Guess I will post some stuff in here.

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Well I haven't made a sig in a year or so. I atempted to make one and like how it turned out other than the text.

I'll post some more when I make em.

Also if someone could point me in the direction of a good text psck it would be much appriciated.


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First of all, I'd say your first Rosa sig is better, since the ripples in the edited version doesn't really work well with the chosen image. You did well with letting the light rays shone down on her so I wouldn't ruin that with some unrequired effects.

Second of all, signatures and other photoshopped images aren't considered as original art, as stated in the Smeargle Studio rules:

*All avatars, banners, and general requests for those graphics belong in this thread. Banners/avatars that do not consist of original artwork do not belong in original art threads.
Third of all, from the same rules:

*If you're going to make an art thread, please make sure there's at least 3 pieces of art for people to comment on. A contentless thread isn't very interesting.
Fourth of all, rather than double or triple posting, consider editing your last post so that you don't clutter up the thread with your own posts.

And with that said, welcome to Smeargle's Studio!
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