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Last Activity:
May 19, 2016
Feb 15, 2010
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Mar 4, 1996 (Age: 20)


Male, 20

666lumberjack was last seen:
May 19, 2016
    1. scorpdestroyer
      hello, we're opponents for UU minitour. I'm gmt+8, what about you?
    2. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    3. Moony
      hi, i'm gmt -5, not -4. so i can play on any day after 3pm my time, except for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. tuesday and wednesday after 4 pm, thursday not able to play. how about friday 3 pm-5pm my time (8 p, to 10 pm yours) on omega server? http://omega.psim.us/
    4. -Voltage-
      Hola amigo. When can I hit you up for a battle?
    5. dragonuser
      What is the condition of your analysis?
    6. Hulavuta
      Hey FastFlygon, I'm your opponent for the Apocalypse Tournament Semi-Finals!

      I can play pretty much any time you want, just let me know what works for you.

      Also, if you can get on IRC we can meet on the #genvuu channel.
    7. -Manu-
      Hey I'm GMT +2 but I'm at the university and I don't have much time for playing. So what do you think if we will play Saturday ?
    8. Godsend
      Looks like its you and I this round. What time and day work for you?
    9. InsaneDragoniteHD
      Hello...saw you around.
    10. hellpowna
      hello nice to meet you :) my gmt is +1, i prefer IRC, or if you have MSN/GMail it should be great.
      Then, i'll be available in 2 days, coz' my pc doesnt work right now
      MSN-> hellpowna14@hotmail.it
      GTalk-> pakinozz@gmail.com
    11. malomyotismon
      what really needs a test is ho-oh, I have pondered it for a long time now and not only do I believe it's not broken I believe volcanora is a more dangerous threat.
    12. GatoDelFuego
      Lol forretress on this team...I thought about using xatu for pure hazard prevention, is it worth it?
    13. GatoDelFuego
      Technically the original thing I was going for was a volt-turn team partnered with genesect RP variant. Having a volt-turn team that the opponent plays against like it's volt turn would theoretically give genesect lots of opportunities to set up and surprise the opponent when it expects a u-turn. I just wanted to get past the block of having both scizor and genesect on the same team, as really nothing beats scizor for u-turning.
    14. Iluvkyogre
      like your avatar
    15. Zacchaeus
      Excellent avatar
    16. Sayonara
      I like your avatar.
    17. alkinesthetase
      hey fastflygon, sorry i missed your question earlier: yes, we have no problem with you changing alts mid-month (you can change dark horses too if you want). just change your registration post accordingly when you do so, and i'll update the master list the next time i get around to it
    18. kokoloko
      Hi. If you don't reply to this VM or show signs of activity within 72 hours, I'll be forced to reassign this.
    19. kokoloko
      Oh man, you died?

      I was dropping by to ask how this was coming along, but I saw you haven't been on in a week. Hope you're alright.
    20. Conspire
      k, how about sunday? my timezone is PST. we'd have to play at maybe 4:00 or 5:00 PM your time which is 7 or 8 AM for me. sound good?
    21. Conspire
      our tourney match is OU. just PM me what day/time you can battle
    22. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Your page took 5 minutes to load.
    23. TrollFreak
      Going to IRC now!
    24. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    25. 666lumberjack
      Oh thanks. It's cool to get positive feedback from a respected battler! I was hoping i wasn't too rambly (especially on the seond of the two "big" posts so it seems as though I nailed it!
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    Mar 4, 1996 (Age: 20)
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