kindnugs's adamant electivire
    Pulse's modest HP-Ice yanmega
    Stefywefy215's relaxed bronzong (Showdown NY)
    venom_Prince91's hasty gengar (Showdown NY)
    Marker's modest togekiss (Showdown NY)
    The Forsworn's impish hippowdon (Showdown NY)
    Forbidden's adamant gyarados (Showdown NY)
    BlakBlastoise's bold blastoise
    Bitterlemon's brave snorlax (VGC/Newark)
    Negator's timid kyogre (Alaka's VGC wifi tourney)
    Negator's timid mewtwo (Alaka's VGC wifi tourney)
    Bozo's brave snorlax
    godudette's adamant hitmontop
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
  3. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Completed Recent Trades (coded):
    [Marcus Fenix]: Bold Manaphy for towlie's EV trained claydol
    [Marcus Fenix]: rash heatran for shiny naive salamence
    _Apocalypse_: naive/grass heatran & jolly/SV gligar for calm suicune & adamant female empoleon
    _Apocalypse_: Pokeguy's bold suicune for shiny bold chansey
    _Apocalypse_: VGS hp-electric milotic for modest moltres
    _Apocalypse_: Storm FTW's crobat for shiny brave pineco
    _Apocalypse_: brave relicanth for lonely absol
    43R0D4CTYL: modest/ice moltres for adamant dialga
    43R0D4CTYL: timid/ground entei for modest snover
    7014gree: bold/fire shaymin, timid/ice shaymin & modest/ice shaymin for shiny modest giratina, calm zapdos & manaphy egg
    7014gree: quiet snover, jolly smeargle & bold ditto for timid rotom, timid mewtwo & timid rayquaza
    7014gree: adamant giratina for shiny modest kyogre
    Adamco13: Davy's linoone for impish jirachi
    Aerolin: impish regigigas & careful regirock for relaxed uxie UT and brave tyranitar
    Akiratron: shiny brave smeargle for shiny timid/grass raikou
    AlexShiny94: shiny bold/ground regice for jolly primeape
    AlexShiny94: VGS Milotic#2 for shiny careful grimer
    AlexShiny94: timid shaymin for timid hp-ice vulpix
    all4game: shiny timid hp-ice eevee for shiny hasty soundproof voltorb
    all4game: hasty palkia for calm/electric tentacool
    Angelus: brave smeargle & modest lapras for shiny timid/ice butterfree & shiny careful umbreom
    Anwar: jolly jirachi for shiny naive/grass magnemite
    aragornbird: Articuno, Naive Azelf, Shiny Uxie, and Regice for timid mew, adamant groudon, jolly deoxys & bold lugia
    aragornbird: timid TRU shaymin, jolly volbeat & jolly glameow for shiny timid latios & shiny timid latias
    aragornbird: bold cresselia for timid mismagius
    AromaFlora: TRU timid shaymin for shiny modest natural cure starly
    AromaFlora: shiny adamant sneasel for shiny adamant absol
    asiankid123: lv50 ev'd relicanth#3 for timid typhlosion
    Atraes: bold rotom#1 for relaxed forretress EV#1
    Atraes: modest/ice moltres for bold milotic
    Atraes: impish jirachi for jolly nincada
    Auron87: calm chansey for mattj's relaxed slowpoke
    Barkley3312: marowak for timid staryu?
    Bitterlemon: timid/ground jirachi & timid/electric VGS milotic for shiny timid lugia (nicknamed & non-nicknamed)
    Bitterlemon: bold/fire shaymin & timid/ice shaymin for shiny timid/fight misdreavus & shiny brave snorlax
    bizar: shiny modest giratina, shiny naive hp-ground azelf, timid hp-grass zapdos & timid TRU shaymin for shiny adamant horsea, shiny timid starmie, shiny adamant riolu & shiny modest riolu
    bizar: shiny bold hp-ground cresselia for shiny jolly pressure aerodactyl
    BlueCookies: rash heatran & naive azelf for brave snorlax & sassy duskull
    BoozeVGC: Rash Heatran for Shiny Timid Encore Alakazam (donutt :( )
    BoozeVGC: jolly garchomps for adamant qwilfish (donutt :( )
    Bosskrow: naive hp-electric heatran for adamant head-smash aron
    Bosskrow: modest/grass heatran for the adamant DD whiscash?
    Bosskrow: lonely/fire giratina for careful ho-oh
    Bozo: rash heatran, adamant giratina, bold giratina, naive azelf & hasty mewtwo for 2 gastlys, 2 groovyles & abra all with emerald move tutors
    Bozo: shiny bold weezing, shiny timid palkia & shiny jolly scyther for shiny jolly counter swellow, shiny blissey & shiny wish clefairy
    Bozo: Shiny timid darkrai & shiny bold cresselia for shiny naive "sushi" wailord
    Chamommy: Shiny Timid/electric milotic for quiet/fire cresselia
    chev4: timid shaymin for shiny timid hp-ground female snorunt
    chev4: shiny naive hp-ground azelf for shiny jolly ambipom
    chev4: shiny adamant charizard for shiny timid/fire latias
    chev4: naive azelf for shiny modest clamperl "Murmillo"
    Chill: bold hp-ice rotom for Syberia's ditto
    Christian: timid/water raikou, shiny careful gyarados, brave bronzor & shiny naive/ground azelf for modest/grass nidoran(m), rash/fire seedot, timid/ice seedot & naive murkrow
    Christian: timid azelf, impish regigigas & jolly cubone for shiny impish miltank, shiny careful miltank & shiny modest/fire snover
    Christian: Jolly palkia,modest mesprit and careful dialga for adamant electivire, jolly skitty, pokerealm's heracross
    Christian: modest baltoy & shiny jolly smeargle for quiet togekiss & jolly farfetch'd
    Christian: Quiet EV'd porygon for Careful Curse/Powerwhip bulbasaur
    Christian: impish jigglypuff for modest HP-electric(70) omastar
    Christian: modest/ice regigigas for shiny timid/ground azelf
    Christian: adamant giratina for shiny lickitung
    ClikC: VGS Milotic#1 & TRU timid shaymin for timid articuno & naive hp-grass heatran
    ClikC: naive azelf & timid zapdos for bold moltres & bold hp-grass zapdos
    ClikC: naive heatran for jolly beldum
    Cloud9.: bold/fire shaymin for mattj's jolly rayquaza
    Conan Edogawa415: timid hex-flawless rotom for hasty electrode
    Cool Ivysaur: VGS Timid/electric milotic for jolly shaymin
    Cool Ivysaur: brave rampardos for brave/fire metagross
    Cybertron: shiny timid darkrai & shiny modest giratina for LF's timid jirachi & LF's adamant arceus
    Cybertron: pokeguy's timid entei for adamant dive-ball mamoswine
    Cypher Admin Lovrina: shiny timid/electric milotic, timid/fight cresselia & modest gorebyss for shiny jolly sneasel (not mattj's), mattj's jolly/ground jirachi & modest/ground yanma
    Cypher Admin Lovrina: modest/electric milotic for shiny careful mawile
    danilyu: blissey(714) for shiny careful forretress
    darcklou: timid/ice zapdos & TRU bold shaymin for timid/ice raikou (lv100 255 sp.atk/speed) & naive/grass heatran (lv100 UT :/)
    darknite: hasty voltorb for timid hp-grass jolteon
    darknite: modest lombre for timid hp-grass heatran
    darknite: calm cresselia for jolly hp(30) palkia
    Darkprophet: rash heatran & adamant giratina for timid darkrai & bold mesprit
    Dark-Ryu: TRU timid shaymin for modest hp-grass moltres
    darkseeker4: lopunny & lucario#4 for abomasnow & azumarill
    Dea: jolly azelf for jolly gible
    Deschain: shiny jolly scyther for shiny impish rhyperior
    Deschain: SFTW's crobat for miltonic's sassy snorlax
    Deschain: Davy's linoone for brave machamp
    DEZTROYA: shiny adamant giratina for shiny quiet hp-ice numel
    Diploman: lickitung(mom) and redistributable smeargle for shiny pinsir
    Ditto: shiny giratina, shiny regirock, shiny registeel, naive heatran & timid dialga for shiny meowth, shiny larvitar, mantine, shiny giratina & store credit
    Ditto: quiet/grass heatran for adamant ES dratini
    Ditto: adamant regigigas for modest/ice gardevoir
    Dizzybanana21x: Naive hp-electric heatran, shiny VGS milotic#1, TRU timid shaymin & charizard(50) for modest hp-ground articuno, tentacruel, naive infernape & shiny timid hp-fight cresselia
    Dizzybanana21x: rash heatran for shiny flawless jolly weavile
    Dizzybanana21x: bold cresselia for naive hp-grass heatran
    Dizzybanana21x: timid cresselia for bold hp-grass zapdos
    Dozer: jolly/sv gligar & jolly pinsir for calm ludicolo & adamant/guts ursaring
    Dozer: modest lombre for mattj's hardy/surf pikachu
    Dozer: quiet/grass clamperl for mattj's modest mew
    Dozer: adamant regigigas for brave swinub
    Dozer: brave solrock for timid/ice gastly
    DragonFe: shiny adamant chimchar for xd adamant grimer
    DragonFe: timid hp-grass zapdos for xd duskull
    DragonFe: jolly medicham for XD beedrill
    Dragonknight08: rash heatran for shiny rotom
    Dusk252: hasty palkia & shiny jolly palkia for the jolly smeargle with EV#2 & mattj's modest mew
    Dxs: shiny bold/ground weezing for shiny bold/electric feebas
    e.j.: jolly azelf and blak's shiny metagross for careful duskull & timid hp-ice lucario
    e.j.: adamant garchomp & modest lapras for jolly garchomp & shiny timid psyduck
    epicmusicfan: jolly azelf for lv.50 UT relaxed hex-flawless swampert
    epicmusicfan: naive/grass heatran for UT naive chimchar
    epicmusicfan: careful registeel for rash salamence
    Eppie: brave relicanth & brave cubone for shiny adamant zangoose & adamant extremespeed dratini
    Eppie: lv1 brave smeargle for modest/grass lapras
    Eppie: calm/ground regice for impish igglybuff
    Eppie: quiet porygon2 for shiny brave banette
    Eppie: adamant qwilfish for naive SD mewtwo
    Everstone: rash heatran & timid mesprit for adamant no-guard machop & jolly gyarados
    Everstone: hasty palkia for jolly smeargle
    Fenix54: shiny timid darkrai for shiny timid hp-fire espeon
    Fenix54: shiny numel for Deztroya's shiny skarmory
    FightGar: jolly drapion for impish steelix
    foibles: timid azelf, naive azelf & hasty palkia for jolly lucario, bold celebi & modest hp-grass rotom
    Frawg: shiny timid/ice heatran for timid manaphy
    Frawg: timid/ground entei for bold/ice celebi
    Freze: Blissey(714) for almia quiet darkrai
    FriDanny: jolly pinsir, bold porygon2, modest/timid arceus for MattJ's timid/ice raikou, timid/ice entei & jolly ho-oh
    FriDanny: UT modest lombre & VGS EV'd Milotic#1 for flawless redistributable groudon/kyogre
    FriDanny: Bold Arceus & Impish Arceus for shiny naive flygon & timid mewtwo
    Frozen_Spirit: calm regice & careful registeel for modest piplup & impish shroomish
    Gary the Gengar: timid hp-ice jolteon & sassy bronzor for lexite's swampert and naive hp-ice infernape
    Gary the Gengar: timid hp-fire gengar for bearsfan092's mild hp-grass heatran
    Gary the Gengar: timid hp ice heatran for timid flawless shaymin
    Gary the Gengar: EV'd modest lombre for mattj's brave dusknoir
    Gary the Gengar: bold giratina for Kazu's bold suicune
    Geren: shiny registeel for bold clefairy "Lily"
    godudette: shiny lonely giratina for adamant hitmontop
    gravytrain: modest lombre for shiny quiet larvitar
    Groved: timid/ice shaymin for shiny impish skorupi
    -GZ-: modest hp-fire shaymin & jolly pinsir for hasty XD moltres
    Hamstern: TRU timid shaymin for quiet slowpoke
    Hamstern: bold cresselia for shiny dunsparce
    Harro237: bold cresselia for jolly murkrow
    Honch King: modest lucario#4 for jolly marowak
    i1337: calm HP Fire Regice for shiny mareep
    Icy Vegeta: shiny timid darkrai for adamant mewtwo
    IcyFlame05: jolly marowak, brave cubone, modest lotad & jolly azelf for naive monferno, mild/ice elekid, modest/trace kirlia, adamant/guts machop
    IcyFlame05: rash heatran, Naive Azelf and Adamant Giratina for UT adamant scizor B nicknamed "Death", bold porygon2 & modest lucario
    Inevitable: Davy's linoone and naive groudon for timid latios and naive hp-electric heatran
    inevitable: TRU timid shaymin for shiny modest hp-grass moltres
    Inevitable: shiny jolly(29) gible for shiny calm spiritomb
    Inevitable: hasty mewtwo for modest moltres
    itsuki: bold giratina & timid dialga for timid hp-ice zapdos & timid hp-grass zapdos
    itsuki: careful swampert & timid mesprit for jolly swarm & technician scythers
    itsuki: Shiny HP Ground Uxie for timid tinted-lens yanmega
    Itsuki: shiny timid/ice shaymin for adamant guts machop
    Itsuki: shiny bold weezing for shiny calm lanturn
    itsuki: adamant giratina for naive heatran
    itsuki: hasty mewtwo for sassy dusknoir
    itsuki: timid rotom for bold spiritomb
    jiang513: adamant giratina for timid kyogre
    Jigo: adamant regirock for timid jynx
    Jigo: Jolly azelf for timid togekiss
    JiveTime: Deztroya's shiny growlithe for brave cubone #1 UT
    JiveTime: quiet palkia for mattj's quiet kyogre
    JiveTime: modest lombre for quiet snover
    JiveTime: adamant gible for politoed
    Jonathan: bold TRU manaphy for Adamant Ranch Mew
    Jubilee: adamant poliwhirl & timid/ice togetic for shiny timid/ice female togepi/togekiss
    Jubilee: calm hex-flawless cresselia for adamant female electivire
    Jubilee: calm quint-flawless milotic for mild/grass magnemite
    Jubilee: timid ditto & adamant ditto for shiny jolly gible
    Jubilee: naive/electric heatran for timid/fire snover
    Jubilee: modest/ice zapdos for naive/ice pikachu
    Jubilee: adamant seviper, jolly volbeat & timid/fight spoink for careful beldum, careful mudkip & jolly hoppip
    Jubilee: timid/water raikou for timid/grass typhlosion
    justenough215: calm hp-fire regice for brave teddiursa?
    justenough215: brave solrock for xd hypno
    Kaito: rash heatran for adamant tyrogue
    KarlMee1234: modest staryu & shiny jolly male gyarados for shiny modest mewtwo & adamant sneasel
    KarlMee1234: shiny careful registeel for shiny bold/electric female vaporeon
    KarlMee1234: shiny adamant female munchlax for adamant ES dratini
    KarlMee1234: shiny VGS/electric milotic for shiny jolly bagon
    kazuya: Bold Cresselia for timid hp-fight houndour/houndoom
    kazuya: shiny careful regirock for impish dusknoir
    Kisk: timid hp-fire gengar & calm flawless cresselia for sassy hp-ice bronzong and modest azelf
    komodo: modest hp-ice regigigas for shiny rash hp-ice elekid
    komodo: Pokeguy's timid entei for shiny careful onix
    komodo: shiny calm lotad for shiny timid shaymin
    komodo: hasty palkia for shiny careful arceus
    Koolio: bold porygon2 for impish tangela
    krabs93: rash heatran for shiny mild cyndaquil
    Lateralus: bold rotom#1 for OmegaDonut's shiny timid/grass raikou
    Lateralus: timid rotom for timid/fire latios
    Latiosmaster: timid azelf & kangaskhan for modest horsea & timid horsea
    Latiosmaster: naive azelf for shiny jolly no-guard machop
    Latiosmaster: modest ludicolo for adamant monferno
    LiontariAWF: swampert & drapion for trophy-case bold eevee
    LizardMan: jolly gyarados, jolly medicham & jolly absol #2, EV#3 for Mild Kingdra, timid metapod & Modest Alakazam
    LizardMan: timid hp-grass zapdos for adamant dive ball dragonite
    LizardMan: timid hp-ice zapdos for mild electivire
    locoghoul: modest lombre & timid/ice shaymin for jolly ninjask & jolly shedinja
    locoghoul: adamant/timid arceus for jolly kingler
    lOlpO: adamant swinub & adamant magicarp for quiet metagross & brave metagross
    lOlpO: timid/ice gengar for jolly mew
    LORY993: TRU Timid/ice shaymin for kazo's timid suicune
    Macheep: Quiet Porygon2, Rash Heatran, Shiny Milotic, and adamant Golem for timid HP-Ice rotom, shiny blastoise, shiny porygon & shiny abomasnow
    marc.z: rash heatran, timid azelf & bold cresselia for shiny ralts, shiny magikarp & shiny phanpy
    megamonk4: impish, calm & hasty/ground jirachi for adamant scyther, hasty/fire gastly & adamant kangaskhan
    Mercury: shiny bold/ground regice for shiny modest phione
    Meultima: modest magby & shiny lonely giratina for timid hp-ice rotom & modest hp-grass heatran
    Miria: timid/ice riolu, timid/fight misdreavus, impish magikarp, timid/water raikou & jolly aerodactyl for naive voltorb, shiny modest/fire exeggcute, jolly taillow, timid/fire sceptile & an egg
    Miria: modest lapras & impish gligar for mattj's brave azumarill & mattj's jolly rayquaza
    Miria: modest staryu & timid/ground entei for modest/grass chinchou & modest/rock cherubi
    Miria: adamant absol for jolly meowth
    Mr Fuji: shiny careful registeel for shiny bold slowpoke
    Mr Fuji: new shiny bold uxie for jolly rhydon
    munchlax8: bold HP-Ice rotom for naughty gible
    music9111: TRU timid shaymin for krul's adamant scizor
    musicmeister: timid/ice raikou & timid/ground entei for shiny timid/ice eevee & shiny timid starmie
    NC: jolly jirachi for adamant beldum
    Negator: shiny careful dialga, impish regigigas, jolly gible with hp=30, adamant gible, bold hp-fight cresselia, TRU timid shaymin, impish giratina for bold lugia, shiny mild latios, shiny calm deoxys, timid mewtwo, shiny modest kyogre & jolly mewtwo
    Negator: relaxed wormadam-s & sassy wormadam-s for timid/fire latios & timid lugia
    Negator: shiny careful gyarados & impish giratina for modest kyogre & timid kyogre
    Negator: mystery pokemon for shiny hp-fire latias
    Nexus: shiny bold/ground cresselia & jolly jirachi for timid/fire jirachi
    Nexus: Bold/fire shaymin for shiny jolly azelf
    Noah_S: shiny bold/ground cresselia for adamant intimidate tauros?
    Noah_S: shiny timid shaymin for bold/grass suicune
    Noah_S: Impish HC gligar for shiny modest lapras
    Noah_S: adamant poliwhirl for HG/SS totodile
    Osirus182: modest lombre for shiny adamant dry-skin croagunk
    Pablo: rash heatran & regigigas for bold cresselia & zapdos
    Pablo: shiny regirock for shiny timid abomasnow
    Paco: jolly ursaring & shiny careful regirock for kazu's shiny bold suicune
    pastel: shiny jolly gligar for the shiny jolly tauros
    PhamtasticLyra73: TRU bold/fire shaymin for quiet ES dratini
    pikachu25: EV'd relaxed duskull for hasty larvitar
    -playmaster-: bold giratina for wichu's timid hp-ice encore pichu
    Pokeguy: shiny careful dialga for jolly XD dodrio
    Pokeguy: jolly azelf and shiny bold uxie for shiny aerodactyl & modest heal-bell dragonite
    Pokeguy: shiny adamant giratina and 2 credits for electabuzz, timid raikou & adamant entei
    Pokeguy: bold TRU shaymin & luxury ball sneasel for shiny shaymin & shiny weavile
    Pokeguy: adamant giratina for shiny careful spiritomb with 31/31/31/x/31/31
    Pokeguy: modest lapras for relaxed helping hand duskull
    Pokeguy: timid dialga for shiny adamant absol
    Pokeguy: timid TRU shaymin for timid entei
    Pokeguy: naive Heatran for shiny lotad
    Pokemon Coordinater777: jolly medicham & jolly marowak for bold/electric suicune & calm/ground articuno
    Pokemon Coordinator777: bold jirachi for naive/ice pikachu
    pokerama: jolly ditto for modest/ground yanmega
    pokerama: timid ditto for naughty bagon
    Pokerealm: timid rotom for shiny adamant swinub
    Pokethan: rash heatran for VGS abomasnow
    Politoed666: adamant giratina & bold giratina for DEZTROYA's Corphish & AromaFlora's shiny brave metagross
    prenceofdarkness: pokeguy's bold suicune for kingdra
    Rakuen: naive/electric heatran for rash/electric blaziken
    RedMoogleXIII: shiny timid hp-ice shaymin for bold suicune
    Rename Card: Adamant riley riolu, hasty palkia & careful dialga for shiny adamant guts ursaring, shiny adamant scrappy kangaskhan, and shiny adamant simple bibarel
    Rename Card: brave ditto for bearsfan092's bold hp-grass rotom
    Rename Card: quiet/electric clamperl for shiny sassy umbreon
    Rename Card: brave rampardos for hp-flying mantine
    Rename Card: modest corsola for ut adamant slakoth
    Rename Card: TRU timid shaymin for jolly dugtrio
    riddlinkid: shiny bold hp-ground uxie, shiny bold hp-ground cresselia, shiny adamant giratina, shiny careful dialga, shiny careful registeel & modest hp-ice moltres for shiny bellsprout, shiny eevee, shiny gastly, shiny heatran, shiny shaymin & shiny magmar
    riddlinkid: Shiny Lonely Giratina & VGS milotic for shiny electrike & shiny piplup
    riddlinkid: naive/grass heatran for shiny adamant beldum/metagross (luxury ball)
    riddlinkid: shiny timid hp-ice shaymin for modest hp-ground cresselia
    riddlinkid: modest alamos darkrai for timid TRU shaymin
    RockinX: shiny bold/ground articuno for Aerolin's naive azelf
    rocko510: timid hp-fight rotom and timid frosslas for 2 jolly hypercutter gligars
    rocko510: timid hp-fire gengar for adamant guts heracross
    rocko510: timid HP-Ice zapdos for adamant venusaur
    sandman: lonely giratina for hasty dialga
    Sephirona: shiny lonely Giratina 'Sephiroth' and adamant breloom for shiny slowbro & shiny slowking
    Sephirona: adamant jigglypuff for rash shiftry
    ShadowHunter: impish gyarados & jolly gyarados for cresselia & modest/ground zapdos
    ShadowHunter: shiny bold/ground cresselia for modest/grass suicune
    Shawk1: UT timid houndour and UT timid hp-fire gastly for impish marshtomp and jolly nincada
    shinyratatta: shiny snorlax for adamant horsea
    Shizzle: jolly zangoose for klock's shiny charizard
    Shizzle: adamant lapras for shiny impish magikarp
    shofu: rash heatran for adamant scizor
    Shwheelz: shiny bold regice for the shiny calm/electric spheal
    Skippy the Great: modest lapras & timid/ice pikachu for modest/electric suicune & timid/ground latias
    Skippy the Great: brave female rampardos for brave hippowdon
    Skippy the Great: brave baltoy for naive mew
    Slice: bold suicune & timid/ice raikou for timid/ice roselia & timid/fire roselia
    Sparko: adamant dusclops and shiny adamant giratina for timid hp-ground cyndaquil and modest hp-ground swablu
    Sparko: hasty palkia & naive azelf for timid trace porygon & calm trace porygon
    Sparko: naive heatran for negator's modest articuno & negator's modest moltres
    Sparko: timid/fight raikou for timid/ground abra
    Sparko: TRU timid shaymin for modest porygon
    squirtlesquad14: VGS timid hp-electric milotic & shiny modest giratina for adamant belly-drum magby & jolly encore poliwag
    ssomni11: careful dialga for timid kyogre
    Stavros: shiny bold/ground mesprit & shiny naive/ground azelf for quiet/grass eruption heatran & bold/fire cresselia
    Stavros: adamant absol & timid/grass rotom for quiet/electric heatran & naive rayquaza
    Stavros: sassy bronzor for quiet/ice eruption heatran
    Stavros: impish jirachi for quiet/fire giratina
    Stavros: jolly sudowoodo for quiet gastly
    strawhat: Davy's linoone for blaziken
    Supe: bold cresselia & Davy's linoone for naive hp-ice heatran & timid hp-fight rotom
    Supe: naive azelf for timid UT latios
    SwampertGirl: shiny timid palkia for hasty/grass larvitar
    SwordplayKnight: modest/electric gorebyss & shiny bold cresselia for modest hex-flawless magnezone & timid/ice roserade
    SwordplayKnight: calm chansey for adamant/grass growlithe
    Tase: timid dialga, calm cresselia & adamant giratina for timid palkia, timid hp-fight mesprit, adamant rayquaza & quiet porygon2
    Tase: TRU timid shaymin for shiny bold hp-fire cresselia
    Tase: naive azelf for VGS hp-grass milotic
    TDS: shiny modest giratina for modest hp-ice magnemite
    TDS: timid giratina for adamant groudon
    TDS: hasty palkia for adamant scyther
    TDS: rash heatran for adamant flygon
    Test 101: timid TRU shaymin for shiny jolly dugtrio
    The Mole: Jolly Absol#2 EV#3 for shiny gligar
    The Ralts: Relicanth#3 for goodbar's modest kingdra
    The Ralts: brave TR smeargle for negator's latias
    timetwister: jolly giratina & adamant groudon for careful SD snorlax & shiny timid gastly
    timetwister: luxury ball jolly cubone for timid/water trace porygon2
    timetwister: shiny bold regice for timid/fire roselia
    timetwister: hasty palkia for ut careful tyranitar
    timetwister: impish gligar for adamant croagunk
    Tsubasa-Kun: Timid HP-Ice Pikachu & Timid TRU Shaymin for naive gengar & naive salamence
    Tsubasa-kun: jolly SV gligar & sassy larvitar for naive gastly & modest/grass heatran
    TsukiOni: impish hariyama for careful curse/counter snorlax
    TsukiOni: adamant salamence for HGSS adamant totodile
    Underworld: bold cresselia & calm cresselia for modest lapras & adamant rhyperior
    Underworld: rash heatran for raindance adamant kabutops
    Vaporeon: timid hp-fire gengar & jolly garchomp#2 for shiny timid hp-grass cyndaquil & shiny calm hp-grass mareep
    Vaporeon: timid/ice raikou & timid/electric suicune for shiny bold/electric blastoise & shiny relaxed shuckle
    Vaporeon: naive hp-electric heatran for sassy hp-fire bronzong
    Vaporeon: Bold giratina for shiny hasty hp-ground butterfree
    Vaporeon: timid VGS Milotic#2 for shiny adamant poliwag
    Vaporeon: TRU timid shaymin for quiet hp-grass camerupt
    Vaporeon: timid EV'd houndour for shiny adamant marill
    VoodooVoodoo: bold rotom#1 for Lacesso's Timid Hp-Fire(69) shaymin
    whitesox: rash heatran & jolly azelf for Bozo's TRUTH gyarados & negator's modest zapdos
    whitesox: Davy's linoone for modest dialga
    yellowfire7: Timid HP-Fight rotom for Timid TRU HP-Fire shaymin
    Youpods: timid/water raikou for adamant encore machamp
    zdaman011: calm flawless regice for modest empoleon (zdaman011 :( )
    zdaman011: quiet porygon2 for shiny modest yanma (zdaman011 :( )
    zdaman011: timid mesprit for shiny jolly lucario (zdaman011 :( )
    zdaman011: timid frosslas for modest alakazam (zdaman011 :( )
    zephus: brave EV'd cubone for shiny careful gulpin
    zero_likespie: timid flawless rotom for shiny bold hp-electric vaporeon
    zero_likespie: shiny timid shaymin for shiny jolly darkrai
    zero_likespie: TRU timid shaymin for pokeguy's shiny bagon
    zog: shiny timid/ice heatran for quiet heatran
    ZX93: timid hp-grass zapdos for the shiny modest hp-ice togekiss
    ZX93: timid hp-fight cresselia for shiny impish hitmontop
    ZX93: rash heatran for shiny rotom
  4. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Completed Recent Trades:
    (all recent trades up through 07/19/2010 are now in above posts)
    Entei The Swift: shiny careful larvitar for modest/fire celebi
    Osostewie: shiny bold/ground mesprit for timid mewtwo
    Tooned: shiny bold/ground cresselia for shiny calm/electric LO tentacool
    Christian: adamant hippopitas & timid/ground jirachi for shiny adamant gabite & shiny adamant giratina
    JRT: bold/grass milotic & vgc/electric milotic for quiet lunatone & modest/electric luvdisc
    Freak of Nature: shiny bold/ground uxie for Human's shiny adamant aron
    supermarth64: hasty/ground jirachi for timid flawless latios
    Inevitable: shiny bold/ground weezing for shiny jolly flygon
    lOlpO: credit for timid monozo
    FriDanny: jolly Aaken for jolly zekrom
    musicmeister: jolly moguryu for adamant meguroco
    Cipher Admin Lovrina: jolly moguryu for jolly kibago
    Bubble Head: jolly moguryu for shiny careful umbreon
    acetrainerzx: jolly moguryu for shiny timid/fight eevee
    zerohorus: jolly aaken & modest dewgong for shiny jolly ho-oh
    Christian: modest jirachi for shiny timid encore hoppip
    The Shadow Knight: jolly moguryu for naive randros
    Hamstern: timid encourage nidoran(m) & shiny pururiru #2 for jolly zuruzukin
    The Pokemon Pimp: Riski's japanese timid ditto for jolly ononokusu
    Sniffles: jolly moguryu for 2 dreamworld female pokemon
    UUWarrior: hasty/ground electrode for modest/electric manaphy
    Hamstern: Jolly Male Fushide & Careful Baruchai for ice/dragon & arcanine
    Diabolico: jolly aaken & adamant puratooga for modest/grass nidoran & shiny trapinch
    Diabolico: adamant SR puratooga & jolly zekrom for modest probopass & timid/ice victini
    Bitterlemon: careful baruchai for shiny timid/ground hitomoshi
    Diabolico: jolly choroneko & jolly fushide for reklaw_vahn's adamant/jolly meguroco
    FbO: adamant female breloom for careful mew
    ray423: timid lugia, bold squirtle & modest lapras for bold chansey (emerald)
    lucariojr: brave tepig & timid monmen for timid voltolos
    icemanu: jolly zekrom for shiny jolly riolu
    labarith: shiny celebi for Gamestop hp-electric suicune
    Eppie: jolly victini & adamant zekrom for shiny timid deoxys & shiny naive deoxys
    The Shadow Knight: timid/ice thudurus for bold regeneration slowpoke
    Diabolico: timid/ice thundurus for bold stormdrain gastrodon
    Diabolico: bold wynaut & impish vullaby for shiny naive/ground entei
    JeffreyLebrowski: timid/ground volcarona for dreamworld adamant bidoof
    Giorgosss: adamant/guts timburr for modest volcarona
    Diabolico: adamant inconsistent bidoof for shiny jolly axew
    Diabolico: timid darkrai for calm/fire cresselia
    rav3n_zero: timid/fire celebi for hasty mew
    Buckert: timid/ice celebi for shiny timid/flying houndoom
    jones115: jolly snivy for shiny timid/ice gastly
    milotic111: timid/ice thundurus for hasty/ground bellsprout
    shady6121: brave druddigon for shiny jolly darumaka
    KenW: jolly moxie scraggy for shiny timid vanillite
    Sprocket: timid/ice shaymin & adamant arceus for adamant landorus & jolly landorus
    Silver Flame: timid/fight litwick & modest solosis for bold porygon2
    Giorgosss: adamant drilbur & jolly tornadus for calm stunfish and shiny timid zorua
    Sir Lu: Jolly tornadus for timid/rock volcarona
    jones115: timid/ice thundurus for shiny impish hippopitas
    Triggz: jolly zoroa for impish skarmory
    shady6121: relaxed foongus for shiny jolly/regenerator mienfoo
    Bian: timid reshiram for lonely zekrom
    PkmTrnrRed: timid nidoran(m) for naughty arceus
    Akiratron: tynamo/timburr/thunderus/tornadus/credit for musharna/sewaddle/zekrom/virizion/cobalion
    Sniffles: modest litwick & jolly archen for dw tangela, dw lickitung & dw bellsprout
    AZCorazon: adamant/jolly drilbur for clamperl & gorebyss
    Elemt: jolly tornados, modest frillish, timid litwick for adamant tornados, shiny terrakion & adamant landorus
    mudkipmaster: jolly tornados for shiny mudkip & kyogre
    mangaguy: timid/ice thunderus, jolly tornadus, terrakion, foongus & brave/moxie scraggy for victini, kyurem, shiny virizion, adamant terrakion & shiny timid/ice chandelure
    apatiano: timid/ice thunderus for timid/drizzle politoed
    Sir Lu: timid/ice thunderus & DW carvanha for poliwag & modest/ice tornadus
    Triggz: careful jirachi for timid mewtwo
    delagacii: shiny timid/fire raikou for timid magic bounce espeon
    delagacii: adamant carvanha for quickfeet jolteon
    Christian: timid/flawless cottonee for shiny jolly landorus
    Diabolico: jolly minccino for shiny jolly gligar
    delagacii: shiny naive/ground azelf for hydration vaporeon
    Vagabond Aeon: bold/fight natu for jolly/sapsipper deerling
    Cool Ivysaur: Adamant Timburr, Adamant Oshawott & Jolly/moxie Scraggy for jolly/moxie krookodile & timid tornadus
    delagacii: hasty darkrai for dw umbreon
    SockPocket: timid/ice thunderus for timid thunderus
    Flare Blitzle: bold/fight natu for dw lileep
    Gothic Togekiss: bold/fight natu & adamant carvanha for dw wooper & quagsire
    Zandock: jolly azelf for bold cottonee
    delagacii: timid/fire jirachi, hasty/ground jirachi & timid entei for dw eevolutions
    TehDerek: timid/ice thunderus for modest/ice thunderus
    Diabolico: jolly unnerve aerodactyl for shiny jolly archen
    ALTARIA11: adamant timburr for shiny jolly guts shinx
    JRank: timid/ice thunderus for timid/ice virizion
    Giorgans: timid/ground jirachi for modest regice
    Shii: Timid/flawless cottonee for shiny naive hydreigon
    Dragon-Shinobi: jolly/unnerve aerodactyl for naive/ice mienshao
    babismanias: #3 Jolly male scraggy (Shed Skin) & jolly female magikarp (dreamworld) for shiny adamant drilbur & shiny modest/grass tynamo
    Dxs: modest/waterabsorb frillish for shiny timid/ice thunderus
    Diabolico: jolly zekrom for shiny timid/fight sigilyph
    lucariojr: DW smeargle for shiny modest sigilyph
    Christian: DW aerodactyl for DW adamant dratini
    JRank: adamant timburr with wide guard for shiny adamant tynamo
    Dracomaster: shiny adamant tyrogue for shiny calm amoongus
    Victini: 2 VGC09 milotics for shiny adamant terrakion and shiny adamant golett
    Tirade: flawless VGC09 milotic for shiny timid/flawless rotom in luxury ball
    goodluck03: shiny cresselia & shiny regice for adamant/naive trapinch
    harrisonaslami: DW jolly magikarp for shiny timid/ice zoroa
    Diabolico: timid/ice thunderus for bond697's naive ditto
    Cool Ivysaur: Jolly Male Purrloin, Adamant Male Cubchoo, Careful/overcoat Vullaby, Timid/ground Female Litwick & Timid/fighting Female Litwick for adamant & jolly gyarados with bounce, hasty tauros, naive nidoking & modest politoed.
    Cool Ivysaur: shiny modest giratina for modest tornadus
    Giorgans: careful jirachi for shiny naive chimchar
    Cool Ivysaur: timid/ice rotom, modest/fire shaymin & shiny jolly chimchar for timid/moody smeargly, jolly/mild vitalspirit electivire
    2704: calm/ice celebi & bold/fire celebi for naive/ice ditto
    Hozu: bold/modest/timid HP-Fire celebi for shiny modest/fire rotom with pain split
    Loukas: bold/modest/timid HP-Fire celebi for shiny bold/timid mew & shiny timid deoxys
    TeHDerek: Jolly tornadus for sassy cresselia
    mixxer123: quiet static stunfisk & jolly dw lapras for dw bulbasaur & dw charmander
    Pokéguy: timid reshiram for modest lunatone
    Diabolico: timid lugia, modest/fire celebi & bold/fight dw natu for timid deoxys, shiny impish uxie & shiny timid/ground ditto
    Captains: adamant sturdy sawk for dw brave igglybuff
    Victini: modest/timid darkrai & bold/fire shaymin for dreamworld(adamant mamoswine, modest togekiss, impish gligar)
    babismanias: timid/ice rotom for shiny timid/rock larvesta
    Hozu: jolly dw aerodactyl for naive dw salamence
    Gonzo: Hasty darkrai for shiny jolly tornadus
    truevillany: shiny lonely giratina for bold deoxys-d (stealth rock)
    Shii: hasty darkrai for naive deoxys-a
    goodluck03: shiny rash/ice raikou for shiny bold porygon2
    religiousjedi: timid/ground jirachi for adamant dw mach-punch tyrogue
    Victini: hasty darkrai & timid/ice UT shaymin for timid/naive genosects
    Shii: timid magic guard abra for sassy cresselia
    Pokéguy: adamant garchomp & adamant/moxie salamence for bold zapdos & sassy hh duskull
    CodeBreaker: timid/ice shaymin for shiny modest heatran
    Palu: modest/fire shaymin for relaxed/ice imposter ditto
    Akiratron: jolly tornadus for shiny relaxed gluttony munchlax with selfdestruct
    CodeBreaker: Timid/ice shaymin & timid/electric vgs milotic for calm&mild deoxys
    Shii: bold suicune for shiny calm cresselia
    Diabolico: shiny adamant/sturdy sawk & naive shellder for shiny timid/fire latios
    Ausgirl: calm celebi & timid jirachi for shiny naive tornadus
    Pending Trades:
    (all pending trades over an elapsed time shall be removed if I hadn't made it a priority. Please post your request again if you were really still interested)
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013
  5. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
  6. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Just a quick update as I've started my X game finally while my son is taking a break from his Y game on the 3DS we are sharing. So far my game is saved at the berry garden near where snorlax is sleeping. Basically I'm just casually playing the story mode but will eventually be needing competitive pokemon for the winter and spring VCG 2014 format to be determined so I'm in no rush.

    The only regret I have so far in my game is choosing squirtle as my kanto starter instead of charmander so I could get the Charizard megastone X so I could someday try it out on a charmander I've RNG bred in my 5th gen game, not sure I want to spend millions on that item unless someone has a spare they could trade me over at least.

    Note: my 3DS FC is now in my signature. I was too lazy to add all the recent 5th gen RNG shiny captures/breedings I've done but please feel free to ask at least.
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  7. Akiratron


    May 2, 2011
    Without giving a spoiler it cost me 300, 000 for the charizard x also the Blastoise stone.

    You just have to refuse the asking price then get it after elite 4. I'll also give charmander and ditto if you want.
  8. S1GH


    Oct 21, 2013
    you actually can get megastones down to a 10,000 price by raising your hidden 'style points' by doing various activities within lumiose city. :)

    anyway came to post to say i will be interested in 2v2 and will probably be doing a lot of 6th gen breeding projects so if you have anything in mind for the future feel free to let me know so i can make note of it and hook you up when you're ready to trade. :)
  9. Akiratron


    May 2, 2011
    Yeah I got ripped off, found out when i was going for hatching Opower. Worth every penny unlike that 300,000 outfit.
  10. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Just a quick update that I am already past the 7th gym and will soon reveal an unbelievable catch that I've already discussed in chat, facebook or private messages so far, but won't divulge the suspense until possibly sometime later today.
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  11. CodeBreaker


    Jun 8, 2012
    It'll go fast like hotcakes, no?
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  12. Akiratron


    May 2, 2011
    I so want to drop a spoiler. The Gold Rush is coming.....
  13. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Without anything further, here are some snapshots of the unbelievable catch:


    In summary it took me about an hour or 2 to soft reset as I had a dead modest sync in lead, a pokemon slightly slower than target speed (blastoise), a paralyzer (Pikachu) and a false swiper (marowak) along with enough great balls for the capture.

    Upon first seeing this in the battle against Lysander, it instantly narrowed the IVs to:
    Modest xerneas: (30-31)/(8-11)/(30-31)/(30-31)/(30-31)/(30-31)

    As I knew 3 of these IVs were supposed to be flawless and had to wait until all the scenes had finished. The new "Takes plenty of siestas" characteristic narrowed this down to:
    Modest xerneas: 31/(8-11)/(30-31)/(30-31)/(30-31)/(30-31)

    Taking this to the Hidden Power guy in Anistar City whom told me the move's type would be Dark further narrowed this down to:
    Modest xerneas: 31/(9 or 11)/31/31/31/31

    then pre-saving and applying a rare candy then concluded as:
    Modest xerneas: 31/11/31/31/31/31

    Sorry to disappoint you all but I have no intentions to trade this unless I can figure a way to clone at least. This is still a relief to accomplish anyways as I'll continue to focus on defeating the Pokemon League now. In the meantime since Xerneas' stats had never gained any exp I intend to preserve this until I know what to further do with this.
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  14. S1GH


    Oct 21, 2013
    3 IVs are guaranteed on legendaries in XY, 4 aren't necessarily super-rare (got a mewtwo with 31/x/31/31/18/31 in like 5 tries)
    but ive never seen a 5IV legendary! and in all the right stats too! very nice, grats mang :)
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  15. musicmeister


    Apr 18, 2010
    Congrats EE!
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  16. Akiratron


    May 2, 2011
    CMT for your Xerneas.

    Offering Magikarp - Jolly
    12/3/4/1/17/2 with Splash.
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  17. Ausgirl


    Jul 6, 2013
    Hey I was wondering if the following PKMN are from retail carts? and what event did that Jirachi come from?

    Calm Celebi: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    OT/ID: WIN2011(02211) AR cloned

    [​IMG] Timid: 31/31/31/31/31/31

    I can offer the following in return:

    #641 Lv. 40 Tornadus
    Naïve |Prankster
    31|31|31|31|31|31 EVs: None
    -Revenge, Air Cutter, Extrasensory &Agility
    Codes used: 100% catch rate
  18. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Ausgirl I don't recall for sure. I'd definitely be interested in the naive prankster tornadus.

    Update: I've defeated the pokemon league and now have access to friend safari & IV checker, destiny knot & everstone. I'd definitely would also be interested in a male parent from the flying group (talonflame) that has quint-flawless IVs for hp/attack/defense & sp.def/speed as well.
  19. Ausgirl


    Jul 6, 2013
    Hmm, well I haven't seen another timid one here on Smogon so I guess I'll make an exception... are you happy to trade both for the Tornadus?
  20. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    Since tornadus is rare as is, and my wants are limited, then sure. My jirachi & celebi are all still in my 4th gen games and may take a day or 2 until I can clone/transfer to 5th gen for the trade if you don't mind waiting.
  21. S1GH


    Oct 21, 2013

    Fletchling | Adamant | Gale Wings | 31/31/31/x/31/31 | Repeat Ball | Male
    how bout this? id be interested in a credit for a future doubles 'mon i guess, waiting to see how the meta shapes before i invest in anything this early xD
  22. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    sure S1GH, works for me. I should be home in 3-4 hours if you want to trade by then.
  23. S1GH


    Oct 21, 2013
    sure, ill be around
  24. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    added FC, request trade when ready even though I don't have much to give except something I might have from another friend safari.
  25. S1GH


    Oct 21, 2013
    just give a jank mon you caught early on, np
  26. S1GH


    Oct 21, 2013
    thanks! ill link your earlier post in my thread so i can remember to claim a credit sometime down the line when i have an idea of what i want to run in doubles ^^
  27. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    thanks S1GH, that works.
  28. Ausgirl


    Jul 6, 2013
    That's fine, there's no need to hurry. I'm online most afternoons during the week and can also trade on the weekend.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
  29. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    the flawless calm celebi & timid jirachi are ready in my 5th gen games, be prepared to use 1937-3471-5268

    I will probably stop offering pokemon from my 4th gen games in the future since I was having some issues trying to use the poke transfer minigame.
  30. Pokéguy


    Nov 13, 2007
    Hey Expert Evan, if you want some stuff on credit let me know. I'd really like that Xerneas when cloning becomes possible. I have 10 species of monsters on X and Y now, so let me know if you need some parents to get you started. ^_^
  31. Ausgirl


    Jul 6, 2013
    Cool, I can trade whenever.
    Black FC: 3440-5986-2652
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013
  32. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Ausgirl: registered and ready

    There are certain wants I need for 6th gen and here they are:

    1. I need to know what 3 pokemon I have in my friend safari. I know I have steel pokemon including skarmory & magneton, don't know the 3rd yet.
    2. female drilbur/excadrill with sand rush in luxury ball, leaning towards adamant. (If my friend safari has them, you know the drill)
    3. male parent from mineral group with 31/31/31/x/31/31 (to breed aegislash with)
    4. access to friend safaris with dittos
    'I'm sure there will be more.
  33. ZaChAttAcK101


    Sep 2, 2007
    Hey EE. If you want, I can check your friend safari for you to see what your 3rd steel pokemon is if you'd like me to.
  34. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    That'd be awesome zach, and welcome back.
  35. ZaChAttAcK101


    Sep 2, 2007
    Thanks! It's great to be back. I'll add you right now and check your friend safari out for ya. ^^

    Edit: The 3rd slot isn't showing in your friend safari :o
  36. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Hmmm, not sure what I need to do for the 3rd slot, I did beat the pokemon league. I'll be out for a run now.
  37. ZaChAttAcK101


    Sep 2, 2007
    Alrighty then. You might have to advance a bit more post game with doing the Battle Maison, fighting your neighbor, and then upgrading your Mega Ring. That might do the trick.
  38. PkmTrnrRed


    Aug 11, 2008
    I have a bunch of five flawless protean Froakies for trade. They're hasty in dive balls all male. I kept the best one for myself. You could use them for breeding water 1 egg group pokemon.

    Edit. Oh yeah, my brothers friend safari has steel pokemon. Feroseed, Exadrill, and Metang. Mine friend safari is bug...
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013
  39. Pokéguy


    Nov 13, 2007
    Don't suppose you'd take a 31/31/31/X/31/31 Adamant Premier Ball Honedge, male and/or female for a Xerneas credit?

    Let me know. I don't mind trading Honedge to you now and then waiting how ever long it takes for cloning to come out on X and Y. :D
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013
  40. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
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    Jan 16, 2007
    I've upgraded the mega ring and reconnected to the internet, so hopefully that did the trick. I am hopeful my 3rd pokemon is indeed excadrill, if not then I'm curious still whom that is. If it is excadrill then please catch me a female (any nature) with sand rush ability in a luxury ball. Having a trace pokemon like gardevoir should help pre-determine its ability at least.

    Edit: Pokéguy , I would love that honedge. since I added your FC, please feel free to offer trade even though I don't have much stuff to offer at this time.
  41. Pokéguy


    Nov 13, 2007
    Okay, I'll add you and come online now. Would you like 31/31/31/X/31/31 Adamant Premier Ball, both Male AND Female sir? If you'd like both that will be two credits. Or I can just give you one. I'll be online in the next two minutes.
  42. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2007
    both for now is good, thanks. check out the spitbacks I'll be sending you ;)
  43. Pokéguy


    Nov 13, 2007
    Sweet 31 Defense IV Torchic! *Release* lol

    Thanks for the 31/31/X/31/31/31 Modest Clauncher though I already have one, it's the thought that counts. I've updated my thread with two credits in your name, if you need anything else, let me know. Squirtle got some serious egg moves this generation and I have flawless in a Dive Ball as well as many other nice things. Noivern is a big seller. I can't wait for Xerneas. :D
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