Gen V Little Cup Analysis Index

Quick question: now that we're using prefixes, since the GP team isn't doing gen V analyses yet, would a QC approved written analysis be considered done or copyediting?
If an analysis is QC Approved and written, then you would set the prefix to "(Copyediting)". For the time being, anything else would remain to be in the "(Quality Control)" category.

EDIT: Placeholders would be "(Quality Control)".
Ok, does that include placeholders? Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, but the old 4th gen analyses system didn't have placeholders (or at least if I did, I'm not aware of it).
Ok seriously question here: Are we actually writing analyses for Caterpie, Weedle, and all those garbage Pokemon? If so, I'd like to reserve Caterpie.


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I was going to do Magikarp, but Vader specifically said not to, so at the moment, it would seem like we cannot. (which I don't understand why they're on the list then)