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Gojira (Peaked #109)

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by DankDawson, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010

    In a metagame where the skies are rarely serene, I needed a team to bare the constant errosion of sand, the explosive thunderstorms and the harsh fires of the sun. To survive this cruel weather, I needed some tough Pokemon to play around them. I could've fought fire with fire, sand with sand or water with water and had a weather of my own. However, I didn't want an overreliance on my weather succeeding and for the most part I feel a weather Pokemon is a slot that could be used better. I wanted to prove to people that you could be succesful without weather. I think of this team as the eye of the storm, surrounded by chaotic weather but within is calm and quiet.

    After jumping blindly into the storms of fifth gen, I quickly discovered the raw power of weather based Pokemon. I was being swept left and right Sand Rush abusers, Chlorophyl abusers and even Rain Dish users. Weather was a new thing to me and I tried a few weather teams of my own. After slight success with a Sand team (and later, a Drought team), I discovered that this new weather fad didn't fit my playstyle.

    This new generation released a plethora of much more powerful Pokemon. I have never been a fan of stall, I was always more of a balanced or offensive player. But with all these new sweepers I figured the only thing to stop them was some defensive walls. At this point I had at least some idea of what I wated my team to look like. I wanted a physical and special wall on my team to stop it from being decimated by the powerhouses introduced this generation and from the more common threats that we are all well aware of. After more thought though, I decided I didn't want a full on stall team. I wanted a team that took advantage of a defensive backbone, and could sweep with its help. Now I knew that I didn't want the basic SkarmBliss or FerroCent defensive core, I needed something that could spread status while also having potential to do damage.

    After several weeks of play testing and thinking this is what I have come up with. I had formed a balanced defensive core that could spread status excellently and stop many threats in the current metagame. One of the things I like most about them is they all have decent offensive power and are capable of KO'ing Pokemon if I really need them to. After the formation of the defensive core I had added several Pokemon to take advantage of the potentially crippled opposing team. The team does fairly well against all styles of play. Against an offensive team, my teams walls do their job and make the oppenents life hell. When facing stall, this team is threatened very little as 5 out of 6 members of the team are immune to Toxic Spikes. Gliscor actually loves facing stall teams. And of course, against weather this team is well prepared and carries several anti-weather Pokemon which allow this team to be victorious.

    One of the biggest factors in creating a successful Pokemon team is synergy. I learned that the hard way. This team overall has decent syenergy (great for a team built by me) both offensively and defensvely. It resist every type twice (except for Ghost), and they all share synergistic roles on the team which will be explained more below, as will the slow formation and building of the team. Now, please enjoy my presentation and thank you for reading.

    The Team

    Terrakion @ Life Orb
    Ability: Justified
    EVs: 4 Hp/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe
    Jolly Nature (+Spe, -SpA)
    -Rock Polish
    -Swords Dance
    -Close Combat
    -Stone Edge

    EV’s/Item/Nature: EV's are standard, maximum offensive power, with the remaining EV's dumped into HP for increased bulk. With Jolly nature and 252 Speed EV's Terrakion can outspeed even Excadrill after Rock Polish. I feel Jolly is much better than Adamant because of that. Life Orb allows Terrakion to OHKO Forretress and Skarmory after a Swords Dance.

    Move Set: Double Booster Terrakion is an absolutely deadly sweeper. I love its versatality. When facing a slower team, I can get a Swords Dance up and wreak havoc upon my oppenent. I went for a set-up set over a scarf set because I wanted anoter Pokemon beside Salamence to take adavantge of Jirachi's paralysis, which helps set-up Pokemon sweep because their usual checks are now too slow. When facing a stall team I usually go with Swords Dance to take down their walls. When against offensive teams I use Rock Polish to crush the frail Pokemon.

    Team Role/Synergy: Terrakion is my secondary sweeper, second only to Salamence. It is used primarily to soften up the team for Salamence, and lures out Scizor which provides a great oppurtunity for Rotom-W to come in and Burn it for Salamence. It can can destroy Porygon2, one of Salamences best counters. Terrakion is one of my best defenses agaisnt a Sandstorm. It loves the defense boost, and can further capatalize on Sand teams with its STAB Close Combat, something sand teams fear. It is even good against Drought teams with its STAB Stone Edge. Conkeldurr, one of Terrakions biggest threats, is easily handled by Gliscor with Taunt and its massive defense or Rotom-W with its strong special attacks. Usually Terrakion is used after my defensive core have spread status. I usually try to use it before Salamence becasue Terrakion can weaken many of Salamences threats.

    Opinion: Terrakion is my favorite 5th generation Pokemon. I love its sprite, stat spread, and effectivness. The only thing I don't love about him is its weakness to priority. Luckily, Gliscor can absorb Bullet/ Mach Punches. Terrakion has fantastic STAB's and is a very underrated Pokemon in todays metagame. I am currently debating on wether or not I should run Scarfed Terrakion. This would provide extra insurance against Volcarona and Dragon Dancers if Scizor fails.

    Scizor @ Choice Band
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 248 Hp/ 252 Atk/ 8 Spe
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)
    -Bullet Punch
    -Super Power

    EV’s/Item/Nature: Scizors famous set. Everyone knows the Adamant Nature + 252 Atk EVs + 31 Atk IVs + Technician + Priority + STAB + Choice Band equation. And it is popular for very good reasons. The power Scizor has is tremendous. This set should be relatively self explanitory. All those things listed in the equation above give Scizor maximum offensive power. The EV's that aren't dumped into Attack are put into HP to increase Scizors bulk, which is already great on the physical side (for an offensive Pokemon). 248 Hp may seem odd at first, but this allows Scizor one extra switch in before being worn down and KO'd by Stealth Rock.

    Move Set: This set is only overpowered by his Swords Dance set (assuming he has a preformed a Swords Dance), but this set requires no set-up. Choice Band Scizor found its way onto this team because I was looking for something to KO Dragons for Salamence. Scizor is famous for its ability to KO Dragons. U-Turn is great for scouting, which can really give me the upper hand. Bullet Punch stops any fast Pokemon who thinks their tough enough to sweep my team.

    Team Role/Synergy: Scizor is this teams revenge killer. He was put on the team because I needed something to stop my team from getting destroyed by Dragons. With Scizors typing, movepool, and stats he was the best choice in my opinion. He fit very well type wise, I already had 3 fire resist, and he patched up my lack of a Ghost resistance along with many other potential weak points. Generally, I try to use Scizor whenever I can to begin wearing the oppent down which helps for a future sweep.

    Opinion: I never really used Scizor until this generation. I don't really know why, he just never found his way onto my team. After using he became a staple in my Pokemon building routine. He is so reliable. He saves me from so much trouble, and is a very important member on this team. I am considering changing Scizor to a Swords Dance Scizor, especially if Terrakion is changed to a scarfer as that would put less emphasis on Scizor for revenge killing, and would allow him to sweep easier.

    Rotom-W @ Leftovers
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 112 Hp/ 252 SpA/ 144 Spe
    Modest Nature (+SpA, -Atk)
    -Pain Split
    -Volt Switch

    EV’s/Item/Nature: Maximum Special Attack to pack a punch against as much Pokemon as I can, while the remaining EV's are dumped into Hp and Speed. Having EV's in HP allows Rotom-W to take more hits, giving it more time to spread status or KO a Pokemon. The EV's in Speed help Rotom-W out by outpseeding max Speed Tyranitar, max Speed Adamant Scizor, max Speed Adamant Breloom, and most variants of Gliscor which I think is rather helpful. Leftovers greatly increases bulk and without it this little washing machine would power off much too soon. Modest Nature is for maximum attacking power, which really helps me abuse Rotom-W's great dual STABs and already decent Special Attack.

    Move Set: "Standard" is what the moveset is called. It is by far the most popular moveset for Rotom-W. Will-O-Wisp is great for the team, it cripples many sweepers. It utilizes it's fantastic STAB moves which give it great coverage. Hidden Power Fire is a useful option on this moveset, but it is really only somewhat useful against Scizor and Ferrothorn, both are very common in the rain which makes HP Fire almost useless. I opted for Will-O-Wisp for its broader range of Pokemon it can cripple which is overall more useful to the team.

    Team Role/Synergy: Rotom-W is my main man against Drizzle teams. It zaps Water Pokemon with its STAB Thunderbolt and doesn't mind the boost recieved from Rain. Rotom-W counters Scizor excellently, which is great because Scizor can be very threatening if I don't deal with him properly. Rotom-W can even stand up to Sand teams. After a SD Excadrill still doesn't OHKO Rotom-W with Rock Slide and Rotom-W can OHKO back with Hydro Pump. Rotom-W forms a very solid defensive core with Gliscor and Jirachi. Rotom-W is the mixed wall in this core. Its Grass weakness is covered by Scizor and Salamence, both of them barely even notice Grass attacks as they share a x4 resistance to it.

    Opinion: Rotom-W is currently one of the most valuable Pokemon in OU. I believe this is mainly because it can counter Drizzle teams so well, combined with its great STAB and stats this Pokemon is all round a good Pokemon and deserves a spot on almost any team. It is surprisngly durable thanks to its new typing which I strongly believe is an upgrade from the previous generation.

    Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
    Ability: Poison Heal
    EVs: 252 Hp/ 184 Def/ 72 Spe
    Impish Nature (+Def, -SpA)
    -Ice Fang

    EV’s/Item/Nature: EV's in HP are used to maximize its bulk. The 72 Speed EV's are decepitvely helpful. They may not seem like much, but they allow Gliscor to ouspeed Max Speed Tyranitar, who would otherwise OHKO with Ice Beam. Adamant Breloom is also outsped by this EV Spread. Toxic Orb is standard, and allows Gliscor to regain health each turn. Impish Nature because this this Gliscor is a physical wall, and that boosts his defense.

    Move Set: Protect is great on this set to really abuse Poison Heal, and serves a great scouting move. Earthquake is obligatory STAB and Ice Fang hits Dragons hard. Taunt stops set up Pokemon from using Gliscor as set-up bait, and stops Skarmory from putting down Spikes. Swords Dance was something I considered for a long time on this Gliscor, but I really wanted to abuse Gliscors walling capabilities and would rather use Protect to increase longevity.

    Team Role/Synergy: Gliscor is my Physical wall in my defensive core. It really only gets competition as a physical wall from Skarmory, but I feel Gliscor is better because it can retaliate and KO the Pokemon rather than just using Whirlwind and simply delaying a future attack. Gliscor covers my slight Scizor weakness perfectly, and walls almost all physical attackers. Its weakness to Ice is covered by Rotom-W who can hit back hard with Thunderbolt if the Pokemon is Water Type. Gliscor serves as my second Sand counter, it takes almost no damage from Excadrill and can handle it easily. Its STAB Earthquake is also generally threatening to Rock and Steel types, both of which are common on Sand teams.

    Opinion: Gliscor is another Pokemon I severally underestimated this generation. I never imagined Gliscor would be the wall of choice for Gen V. Poison Heal is so amazing for a wall. It has great typing for a wall, and enough offensive power that it can occasionally sweep if I need it to.
    Jirachi @ Leftovers
    Ability: Serene Grace
    EVs: 252 Hp/ 224 SpD/ 32 Spe
    Careful Nature (+SpD, -SpA)
    -Iron Head
    -Body Slam
    -Stealth Rock

    EV’s/Item/Nature: The EV's are tailored to maximize Special Defense which allows to support the team more effectively. 252 Hp creates a gargantuan Wish, which can give any Pokemon on my team a second wind. 32 EV's are placed into speed to outpspeed max speed Ttar and a few other slow Pokemon. 224 Special Defense maintain its Special bulk. Leftovers increases its bulk greatly, especially in the sand when the oppenent loses HP each turn. Careful Nature rounds of its Special defense to awesome levels, making Jirachi a great Special wall.

    Move Set: Jirachi's signature moveset. Probably the most annoying set in all of Pokemon.. Body Slam paralyzes everything you want Paralyzed (besides Gengar), after they are Paralyzed, Jirachi generally goes first and can abuse Iron Head until your oppenents head explodes. Stealth Rock was necassary in my opinion because I had no other source of entry hazards. Wish rounds off the support orientated nature of this set, and can give save any of my Pokemon that are near fainting, which can change the outcome of any battle.

    Team Role/Synergy: Jirachi is the teams Special wall, and besides Blissey, is the Special wall of choice. When paired with Gliscor and Rotom-W, they form a powerful defensive core, capable of walling almost anything while spreadng status. Jirachi only has two weaknesses; Ground and Fire. It's Ground weakness give Salamence an oppurtunity to switch in and sweep, and it's fire weakness is covered by Rotom-W, and Terrakion depending on who is "firing" out the attacks. (Please, once you get done peeing your pants from my hilarious pun, remember to rate my team :P)

    Opinion: Jirachi is my favorite Pokemon, so my opinion of him is a good one. I love how easily he supports a team and I belive he is a valuable asset to any team. He requires very little support and gives so much to the team in return. I absolutey hate facing other Jirachi's though.. :P

    Salamence @ Life Orb
    Ability: Intimidate
    EVs: 252 Atk/ 4 SpA/ 252 Spe
    Naive Nature (+Spe, -SpD)
    -Dragon Dance
    -Fire Blast

    EV’s/Item/Nature: This is your standard Mixed DdMence. The EV's are for maximum offensive power and speed. Max Speed Nature and EV's are necassary to outspeed things like Haxorus and Hydreigon and Speed tie with other max speed base 100's like Victini and Volcarona. 4 EV's are spared and put into Special Attack to get every bit of damage I can out of Fire Blast, while the remaining Ev's are dumped into Attack for a very powerful STAB Outrage. Naive Nature was selected over the more common Jolly Nature because I'm running Fire Blast, and don't want to miss out on any extra Fire Blast damage. Naughty Nature could've been selected, but I really feel that I need every bit of defense I can get to stand a better chance of surviving Scizors Bullet Punch.

    Move Set: Salamence has plenty of movesets ranging from defensive sets all the way to all out attacking mixed sets. I was looking for a late game sweeper that could take advantage of the crippled opposing team so the defensive sets were ruled out. With the opposing teams counters to Salamence crippled, I figured I could abuse this nicely with a Mixed Dragon Dance set with really takes advantage of all of Salamences stats and uses it to its fullest potential.

    Team Role/Synergy: Salamence is this teams primary sweeper. It can simply decimate teams late game, especially if it gets a Dragon Dance. Salamence doesn't usually switch in on attacks, I generally wait until a Pokemon of mine has fainted to send him and scare out the oppenent to Dragon Dance on the switch. Salamence really loves having Jirachi and Rotom-W by his side. Jirachi slows its counters, which makes Salamence even harder to counter while Rotom-W can remove any bulky Waters and Burn Salamences greatest nemises, Scizor. Defensively speaking, Salamences weakness are covered well. All Ice attacks can be redirected to Rotom-W, Jirachi and Scizor. Dragon attacks are generally absorbed by Scizor who can Bullet Punch the Dragon to death. Rock moves are welcomed by Terrakion with its x4 resistance to it.

    Opinion: I love Salamence. It's a bad butt (I'm trying to make this RMT ok for ALL ages :P) in the anime and in competitive battling. It functions very well in todays metagame, which could be partially due to the surprise factor generated from Fire Blast. People will often switch in things like Ferrothorn only to get roasted by a Fire Blast. Salamence has great synergy with the team offensively and defensively. It is very fun to play with, and when I play my cards right, Salamence can often be the difference between winning and losing. Salamence suffers heavy competition from Dragonite for this spot, and it was chosen over Dragonite almost only for Fire Blast, which obliterates any Skarmory in its way, which is something Dragonite cannot do. One more advantage is being able to take down Heatran. Dragonite cannot hurt Heatran unless it sacrifices Fire Punch, but then it is left defensless against levitating steels.



    And that sums up the team. I didn't want to ramble on too long, so sorry if was a little to much. The team was created to prove to myself (and other players) that you don't need weather to be succesful. I guess its up to you raters to decide if I acheived my goal. I put a lot of time and effort into this RMT and team, so any tips on the formatting of it are appreciated as are tips about the team. I will consider anything, as long as you present your thoughts well and don't post things like "Mence is no0o0obz br0", I would appreciate some form of reasoning in your post, and this will persuade me to follow your recommendation if you provide solid reasonig. As for the name of the team, it is based of the Japanese name for Godzilla, Gojira, which I believe is a fitting nickname for Salamence (Gojira is also a great band!), and the coloration was intended to match the color of my Pokemons sprites. The team is fun to play with, and fits my style perfectly, so please, tell me what you think!
  2. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Defensive Threats:
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    [​IMG] Blissey -Terrakion can set-up all over a Blissey without Thunder Wave. Gliscor can come in and Taunt it to stop it from healing itself.
    [​IMG] Bronzong - Somewhat of a problem. Since it is generally used on Drizzle teams, Rotom-W can deliver a nice boosted Hydro Pump to it. If not in Rain, Salamence has Fire Blast for this guy.
    [​IMG] Celebi - Scizor can Bullet Punch it and OHKO if its health is below around 75%. If not, Jirachi can paralyze it and Iron Head away.
    [​IMG]Chansey - Terrakion can set-up all over a Blissey without Thunder Wave. Gliscor can come in and Taunt it to stop it from healing itself.
    [​IMG]Dusclops - Gliscor can wear down any Dusclops without Ice Punch. If it carries Ice Punch, I would most likely go to Rotom-W because it isn't bothered as much by Will-O-Wisp.
    [​IMG] Ferrothorn - Generally, Rotom-W will Will-O-Wisp it as it switches in, from there Gliscor can Taunt it, making it useless. Scizor can also almost OHKO with Superpower, and Terrakion can OHKO with Close Combat.
    [​IMG] Forretress - Handled fairly easily by Gliscor due to Taunt. Salamence also carries the unexpected Fire Blast, which will roast it.
    [​IMG] Gliscor - Rotom-W is a perfect counter to Gliscor. Gliscor always runs from Rotom-W, which gives it a chance to Will-O-Wisp the incoming Pokemon.
    [​IMG] Hippowdon - Rotom-W, again, can cripple it with Will-O-Wisp, and can OHKO it with Hydro Pump. Terrakion can OHKO with a +2 Close Combat (assuming it switched in as Terrakion Swords Danced)
    [​IMG] Jellicent - Rotom-W counters Jellicent excellently with its STAB Thunderbolt.
    [​IMG]Latias - Jirachi is great for counter the Lati's. Jirachi can wall its STABs and Body Slam it so it is slower than Jirachi, then it can proceed to Iron Head it to death.
    [​IMG]Ninetales - Terrakion threatens Ninetails with its STAB Stone Edge. Salamence also carrie Earthquake which hits Ninetails hard.
    [​IMG]Politoed - Rotom-W likes facing this guy. He boost his STAB and can OHKO it with Thunderbolt
    [​IMG]Porygon2 - Both Scizor and Terrakion carry powerful fighting moves that can take care of this thing.
    [​IMG]Rotom-W - Rotom-W can be a bit of a pain. Usually I send in my Rotom-W to wear it down with Thunderbolt. After it is weak enough Terrakion can come in for the kill.
    [​IMG]Sigilyph- Gliscor is immune to it's Pyshco Shift if Toxic Orb is activated, and can Taunt this thing to stop it from using Cosmic Power. Scizor can then come and Bullet Punch it to death, or Jirachi can Flinch it to death.
    [​IMG] Skarmory - Gliscor stops it from setting up but can't do much besides that. 1 vs 1 Gliscor would eventually KO it though. Rotom-W scares it away, and Terrakion (Skarmory is a common switch in to Terrakion) can OHKO it after a Swords Dance.
    [​IMG] Tentacruel - Gliscor can go kamikazee and Taunt it to prevent Toxic Spikes, but usually Rotom-W wears it down with Thunderbolt. (Toxic Spikes aren't really a threat to me)
    [​IMG]Vaporeon - Rotom-W can Thunderbolt it, while taking all of its attacks relatively easily.
    [​IMG] Whimsicott - This thing is frustrating. It can't really do much once Gliscor has Taunted it, after that Scizor can Bullet Punch freely.

    Offensive Threats:
    Show Hide

    [​IMG] Bisharp - Terrakion can very easily outspeed and OHKO it with its STAB Close Combat. Usually it can get a free set-up move as it switches. Gliscor can wall any physical attacks it can throw out.
    [​IMG] Breloom - If Gliscor is already poisoned it is practically untouchable. If not, Jirachi can take the Spore and Scizor can Bullet Punch it to death.
    [​IMG] Chandelure - Rotom-W resist one of its STABs and OHKO it with its STAB. Salamence can outspeed non-scarf versions and OHKO it with Earthqake.
    [​IMG] Conkeldurr - Gliscor can Taunt it to prevent it from using Bulk Up and can wall its STAB. Rotom-W can hit it on its weaker special side and capatalize on that with its STABs. Jirachi can usually flinch it to death as well.
    [​IMG]Darmanitan - Rotom-W resist its STAB and can OHKO it in return with Hydro Pump. Gliscor can wall its physical attacks and OHKO with Earthquake.
    [​IMG]Deoxys-S - Scizor can hit with priority and can usually OHKO or 2HKO it. Jirachi can wall its special attacks and wear it down with Iron Head.
    [​IMG] Dragonite - Gliscor can effectively wall it and KO it with Ice Fang. Scizor can OHKO if its health is only slightly above half. Terrakion can outspeed it and if Multiscale is broken it can OHKO with Stone Edge
    [​IMG]Espeon - Scizor destroys this thing with U-Turn if it stays in. It can also Bullet Punch it for serious damage. Jirachi can wall it.
    [​IMG] Excadrill - Gliscor counters this thing wonderfully. Ice Fang pops balloon and Earthquake OHKO's. Rotom-W can also hit this mole with a STAB Hydro Pump and can survive a Rock Slide
    [​IMG] Gengar - Scizors Bullet Punch or Pursuit can deal with Gengar relatively easily. If that fails, Rotom-W or Jirachi can slowly wear it down.
    [​IMG] Gyarados - Rotom-W is a very reliable counter to Gyarados. Gyarados can't OHKO at +1, and Rotom-W can OHKO with Thunderbolt.
    [​IMG] Haxorus - Scizor counters this easily, 1 or 2HKO. I'd imagine that if Scizor was gone, Jirachi could Body Slam + Iron Head. Salamence can Outrage as a last resort.
    [​IMG] Heatran - Salamence can outspeed and OHKO with Earthquake. Rotom-W also threatens Heatran with Hydro Pump. Terrakion can OHKO with Close Combat.
    [​IMG] Hydreigon - Terrakion can use this thing a set-up bait with its STAB Close Combat. Scizor can also do heavy damage with Bullet Punch.
    [​IMG]Infernape - Rotom-W is great for dealing with this thing. Other then Rotom-W, I don't have any other checks to this thing, besides Scizor, who can finish off a weakend one.
    [​IMG] Jirachi - Gliscor cannot be paralyzed if it is attempting to Body Slam, and can almost OHKO with Earthquake. If it is a Calm Mind Jirachi, I generally sacrafice Salamence with Earthquake.
    [​IMG] Landorus - If it lacks HP Ice, Gliscor can wall it and KO with Ice Fang. With HP Ice, Rotom-W can hurt it and so can Scizor.
    [​IMG]Latios - Jirachi resist both of its STABs and can paralyze it and flinch it to death.
    [​IMG] Lucario - Gliscor walls one without Ice Punch. With Crunch, Terrakion can OHKO because it resist ExtremeSpeed.
    [​IMG] Machamp - Gliscor can wall its hits and wear it down. If it has Ice Punch, Rotom-W or Scizor are forced to handle him.
    [​IMG] Magnezone - Gliscor is immune to its STAB and threatens it with its own STAB. Terrakion can set up on it.
    [​IMG] Mamoswine - Rotom-W doesn't mind Ice Shard, and can OHKO with Hydro Pump. Scizor also capatalizes on his Steel weakness.
    [​IMG] Metagross - Surprisingly low in usage, but Gliscor can wall it if it doens't have Ice Punch. Terrakion dent one without Bullet Punch and Salamence has both Fire Blast and Earthquake.
    [​IMG] Reuniclus - Scizors U-Turn really hurts this thing. Jirachi can flinch it to death.
    [​IMG]Salamence - Scizor is one of the best counters for this thing. Gliscor can OHKO IIRC with Ice Fang.
    [​IMG] Sawsbuck - Gliscor can wall SD versions and hurt them with Ice Fang. Scizor can hurt one pretty badly.
    [​IMG] Scizor - Rotom-W is one of the best counters for him, so is Gliscor.
    [​IMG] Scrafty- Terrakion demolishes this little wanna be gangster. Scizor can KO Dragon Dancing variants.
    [​IMG] Sigilyph - Jirachi is faster and flinch to death. Scizor can Bullet Punch to death. Terrakion is weak to its STAB but carries Stone Edge.
    [​IMG] Smeargle - Terrakion can OHKO with its STAB. Scizor can get it before it BPs
    [​IMG]Starmie - Rotom-W resist all of its commonly carried moves.. I love it. Jirachi can wall it as well.
    [​IMG] Terakion - Gliscor barely even notices this guy. Scizor can Bullet Punch it, OHKO.
    [​IMG] Thundurus - This thing should be Uber.. Jirachi can wall it and hopefully paralyze, after that its almost useless. Scizor can finsh off a weakened one.
    [​IMG] Tornadus - Terrakion can hurt it with Stone Edge, if it is weakened enough, Scizor can KO. Jirachi can wall its special attacks.
    [​IMG] Tyranitar - Every Pokemon on my team outruns this thing, and has a super effective move against it. Most notably Terrakion as it likes the Sand.
    [​IMG]Venusaur - Jirachi can bring it into OHKO range for Scizor.
    [​IMG] Victini - This thing is so annoying. Rotom-W can hurt, but under the sun it doesn't OHKO. Scizor can finish it off if Rotom-W couldn't.
    [​IMG] Virizion - Jirachi can wall it if it is Special. If Physical, Gliscor doesn't mind this thing at all.
    [​IMG] Volcarona - Volcarona is terrified of Terrakions Stone Edge, which gives Terrakion a free set up turn.
    [​IMG] Weavile - Scizor is a very solid counter to Weavile. Terrakion can KO a CB Weavile, but must watch out for Low Kick. Rotom-W resist one of its STABs and can OHKO or Burn.
    [​IMG] Zoroark - Terrakion rips right through Zoroark with Close Combat. Scizor can finsih off a weakened one, and Jirachi being the Special tank it is can handle it.
  3. AB2

    AB2 is an absolute ape
    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    Jun 25, 2010
    Hey, this is a really cool team although you have some problems like Drizzle teams really getting in your way since they have the ability to 2HKO everything on this team with ease. Nasty Plot Thundurus can really pack a punch on this team being able to outspeed everything and do massive damage to it. The rare Lum Berry Nasty Plot Thundurus can make this ordeal even worse since it can KO Jirachi if you get a paralysis off. Some of the sets on this team seem to be strange. For example, I don't see the use in Gliscor's set as it doesn't seem to be doing anymore for you than the standard Swords Dance | Earthquake | Ice Fang | Taunt set would do. This set can allow you to set up against other boosting sweepers such as Scizor and Sigilyph and KO them or possibly set up a sweep. The primary problem with this team is that since you lack a weather starter, you are weak to opposing weather teams yourself. Drizzle is a huge problem for this team since Specs Politoed and the like can KO almost everything on this team with ease. A weather team weakenss can also be fixed by running a weather starter of your own. Although you don't necessarily have to use weather abusers, a weather changer can help you check other weather which really helps out. For this reason, Tyranitar would work very well over Jirachi. Tyranitar allows you to regain your switch into specs latios that was lost by Jirachi and it also gives Terrakion the ability to check Volcarona much much better. Since Terrakion's special defense is boosted in the sand, you can take hits from Volcarona much better. You can run Tyranitar with Stealth Rocks and so that it is not 2HKOed by Specs Latios as well, which makes your team synergy all the better. Another option on Terrakion is to try running the Scarf variant as that checks many sweepers such as Volcarona, Scrafty, and non bullet punch Lucario. Terrakion can also put a dent in other weather starters as well which really helps you out.

    Tyranitar (open)
    Tyranitar @ Chople Berry
    Sassy 252 HP | 200 SpD | 48 SpA | 8 Spe Sandstream
    Stealth Rocks | Crunch | Fire Blast | Superpower

    Other than that, this team is quite solid. Good Luck.
  4. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    First off, I'd like to thank you for the rate. I appreciate the thought you put into it, and I was very anxious to see the first rate for this team. When looking at the team, I did notice a Drizzle weakness, however, through play testing I have never had a problem with Drizzle teams in general. Although Specs Politoed may be able to KO many Pokemon on my team, it is generally to slow to touch them and be KO'd before it will KO anything. Nasty Plot Thundurus is a different story however. I have never encountered a Lum Berry Thundurus, but the idea of one sends shivers down my spine. Generally when Jirachi fails, Scizor finshes off Thundurus, so I don't know if its such a big problem. Your idea of putting Tyranitar in place of Jirachi is definitely one worth considering and I will be sure to try it out.

    As for the Gliscor set, I wasn't looking for a sweeper when I selected. It is the defensive set for Gliscor, meant to wall not sweep. And I find Toxic to be very useful. The Gliscor set is an exact replica of the defensive set, but I went with Toxic over Protect on it. This decision was made because I wanted something to wear down very bulky Pokemon. I will be sure to give the Swords Dance a fair shot though.

    In regards to Scarf Terrakion; this is something that I'm really not sure about. I play tested it and occasionally it works for me, but generally the set I currently use fits the team much better, as Scizor can already revenge kill many Pokemon,, making Scarf Terrakion kind of redundant. I will still re-try it though.

    Thanks again for the rate, I will be sure to try out everything you recommended.
  5. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Hmm... I really like the way you think! That sounds like a superb idea, I'll definitely try that out. Thank you very much for the rate.

    One of the things I really don't like about Blissey is that it is usually just set up bait, and doesn't have much offensive power, but it is a very solid check to Drizzle teams. I will be sure to try this out though, and thank you for the rate.
  6. george182


    Jun 27, 2009
    You should try a lum berry on Salamence, I don't think a life orb gains you any important KO's and the lack of life orb recoil and recovery from status/confusion is invaluble.
  7. Blue_Star

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Oct 6, 2010
    This team is good, but it is, as are many weatherless teams, pretty much sun weak. Volcarona and Chlorophyllers will do a number here. For this reason, I suggest a Blissey/Chansey over Jirachi, it can also use Stealth Rock and Wish and is more durable. Other than that, good team and good luck with the changes.
  8. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Sun is the weather I have the most problems with generally. Volcarona can be checked by a Scarfed Terrakion, but I think Banded or Double Booster is generally more useful. Volcarona is almost guaranteed to take down a Pokemon of mine. Chlorophyllers are very troublesome, usually only Salamence can stand up to them. (x4 resistance to grass, x2 resistance to Fire).
    Blissey sounds good, I'll be sure to try it out and thank you very much for the rate

    I missed your comment the first time for some reason. Life Orb power does come at a high price.. But it allows me to OHKO Ferrothorn with Fire Blast, OHKO Jirachi with Earthquake after a Dragon Dance, and OHKO a Blissey with Outrage. I mainly use it for Ferrothorn and Jirachi, but I will be sure to try out Lum Berry, because being able to Outrage twice with no confusion would be great.
  9. Krasnopesky


    Sep 27, 2010
    The team members work quite well together and in a weatherless metagame it would do superbly.

    The problem is that we do not currently have a weatherless metagame and the all too common Drizzle and Drought teams will not have many issues taking apart your team despite it's evident defensive synergy.

    Some team members, notably Scizor, do little to alleviate this problem. Its spot would be better taken by an anti-weather type pokemon that can deal with a range of weather sweepers (eg. Gastrodon, Heatran, Toxicroak).

    One or two key changes could improve this team immensely; it is simply up to you to identify which direction you wish to take the team when improving it.

    P.S. Read over the post again as there are a few grammar and spelling errors.
  10. Megamence123


    Oct 19, 2010
    Very whimsical, and kudos on the name.:) I would recommend that you leave Scizor and Terrakion the way they are, just in case. Someone might use a Pokémon that will make you wish you had Choice Band Scizor. Other than that, this team is very solid. GL!
  11. 666lumberjack


    Feb 15, 2010
    Tiny nitpick but you mention you use Gliscor and Rotom to beat Darmanitan - it outruns both, OHKO's Gliscor and 2HKO's Rotom with Banded Flare Blitz. Luckily, Banded Darmanitan isn't very common, but if you see one it most likely will be an oh shit revenge kind of situtation. You also mention that Jirachi and Scizor stop Haxorus, but it 2HKO's both and you are relying on Body Slam and a Bullet Punch that doesn't OHKO from full health to kill it. Overall, I just think you underestimated the power of a couple of the big choice banders, but you can easily revenge them both so in a pinch you're covered.
    Also Nasty Plot Lum Thundurus 6-0's you if it finds a setup oppurtunity. Luckily, there aren't a whole lot of them running around at the moment, but Jirachi is a really unreliable check - if Body Slam doesn't get para it's gg. Still, I don't think the first two warrant attention - you can easily revenge them both. However, Thundurus is more pressing, and I feel a Scarfer would fit in nicely somewhere. Perhaps you could scarf Terrakion? It can also serve as a check to some of the slower Sun sweepers.
    You have some trouble with taking boosted water attacks, but it's not too bad, so I would just bear in mind that Politoed could give you issues. Again, it's not too hard to revenge kill.
  12. PI-Dimension


    Jul 31, 2009
    imo band terrakion and scizor -> LO mamo. Give mamo SR too, which lets jirachi use protect which helps it against boosted water moves in the rain (not so much boosted fire...)

    Here's the set:


    Mamoswine @ Life Orb
    Adamant Nature
    4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
    - Earthquake
    - Icicle Crash
    - Ice Shard
    - Stealth Rocks

    patches up your thundurus weakness and lets jirachi be better against rain teams. He probably checks dragons better than scizor, at the cost of steel typing. Be warned: your team will have 3 pokemon weak to water then.
  13. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Hmm.. Good point about Scizor.. Scarf Terrakion could become my new revenge killer I suppose, I will look through some anti weather pokemon and consider some of them.
    (I'll respond to the other rates later, I' really tired. Thanks for the rates everyone!)
    Nasty Plot Thundurus is a huge threat.. I do believe that Scarf Terrakion would do much better, good point and a very good rate, thank you!

    I think I'm going to change Terrakion to a Scarfer due the points several people have presented.. Thank you for the rate though!
  14. abhicherath


    Jun 19, 2011
    you underestimate terrakion at +@ it does 80%+ to gliscow. so gliscor has to be in tip-top condition.terakion's a big threat. but its uncommon so no changes are required i guess. i have no clue why t's uncommon though..
    ah scarf terrakion revenges well enough.sry
  15. IronBullet

    IronBullet Astronomy Domine
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    RMT Leader

    Oct 14, 2009

    Nice rmt, the formatting and layout is easy on the eyes. So what I feel you need is a weather changer to prevent Drizzle and Sun from walking all over you. Rotom can't take high powered water attacks all day, and the lack of Protect on Jirachi makes it vulnerable to 3HKOs from Thundurus, Politoed and other rain sweepers. What I'd suggest is replacing either Terrakion or Scizor with a standard bulky Tyranitar, and switching SR on Jirachi with Protect. Protect gives Jirachi a much more reliable way to heal itself, and makes it that much better of a check to special sweepers. With Jirachi already providing plenty of special bulk, you can run a more offensive set on Tyranitar that can get rid of many common DD Mence checks such as Scizor and Gliscor. A standard moveset would be Stealth Rock | Fire Blast | Pursuit | Stone Edge/Superpower/Ice Beam.

    Both Terrakion and Scizor are replacable, but Scizor's Dragon resistance and ability to revenge kill almost every threatening sweeper in the game should make it a better choice.
  16. Exploding Walrus

    Exploding Walrus

    Jan 4, 2011
    this is a very good team I stole it and went pfar on the ladder nice work ty for the team :DDD
  17. Euphonos

    Euphonos Rest in peace, Madam Senator.
    is a Community Contributor

    May 4, 2010
  18. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Ohh! Thats a marvelous idea. The typing is very similiar, and Scarfed Tyranitar can still check Thundurus.. Thanks for idea, and thank you very much for the rate.

    And to everyone else that has rated this: Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it. And lol at Exploding Walrus, I'm glad I could help!
  19. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames

    Mar 13, 2011
    I'd say fit in a Virizion on your team; works wonders against Drizzle teams, as, as everyone has said, Blissey or Eviolite Chansey over Jirachi.

    VERY good team, though. YOu can get higher than 258, man :)
  20. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Terrakion usually stops Drizzles main offensive threat, Thundurus. But Virizion would destroy Rain teams too. I have been testing Scarf Tyranitar over Terrakion, and it worked out a lot better than I had expected. With Scarf Tyranitar, I'm not sure if Blissey or Chansey is necassary as it might be a bit redundant with Tyranitar already checking Thundurus.

    I took your advice about getting higher than 258 and I got up to 109. I was soo close to top 100 :(
    Thanks for the rate!
  21. Boondocker


    Nov 6, 2009
    I highly suggest giving rotom a scarf to revenge the genies, mixape, and other fast threats scizor cant revenge. I also suggest using mixmence so to break down walls for terrakoin to sweep better. Otherwise good team
  22. DankDawson


    Jul 30, 2010
    Now that Thundurus is banned I thought I'd bump this, considering he was my biggest threat.
  23. Black Rain

    Black Rain

    Feb 1, 2012
    This team still looks great after so long. I think you could try out Dragonite over Salamence, and you can keep it healthy with Jirachi's wish. Hazards look like it could be really annoying for this team, so you could probably try a spinner.

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