History of Mafia

I only started playing mafia recently, and, as in all things, some games were mentioned more than others. There will always be games that are more memorable than others. So I would like to know what made those games so revolutionary.

1. I have heard Viva la Mafia mentioned many times. Upon searching on smogon, i didn't find it. Could someone include a link?

2. I have also heard mention of MGS mafia, so what made that game important? Please include a link.

3. Any other revolutionary games that come to mind would be nice to post; I'm trying to compile some of the important games for those who join smogon after these games end.

Any ideas would be great.

P.S. I've heard about lynchpin mafia games, but never seen an example of one. If someone could post a memorable lynchpin game, that would be nice.
From way back...
Saw Mafia as the first mafia ever (if i remember correctly) hosted on smogon.
Harry Potter 2 mafia as the first mafia to finish!
Mafia Mafia for being the first to give everyone a role, instead of vanillagers.
Zelda mafia as the first anonymous mafia.
Apocalypse mafia for having the first imbalanced neutrals.
Viva for being multifaction.
MGS for expanding the multifaction concept.
After that are relatively new games...
Also, Unclesam, i saw Megaman Mafia and i went "Did that exist?" Luckily you added in battle network :P
Apocalypse mafia for having the first imbalanced neutrals.
It also introduced the N0 system(though that has been completely forgotten, since now many still use N0 even if there is a kill on the first night...)

Fire Emblem also had many revolutionary changes, such as money and unique win conditions(which seems to be the base for FFA, but instead of teams, everyone is neutral)

The big Pokemon mafia introduced evolution of roles, though that can still be expanded on(many people just had to use their role, like they were supposed to in the first place)


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which were the first ones with items, items that had to be combined, and ammo?
i am pretty sure that last one is not inventions mafia.


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The first mafia with items was Mafia Mafia. I don't believe it had ammo. That started with Apoc, with Robin Hood.

Combining of items was introduced in Zelda, with the Triforces. Though those weren't exactly your traditional items. With the holders being unable to give them away, the only way to obtain one was to kill the holder.


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@anyone who responded to MegaMan Battle Network comment...
I was joking. I thought that was obvious. I will make it more clear next time.
I would say Accent is pretty proud now.

On a more serious note, how much are you going to include on why they are revolutionary/known?

And after MGS, I wouldn't say there have been any super-known games outside Free-For-All Mafia and We Don't Need No Mafia.
We don't need no Hookers, gosh.
Anyway, i'm making a big mafia right now... i hope that'll be super known as well :D

Edit: Also, i'm really proud that my mafia was mentioned a few times, thanks guys :)
Big ones are Apoc, DBZ, and Viva.

Apoc pretty much standardized the 2 Faction, 1 village 1 wolf concept, and introduced Cthulu.

DBZ streamlined that process.

And Viva broke that process.

FE and Pokemon behind those. For including money and the player changing of powers.

and then I GOT A LIGHT! after all of that.


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Pretty much just the Big games that aren't Megaman/Simpsons/Super :p The most notable small games so far have been Mafia Forever, MGS, WDNN and FFA, imo. The latter three for introducing new things that actually worked out, and Mafia Forever for being a good game in a genre that is now shit. I'd also count DA but I hosted that myself so not going to comment on it...but it was so much fun to host.