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Hurray Another Sandstorm Team! [Peaked #2 with a rating of 1526]

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Wafflez, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    About time we can make these again =3.So..hey guyz hows B/W fever going?
    Well anyway ive been experimenting with Sand quite a lot and ive had a few successful teams.Even though this wasn't my most successful one Leaderboard possition wise it's by far my most favourate.Aalso peaked No #1 on Smogon Ladder with it.Well anyway enough with this shit lets get on to teh team.

    At A First Glance
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Member classification
    *1 Suicide lead
    *2 Physical Sweepers
    *1 Special Sweeper
    *1 Mixed Special Sponge Bad Ass Sandstorm Inducer Thingie?
    *1 Revenge Killer.


    Team Building Process
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    Well i knew i wanted to make a SS team so where better to start then Dory? From my previous experiance with this guy i was quite impressed and i knew he was going to be the backbone of my team holding it all together.

    Now i really needed something that could get sandstorm going to Doryuzu can attempt a sweep.Now my options are pretty much limited to Hippowdon and Tyranitar.I chose Tyranitar because of his great all around bulk which is very useful and his staying power due to the boosted special deffense.I ended up going with a Mix Tar because it makes a great partner to Dory luring in a lot of its general counters.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Tyranitar and Dory dont have the best synergy together and i needed something to patch up the weakness to Water,Fighting,Ground.I was also in need of a good switch in to most Water types and Fighting types.As Tyranitar cant effectively switch into the aforementioned Dory counters something that could do this was also required.Latios seemed like the most logical choice because he can do pretty much all of these.SpecsLatios was always my favourate set to run so why not that?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Now i needed a solid check to opposing Doryuzu and also something that could check threats such as Natteori.I wanted to go with a Mach Puncher because having some sort of priority move also seemed quite helpful.Robushin seemed like the best choice overall here so i went with that.BU Roobushin was about the most viable set to run imo so yah.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Even though leading in the traditional sense didn't exist anymore i still needed some kind of "lead" (Idk what else to replace the word lead with >_>) to start off the match.This was about the time when hiding your inducer was starting to get really famous so i wanted to try it out.I had some sort of anti lead in mind and something that would also be able to lay down rocks seemed really handy as it would free up one of Tyranitar's moveslots and i always found early game rocks much more productive then Midgame rocks.Deoxys-A was perfect for this role so i chose that.The set i just randomly came up with im not sure if its standard or anything but yah..>_>..
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now i was in need of some kind of Revenge killer to work as a glue for the time and check any threats if they get out of hand.I was really fond of Ditto because its just such a damn good troll.So i went with that.Choice Scarf set because there is only choice scarf set.....
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    well the team was working pretty well but i wasnt quite satisfied with its performence.It peaked at about 30-ish in the ladder but i was really struggling to excel any further.Time to make some changes!Ditto wasn't working out very well for me as most of the things that ditto cant "check" conveniently were my biggest weaknesses.Notably things like Skarmory,Rankurusu were giving me a lot of trouble as i couldn't even touch them OUT of Trick room too well.And it also got many switch in oppurtunities on Robu.Gliscor was also being a pain and so were some other things im too lazy to mention right now.I was also having trouble with Latios because even though he was doing amazingly he was being overloaded as he was about my only switch in to both Fighting and Water attacks.Now i had particularly Genosekuto,Scizor,Shandera in mind as my Ditto replacement.Scizor was just meh and i really didnt want it.I ended up going with Shandera because it makes me a good fighting type switch in and ability to trap threats for Doryuzu even though Rankurusu would still be particularly troublesome.Oh well cant have everything.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Now i really had synergy issues with this team.I had 3 Water,Ground weaknesses and those are about the most common types there is.I was really in need of something that could cover these weaknesses.Robushin was the only member i was willing to replace at this time because everyone else were far too valuable.Now the replacement too had to be a good Dory check as otherwise i would get easily swept by opposing Dory's.Breloom was just perfect for this role so i tried that out.Breloom also gives me a secondary switch in to Bulky waters covering the problem of Latios being overloaded with Shandy and Loom.I chose the standard TechniSD set because it seemed the most effective set from my perspective.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    An In Depth View

    The Lead
    Deoxys-Attack @ Focus Sash
    252 S.Atk/212 Spe/44 Atk
    Rash (+S.atk -S.def)
    -Stealth Rock
    -Psycho Boost
    -Super Power

    Deoxys-A is the lead of choice for me due to its insane Anti leading capabilities while also maintaining the ability to get down rocks.Generally Deo tries to get up rocks and kill the opponent lead with a extreemely powerful attack.Stealth rock is there for obvious reasons really..Do i need to explain it? >_>.Psycho Boost is the main attack of choice as it does insane amounts of dammage with Deoxys-A's amazing 180 base S.atk.I mean you do like 80% to a Fortress...Thats insane :O.Superpower is mainly for coverage hitting the likes of Tyranitar,P2 and all that hard.Extremespeed gives me a way to beat SturdyCustap/Sash leads and just a generally useful attack to have.Most of the time Deoxys will die in 2-3 turns but it can accomplish its role very effectively in that short period of time and almost always gets one kill.Focus sash cuz its a suicide lead.Derp.

    Ev's And Nature
    212 Speed allows me to outspeed Modest Shandera.The 252 Special Attack alongside Rash Nature is there to make sure Psycho Boost hits as hard as possible and the rest are dumped in Attack so Super Power hits harder.Its not like i need to invest in Hp or something...

    Considered Changes

    The Weather Inducer
    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Sand Stream
    252 Hp/208 S.def/48 Atk
    Sassy (+S.def -Spe)
    -Fire Blast
    -Ice Beam

    Tyranitar starts off the ever important sand which is mandatory for Dory to sweep.I choose Tyranitar over Hippowdon due to Tar's amazing Special Defense alongside with its ability to Lure out most of Dory's common checks.Tyranitar mainly works as a special sponge for my team coming in on key threats such as Latios,Shandera shaking off a hit and then pirsuitting them to death.Tyranitar is what holds this team together really.This Tyranitar sets main purpose is to Lure out various threats to Dory such as Forrtress,Skarmory,Gliscor etc and then eliminate them with a surprise Fire blast and Ice beam respectively.Pirsuit is there so Shandera and other Pirsuit weak pokes cant run away and cause trouble later on.SuperPower was chosen over Earthquake cuz my fucking god Balloon is everywhere!It also lets me beat Chancey/Blissey who would otherwise Toxic Stall me to death.Leftovers grants extra survivability which is always welcome and Sand stream cuz tension sucks ass.

    Ev's And Nature
    Well il be honest i dont know where the fuck i got this spread from.252 Hp and 208 S.def so Tar can take special hits better.The rest is dumped into attack so Pirsuit and Super Power hits a bit harder...Its depressing to do like 50% to a gengar .___. ...

    Considerred Changes

    The Special Sweeper
    Latios @ Choice Specs
    252 S.atk/252 Spe/4 Hp
    Timid (+Spe -S.Atk)
    -Draco Meteor
    -Hidden Power [Fire]

    From the start of the team i had Latios in mind because its simply so good at what it does.He is also in my oppinion the perfect partner of Dory making a great switch in to pretty much all of its checks/counters and also having great synergy together.I chose SpecsLatios becaue of its immediate raw power which puts the opponent at great offensive pressure.Latios is also my primary switch in to most bulky waters and Fighters who seem to plague the current meta game.The set is almost the same as the Standard Gen 4 one.Draco Meteor is the Stab option and the attack which you would use most of the time.Surf provides good coverage alongside D-Meteor.I went with Hp Fire over Thunderbolt mainly because Natteori can be quite annoying sometimes.Its also not that bad in general and gives you perfect coverage with 3 movesTrick screws up stall a lot and i really enjoy spamming trick now with the new mechanics so i dont have to worry about getting screwed up by another Choice Switch in.It's also provides opportunities to set up a lot of times.What else can there be said about Latios?Come in Draco meteor to k0 somethings ass switch out rinse and repeat.

    Evs And Nature
    252 Special Attack to hit has hard as possible and 252 Speed and Timid to maximize speed.4 Hp cuz uhh....Idk.

    Considered changes

    The Revenge Killer
    Shandera @ Choice Scarf
    Shadow Tag
    252 S.Atk/252 Spe/4 Hp
    Modest (+S.atk -Atk)
    -Shadow Ball
    -Energy Ball
    -Hidden Power (Ice)

    Well i was in need of a revenge killer and after testing out Ditto it wasnt really working out for my team.So i decided to get Shandera instead and I never looked back.Shandera performs a very vital role for the success of this team.It works as my safety check to Gliscor and all that stuff just incase Latios and Tyranitar fail.Its ghost typing is extreemely helpful giving me a 2nd Fighting type switch in as i felt like Latios was being overloaded.(Yah considerring Doexys in synergy is just retarted >:).Shandy also makes a good switch in to a lot of steels that try to come in on Latios and eliminate them so Latios can get back to spamming meteors. Basically with Shandera your almost guaranteed a kill really and if anything is being a problem Shandy can come in trap it and eliminate it with ease.Its also a pretty good Scarfer in general.Overheat is the main Stab move hitting extreemely hard with Modest and a very respectable 145 base special attack.Shadow ball is the secondary Stab which has decent coverage with Fire and hits stuff like Burungery quite hard.Hp Ice helps aginst the Dragons which can be quite troublesome for my team and Energy Ball is mainly for bulky waters.But its more of a filler really..So uhh...Shandera guyz!

    Ev's and Nature
    Max Speed lets me outspeed as much as possible and Modest Alongside 252 Specia Attack to hit as hard as possible.4 Hp cuz idk i felt like it.

    Considerred Changes

    The Dory Check Yah thats a role now....
    Breloom @ Shed Shell
    252 Atk/244 Hp/12 spe
    Adamant (+Atk -S.Atk)
    -Bullet Seed
    -Mach Punch
    -Swords Dance

    Well originally i had Robushin in this slot but after Shandera tagged along (Get it? =3) i was in need of another Ground/Water resist and Breloom was just too good to pass up.Techniloom is my ever important Check to Dory that all teams pretty much have to have nowadays.The set is pretty much Standard.Spore is there to incapitate something.Bullet Seed is the main Stab attack and boy does it hit hard.Like 5 bullets have a good chance of Ohk0ing Shandera after Sr.Mach Punch is mainly for beating Dory and it also helps bypass Loom's Mediocre speed.Swords Dance is more of a filler and i rarely end up using it.But there isnt anything else to switch it with and sometimes it comes in helpful so heh.There are a few reasons i chose Shed Shell over Life orb.The first is because my team heavily relies on Loom to check Dory and so if Shandera who is a popular member of Sand team comes in my only hope of beating Dory would be to Speed tie with my own.With Shed shell i can easily switch out to Tyranitar and then Pirsuit Shandera to death which is really helpful for my team as well.The second reason i chose Shed shell because i hated how Residual dammage wears out Loom very easily.And due to it taking 17% per turn it would die much before i wanted it.

    Ev's And Nature
    Pretty standard spread.252 Attack alongside Adamant so i can hit as hard as possible.244 Hp gives me reasonable bulk and it was some take less from sand mark or some shit like that.Rest dumped in speed.

    Considerred Changes

    The Star Of The Show
    Doryuzu @ Balloon
    Sand Throw
    252 Atk/252 Spe/4 Hp
    Jolly (+Spe -S.Atk)
    -Swords Dance
    -Rock Slide
    -X Scissor

    Ahh Dory how i love thee.Honestly hes just such a damn good sweeper.Well he is what i based the team around so no reason for him not to be on it lol.After all of its Checks are removed (Boy do people keep a lot of those >_>) he just rips apart teams with its amazing speed and Power.He also works as a good makeshift revenge killer due to its sky high speed in the sand.The standard Sd set is what i went with as not a lot else is needed really.Swords Dance to boost my attack to sky high levels and start a sweep.Earthquake provides good and reliable Stab and Rock slide is there to form the infamous Edgequake combo.X scissor complements that hitting all that resist it for atleast neutral.Its also works as a safety check to annoying Psychick types and stuff like Latios,Celebi(?) etc.Balloon was the preferred item because after trying out LO and all that stuff i honestly liked Balloon much more.It provides great set up opportunities and also forces a lot of things to use a Weak or Resisted attack to break the Balloon, in the mean time you can set up.It also has the advantage of beating other Dory thats not Balloon'd.

    Ev's And Nature
    Again 252 Atk to do as much dammage as possible.252 Speed and Jolly lets me atleast tie with Other Doryuzu.Sometimes i miss the lack of power but overall its hard to imagine how many matches are decided by Dory Speed ties.So i want to make sure i win as many of them as possible.

    Considered Changes
    Changing X-scissor with Return.
    Threat List
    Show Hide
    Green: Not a threat and can be handled properly.
    Orange: Somewhat of a threat and might require a sacrifice to deal with.
    Red: A large threat and if not handled properly could sweep through my team.
    (Sorry for huge ass sprites on the first 5 pokes...Too lazy to go find smaller once >_>)
    Also please note that i didn't make this threat list right from the statistics but just mentioned the mons i thought was worth mentioning.If you think i missed out something important please remind me.
    [​IMG]Shandera :Well not too hard to deal with.Breloom can lure it out fairly well so most of the time i can take it out early on in the match with the help of Tyranitar.Dory easily beats it and can set up on it if its locked into something other then Fire attacks.Deoxys also outspeeds and k0s Modest Shandera with Psycho boost.

    [​IMG]Robushin:Latios makes an excellent switch in as it can does about 60% with Payback and can proceed to Draco Meteor for a large amount of dammage or outright k0 it.Shandera can achieve similar feets and also trap it.Doexys beats it 1 on 1.Breloom can revenge it after a Meteor/Overheat if necessary.

    [​IMG] Natteori :Tyranitar can lure it in and kill it.Shandera traps it and ohk0s it as well.The same can be done by Latios.Breloom also makes a good switch in and can put something to sleep or SD up.Set up bait for Dory.

    [​IMG]Darkrai:Well yeah its an all around (BAN ME PLEASE) but my teams got it checked pretty well.Most of the time its the lead or even if not is lured out by my "fake" tyranitar lead and i can dispatch it with Deoxys' SuperPower.If its not a lead i can generally sleep fodder something and bring in Breloom who can beat it with Mach Punch if it Nasty Plots and Bullet Seed if it Sub's.Dory will also beat it and Shandera can revenge if necessary.

    [​IMG] Breloom:Can be quite troublesome sometimes.I mainly have problem aginst opposing Shed Shell Loom.Latios makes a good switch in after something has been put to sleep and can comfortably Ohk0 it.Shandera can trap it and do the same but Shed shell messes it all up >_>.Deoxys also beats it 1 on 1.My loom can revenge it as well if necessary.

    [​IMG] Tyranitar:Deoxys easily ok0s it and so does Doryuzu.My own Tyranitar can beat non Super Power versions as they wont do nearly enough to k0 with Earthquake.Breloom turns it into sleep fodder and it can also comfortably beat it.

    [​IMG] Doryuzu:Unless you let it set up it wont be able to do too much.Playing conservatively with my own loom lets me beat these most of the time.Dont let Loom die aginst SS teams..Simply as that.Latios can beat it 1 on 1 as X scissor wont k0 and Surf sure as well will.My own Dory can beat most opposing Dory and at worst speed tie.

    [​IMG] Ditto:If it traces Deoxys i get a guaranteed kill on Ditto with either Tars Pirsuit or Shanderas Shadow Ball deppending on the locked attack.Cant do anything if it switches into Tar.On breloom if it Mach Punches i revenge and if spore i can set up.If it comes on Latios pretty much sure to be traced at -2 and huge set up fodder.Shand traces get Pirsuited and Dory traces gets beaten by Baloon.If balloon was popped i mostly just sack Dory or switch to Latios to take the most probably Eq.

    [​IMG] Blaiziken:Generally i just try not to let it set up so it cant do too much dammage to my team.Most of the time i can make predictable switch ins to Shandera on Hjk effectively crippeling it.Dory can revenge if its up +2 and Loom/Deoxys can with Mach Punch and E-speed as well.Latios walls its Stabs and can beat it 1 on 1 for the most part.

    [​IMG]Jaroda:The only place it can effectively set up is Tyranitar so it dsn't get too much of a breathing space.Even Tar can easily survive the first Leaf storm and do a large amount of dammage with Ft.Dory can revenge from 70-ish.Loom/Deoxys can do the same with priority.Latios can survive +2 Storm easily and k0 it back.Non Scarfed versions get destroyed be Shandera.

    [​IMG]Garchomp:My god i hate this thing.The fact that your gona miss half the time dsn't help out either.Most normal sets like SD can be easily defeated by Latios,Shandera.Dory can set up on it.Scarf is the biggest problem however.My best bet is to Set up with Dory.If its locked into something like Dragon claw i can try to revenge with Shandy and Eq locks call for Latios.But its quite troublesome.

    [​IMG]Scizor:Another pain in the ass for me.It can easily come in on Tyranitar and hit off powerful U-turns and im forced to swtich to Shandera who takes another round of Sr or sack something or let Dorys balloon Pop.Mostly i keep it in check because most of them switch into Latios to take the Meteor.Then i just sack Os as i dont want to risk overpredicting and kill it with Shand.Dory can also set up if its locked into Bp.

    [​IMG]Politoad:When i say Toad i mean Rain in general.If toad is the lead i try to do as much dammage off the bat with Psycho boost as possible and then Sr up.Its not that hard to eliminate by putting the opponent at high offensive pressure through the likes of Draco Meteors and Bullet Seeds.Gradually he'l be forced to sac toad and i can get Sand up and possibly beat him.If its at about 40% or so health Tar can come in and Pirsuit it to death.Shand can also trap and guarantee the kill so i get SS up.Im very well equipped to beat rain so yah not much to worry about.

    [​IMG] Zapdos:It really cant come in on much other then Loom and it still takes a large amount of dammage from SR+Bullet Seed.Tyranitar can come in and Ice beam or Pirsuit it to death.Latios Meteor Ohk0s.Shandera traps and Ohk0s with Overheat.Deoxys Ohk0s as well.Dory can set up on it.

    [​IMG]Genosekuto:Ehh most of them tend to be scarfed so Dory can set up deppending on the move.Shandera can trap and kill it locked into something like Flamethrower.Loom does a fair 45% so it can 2hk0 with rocks up.Kinda annoying for Tar and Latios though.

    [​IMG]Dragonite:The leads arent too much of a problem as i SR first turn and E speed to break Scales next turn.Then i trap and kill it with Shandy.Bulky DD is kind of annoying and can come in on Loom.Most of the time i just switch to Tar and just keep Scales off.Then i go to Dory to kill it.Shandera can revenge +1 versions if scales are off.Its those damn scales that mess it up for me >__>...

    [​IMG]Burungeru: Deo-A's Psycho boost does an insane amount of dammage.Breloom can death fodder something and Ohk0 it as well.Latios does about 80% with Draco Meteor and can effectively make it useless by tricking it.Shandera can trap it and do about 60% at worse to a ohk0 at best.

    [​IMG]Heatran:Tyranitar is an outright counter and will pretty much always beat it as Earth power is only a 4hk0 while i can easily 2hit it.Deoxys Beats it 1 on 1.Latios can come in on anything except Dragon Pulse and ohk0 with Surf.Breloom can 2hk0 with Mach Punch and If its not Balloon'd Dory destroys it.

    [​IMG]Deoxys-A:How are you NOT going to be troubled by this thing?Generally i just try to play around it and sack something to bring in Loom,Dory and then kill it.Leads are easier to handle as i can E-speed first turn and then bring in sand to kill it.Im really not sure how you are going to not have this thing as a large threat.

    [​IMG]Urugomasu:Its taking a crap ton of dammage from Stealth rock but he gets lots of set up oppurtunities on my team it seems.Still easily managable as Tyranitar can switch in and is only 2hk0d.Dory is always going to beat it unless you let it get too many boosts,Shandera walls its Stabs and can revenge it and Prioirty from Deoxys is also a good check to it.

    [​IMG]Kingdra:Wether this is a threat is completely deppendant on the current weather.If its rain and Tar is dead you loose the match unless you can revenge it with dual priority.Otherwise you have to change the weather and then its quite easily defeated by Latios.Dory does a fair amount of dammage with EQ and Shandera can revenge it.This is simply another general Rain sweeper really.It will destroy you in its weather but not too much can be done otherwise.

    [​IMG]Sazandora:Tyranitar makes a very good switch in to any version and it can k0 it with Super Power.Non Scarfed Versions can be killed 1 on 1 by Latios and Deoxys.Non scarf can also be trapped and revenged by Shandy.Breloom can revenge with Mach Punch.Choice locked sets can be set up on by Dory.

    [​IMG]Gliscor:Its biggest flaw is that the protect's are far too predictable.Generally it cant come in anywhere but Dory,Loom and on loom it takes a large amount of dammage from Bullet seed.If it comes on those Shandera makes a good switch in as its sure as hell not going to Eq and can then be dispatched from the match.Deoxys,Latios beats it 1 on 1.Tar does a good job of luring it out.

    [​IMG]Gyarados:If DD Gyra was actually used i would put this in orange but since its not so uhh...Well anyway Breloom will make a good switch in most of the time as Gyra cant do too much back to it.Latios k0s most versions with Draco Meteor.As Restalk which is about the only set that people run isnt 2hk0d by Dory is a problem however.DD can be defeated by a combination of Priority and Dory but its super rare anyway.

    [​IMG]Hippowdon:Psycho Boost ohk0s Leads as they rarely run Special Defense nowadays to check the overpowered physical threats.Breloom can easily come in Spore something or just kill it.Latios ohk0s it and can also cripple it with Trick.Shandera can trap and do a large amount of dammage with Overheat.

    [​IMG]Latios:The teams that contain Latios tend to be built so that Latios is Brelooms most prominant switch in.So i can lure it out quite early in the match and then trap and kill any version with Pirsuit.Specs is pretty much the most common set.If Tar is dead its somewhat hard to take a hit for me however.Shandera can trap it and kill it.Dory can also revenge it or set up on choice locked Meteors if necessary.

    [​IMG]Wobbafet:If it comes in on something like Latios its pretty much guaranteed to get the kill..I cant do anything to stop that.After it gets the kill i can go to Loom to put something to sleep or 2hk0 it.If it revenges something like Tar then i can bring in Latios to cripple it with Trick or k0 with Draco Meteor.Shandera can also k0 with Shadow ball.Its still a huge (BAN ME PLEASE) though.

    [​IMG]Skymin:Tyranitar makes a good all around switch in as its only 2hk0d by Seed flare.Generally thats what i switch to.If its Subleech seed then i just sack Tar or switch to Dory on predicted Air Slash's and then outspeed and kill it.SR+SS is really helpful to cripple this thing so that helps a lot.Non scarf versions can be trapped and killed by Shandera.Deoxys can do the same.Scarf versions can be defeated deppending on the locked move.If its locked in Seed Flare Loom/Latios can come in.Shand can trap it then as well.Air slash locks call for Pirsuit from Tar etc.Dory is generally a good check to it so not too much of a problem.
    [​IMG]Porygon2:If you can Trick it its pretty much generic crap as it wont take hits like it does with the stone.Draco Meteor is a 2hk0 so Latios makes a good check to it.Loom can come in and sleep something and 2hk0 with Mach Punch.Set up fodder for Dory as Ice beam is a 3hk0.Psycho boost+SuperPower will also 2hk0 it.

    [​IMG]Gengar:SS+LO+SR helps to wear it out quite easily.Most of the time i switch to Tar as it can survive a Focus Blast and then Pirsuit it back for the kill.Shandera can trap and revenge it.Dory can do the same.Deoxys Beats it 1 on 1.

    [​IMG]Tentacruel:Toxic Spikes is generally annoying for Tar and Breloom.But other then that it cant do too much.Deoxys can easily ohk0 it with Psycho Boost.Latios will also k0 it with Draco Meteor.Breloom does a fair amount of dammage with Bullet seed and most of the time Cruel wont have anything to hit Loom for SE.Dory can also beat it easily.

    [​IMG]Starmie:Well a general pain in the ass because its extreemely hard to switch anything into it and 5 members of my team get ohk0'd by the correct move.Generally i just switch to Tar to either take a Hydro Pump or something else.If its the former i sack Tar and in the later case i pirsuit it while it fails to net the kill with the next hydro Pump.Shandera can come in and kill it then.Psycho Boost also does an incredible amount of dammage.Doryuzu can also revenge it.The fact that this thing ohk0s about every member in your everyday offensive team is the biggest problem.

    [​IMG]Salamence:It can be handled about the same way as Dragonite.It will either come in on Shandy or Loom.I just switch to Tar as they will most probably Draco Meteor,Survive the EQ and kill it with ice beam.If its DD sets i switch to Dory on the predictable EQ and then kill it with Rock slide.Without the Speed boost it can be beaten by Deoxys,Latios and Shandera as well.

    [​IMG]Rankurusu:Well TR versions are by far the most annoying.If it gets Tr up i have to keep switching and stuff to wear off Tr and then kill it off.CM is more managable however because Shandera can do about 65% even after a Cm up with Sb.Latios can Trick it to make it somewhat useless.Loom sleep fodders it and Dory can revenge from 50-60%.The fact that Cm is going to set up quite early because it's gona get the oppurtunity on Deoxys means i get to Sleep it and then kill it on the turns it sleeps with Loom most of the time.TR is just the biggest problem though.Such a (BAN ME PLEASE) >_>..

    [​IMG]Ninetails:You play aginst it about similarly with Toad but its much easier to handle this.Generally Sr is going to fuck it up.Tyranitar makes a perfect switch in as Solar Beam does about 50 dammage.YES 50 DAMMAGE!If it Hypnosises or something like that its mildly annoying but its still easily manageable.Latios makes a great switch in resisting about everything it can do and Ohk0 it easily.Deoxys Ohk0s it as well.Loom can 2hk0 with Mach Punch.Shandera Traps it and revenges it.Dory revenges it if sand is up.

    [​IMG]Kerudio:Latios makes the most ideal switch in as it resists all of the moves of the standard set.Hp Ice,Hp Bug isnt also too much of a problem as it does about 60% only.Shandera can revenge it with Energy ball from 70% or so health.Dory can also do the same.Deoxys Murders it with Psycho Boost but cant really switch in.Loom 2hk0s with Mach Punch.

    [​IMG]Eruufun:Loom trolls it so hard.Generally you just switch out on the encore and your safe.Trick it to make it completely useless.Just a trolly weird random thing thats not too hard to take out.

    [​IMG]Randorosu:Normal versions can be easily killed by Latios,Shandera,Deoxys 1 on 1.Tyranitar can survive a EQ and kill it.Scarf'd ones are particularly troublesome but most of the time you can trap it into Shandera by predicing hammer arms through Dory.Dory can generally set up on scarfed ones locked into about everything but hammer arm.

    [​IMG]Onnyonnykukikuzu or w/e you call it:My god this thing hits extreemely hard.You really cant make any safe switches into this thing.Most of the time it comes in on stuff like Tar.I can survive an Outrage so i just sack Tar and kill it with Ice beam.Dory can set up on non Cb'd verions.Shandera and latios can revenge about any set.Deoxys Psycho boost always ohk0s.

    [​IMG]Skarmory:Without Shed Shell its easy Shandera Bait.Tyranitar can easily come in and dispatch of it.Latios can Hp Fire for the kill or Trick it to make it pretty much useless.Breloom can also Spore something.Deoxys Psycho Boost also does a reasonable amount of dammage.

    [​IMG]Forrtress:Majority of the time its going to be the lead so i can go to Breloom,Spore it and then set up or kill it.Shandera can trap non Shed shell versions and Kill it.Tyranitar also kills it.Latios has Hp fire and Trick so it can fuck it up pretty badly as well.Dory can use it as set up fodder.

    [​IMG]:Boratorosu:Generally it tends to be the lead so Deoxys can easily Psycho Boost to kill it as it tuants or sets up Light screen.If its LS then the next E-speed kills it.If its not the lead then Tar makes a good switch in almost all the time.Dory can also revenge it quite easily.Shandera too can revenge but has to watch out for Thunder Wave.

    [​IMG]Machamp:Its always a lead.Psycho Boost it up the ass for the kill.For some reason if its not the lead..Latios can easily beat it.Shandera can also Ohk0 it with Overheat and Breloom can do a large amount of dammage with Bullet Seed and break its subs if its the Sub Variant.

    [​IMG]Deoxys-S:Well obv its going to be a lead...It cant do too much of anything else.I can 3hk0 it with Psycho Boost+2 E-speeds so it will get up Sr and a layer of spikes at best.Generally people try to taunt first turn so hopefully just the Sr.It can be quite troubleing if it manages to get a max spikes somehow though.

    [​IMG]Blissey:Tyranitar 2hk0s it.Latios can trick it to make it completely useless.Breloom can come in and put something to sleep and also Ohk0 it.Dory can set up on Non flamethrower versions,And even with flamethrower it wont ohk0.Deoxys also 2hk0s with Super Power.So quite easily handled by this team really.

    [​IMG]Vaporeon:Breloom easily ohk0s it with Bullet seed.Due to Hydration i cant sleep it if its raining.But in the sand i can easily force the opp to sleep fodder something.Latios can trick it to make it useless and also 2hk0 with Draco Meteor.Deoxys does a huge chunk of dammage with Psycho Boost.Shandera does about 40% with Energy ball so it can be revenged by that if necessary.

    [​IMG]Manaphy:Similar to all other Rain pokes this thing cant do too much to me when sand is up.Generally Latios makes a good check as Draco meteor will always Ohk0 it.Dory can revenge it from 50% or so.Shandera can trap it and kill it doing about 40-50% with energy ball.Doexys Psycho Boosts do a fair 70% or so dammage.Breloom can also revenge with Mach Punch.

    [​IMG]Lucario:Shandera keeps it well checked for the most part as it cant really do anything to it.Breloom has Mach Punch and can survive a unboosted Extreemespeed if it dsn't get a Sd up.SD versions are easily beaten by Dory while NP versions cant do anything to Latios.Sorry Luca you aren't the best lategame sweeper in the game anymore :[...

    [​IMG]Jirachi:Shandera can effectively trap it and ohk0 with Overheat and Jirachi cant do too much back other then hope for like 20 Flinches.Doryuzu can also beat it and set up as well as fire punch wont do enough to k0.Latios and Breloom can revenge with Hp fire and Mach Punch respectively.


    *Changed Brelooms Ev spread from 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 Hp to 252 Atk/244 Hp/12 Spe.
    *Changed Tyranitars Ev spread from 252 Hp/208 S.def/42 S.Atk to 252 Hp/208 S.def/42 Atk.
    *Changed Thunderbolt to Hidden Power [Fire] on Latios.

    Well yah..Thats my Team ^.^. I hope you enjoyed me Rmt. Rate,Hate,Critisize,Troll,Flame,Steal and w/e else you want lol.But try to do as much rating as possible ^.^ .Please ignore any grammatical mistakes because english isnt my first language.
    Hopefully il get a Threat list up by tomorrow or so.
  2. Annoying Old Party Man

    Annoying Old Party Man

    Jul 21, 2009
    Comments in Bold.

    Sorry for such a shitty rate, I just fucking woke up

    msn me for more help
  3. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Well hey gary noob thanks for the rate ^.^
    First Deo-A isn't banned by smogon so its perfectly fine in the forums and smogon server.Yep...So much fun to abuse broken ubers (Im allowed to talk about Tiering in Rmt forums RIGHT? <:).Well ive tried Deo-S and it dsn't work out nearly as well on my team as Deo-A Or Deo-N so nahh.
    I already know your super secret Tar set thingie >:.Unless you have a new super secret Tar set thingy.
    I suppose energy ball is pretty much a meh move and I rarely found myself actually using it.But its sometimes helpful aginst the likes of Kerudio and such if i wanted to weaken it for Dory/Loom to revenge or something.But yah kinda dumb so i might try out Flamethrower as its just really damn frustrating when you miss that Genosect -.- .And I've tried psychick before as well and i never really found it of any use.Overheat is gona do more dammage to Robushin or any other Fighting type and the only thing that you would want it for is Kerudio but then again i had energy ball for that.I keep HP Ice mainly for Dragonite,Garchomp who are EXTREMELY threatening to my team specially the later.Although most Chomps are scarfed i want to atleast reliably kill the non scarfed ones.Nobody really runs Yache these days and opt for Haban so they can beat Ditto.Its also helpful hitting Sand Veil Gliscors with a not Super low accuracy move.
    The main reason im keeping Shed shell is so i dont take the LO recoil tbh.I really hate taking huge chunks of Hp every turn.And besides due to the fact my opponent knows he risks getting k0'd a lot of the times they just sack the Tyranitar or w/e that i sleep and then bring Shandy in for revenge.Trust me try out Shed shell its boss =3.And yah i was desperately looking for a Loom spread >_>..So thanks for that ima try it out.
    Hmm yah i gota edit all those grammatical shit >_>...Was too lazy to do it yesterday ima do it now or something.And i would really hate loosing Baloon because beating other Dory is just so damn useful.Like really half the matches end in Speed ties >_>...But heh il still try out LO i s'pose.And as for the filler il try it out.Ive tried Brick break and it honestly sucked (Cant k0 other Dories WTF?).So uhh thanks ^.^
  4. Jaroda


    Sep 25, 2010
    The first thing that came to mind is that a Blaziken with Shadow Claw can absolutely lay waste to your whole team and Doryuzu can't outspeed it after +2. It's very threatening and a good team. Although I personally find Landlos far more threatening than Doryuzuu these days.
  5. Woodchuck

    Woodchuck actual cannibal
    is a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    May 25, 2010
    Why Jolly? It seems that OHKOing Nattorei is more important than speed-tying other Doryuuzu.
    Plus with balloon you can let them Rock Slide you while you take them out with EQ.
    Adamant seems like it would be a good idea.
  6. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Yah Blaiziken can be a bitch at times but i never actually got swept by it or anything.Its biggest problem is its really predictable and i can switch in Dory and kill it predicting the protect.But generally Latios is a good check (Shadow claw dsn't do enough Irc) so if i just sack Tar who is about the only thing Ken can actually come in on.Mainly i just try to switch in shandy on Hjk's aimed at Tar.Also alongside LO and Sand its not that hard to weaken out and then revenge with Breloom.Ehh might seem a bit of a stretch but really i never found it to be too big.And thanks =].
    Well as I said i mainly run Jolly so i can beat other Dory's.And you cant really say im safe with Balloon as 90% of the time the opponent is going to run balloon as well.I cant stress enough how important this is as Dory is just far too of a common threat and i refuse to loose to it >_<.K0ing Nuttre isnt all too much significant as most of the time Nuttre will already be weakened by something like a Draco Meteor from Latios which that thing just loves to switch in on.Besides he isnt that much of a threat to me either as pretty much everyone except Latios can easily beat it.
    And a bit off topic but i really like your name woodchuck =3.
  7. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Bump..Cmon guyz rate up >:
  8. Chomper The Sharptooth

    Chomper The Sharptooth

    Dec 20, 2009
    This is a beautiful team, and I think I've made one with all the same 'mons to be perfectly honest but discarded it amongst my folder of theorymon. Then again, I wouldn't be able to play it to second place anyway. If opposing Doryuuzu are a big threat to you when Breloom goes down and you don't mind the loss in 25 BP I would recommend rock tomb over rock slide. This way when they face off you pop their balloon as they pop yours, but they will be outsped next turn and KO'd. Since you'll be beating Dory's without relying on speed ties you could even switch to adamant to compensate for the power.
  9. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Well ive considerred Rock Tomb but i never really tried it out because it has just such a poor base.I mean you cant kill anything with it unless you have a Sd up which you dont get to do a lot of times.Im really deppendent on Dory for revenging most of the Dragons if they hit a DD or a Scarfed Min and i dont think you could kill any of them with Rock tomb seeing as a SE Rock tomb would do about the same amount of dammage as Return which isnt far too much.I might test it out still i suppose.Thanks =]
  10. Aerrow

    Aerrow hunter
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    Nov 24, 2009
    Lol, my first generation five team rate (I hope it doesn't go too badly). Anyways, your team looks pretty solid at this stage of its usage, so there's not much that can threaten your team at the moment bar a couple of Pokemon which need specific circumstances to present a large threat. Opposing Breloom and Gengar must be dealt with in a careful and thought-out manner, because it seems that if you make s single mistake when facing them, the aforementioned will be able to take out at least one of your team members (usually early in the game, when you need all your Pokemon to help set up the field for their teammates' attempt at a sweep. Zapdos falls into the same category as it too, can cause plausible problems.

    Probably the biggest problems I saw with this team were its susceptibility to offensively orientated (mainly bulk up) Roobushin and the ever so famous Nattorei, and Burungeru defensive combination; although from experience, I've seem Roobushin used in conjunction with the aforementioned defensive core on many teams, so the aforementioned may be a larger threat than you could guess). With entry hazards support, Roobushin can flat out rip through your team after a bulk up given your key checks (Latios and Shandera) have been eliminated which might not be a hard task for the opponent to accomplish as Roobushin is usually paired up with the likes of Scarf Tyranitar and Scarf Warubiaru.

    To help with these threats, I highly recommend you add either hidden power fire or psychic (even both, if possible) onto Latios' move set as with these additions, it'll be able to better combat the aforementioned; heck, if you have good prediction, a Draco Meteor could remove the aforementioned pursuit users before they can try to cleanse the battle of your Latios and Shandera, allowing these Pokemon to in turn eliminate the aforementioned Roobushin, before it can cause any mayhem. I probably made a gazillion errors in this rate, but I hope it helped (even a little), and good luck!
  11. masterful


    Aug 7, 2010
    I don't exactly understad your purpose for T-Tar, as you are choosing to ignore his higher stat for a lesser one (SpA), and not really taking advantage of Pursuit, which can be INCREDIBLY useful with same attack EVs. I love the idea of Special Sponge T-Tar. SpD is one of his most underappreciated stats, and I have used a similar set before, but using only 1 STAB attack and Superpower. You can't KO no SpD Skarm with Fire Blast, and you will have only a slightly lower chance to OHKO Gliscor and max SpD Forretress without the SpA EVs. Putting them instead into Attack will allow you to use Superpower and Pursuit more effectively. I am also not particularly a fan of Shandera as a revenger, because of its SR weakness, but if you are willing to deal with that, so be it.

    I would suggest as well possibly running Jolly on Breloom, as it can outspeed Mamoswine's adamant ice shard, which will otherwise revenge you easily after you SD. Also, keep X-Scissor on Dory as, despite its lower power than Return, it covers many of the pokes that resist Rock Slide and earthquake. And I would also suggest running Adamant nature, because since you run balloon, other Doryuuzu will have to hit you twice, and you can switch out to Loom on a Rock Slide. Besides, not running adamant makes you miss out on some important OHKOs. Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope I was able to help.
  12. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Thanks for the rate ^.^ .And no you didnt make a gazillion errors but you use the word "aforementioned" way too much :o.
    Well anywayz..Breloom can sometimes be really REALLY annoying if its using the Shed shell+Tyranitar strategy just like my own as Tar could easily trap both of them and then Breloom just rapes stuff.Gengar is pretty rare though and i never exactly had too big of a problem.Mostly i just switch to Tyranitar who can survive a Focus blast and then Pirsuit it.Shandera can also trap it and if necessary Dory can come to Rk it.Zapdos was never a problem either really as the teams have Zapdos almost always tend to be rain and i can get Loom and spore something quite early in the match on Toad or something forcing them to bring in Zapdos.Then i can bring in Tar and pursuit it to death.Its also set up fodder for Dory as Lightning rod + Heat Wave are illeagal.Latios is beating it as well and Shandera can revenge if its necessary.I never had TOO much of a problem aginst Nat-Buru as Loom can pretty easily come on both of them and spore something.Shandera/Dory also fare quite well aginst them.Robushin on the other hand if Ev'd specially will survive Overheats and Meteors which is annoying but if Shandy traps it its taking quite a huge chunk of health.Im not really all that interested in trying out Psychick as thats making me ever more Tyranitar bait as Draco meteor is still taking a healthy 50% out of its health.I do like the Hp fire idea however and il try it.Thanks again.

    Well that was stupid of me .__. ....Yah i think i should have realized i can invest Ev's in Attack .___. ...Well uhh i think ima do that.....Thanks.....
    Well Shandera is mainly on the team because of its incredibly useful ability to trap and eliminate key threats and i also really like having a ghost in my team.
    Im not really too keen on trying Jolly Loom as its decreasing my chances of k0ing Dory even more.I think i like the idea of a more bulky look tbh.And yah im honestly liking X-Scissor much more as Latios can be really annoying sometimes and Fine il try adamant if it makes people so much more happy >_<....Thanks for the rate :].
  13. Celestavian

    Celestavian Let the fire consume me, let the courage flow through me
    is a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Past SPL Champion

    May 23, 2010
    I was reading through this and I now realize hat our teams are really similar, only differing in 2 Pokemon, in that I run Gengar and Garchomp over Deoxys-A and Shandera. That, plus we are both highly successful. Ahaha.

    Really good team you got going here, but if anything, Latios is just begging for Nattorei to come in, like some other people said here. I simply have no idea why this Latios set is so standard, as Trick on it is, IMO, awful. You lose so much power when you rid yourself of the Specs that the only reason to use it is just to use all 4 moves at once and to screw up a part of a stall team. I replaced Trick with HP Fire and have huge success with it, but it's ultimately up to your choice. Also on he subject on Latios, even though it really doesn't even matter, his Special Defense is so much higher than its Defense anyway, so it already trolls Genosect without the 4 Sp. Def. EVs. Just to point that out.

    Your Tyranitar's EV spread reads: 252 Hp/208 S.def/Atk S.Atk. "Atk S.Atk"? Is there supposed to be a number in there somewhere? Anyway, the fact that you run so few attacking EVs at all will reduce his attacks to light tickles, unless its SE damage on a small defending stat, and even more so once Superpower is used. A simple 252 HP/filler Atk and/or S.Atk EVs should be all the bulk you need, with the sandstorm boosting his Sp. Def. to huge levels already. Spend the rest of your EVs making him an offensive threat so he isn't more of set-up bait then he already is.

    That's really all I can find that I think is not the best. You have something great on your hands here, ad I wish you much luck on the ladder and in tournies.
  14. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Thanks for the rate ^.^ .Well yeah the main reason i like keeping trick is tricking it on predictable Blissey/Chancey and sometimes its really useful for taking out (BAN ME PLEASE) like P-2 as they cant do too much back.Pretty useful for making oppurtunities for Dory to come in.But im pretty much convinced Hp fire is more useful then Thunderbolt so yah im changing that.
    Lol sorry that was just my failed typing again >_>.Well anyway i really dont try to make Tyranitar hit hard at all really.The special Deffense helps quite a lot aginst certain threats like Shaymin,Latios who i have a really hard time taking hits from.Its also useful for winning weather wars as if i need to get the weather back up immedietly i can switch in pretty safely and eat a LO Hydro Pump or something.Even though theres some lack of power the good coverage of those moves means that most of the time things cant set up on it.
  15. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Suppose im bumping this.
    So i was boared so decided to get a team building process written as i had nothing to do and was extreemely boared >_>.
    Edit:Finally finished the threat list hurray lol.
  16. TransparentOpacity


    Dec 16, 2009
    I created this exact team on shoddy and tested it, and the one thing that I hated was your Tyranitar set. I just can't kill anything with it. It at least needs Stone Edge. Maybe take out Superpower because I can't see Superpower helping move than Stone Edge. If Blissey is that much of a problem, just invest in some attack evs

    Another thing I noticed is that this team is very weak to Azumarill. I don't know if there's anything you can do about that without messing up your team against other pokemon though.
  17. Wafflez


    Apr 12, 2010
    Well Yah Tar cant really hit too hard with a spread like that.But again if you invest in Attack hes not gona take hits nearly as well.Stone edge and Ice beam/Flamethrower are pretty much redundant as most of the things Stone edge hits the later already hits for Super Effectively.I dont really see the use of replacing SuperPower for that as it gives good coverage.
    Azumarill isnt too big of a problem as its not going to get locked into anything other then Aqua jet really..Latios,Loom can easily come in and take about anything.And if it locks into Ice Punch i can bring in Shandy and then kill it.Thanks.

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