Going back to Toronto - Smoganada part 2!

Hey guys! This year was my first VGC season ever, and it was absolutely amazing. Also I know I'm kinda late in posting the warstory but I got really busy after I'd started to write it, but I wanted to finish it so here it is.

When Regionals ended, Marcescent and I weren’t even back home yet that we were already planning to go back to Toronto for Nats, mostly because I had won 300$. However, his boss told him that he couldn’t have the weekend off. We were both really disappointed because he wouldn’t be able to make it to Nats, but I decided to go regardless. Some guy I know asked me if he could come with me because he wanted to visit Toronto, and I accepted ‘cause it’d make everything cheaper.

I had to get up early since the train was leaving at 7:45 am. The train ride was pretty uneventful; I basically struggled to find interesting stuff to do. We finally arrived in Toronto at 5 pm, but since we were at Union Station, there was still about an hour of public transportation waiting for us if we wanted to get to the hotel. We finally got to the Doubletree at 6 something, and boy I was happy to finally get there. I was surprised about the hotel giving us a cookie for checking in, but it was a nice touch. My travel partner wanted to visit the ROM on Friday, but I was too tired to go anywhere, so I stayed behind. IIRC the ROM closed at 8:30 pm anyways. I went on Smogon and talked a bit with Clear, and we agreed to meet in the hall to hang out a bit. When I got there, I saw him and said hi, but he didn’t recognize me at first D: After that it was all good though, and we talked for a while. He’s a pretty cool guy and I’m glad I got to hang out with him. After that I went back to my room and got to bed early, the 10-11 hours ride really killed me.

That cookie was tasty.

The room was pretty nice too.

I got up early because my travel partner yells in his sleep and omg I’ve never heard someone snore that loud -___- Also I had to get up early because we were going to visit Casa Loma and the ROM. We get there at 10 am, and I meet my friend Mike there. He looked pretty tired but it’s okay, we shouldn’t spend a ton of time in the museum, right? Wrong. Even though it was interesting, it took me about an hour and a half to see everything, and I really took my time. It took the other guy 3 hours because he wanted to read and see absolutely everything in the museum. We finally get out of the place at 1 pm, and we head for the ROM. Mike decides to go back home because he’s pretty tired, so we part ways. I convinced him to enter the tournament the next day, so I tell him that I’ll be waiting for him the next day. We finally get to the ROM, and it was a pretty cool museum. I especially liked the exhibits on Egypt and China/Korea/Japan. We spent a couple hours in there, and we had to leave because the museum was closing at 5:30 pm. Travel partner wanted to go to the CN Tower, but because I’ve already went there I decide to go back to the hotel. When I get there I meet Atlas who tells me that he’s hanging out next to the TCG tournament. I get back to my room and then head back to the TCG area. I see Atlas again who tells me that a lot of people decided to go to the US Nats, and he tells me that people called my name earlier, probably because I won a travel award in April. I get there and the lady asks me to write my address on a sheet, and they’re going to send it to me through the mail. Why can’t you give it to me, I’m standing next to you D: Anyways after that I wanted to buy a plushie for my boyfriend since he couldn’t come, and I settle on an Electric-Arceus for him and a cute baby Lapras for myself. Right when I’m done buying them I turn around and the Smogon group was right there, so I go and introduce myself. It was cool to finally meet everyone! We all decided to go play some N64, and omg it was ridiculous. We played Challenge Cup in Pokemon Stadium, but to spice things up we weren’t allowed to look at our moves. We got some pretty stupid Pokemon like Sunny Day/Bubblebeam Blissey. Every time I played I got really bad Pokemon, like Mega Punch Blissey and a Gengar that couldn’t do anything. :( Jolteon was way too good, and Donphan is stupid. I think we played some Snowboard Kids too. I was pretty tired because I had spent the day walking, but everyone decided to go to bed because of the tournament.

The Casa Loma was an interesting place to visit.

The Egypt exhibit at the ROM was really cool and interesting.

My body was ready for this. I really didn’t have time to practice a lot, mostly because of work, and I knew my team wasn’t perfect, but I was here mostly to meet everyone from Smogon and have fun so I didn’t care that much. I get in line to register my team, but I notice that I forgot to teach my Rotom Trick, so I do that before registering. After that I see Peter, a guy I met in April, and I hang out with him a bit. Crobert and Clear were there so I talk to them a bit too. I was waiting for my friend, so I leave them and head for the hall. I see the rest of the Smogon crew, so I join them while waiting for my friend to show up. Feathers told me that FearZeCrawdaunt gave her his extra T-shirt and that she doesn’t know what to do with it. I tell her she’s lucky, and that if I could get an extra one I’d give it to my boyfriend since he couldn’t come, and she gives me her extra shirt! Thanks a lot, he really liked it =D The pairings are finally up, and we all get ready to battle. I sit at the table, and a girl sits in front of me. We start talking, and eventually she asks me if I know about Smogon. She tells me that she created an account on Smogon the week before; her online name is Skitten. It was her first live tournament so she was nervous, which is totally understandable. She was pretty cool! We talked a lot and I told her that she can hang out with us during/after the tournament if she wants to. The head judge finally starts to speak, and we’re all waiting for him to allow us to battle, but… they are going to redo the parings. There were bugs in the system and whatnot apparently. Ugh. We all get out of the venue and I wish Skitten good luck. We’re finally going to battle now!

ChineseDood is too tall :(

Josetron and his Spanish flag!

Dat face Layell

Teambuilding process:
I basically wanted to try 5 Pokémon: Virizion, Crobat, Mamoswine, Heatran and Sableye. I decided to put them on the same team just to see if I liked using them, and I added Rotom-W for coverage. It turned out that Virizion, Crobat, Mamoswine, Heatran and Rotom-W really worked well together. At first Crobat had Tailwind, because the team is fairly slow. I didn’t really like Sableye, so I decided to use Cresselia instead. Since I was running Cress with T-Wave I no longer needed Tailwind on Crobat, so I replaced it with Taunt. The team worked well on both PO and the GBU, so I decided to leave it like that.

Virizion @ Lum Berry
Careful, Justified
Sacred Sword/Leaf Blade/Light Screen/Protect

Crobat (Keese) @ Flying Gem
Jolly, Inner Focus
Acrobatics/Super Fang/Taunt/Protect

Heatran @ Chople Berry
Modest, Flash Fire
Heat Wave/Earth Power/HP Ice 70/Protect

Mamoswine @ Focus Sash
Adamant, Snow Cloak
Icicle Crash/Ice Shard/Earthquake/Protect

Rotom-W (Maytag) @ Choice Specs
Modest, Levitate
Hydro Pump/Thunderbolt/HP Grass 70/Trick

Cresselia (Stella) @ Chesto Berry
Bold, Levitate
Psychic/Thunder Wave/Calm Mind/Rest

Round 1:
Vs. Lucky Guy
Oh my god. That battle was just awful. The guy had a really standard Sand team, and I knew exactly how to handle it. The hax gods didn’t want me to win though. He got flinches, crits, double Burn with Heat Wave, plus I missed Hydro Pump… I still managed to take down 2 of his Pokemon, and I know I would’ve won if it weren’t for all the hax he got. The Hydro Pump miss didn’t matter that much, but all the hax he got… it was insane. I lost 2-0.

I join the others and I’m surprised. A lot of us lost in the first round. Feathers got haxed too. Oh well. I decided to aim for the Top 16, and if I can Top 8 it’s going to be great, but I’d be really happy with Top 16.

I was too lazy to take notes, and I don’t remember anything about my round 2 and 3 matches. u_u
I remember one of my opponents was a TCG player and he tried to set up Curses with his Ferro in order to hit my ‘mons hard with Gyro Ball. I remember winning pretty that match fairly easily, but I don’t remember anything about the other match.
Oh well. After those 2 matches I’m 2-1. I think at around that time Josetron asks me if I can lend him my Arceus to help him win matches, which I do. After pairings are up, I see that I’m battling a Smogon friend:

Round 4:
Vs. Atlas
‘Nuff said. First turn was horrible for me because major brainfart = I totally forgot about Taunt. I don’t know why did I try so much to save my Rotom-W. I guess I thought I’d need it to hit the Cress, when in fact I didn’t really need it. Also switching Cress into a Dark Pulse was completely retarded. After I switched it out I felt like hitting my head on the table, and I was praying the hax gods because a crit there would’ve cost me the match. It ended with my Cress having 17 hp more than his, so I win the match.

Round 5:
Vs. Gene
Battling another Smogon member. I remember him having a TTar and a Zapdos. I played really poorly during that game. I predicted some of his moves, but I didn’t trust my instinct so I ended up doing really retarded moves when I could’ve countered some of his. Oh well. It still was a fun battle.

Round 6:
Vs. TR guy
Upon seeing his team, I can easily tell that he’s using a Trick Room team. I have a feeling he’s gonna have Mental Herb on his Cress, but I decide to Taunt it anyways. Turns out I was right, I should’ve used Super Fang instead of Taunt, but oh well. It’s not that big a deal. I manage to live throughout the five Trick Room turns. He had Rhyperior and Cress out, while I had Cress + Rotom-W out. The Trick Room + Protect is really obvious, so I decide to Twave his Cress, hoping that he won’t be able to set up TR again. I do get the parahax, which is great. He tries to double protect with Rhyperior, but it fails so I manage to KO him with HP Grass. After that it was easy for me to KO the rest of his team.
So I end up with a nice score of 4-2, ending up in 15th place. I didn’t do as well as I did during Regionals, but I did expect just that since I was using a team I wasn’t too familiar with. I don’t really care though, because I had a ton of fun. I wanted to be at least in the Top 16, and I managed to achieve my goal so it's all good. I think that if I had used my Regionals team I could’ve done better though, but as I said I don’t care that much. I think I did well for my first year competing seriously.

During Top Cut, my friend, Josetron, Crobert and I were pretty hungry so we left to get something to eat. Jose recommended the Popcorn Shrimps, and omg they were delicious. We spent too much time at the restaurant and we missed the Finals and the group photos :( I sent a text message to Layell and he told me that ChineseDood won against Skarm. When we left the restaurant, we saw everyone outside, so I asked them if we could take another group photo, and they decided to take it in front of the Dixon Convenience store. Everyone was going to the restaurant, so we all headed back there except for Crobert because he haad to leave. Skarm convinced me to order a drink, and he asked me what my resistance was… ;)))))) :naughty: While at the restaurant I ask FearZeCrawdaunt if he thinks that his gf could make me a hat, and he said yes! =D I still don’t know which one I want between Raikou, Flareon and Poliwhirl, but that is not relevant. Phiddle’s friend asked me if we wanted to battle, and when I saw that he had a rain team I told everyone that I could handle it. Jose and Feathers were picking some of my moves, and I ended up losing. It was a fun battle both team played hard. Everyone was ready to leave and I hadn’t finished my drink, so I drink it really quickly. Skarm said something about me being really tipsy but it’s kay, I’m a countryside girl I can handle it. We head back to the hotel to play some more Pokemon Stadium 2. Josetron then tells me that he could give me a Raikou EX card if I wanted one, which is awesome because Raikou’s one of my favorite Pokemon. However, he had to leave pretty early so he forgot to give it to me :(
Everyone started leaving little by little, and at the end only I, Skarm, Feathers, Gene and FearZeCrawdaunt remained (I think). We played a bit of Smash Bros, and I'd forgotten how much I sucked at this game =P No Pit :( At around midnight we decided to all go to bed, because we all had to head back to our respective homes on Monday.

I wake up early again, because I have to take the bus at 9 to get to Union Station at around 10. We get to Union Station at around 10:30 am, and the train only leaves at 11:30 am, so we have time to hang out a bit. We finally board the train, and we’re leaving for Quebec city. During the trip, I couldn’t help but remember about the tournament and everyone I met there. I had such a good time hanging out with everyone, I was kinda sad that it was already over, but at the same I was happy to go back home. We had to stop in Montreal, and I was so used to only hearing and speaking English that it felt weird to hear people speaking French =P I finally got to Quebec City at 9 pm, and that marked the end of my journey to Toronto.

I had so much fun meeting everyone from BC and seeing people from Regionals again, this really made me want to go to Nats next year. To me going to Nats was kind of a dream coming true, especially since I was supposed to go to US Nats in 2011 but my trip had to be canceled at the last minute D:. Meeting people who love Pokemon as much as I do… it was amazing. Everyone was so nice too; I had a ton of fun hanging out with everyone. The only sad part is that I haven’t battled Skarm and Feathers’ weird TR Team =P Getting 15th place made me confident about my battling skills. If I work really hard next year, then maybe I'll have a chance to win a trip to Worlds. So until then, I'll keep practicing, and hopefully I'll be able to go to Worlds and meet everyone from the US too!

Welp, that’s it for me. I’ll see you all next year! =)

I gave Feathers a T-shirt? o.O

But... I gave my girlfriend a t-shirt when I got home... and I kept one. What is this 3rd T-shirt!? I am confused!

It was great to meet you Roz! Hope we can all play Pokemon Stadium 2 again next year, same place, same time ;)


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i gave feathers a tshirt because skarm made me get one and i didn't really want it. i've solved the mystery

i think you would have beaten me if your rotom hit hydro pump, but zapdos wasn't having any of that shit. the other two i used were hitmontop and salamence i think. it was a close game though!
It was great meeting you Roz! Thanks again for your water stone. :) Hope we'll hang out more next year!

Give us a shout if you're in BC for some reason! :P

Also! Cool story!
i gave feathers a tshirt because skarm made me get one and i didn't really want it. i've solved the mystery
was it you? all i know is that i was given a t-shirt because someone told me they didn't want it and i said i'd probably give it to one of my online bros who couldn't get to nationals

ANYWAY it was fun to meet you and stuff ok lets do it again next year. :U


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ah yes, i believe mike designated you as the pack mule and i took that as an opportunity to not have to carry a pokemon shirt around


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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LOL dixon convenience, I am at that mexican place right beside it for lunch like 3 times a week. still cant believe I couldnt make it to this.

why oh why was it canada day weekend. dont they know canadians should be getting drunk on canada day