How to use Priceline to get hotels cheaper (VGC RELATED NOT A SPAMBOT)


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Alright, a good amount of people are going to be traveling to their VGC locations and require hotels for the night before / after the tournament. Recently I discovered Priceline and it is really quite useful for getting cheap rate, but it's a little risky.

Priceline has a feature called "Name Your Price" (first search, then click the Name Your Price tab). Essentially, you choose a minimum star rating, region of the city, and a price. The system them either rejects your bid or automatically accepts it and gives you a hotel. You don't get to choose which one. It picks one that fits your criteria. If you play it smart, you can get some great deals.

That's where I'll try to provide some direction. Sites like BetterBidding are set up where people list what prices they bid in what area to get the hotels they wanted during specific dates. You can do some research and see what's available in the area of the venues that VGC regionals will be taking place.

By using 4 stars, Seattle-Downtown, and bidding between about $75 and $85, I'm seeing people grabbing the Sheraton and Hyatt which are about a one block away and both great hotels.

I see someone won the Sheraton for $55 using 3.5* in Arlington-Grand Prairie. Not much in the way of stats here.

I'm seeing 4* search for Indianapolis-Downtown coming up for people with the Marriott Downtown, Hyatt Regency, University Place, and Westin for about $45 - $60. All of which are within walking distance of the Indiana Convention Centre.

Sorry, the other locations kinda confused me as I'm not good with the US. If someone could help out that'd be great. I'll try and look 'em up later. I take no responsibility for what you might get from this. I'm just providing some tips. It's a little risky, but I used the service to stay downtown Toronto for cheap and it was great! Seems to be better for major cities I'd say.


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